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UMS Concert Program, October 4, 1951: Seventy-third Annual Choral Union Concert Series -- Victoria De Los Angeles

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Season: 1951-1952
Concert: First
Complete Series: 3059
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

First Concert 1951-19S2 Complete Series 3OS9
SeventV'third Annual
Choral Union Concert Series
VICTORIA DE LOS ANGELES, Soprano Paul Berle at the Piano
Thursday Evening, October 4, 1951, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Recitative and Aria of Messagera, from Orpheus . . Monteverdi
La Violette............Scarlatti
"Hatt ich Jubal's Harf," from Joshua......Handel
Der Nussbaum j-..........Schumann
Ich grolle nicht J
nere J h
En pnere J
Kaddisch, from "Melodies hebraiques"......Ravel
Scene and Aria: "Le Roi de Thule"
and Air de bijoux, from Faust.......Gounod
El Amour es como un nino..........Nin
No quiero tus avellanas ) Guridi
Jota castellana S
El Pano moruno
Seguidilla murciana Falla
Jota j
The Stemway is the official piano of the University Musical Society
Recitative and Aria of Messagera, from Orpheus . ? Monteverdi
A messenger comes to Orpheus to narrate the story of the cruel end which befell his wife. "Your beautiful Euridice, your adored wife is dead. She played in the meadow with her companions, gathering flowers to adorn her braids. An insidious snake, hidden in the grass stung her foot with its venomous fang. Alas! her beauti?ful face paled suddenly, light faded from her eyes. She fell. Alarmed and sorrowful we tried to bring her back to life. All was in vain. Once again she opened her languid eyes and called "Orpheus! Orpheus!" gave a deep sigh, and expired in my arms, leaving my heart full of pity and fear."
La Violette............Scarlatti
Dewy violets in the meadow Shyly peeping from the shadow On your tiny stemlets blowing, Sweetest fragrance round you throwing; How you chide me for ambition Striving over my position.
"Hatt ich Jubal's Harf," from Joshua......Handel
Oh, had I Jubal's lyre
Or Miriam's tuneful voice, To sounds like his I would aspire,
In songs like hers rejoice. My humble strains but faintly show
How much to heaven and thee I owe.
Thou are my soul, and thou my heart Thou all my joy and sorrow art, Thou art my world for life adoring, My heav'n art thou where-in I'm soaring;
0 thou my grave, where-in for aye My ev'ry woe is laid away!
Der Nussbaum...........Schumann
An almond tree with shimmering foliage grows by the house. A mild soft wind stirs the sweet blossoms and they whisper of a maiden who ponders by night and day without knowing why. The maiden listens to the tree's whispering and hears "Betrothal and coming June." Smilingly she goes off to sleep.
Ich grolle nicht...........Schumann
1 chide thee not, tho' e'en my heart shall break. I've seen thee there when dreaming,
And saw the night that all thy heart is dimming. And saw the serpent that devours thy heart; I saw, my love, how all forlorn thou art. I chide thee not, I chide thee not.
Incline your golden cup of light to me, June, so that my heart and your roses will be one . . . The heavy trees make a canopy, the ring-dove coos and my heart is lost in your beauty . . . The eternal sea shall perish ere from my heart, O my love, my Nell, can depart the image I cherish.
En priere.............Faure
As the prayer of the child goes toward Heaven-
Kaddisch, from "Melodies hebraiques"......Ravel
Your glory, oh King of Kings, will be exalted. O thou who hath rejuvenated the world and resurrected the dead. Your Kingdom, Adonai, will be proclaimed by us, the sons of Israel, today, tomorrow, and forever.
Scene and Aria: "Le Roi de Thule"
and Air de bijoux, from Faust.......Gounod
Marguerite seats herself at the spinning wheel to take up her work and as she starts to spin begins to sing a simple old song that happens to be floating through her mind. It is a quaint old melody, with words that tell the time-honored legend of the faithful King of Thule and his golden goblet. In the midst of her musings, she discovers the casket of jewels left by Mephistopheles on her doorstep. Every?thing else is forgotten; in childlike ecstasy she adorns herself with the gems, and the swift-flying scales and dazzling trills seem indeed the exultant outpourings of a full heart.
El Amour es como un nino..........Nin
Love is like a baby, capricious and full of whim. Gets hold of a spoon, gets hurt, left empty-handed, cries. Oh, tyrant of my life, there is no equal love to mine, in spite of your cruelty. Can I offer more I cannot change my love.
No quiero tus avellanas..........Guridi
A woman laments to her lover the nonfulfillment of their promises of love.
Jota castellana............Guridi
The snow and woods of the mountains recall to a young man the beauty of his love, he longs to be near her so that her heart can whisper what it feels.
El Pano Falla
Upon a fine piece of cloth in the shop, a stain fell. Now it is selling for less price--it has lost its value.
Seguidilla Falla
Whoever has a roof made of glass cannot throw stones at his neighbour's. We are muleteers and perhaps one day shall meet on the road. You are fickle and in?constant. I compare you with a peseta which constantly changes hands. It finally gets so worn that nobody wants it, believing it is a sham. Falla
They are saying we are not in love, because they do not see us talk; To your heart and to mine, dear, let them ask.
When I look in my mirror, instead of seeing me, I see you. At the time of the moon, our two spirits are secure together.
Christmas Concerts
"Messiah" (Handel) .... December 8 and 9, 1951
Nancy Carr, Soprano Oscar Natzka, Bass
Eunice Alberts, Contralto Choral Union and Orchestra
David Lloyd, Tenor Lester McCoy, Conductor
Tickets (tax inc.): 70f and SO(f (either performance). On sale beginning October IS.
Short Extra Series
(All concerts begin at 8:30 p.m.)
Gladys Swarthout, Mezzo-soprano .... Tuesday, October 9
Boston Symphony Orchestra.....Monday, October 22
CnARLES Munch, Conductor
dePaur's Infantry Chorus.....Tuesday, November 20
Oscar Levant, Pianist.......Friday, January 18
Chicago Symphony Orchestra.....Sunday, March 9
Rafael Kubelik, Conductor
Season Tickets: $8.40--$7.20--$6.00 Single Concerts: $3.00--$2.40--$1.80
Choral Union Concert Series
(All concerts begin at 8:30 p.m.)
Joseph Szigeti, Violinist......Monday, October 15
Boston Symphony Orchestra.....Sunday, October 21
Charles Munch, Conductor
Cleveland Orchestra.......Sunday, November 4
George Szell, Conductor
Alexander Brailowsky, Pianist .... Friday, November 16 Salvatore Baccaloni, Bass .... Thursday, November 29
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra .... Monday, January 14 Thor Johnson, Conductor
Singing Boys of Norway.....Wednesday, February 20
Shaw Chorale and Orchestra.....Tuesday, March 18
Adolf Busch, Violinist, and Rudolf Serkin, Pianist . Monday, March 31 Single Concerts (inc. tax): $3.00--$2.40--$1.80
For tickets or for further information, please address: Charles A. Sink, President, University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower.
CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL tickets on sale beginning October IS.

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