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Lining Up To Buy Nylons, December 1945 Photographer: Eck Stanger

Lining Up To Buy Nylons, December 1945 image
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Ann Arbor News, December 18, 1945
Yes, You Are Correct, Nylons Were In: Ten degrees above zero weather didn't keep hundreds of women (and a few brave men) from standing in line today at Kessel's Fashion Shop on S. Main St. to try for a purchase of nylon hose. The news spread fast when the stockings were put on sale at 11 o'clock this morning and by 1:30 this afternoon the 396 pairs of nylons were completely sold out. The line-up extended at one time for a full city block as elated women waited for a chance to get the coveted hosiery. Each person buying a pair signed a slip of paper to the effect, no doubt to keep women from trying a repeat performance.