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Legacies Project Oral History: William Hampton

William Hampton was born in 1948 in Tyler, Texas, and his grandmother was the midwife. He remembers attending church revival picnics, the Texas Rose Festival, and the Juneteenth parade in his hometown. While attending college in Arlington, Texas, he was active in the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. He went on to launch a Section 8 subsidized housing program in Arlington and in Ann Arbor, where he worked in the community development office. Mr. Hampton has been president of the Ann Arbor chapter of the NAACP since 2005.

William Hampton was interviewed by students from Skyline High School in Ann Arbor in 2015-16 as part of the Legacies Project.

Fruit Sales Will Benefit Lions Club

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Robert V. Austin Tunes In On The Eye Bank Network With His Ham Radio, March 1964 Photographer: Duane Scheel

Robert V. Austin Tunes In On The Eye Bank Network With His Ham Radio, March 1964 image
Published In:
Ann Arbor News, April 1, 1964
RADIO WORKS FOR SIGHT: Robert V. Austin, 305 Wilton, tunes in on the Eye Bank Network, manned by about 50 ham radio operators in as many cities. The network aids in the rapid transfer of eyes from eye banks that have surpluses to hospitals in need of eyes for operations. The radio network makes it possible to transfer eyes from one city to another within a matter of hours. Time is the most important factor in many eye operations, some having to be made within 24 hours to have a chance for success. Austin, an Eye Bank Network operator for about two months, has already been instrumental in transferring a pair of eyes from the Michigan Eye Collection Center at University Hospital to Omaha.