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UMS Concert Program, October 10, 1946: Sixty-eighth Annual Choral Union Concert Series -- James Melton

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Season: 1946-1947
Concert: First
Complete Series: 2931
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

First Concert 1946-1947 Complete Series 2931
Sixty-Eighth Annual
Choral Union Concert Series
PETER HANSEN at the Piano
Thursday Evening, October 10, 1946, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Thanks Be to Thee, from "Israel in Egypt".....Handel
Air from "Comus"...........Arne
Scene and Aria from "Lucia di Lammermoor"
(Act III, Scene III).........Donizetti
Meine Liebe ist grlin..........Brahms
Mit einer Wasserlilie...........Grieg
Don Juan Gomez...........Hageman
Fantaisies, aux divins mensonges, from "Lakme" . . . Delibes
Intermezzo in A minor..........Brahms
Valse oubliee.............Liszt
Fantaisie impromptu..........Chopin
Peter Han sen
Fleur jetee.............Faure
Apres un reve............Faure
El Vito........Arr. by Fernand Obradors
She Moved Thro' the Fair (Irish Country Song)
...........Arr. by Herbert Hughes
Hame...........H. Walford Davies
I Rise When You Enter......Theodore Chanler
The Steinway is the official concert piano of the University Musical Society ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS
Thanks Be to Thee, from "Israel in Egypt".....Handel
This manificent aria displays Handel's vocal writing at its best. "Thanks be to Thee, O Lord! Thou hast led Thy people through the sea. As a flock Thou hast led them hence; protected them with Thy hand and given them help."
Air from "Comus"...........Arne
Milton's "Comus" is far removed from the austere Puritanism generally associated with his poetry. It is a song of riotous pleasure, built on the thesis that "they only live who life enjoy." Dr. Arne, the composer of "Rule, Britannia," and well known for his settings of Shakespeare, selected these stanzas from "Comus" to set to music.
Scene and Aria from "Lucia di Lammermoor"
(Act III, Scene III).........Donizetti
Standing amid the graves of his forefathers, Edgar soliloquizes in somber meditation, "I, the last of my kindred, am come to rest beside them." Then, instinctively, his thoughts turn toward Lucia whom he calls ungrateful and, in great despair, he voices a pensive but hauntingly lovely melody. . . "To earth I bid a last farewell, . . . Oh, faithless maid, I die for thee."
Meine Liebe ist griin (My Love is Fair).....Brahms
"My tender love is fair as spring, warm as sunlight, delicate as lilac blossoms. My heart is like a nightingale, singing in the trees."
Mit einer Wasserlilie (With a Water Lily).....Grieg
"See, Marie, I bring you a lovely water lily that was floating like a fragile dream through the mists."
"There were many voices vying at the feast, but mostly I remember yours --who spoke the least."
Don Juan Gomez...........Hageman
"Let it be understood that I am Don Juan Gomez -a very remarkable fellow! My blood is the purest of Spain, no suitor more irresistible than I, no man above me!"
Fantaisies, aux divins mensonges, from "Lakme" . . . Delibes
Gerald, an officer of the British Army, intrudes upon the sacred ground of a Hindu temple where he meets Lakme, the daughter of the Hindu priest who nourishes a hatred for foreigners. Even though fascinated by the handsome stranger, Lakme urges him to leave the holy grounds because of the danger that would befall him if he were found. Gerald's reply is a rhapsody of love as heard in this "Fantasy."
Fleur jetee (Scattered Flowers)........Faure
Faure, great French composer of songs and chamber music, here gives us an ardent love song.
"Flower that I picked while singing and dreamily tossed away; as the flower fades so love dies. May the wind which withers the flower soothe my heart."
Apres un reve (After a Dream)........Faure
"In a dream, I dreamed happiness -your eyes were softer; your voice pure and resonant; you beamed like the illumed sky; you called me -I left the earth to flee with you. The skies lifted their clouds for us, revealing splendors unknown . . . but, alas, sad awakening from dreams -I call, O Night, give me back my dream! Come back, radiant Night, O Night of Mystery!"
El Vito........Arr. by Fernand Obradors
Obradors has given a new setting to this eighteenth century ballad of Madrid, wherein the young caballero appraises the charms of the gay senoritas.
She Moved Thro' the Fair (Irish Country Song)
...........Arr. by Herbert Hughes
The arranger of this old Irish ballad, Herbert Hughes, is celebrated for his handling of English and Irish folk songs. Deftly he captures in this beautiful song all the delicacy and charm of Irish balladry.
Hame...........H. Walford Davies
Walford Davies, an English composer, has employed the folk style of writing and the Scotch lyrics to express the universal love and emotions of "home" (Hame).
I Rise When You Enter......Theodore Chanler
In Theodore Chanler, we find one of the "coming" writers of the modern art song. This modern troubador sings his love in the idiom of the younger generation.
in recital MONDAY, OCTOBER 28, 8:30 P.M.
Hill Auditorium
Tickets at popular prices (tax included):
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Sixty-eighth Rnnual Choral Union Series
Eugene Istomin, Pianist.....Wednesday, October 30
Mr. Istomin is appearing in place of Egon Petrie, who is ill.
Cleveland Orchestra......Sunday, November 10
George Szell, Conductor Yehudi Menuhin, Violinist.....Tuesday, November 19
Icelandic Singers.......Monday, November 25
Sigurdur Thordarson, Conductor Boston Symphony Orchestra .... Monday, December 9
Serge Koussevitzky, Conductor Vladimir Horowitz, Pianist......Friday, January 17
Detroit Symphony Orchestra .... Monday, February 17
Karl Krueger, Conductor Lotte Lehmann, Soprano.....Wednesday, February 26
Chicago Symphony Orchestra.....Sunday, March 16
Desire Detauw, Conductor
Two Performances Saturday Evening, December 14, 8:30 p.m.
Sunday Afternoon, December IS, 3 p.m.
Lura Stover, Soprano Charles E. Vogan, Organist
Ellen Repp, Contralto Special Messiah Orchestra
Ralph Lear, Tenor University Choral Union
Alden Edkins, Bass Hardin Van Deursen, Conductor
Tickets (with tax): Main floor, 70--first balcony, 600-top balcony, 40(J.
Seventh Rnnual Chamber niusic Festival
Friday Evening; Saturday Afternoon and Evening,
Lecture Hall--Rackham Building Season Tickets (with tax): $3.60--$3.00--$1.80
Fifty-fourth Rnnual IHay Festival
May 8, 9, 10, 11, 1947--6 Concerts
PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA, EUGENE ORMANDY, Conductor, and ALEXANDER HILSBERG, Associate Conductor; UNIVERSITY CHORAL UNION, HARDIN VAN DEURSEN, Conductor; FESTIVAL YOUTH CHORUS, MARGUERITE HOOD, Conductor; and distinguished soloists, both vocal and instrumental.
For tickets or for further information, please address: Charles A. Sink, President, University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower.

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