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Cincinnatí, Jan. 27, 4 P. M. By an arrival at New Orleans we have da'es from Vera Cruz up to tbe I3ih, and from ilie City of Mexico up lo ibe lst inst. The loss susteined by Mill's train, which was nitacked by lhe Guerülas on its pnssnge from Vera Cruz (o tlve City, fnlls principally on the meivhanti of the City of Mexico and hs neighborhood their being a large arnount of Merchant's stock placed under lhe proteclion of Niles for trnnportation to the Cnpital. The commander-inchief at the city asssessed annua] tax of three million dollars towards the support of the army. We hnve received no news of importance from Queretaro. Jt is said there is a grmving sentiment among the prominent Mexicans against sendihg commissionèrs for the purpose of entering inlo treaty stipulatbns with the United States, to Washington. But fhfl! a preference is expréised in favor of submitting the question in dispute to arbitration. "A Soldier's Letter.- We have lmd placed in our hands a letter from a Hancock boy, now servmg in the ranks of the army in Mexico from which we take the following extract. The letter is dated ';Montezuma's Hall's, City of Mexico, Nov. 17, 1847." "I myselfgot the luck sliot through the chepk and upper lip, nlso a piece of one of myfriend's skull-bone running in the olher cheelc and poinling out at the eye ; bul thartk GoJ I have now got well, but worse than olí a twelve pound áhot struck my gun nnd blew it all to atoms, out of my hands. 1 pieked up an olher belonging to a man whojust had his lead blowu off atid keptup shooting until I went ihto the city, where I was chosen is one of Gen. Worth's body giard's nnd ook upquarlers in the Halls of Montezuma fdr the night, wherel laid the weaied limlw of a soldier to rest. You mav rest asured Ihal after loosing tliree nighu sleep and driving the Öreasers from Molino del Rpy, from the grsat caslle of Chapullepeo, frem the fort Causeway and from ihe gatos of the city, by slaughlering and killing them like hogs al a