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UMS Concert Program, November 25: Sixty-eighth Annual Choral Union Concert Series -- The Icelandic Singers

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Season: 1946-1947
Concert: Fifth
Complete Series: 2936
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fifth Concert 1946-1947 Complete Series 2936
Sixty-Eighth Annual
Choral Union Concert Series
Monday Evening, November 25, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Iceland...........Sigfus Einarsson
The Mother Tongue.......Sv. Sveinbjornsson
Kyrie..........Sigurdur Thordarson
Soloist: Stefan Islandi, Tenor
Templehill.........Bjarni Thorsteinsson
Burn Ye Beacons.........Pall Isolfsson
Spring of Spring.........Prince Gustaf
Cradle Song..........Franz Schubert
(Arranged by Fritz Baselt)
Nursery Rhyme 1.........Edvard Grieg
The Norsemen )
Soloist: Gudmundur Jonsson, Baritone
Lullaby..........Sigurdur Thordarson
My Little Sister..........Pall Isolfsson
The Harp..........Sigfus Einarsson
Soloist: Stefan Islandi, Tenor
The Desert.........Karl O. Runolfsson
She Sleeps in the Calm of Twilight . . . Bjorgvin Gedmundsson
The Champagne Song........H. C. Lumbye
(Arranged by Louis Clausen) Pioneers..........Sigurdur Thordarson
The Steinway piano, furnished through the courtesy of Grimiell Brothers, is the official concert instrument of the University Musical Society
Iceland (Island).........Sigfus Einarsson
This is the home of virtuous men who do not forget easily. Careful memory guards the noble heritage of a nation. History built a high memorial to heroes and bravery. It cleared the way for new deeds, threw light over thought and deed.
The Mother Tongue (Modurmalid) Sv. Sveinbjornsson
An Icelandic song that tells of the deep inspiration that comes from the rich inheritance of the Icelandic language.
Kyrie..........Sigurdur Thordarson
Kyrie, Kyrie eleison! Christe, Christe eleison! Kyrie, Kyrie eleison!
Templehill (Kirkjuhvoll)......Bjarni Thorsteinsson
My grandmother told me: You should not go to the Templehill on Sundays at sunset, you must not disturb the evensong of the fairies there. They have got a church in this hill, and when I was a child, the chime of the bells rang from inside the hill in the evening.
Burn, Ye Beacons (Brennidthid, vitar) .... Pall Isolfsson
Burn, ye beacons! Strong heroes stand at the helm, but night is all around. To the black sands the bursting waves murmur names of dead men. Burn, ye beacons! Guide every country man who seeks his home and desires a refuge.
Spring of Spring (Varsang).......Prince Gustaf
Joyful like a bird in the morning I greet the spring. Look how the little silver streams dash fondly embracing knolls and stones. Look how the bushes and branches rustle with life and dance in the wond'rous splendour of the sun of spring.
Cradle Song (Vogguljod).......Franz Schubert
Sleep, sleep my dear little friend, your loving mother is cradling you. The sorrows of life will disappear, and you float to the happy lands of dreams.
Nursery Rhyme (Badn lat).......Edvard Grieg
The drum is noisy. The cat plays the drum and four mice go dancing, so that the whole earth resounds. The cat sat upon the roof speaking to her daughters: Where shall we stay through the winter Our feet are cold! We shall take a trip to Denmark and buy shoes for a whole crown.
The Norsemen (Norronafolket)......Edvard Grieg
With the great tradition of the Norsemen strong in Icelandic life, it is only fitting that this famous Norse folk song by the great composer, Grieg, be on the program.
Lullaby (Vogguvisa)......Sigurdur Thordarson
Sleep, sleep my lovely little child, fair angels stand by your side. The caressing hand of your mother cradles you into peacefulness. Wake, wake the eye of God, and keep the good little baby who is ill. Sleep, sleep, that sorrow, dear son, never moisten your brow.
My Little Sister (Suad thid hana systur mina) . . Pall Isolfsson
My sister sits spinning her wool and watching the lambs with snow-white fleeces. She is happy when the sun shines bright, her curls fall on her smiling cheeks.
The Harp (Gigjan)...... . . Sigfus Einarsson
The golden string of the harp sings and glitters in eternal summer eve. In the high region of the wonderful sky, where swords are not dyed with blood and death, my goddess raises her celestial curtains.
The Desert (Forumannaflokkar Theysa) . . Karl 0. Runolfsson
Time passes away in agony and anxiety, and the thirst comes like burning fire. Crowds of wanderers race, restless, through the desert. There are no old tales told; the riddle remains the same. Waste sands; stillness of death.
She Sleeps in the Calm of Twilight (I Rokkurro hum
sefur).........Bjorgvin Gedmundsson
She sleeps in the calm of twilight with a rose on her breast.
Look, the Autumn has breathed gently on the lilies' petals.
At her resting place, covered with flowers, there is a deep and solemn stillness;
And the low-tuned song of the plover has vanished from the heath.
Long, long, the Fall wind carries a shivering moan from the heath.
It is alone the sorrow that plays there her silver harp when the sun is brightest.
The Champagne Song (Champagnegaloppen) . . . H. C. Lumbye
If you are in a bad mood and shadows envelop life; if everything goes otherwise than that you hope would be, let the champagne kindle, and disperse all sorrow. Drink for all you are worth and life again is bright!
Pioneers (Landnemar)......Sigurdur Thordarson
Seafaring men and sons of freedom, you searched for new lands. In seaspray you ploughed the heavy waves and came in sight of land. You blessed Iceland in our native tongue. The waterfalls sang and the mountains still echo! Hail, you heroes of the North ! Hail, you Icelandic pioneers!
SALVATORE BACCALONI, Basso buffo of the Metropolitan Opera, will give a program of songs and arias, Thursday, December 5, at 8:30, Tickets (tax included) $1.50--$1.00--80.
MESSIAH. Lura Stover, Soprano; Eileen Law, contralto; Ralph Lear, tenor; Alden Edkins, Bass; Choral Union; Special Orchestra; Charles Vogan, Organist; Hardin Van Deursen, Conductor. Saturday, December 14, 8:30; and Sunday, December 15, 3:00. Tickets (tax included) 70--60--40.
BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, Serge Koussevitxky, Conductor. Monday, December 9, at 8:30. Standing room only.
BUDAPEST QUARTET will give three concerts in the Seventh Annual Chamber Music Festival, January 24 and 25: Friday evening at 8:30; Saturday afternoon at 2:30 and evening at 8:30. Rackham Lecture Hall. Series tickets (tax included): $3.60--$3.00--$1.80. Single Concerts: $1.50--$1.20--80.
MAY FESTIVAL SEASON TICKETS. Mail orders for tickets in Block B--$10.80 (side sections main floor and first balcony), Block C-$9.60 (first 20 rows, top balcony), Block D--$8.40 (last three rows, top balcony) will be accepted and filled in sequence beginning December 2. Block A--$12.00 (Patrons tickets--three center sections on main floor and first balcony) will be held for subscribers of record to the current Choral Union Series until the deadline date, February 15.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION please address: University Musical Society, Charles A. Sink, President, Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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