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The fullowing particulars of the battle of Mexico come by way ofEngüsli papers. They were written from the city at the time: "3,600 Mexican prisoners are shut up in a building in which there is no room forthem to líe down, ancí for ten days no oneentered thisprison, nor was one of the Unhappy inmates allowed to leave il eveiï fur one moment. Imagine the condition of these Wretches guilty of no crime! "The irregular American troops spread in all directions through the city, making war upon their owh hand, partly agmnst the armed partly ngainst the smaller shops and warè'houses yvhich they soon cleared out. It was a strange sighttosee these people, drawn hither from all parts of the world, in the most grotesque attire,the most diversified arms, without ft leader and without any subordination, strolling about the streets in groups of from two to ten or twelve, driven some by mere curiosity.recklessly exposing tliemselves to instant death. Two Germans, with but one gun between them, seated themselves beneath the balcony of my lubitation, drew some bread, apples, and a botlle with pulque from a bag, and most composedly made their afternoon meal by the accompaniment of a most lively fire of small arms, while tli6 halls struck the nall in all directions. They talked about the city, which they compared wilh Carlsruhe. - One of them then seized the gun, and prepared to fire at some one of the leperors, but the other inatched the gun away fiom hiiti acousing him of not hnowing how to take him, and proved, by -instantly shootingsime unhappy lépero through the head, thai he at least knew how to take him. Immediately afterward the equally good aim of a Mexican laid him rlead at the feet of his comrade,who cooly stooping,took up the pulque bottle & gun, and retreateJ to some less dangerous spot. Such a horrible indifference to Ufe I never witnessed before. Treevenihg made an end,for the timp, tothe enormiliesj and the night passed quietly. Put the morning caine, ind with it a renewal of the strugglë and its aitending horrors." PKOPOSlTIOff BEFORE CoNGRKSS.-A COtrespondent under date of the I6th Nov., says: 'Threë propositionshave been passed lo a'first reading in Congreso - the first, that in the event of thec'ty ol Queretaro being threatened with an invasión by the Americam army, the Congress shall be removed to the city Aguasaalentes ; second, that the Government shall listan to no proposilions of peace so ling as the invading forces do not (Vacua e the national territory which they occupy, and cease to blockade the ports of the Republic ; third, the same Government,under its strictf-st responsibility shall dictate such measures ond projects as will be sufficient on its part to carry on the war." Affairs at the Capital. - In his letter of the lOth uit. he snys: - Yesterdny being Sunday I rode out to thePasseo Nuevo, and was agreeably surprised to see the large number of ladies present. The Passeo was throngedwith carriages, private and public, eatíh of which contained two orthree lovely señoritas. The fair rlamsels are fast losing their fear of the "barbariansof the Norlh." About one-half the officersof our army were also there, most of them mounted on their splendid American chargers, among whom I noticed Gens. Worth and Pierce. To-day Capt. Sanderson, of the Mounted Rifles, discovered the whole apparatus and machinery whicli had been used in casting cannon near Molino del Ray. - They have been soughl after agreatdeal, and their discovery reflects a great deal of credit on the gallant captain. This afternoon, about five o,clock, a greaser was whipped in the plaza. He had attempted to kill one of our soldiers, and wassentenced to receive one hundred i lashes - twenty-five on every Monday for a monlh. Nearly ten thousand Mexican were theinplazo,and as soon as the wh'pping commenced they began to throw stones. About a dozen of our dragoons however, charged upon the mob, when they dispersed in all direction?. Tha greaser was tben whipped nad taken back é the guard' house. There were one or t'wo rbw's last' nighf, which resulted in the death of onéorttfo soldiers nnd some tl) ir teen or fou'rtéen Mexicana. (tT ÖeTi.Taylor is réceived With great favor by tli'e ladies of the South. When he ehiered the' ladies' parlar ot the St. Charles hotel nt New Orleans, he was attacked by n lady who irifctantly sezied and kissed him, and tliis assault Was folio wed up by such a voliey of kisses f rom ilecrowd of ladies that theold gentleman gave up all thoughts of resistance and surrendered at' discretion. Át' ánolher place on the Mississippi.the account sayi: On arriving at the' house of Judge Nichó's, the Gfnpral enterad the pnrlor to be introduced to ;he brilliant arrav of beauty, whch had been assé'mbled to gréet h:nt. There weré two large rooms filled wilh lovely Creóles, whose dark eyes, beaming and cherry ips, werft lit up withjoy and delight at thé sight of fhe brave oíd hero( Who' had just réturned from the" rude scènes of war to share the comforts and enjoy the pleasures of social life. As the oíd hero came itAO the room there was a general rush - or, a's an old campaigner styled it, a regulair sfa'mperie - towards him, to get hold ofhis hand, or to snatch the long-to-be remembered kiss from his weather beaten cheeks." 07a We hae receved H. Betts letter, and the $3 00 to which he refers. {tThe Detroit Advertiser proposes to d'scard the credit system altogether, and mail no papers till the pay shall be received n advance; Ati exdeller.t plan, provided it were practicable. We apprelend that an immediate and permanent consecjuence of the couse would be a argely diminished subscription list. {"Daniel Webster is a communicant of the Episcopalian Church. He joinéd about a year ago. (UThe article we are publishing on he first page from the pen of Mr. Abbott, on the in&urrection in St. Domingo, will e found interesting. Mr. Abbott is an accomplished wriier.