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UMS Concert Program, April 18, '84: Grand Musical Festival -- Ypsilanti Musical Society

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University Hall

Ypsilanti Musical Society,
Ann Arbor Choral Union,
180 Well Selected and Well Trained Voices in the Chorus,
The Amphion Club,
(Programme to consist of Mendelssohn's Grand Masterpiece, the Oratorio of
" Sanctus," and the " Inf lammatus,"
MRS. G. R. HAVILAND, Ann Arbor, Soprano, MRS. M. H. TYLER, Ypsilanti, Soprano, MISS E. JOSLYN, Ypsilanti, Alto,
MR. G. W. HORNE, Detroit, Tenor, MR. W. KIMBALL, Ypsilanti, Bass.
MISS JESSIE PEASE, Ypsilanti, Pianist.
Miss M. Hewit, Miss F, Bogardus, and Mr. 0. B. Cady, Accompanists. F. L. YORK, Organist.
IS, '
Reserve this programme and take it with you to the Entertainment.
Part I.--The persecuted Christian Church in Jerusalem prays to the Lord for power to resist the fury of the Heathen.--Stephen is accused of blasphemy by the incensed people, and is brought before the Council.--Being quesMoiied by the High Priest, he reproves his judges for the obstinacy with which they and their I'jithers have rejected the true faith, and resisted the Holy Ghost.--They refuse to hear him, and insist upon putting him to death. --Heeding not the reproof that Jerusalem had ever killed the Prophets which had been sent to her, they shout "Stone him to death ; " and Stephen suffers martyrdom, praying for mercy upon hispersecutors.--Devout men carry him to his burial, with much lamentation, and utter words of peace and hope over his grave.--Saul, who is present at the martydom, resolves to continue his persecutions of the Christian Church, and for this purpose journeys toward Damascus.--A sudden light shines around him, and lie is struck with blindness.--A voice from Heaven calls upon him to proclaim the glory of the Lord to the benighted people, and his companions lead him by the hand into Damascus.--There he prays, in bitter repentance, until the Lord sends to him Ananias, who restores his sight, and confers upon him his divine commis sion as a Christian preacher.--He is baptized, and preaches in the Synago gues; and the congregation praises the wisdom and knowledge of God.
No. 1.--OVERTURE. No. 2.--CHORUS OF CHRISTIANS. Lord Thou alone art God, and Thine are the heaven, the earth, the mighty waters.
The Heathen furiously rage, Lord, against Thee, and against Thy Christ. Now behold, lest our foes prevail, and grant to Thy servants all strength and jovfulness, that they may preach Thy word.
Acts iv ; 24, 26, 29.
No. 3.--CHORAL. To God on high be thanks and praise,
Who deigns our bonds to sever, His cares our drooping souls upraise,
And harm shall reach us never. On Him we rest, with faith assur'd, Of all that live the mighty Lord,
For ever and for ever.
No. 4--RECITATIVE.--(Soprano.) And the many that believed were of one heart, and of one soul. And Stephen, full of faith and full of power, did great wonders among the people. And they of the Synagogue were not able to resist the wisdom and the spirit by which he spake.
Acts iv. 32; vi. 8, 10.
Then they suborned men who were false witnesses, which said:--
Acts vi. 11.
THE FALSE WITNESSES.--(Basses.) " We verily have heard him blaspheme against these holy places, and against the law; ourselves have heard him speak."
Acts vi. 13.
And they stirred up the people and the elders, and came upon him, and caught hold of him, and brought him to the council, and spake."
Acts vi. 12.
"Now this man ceaseth not to utter blasphemous words against the Law of Moses, and also God!"
" Did we not enjoin and straitly command you, that you should not teach in the name ye follow And lo ! ye have filled Jerusalem throughout with your unlawful doc trine !"
" He hath said, and our ears have heard him, Jesus of Nazareth, He shall destroy all these our holy places, and change all the customs which Moses delivered us."
Acts vi. 11 ; v. 28; vi. 14.
No. 6.--RECITATIVE.--(Soprano. And all that sat in the council looked steadfastly on him, and saw his face as it had been the face of an an gel.
