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The Eden Chapati


This blog is about food in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a particular food that I not only like, but if I had to take one food with me to a deserted island, I would take the Eden Chapati, meaning the particular lunch food that Eden Foods in Ann Arbor offered for just a few years when they ran a food and lunch business off a little alley at 330 Maynard St.

Some History of Matrix Software

Russell Gregory and Centicore Books in Ann Arbor

Every college town probably has a local bookstore where everyone who is ‘anyone’ educated hangs out. In Ann Arbor in the late 1960s (pre-Borders), that was Centicore Books, originally on Maynard Street, but relocated to South University. Somewhere I read that the official title was “Paper Back Bookstore and Centicore Modern Poetry Shop.” It was the South University period I am writing about here. Sure there were other bookstores in Ann Arbor, but this particular one is where both the students and professors bought their books and hung out.

1960s: Ann Arbor's Gay Bars

Back in the 1960s, as to where I spent the most time, outside of the bars our band played music in, it was

Moving a Business to Ann Arbor: A Story

Ann Arbor's 'The Bird of Paradise'

I would spend many evenings at the Bird of Paradise. It was always dark in there. After all, it’s a jazz club.

AMG: Sometimes a Great Notion

This story is music from the other end, instead of playing it, documenting it so it would not be lost in the shuffle of time as most things on. This is that story, the story of AMG, the All-Music Guide.

Advertising Card for Walker's Livery, undated

Advertising Card for Walker's Livery, undated image

From Laurence Baker:
"This is a large card advertising A. B.'s services at 515 E. Liberty Street. One can see that he continues to offer horse boarding at 528 Jefferson St."

Lima Center Interurban Station



Janice Stevenson, owner of Wackenhut Gartens, says people often guess that her store at Jackson and Lima Center roads was originally a church or a school. A former resident reported that people often knocked at his door thinking it was the township hall.