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UMS Concert Program, June 12, 1885: Melusina And The Dream -- Choral Union

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Complete Series: LVII
University Hall

U.S. KlUK.K, 1,1,,. Ii., I'ljicsiDKNT. C. B. (JAI)Y, Musical DutKcroit.
itm ami The IK mm
MR. HOMER WARREN axd ('. V. SLOCUM, Trnoiis, MR. O. n. CADY, Basso.
f RID AT EVEKIKG, JUKE 12, -1885.
Cotirter Book ami Job I'riitt.
MELUSINA--A Fairy Legend_____. Hofmann.
( I'KOL'HaTK.)
In the depths of Bressila's forest shade--Fci.I Cnoitus.
Melusina and Water Nymphs____________________
Miss Winchkl-l and Ladies Chorus
Nymphs: Arise, Arise, Arise.
Mtlusina: It is Count Raymond, since you thus implore me.
Raymond and Huntsmen--.Mb. H. Wabben and Male Chorus
Huntsmen: .Sweet Love. I must be EOing
Ruymond : The Lindens whisper, the brook prattles yonder.
Raymond and Melusina--Mil. Warrkn and Miss Winchkll
Raymond: O Melusina, njrain I behold thee, Melusina: Thou call'st, I come, and now unfold mo
What Thou deslrest. Raymond: Tiiysell, sweet Maid.
Finale--Bethrotal scene------------------------------------Mb. Warrkn, Misa Winch.;r,L and Full Chorus
Finale Chorus: To the Castle, horns are ringing. SCKNK II.
Clotilda, Sintram and the People_________________
Miss JosjVN, Mb. O. Cady and Chorus
Clotilda: . . . Of Raymond's bride canst thoii nought discover Sinlram : . . . ' Tis said she im ets the fiend alone , . . The People: The foul witch recall.
Raymond, Clotilda, Sintram and the People_______
Mr. Warrkn, Miss Josi,yn, Mr. Cady and Chorus
The People: The roul witch recall
Let death be her meed. Clotilda, Sintram: . . . thou must, discover if thy bride
Has no furhidiU'n art to bide. Raymond : Since you demand It, be it so.
Melusina and Nymphs, at the fountnin-----------------Miss Winchkll and Ludies Chorus Nymphs: Bubble up brightly.
Melusina: . . . Assist me with the gentle power you wield. Lot rills the bind rejoice from fountains flowing.
Finale--Raymond, Melusina, Nymphs and Sprites___
Mb. Wabbkn, Miss Winchki.i. and Chorus
Nymphs: Ah ! he dares in 'rave our wrath ; Meluslnn: Thy doom is spoken, oh Raymond. W'aier Sprites : His vow be fir.; it
Let death be his lot. Rnymond: (Claims a last kiss from his bride, but that kiss moans
Melusina: Ob, Raymond. Raymond, would I stav To die with .thee, my spouse, this day, Farewell. I must away.
Epilogue----------------------------------------------------Full Chorus
But rising at times, from tlie depths below, A Klghiti!! is beard amid the uloom, . . 0, Raymond, beloved one, forget-me-not.
THE DREAM--A Serenatu---------------Costa
The Lady, Air----------------------------------------Miss Whedon.
" O. tell me gentle orb of night."
Recitative, Oboron---------------------------------Mb. H. Warren.
'¦Slie Sleeps, now Fays, prepare a car."
Chorus of Fairies---------------------------------------Ladies Chorus
"Make the car of a golden king-cup, "Stud it o'er with dews of night.
Recitstive, Queen Mub---------------------------------Mrss Joslyn
¦' Hither, hither, dreams of pleasure "Come, and o'er this (air one hover.
The Lover, Air-------------------------:----------Mb. C V. Slocum
" 0 the joy of truly loving !"
Queen Mul and Fairies-----Miss Joslyn and Ladies Chorus
" See, see, the stars and Cynthia's gleams ' ' Begin to fade in morning's beams.
Serenade by the People--------------------------------Full Chorus
" Lady arise! look forth and see "The Chiiplet we have twined for the.
Though winter is not ended, "The sweetest (lowers that owe their birth "To Art, ere Spring revisits earth In tills fair wreath are blended.

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