Then said the High Priest: "Are these things so" And Stephen said:
Acts vi. 15 ; vii. 1.
RECITATIVE.--Stephen.--(Tenor.) " Men, brethren, and fathers, hearken to me. The God of glory appeared unto our fathers, delivered the people out of their afflictions, and gave them favour. But they understood it not. He sent Moses into Egypt, for he saw their afflictions and heard their groaning. But they re fused him, and would not obey his word, but thrust him from them, and sacrificed to senseless idols.
" Solomon built him an house; albeit the Most High God dwelleth not in temples which are made with hands; for heaven is His throne, and earth is but His footstool. Hath not His hand made all these things
" Ye hard of heart, ye always do resist the Holy Ghost. As did your fathers, even so do ye. Which of the Prophets have not your fathers persecuted And they have slain them which showed before the coming of Him, the Just One, with whose murder ye have here been stained. Ye have received the Law by the disposition of angels, and ye have not obeyed it."
Acts vii.
" Take him away! For now the holy Name of God he hath blasphemed, and who blasphemes Him, lie shall per ish."
Acts xxi. 36 ; Lev. xxiv. 16.
RECITATIVE.--Stephen.--(Tenor. ) " Lo! I see the heavens opened, and the son of man standing at the right hand of God!"
Acts vii. 56.
No. 7.--ARIA.--(Soprano.)
"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the Proph ets, thou that stonest them which are sent unto thee ; how often would I have gathered unto Me thy children, and ye would not!"
Matt, xxiii. 27.
No. 8.--RECITATIVE.--(Tenor.) Then they ran upon him with one accord, and cast him out of the city, and stoned him, and cried aloud:--
Acts vii. 57, 58.
" Stone him to death. He blasphemes God; and who does so shall surely perish. Stone him to death."
Lev. xxiv. 16.
No. 9.--RECITATIVE.--(Tenor.) And they stoned him; and he kneeled down, and cried aloud: " Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. Lord Jesus, receive my spirit."
And when he had said this, he fell asleep.
Acts vii. 59, 60. CHORAL. To Thee, O, Lord, I yield my spirit
Who break'st, in love, this mortal chain. My life I but from Thee inherit,
And death becomes my chiefest gain. In Thee I live, in Thee I die, Content, for Thou art ever nigh.
No. 10.--RECITATIVE.--(Soprano.) And the witnesses had laid down their clothes at tne feet of a young man whose name was Saul, who was consenting unto his death.
Acts vii. 58; viii. 1.
And devout men took Stephen and carried him to his burial, and made great lamentation over him.
Acts viii. 2.
No. 11.--CHORUS.
Happy and blest are they who have endured, yea, blest and happy. For though the body dies, the soul shall live for ever.
James i. 12.
No. 12.--RECITATIVE.--(Tenor.) And Sanl made havoc of the Church; and breathing out threatenings and slaugher against the disciples, he spake of them much evil, and said:--
Acts viii. 3 ; ix. 1.
AIR.--Saul.--(B ass. )
" Consume them all, Lord Sabaoth, consume all these thine enemies. Behold, they will not know Thee, that Thou, our great Jehovah, art the Lord alone, the Highest over all the world. Pour out Thine indignation, and let them feel Thy power."
Psalm lix. 13 ; lxxxii. 18 ; lxix. 24.
No. 13.--RECITATIVE.--(Contralto.) And he journeyed with companions towards Damas cus, and had authority and command from the High Priest that he should bring them bound, men and women, unto Jerusalem.
Acts ix. 2. ARIOSO.
But the Lord is mindful of His own, He remembers His children. Bow down before Him, ye mighty, for the Lord is near us.
Psalm cxv. 12 ; 2 Tim. ii. 19 ; Philipp. iv. 5.
THE CONVERSION. No. 14.--RECITATIVE (Tenor and Bass)
And as he journeyed he came near unto Damascus; when suddenly there shone around him a light from heav en ; and he fell to the earth ; and he heard a voice saying unto him:
" Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me "
And he said, " Lord, who art thou V And the Lord said to him, " I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom thou perse cutest."
And he said, trembling and astonished, " Lord, what wilt Thou have me do V The Lord said to him :
" Arise, and go into the city ; and there thou shalt be told what thou must do.''
