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Red Cross Graduated Volunteer Nurses, March 1942

Red Cross Graduated Volunteer Nurses, March 1942 image
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Ann Arbor News, August 18, 1942
COEDS TRAIN FOR SERVICE: These five Ann Arbor girls have spent the summer receiving Red Cross Nurse's Aide training here so they may serve Red Cross chapters in this capacity when they return to college next month. From left to right are Ann Alling, 3125 Geddes Rd., Michigan State College student; her sister, Sue, Oak Grove College, Vasselboro, Me.; Elizabeth RIchardson, 2113 Devonshire Rd., University of Wisconsin; Isobel Morrison, 1052 Baldwin Ave.; Manhattanville College, New York; and Mary Maurice, 1082 Ferdon Rd., University of Michigan. All except Mary Maurice, who will work in Ann Arbor, will be issued transfers to other Red Cross chapters.