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ClNCINNATl, ÜEC. 20. There has been an arrival at N. Orleans frotn Vjra Cruz bringing dates from ilie city of Mexico to the 24th of No. Santa Anna was at the head of 16,000 men, and had issued a pi'oitinciamento against ihe provisional govemment of Pena y Pena. Santa Anna calis on Congress for 50,000 additional men to continue the war, and drive the degenerate sons of Washington from the Mexican soil, and threatens Congress if they favor peace. A majority of the members of Congress are favorably disposed to peace, and Gen. Scott has ordered Gen. Worth to Queretaro with a strong furce to protect that body in its deliberations from any nltempt of Santa Anna to force them to carry out his designs. We have nevvs from Fort Mann till the 25ih of October. It is stated that the American troops at that place invited a number of Pawnee Indians into the For:, several of whom were killed, and a number wounded, by Col. Gilpin's men. - This is o. horrible outrago. The Colonel himself was absent when the bloody deed was perpetrated. Later From Santa Fe and Chihuahua. - Fourteen companies and two battallions, left Santa Fe for the South, to winter at El Passo. The Santa Fe Republican says, troops have gone southward. The Apaches are guilty of much violence upon the whole country. A war party attacked Rio, nnd drove off 200 cattle, killed 3 men and destroyed all the waggons. Paymaster Spaulding repons 3,500 Mexicans erecting furtifications at Chihuahua, and casting cannon. Gen, Scott, under instructions from Washington for quartering on the enemy, hos issued mi order that no more b'.illion bars, or ingots, either of gold or silver, shall bc shipped from aDy port in Mexico, until the rate of duty sball be fixed by the authoritiea from Washington, and after a certain time specified,no more renls will be paid for quarters occupied by the American army. Subsistence, forage, &c, will be paid for as herelofore. The injuiiction nnd penalty of the martial law order, published at Tampico, Feb. 15, 1847, will be strictly enforced. Gen. Urrea is said to have been captured by the Camanches. The road, at present, is entirely opened between Vera Cruz and the city of Mexico, and smal! parties can travel without danger. The Vera Cruz correspondent of the Della, gives the following account of tha arrest of Gen'ls Worth nnd Pillow : Two letters, emanating from ihe American camp.published in the United States, have been read by Gen. Scott, in an order published to the army. He prematurely decided who wrote them, and impeached the honor, patriotism and services of the two generáis who were euloeized in those letlers. One ol the gnnerals, Pillow, denies in a card published in Mexico, the authorship of the letter nttributcd to his pen. General Worth prefers charges against Scott, and Scott arrests him for con'.empt. Gen. Pillow was arrested because he appealed from an opinión oí Scoit, requesting the Intter to transmit the appeal to the Secretary of War. Scolt refused in a hasty manner, whereupon the former remarked, "I will do it, Sir." "Thcn I arrest you, Sir," was Scott's reply. So maiters stood at last datea. The army ig exc:ted, and if we may judge from what we hear at this distance, more than a moiety of it sympathises with he Generáis sought to be disgraced. A detachment of American soldiers, quartered at Medetin, staríed for a ball in the village, about 11 o'clock at night. - The ball party took alarm, and ona of them discharged a pisto] at the advancing Amerieans, who rc-turned the fire, killed 7 nnd wounding 9, of whom one was a tromau. The Indinns have rnade an incursión into the Staie of San Luisde Potosi, and approached very near the capital. Mexico, Nov. 19,1847. On the 8th inst, 30 wagons belonging to merchante in this cuy and Puebla, left the latter place with a lot of tobáceo, dry goods and brandy desiined for this city. - On reoching San Martin, Gens. Rea anJ Torrejon, in command of the guerilla forces there, made a descent upon the wagons, caplured them, and starled ofT for Queretaro,via Tlascala. Information was conveyed to Gen. Lane at Puebla, who starled after them with a forcé of infantry and the cavalry command of Captain Roberts. When they reached Tlascala they found the enemy there, and Captain R., who had been sent to the rear of the town, seeing a movement to run off the train, charged upon the guerillas, completely routing them, killing sevent-en nnd taking thirteen officers prisoners. In the mennlime a portion of the wagons which had been taken a mile from the town by a party of the enemy were set on firebefore the infantry carne up. Santa Anna hns assumed the command of ihe army in Onjaca. He snys that he was deprivod of the cammand by Pena y Pena, in order that the latter might firid no obstnele in making peace with the Americans. He avows his determination to oppose any negotiation for peace with the American forces occupwng nny portion of the Mexican territory. Mora y Villamil has been nominated Secretary of War. Tornel left Queretaro on the14th for Morelln, to tnke up his quarters there as General. Yesterdny a new paper called the Yankee Doodle, made its appearance.