Acts ix. 3, 4, 5, 6.
No. 15.--CHORUS.
Rise ! up ! arise! rise, and shine ! for thy light comes, and the glory of the Lord appears upon thee.
Behold, now, total darkness covereth the kingdoms, and gross darkness the people. But upon thee riseth the mighty Lord ; and the glory of the Lord appeareth upon thee.
Isaiah Ix. 1, 2.
No. 16.--CHORAL. Sleepers, wake, a voice is calling ; , It is the watchman on the walls,
Thou city of .Jerusalem. For lo, the Bridegroom comes ! Arise, and take your lamps. Hallelujah ! Awake! His kingdom is at hand. Go forth to meet your Lord.
Matt. xxv. 1.
No. 17.--RECITATIVE.--( Tknob. )
And his companions which journeyed with him stood, and they were afraid, hearing a voice but seeing no man. And Saul arose from the earth, and when his eyes were opened, he saw no man : but they led him by the hand, and brought him into Damascus, and he was three days without sight, and did neither eat nor drink.
Acts ix. 7, 8, 9.
No. 18.--ARIA-Paul--(Bass.) '
" 0 God, have mercy upon me, and blot out my trans gressions according to thy loving kindness, yea, even for Thy mercy's sake. Deny me not. 0 cast me not away from Thy presence, and take not Thy Spirit from me, 0 Lord. Lord, a broken heart and a contrite spirit is offered before Thee. I will speak of Thy salvation, I will teach transgressors, and all the sinners shall be converted unto Thee. Then open Thou my lips, 0 Lord, and my mouth shall show forth Thy glorious praise."
Psalm li. 1, 11, 17, 13, 15.
No. 19.--RECITATIVE.--(Tenor and Soprano.)
And there was a disciple at Damascus, named Ana nias ; to him said the Lord : " Ananias, arise, and enquire thou for Saul of Tarsus ; for behold, he prayelh. He is a chosen vessel unto Me, the Lord; and I will shew unto him how great things he must suffer for My name's sake."
Acts ix.'lO, 11, 15, 10.
No. 20.--ARIA {Paul) AND CHORUS.--(Bass.)
I praise Thee, 0 Lord my God, with all my heart, for evermore. For great is Thy mercy toward me, and Thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest hell.
Paalru Ixxxvi. 12, 13 ; Isaiah xxv. 8.
The Lord is_good, He is good : He will dry your tears, and heal all your sorrows. For His word shall not decay.
Rev. xxi. 4; Matt. xxiv. 35.
No. 21.--RECITATIVE.--(Soprano.) And Ananias went his way, and entered into the house, and laying his hands upon him, said :
" Hear thou, brother Saul! The Lord hath sent me hither, even Jesus, that appeared unto thee as thou earnest, that thou mightest receive thy sight, and be likewise filled with the Holy Ghost.1'
Acts ix. 17. (Soprano.)
And there fell from his eyes like as though it were scales ; and he received his sight forthwith, and arose, and was baptized. And straightway he preached Jesus in the synagogues, and said : " I thank God, who hath made me free through Christ."
Acts ix. 18, 20; Rom. vii. 25.
No. 22.--CHORUS.
0 great is the depth of the riches of wisdom and knowledge of the Father ! How deep and unerring is He in His judgments ! His ways are past our understanding. Sing His glory for evermore. Amen.
Rom. xi. 33.
1. Piano Solo--Concerto in 0" Minor, First Move
ment, with Beethoven Cadenza, Beethoven.
? Miss Jessie Pease. (Orchestral Parts on Second Piano by Miss M. Hewitt.)
2. Tenor Solo and Chorus--" Sanctus," Gounod.
Mr. G. W. Home and Chorus,
3. Trio--" Break, break, break," Anderton.
Mrs. M. H. Tyler, Miss Ella Joslyn, and Mr. G. W. Home. '
i. Ladies' Chorus--Fairy Chorus from Midsummer
Night's Dream, Mendelssohn.
Misses May Whedon, A. Mack, and Amphion Club.
5. Soprano Solo and Chorus--" Innammatus," Rossini. Mrs. M. H. Tyler and Ghorus.
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