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UMS Concert Program, November 20, 1951: Sixth Annual Extra Concert Series -- Leonard Depaur

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Season: 1951-1952
Concert: Third
Complete Series: 3066
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Third Concert 1951-1952 Complete Series 3066
Sixth Annual
Extra Concert Series
LEONARD dePAUR, Conductor
Tuesday Evening, November 20, 1951, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Songs by Contemporary Composers
These are the Times.........Herbert Haufrecht
Nightingales............Howard Swanson
The Tiger's Ghost ...........Otto Luening
Dirge for Two Veterans........Normand Lockwood
Folk Songs from Latin America, sung in Spanish
La Llorona (Mexican Haupango) . . . . ? p
Rio Quc Pasas Llorando (Colombian Bambuco) J " " ' y DEFAUR
Sarape Oaxaqueno (Mexican Cancion)..... Mondragon-dePaur
Money is King (Trinidad Calypso)...... Patterson-dePaur
Songs from World War II
I've Got Sixpence..........
Lili Marlene...........[ Arr. by dePaur
Partizaner Lid (English lyrics by Hy Zanet) J
Rodger Young..........Frank Loesser-dePaur
Negro Work Songs and Spirituals
John Henry (A Legend).......) Arr bv dePaur
Tol' my Cap'n .........j Arr by DEAUR
Soon Ah Will Be Done.......... Arr. by Dawson
Nobody Knows de Trouble I See . . ... J Arr by dePaur
Songs of Faith
No Peace I'll Thee Give (Motet No. 7).......J. S. Bach
A Dudule (Thou) (sung in Yiddish)......Low-Haufrecht
?Blessings of St. Francis.......Owen da Silva, O.F.M.
Credo--Liturgie de St. Jean Chrysostome, Op. 29 ... Gretchaninoff
?Columbia records.
Songs by Contemporary Composers
These are the Times......Herbert Haufrecht
Composer Haufrecht again finds worthy inspiration in the timely essays of Tom Paine, which are the basis for this poetic paraphrase by Lewis Allen.
Nightingales........Howard Swanson
Sensitive, poetic modernist, Howard Swanson, rapidly becoming one of America's most sought-after composers, has honored the Infantry Chorus with his first choral creation--a setting of a poem by Robert Bridges. Swanson's symphony, performed last season by the New York Philharmonic, was the only American work performed at the Edinburgh Festival during the summer of 1951.
The Tiger's Ghost........Otto Luening
Invited to compose a short piece for the Infantry Chorus, Otto Luening, teacher of composition at Columbia University, chose the graphic symbolism of May Swensen's poem to match his brilliant music. Among his many achieve?ments are listed the Guggenheim Fellowship, the David Bispham Award, and the Prize of the National Institute of Arts and Letters.
Dirge for Two Veterans.....Normand Lockwood
". . . . Lockwood, a modernist and expert in the use of different tonalities in simultaneous contrast. . . . His music is filled with the lyric impulse. The expression is one of nobility, its gravity lightened by a sonority of warm luster and by much stimulating rhythmic invention . . . ."
Glenn Dillard Gunn, Washington, D.C. Times-Herald.
The poem is by Walt Whitman; the setting for male chorus dedicated to Leonard dePaur and the Infantry Chorus by the composer.
Folk Songs from Latin America, sung in Spanish
La Llorona (Mexican Haupango) .... Arr. by dePaur
One day I saw you coming from the Temple.
You were crying.
Tho' you seem a little cry-baby,
I am told that you are not always sad.
In your lovely dress
You looked like the beautiful Virgin Herself,
And even if I die of it, I'll always love you.
Rio Que Pasas Llorando (Colombian Bambuco) . Arr. by dePaur
(from the collection of Jose Grecco-Fallon) River which flows weepingly, river of soft accents--if she looks not into
you, why should I want you
Pigeon of soft colored wings, who sings softly of love, forget your beautiful songs, for she no longer hears you.
Sarape Oaxaquefio (Mexican Cancion) . . Mondragon-dePaur Sarape that has the colors of the rainbow, Woven, in comb-like fashion, of coarse cloth, What wool yours, what radiant lights. With this royal skirt, one goes dancing; You are the flag of the harvest time; At a wedding you become a valuable present, And in bloody thrusts, you know how to evade gracefully. You are the cloak that knows the way of love. Sarape that has the colors of the rainbow, What lovely Indian girl takes you to dance
Money is King (Trinidad Calypso) . . Patterson-dePaur A lively little "moral" with a slightly bitter twist.
Songs from World War II
I've Got Sixpence........Arr. by dePaur
The marching song of the R.A.F., which our Air Force adopted and made its own.
Lili Marlene.........Arr. by dePaur
This is the one truly universal song of the past war. It was first sung by the Germans, who passed it along to their Italian allies, from whom the British and American troups learned it after the collapse of the Axis in North Africa.
Partizaner Lid (English lyrics by Hy Zanet) . Arr. by dePaur
This song comes from the Jewish partisans who staged the ill-fated uprisings of Vilno and Warsaw, Poland.
Rodger Young......Frank Loesser-dePaur
". . . . in the everlasting annals of the Infantry lives the story of Private Rodger Young . . . ."
This is a story of the Infantry,--"Queen of Battles"--and of one who, in the highest tradition of courage and sacrifice, fought and died for the men he marched among. Dedicated to the memory of Captain Clayton S. Rockmore; killed in action February 24, 1945, on Iwo Jima.
Negro Work Songs and Spirituals
John Henry (A Legend--collected by Alan Lomax) . Arr. by dePaur
Tol' my Cap'n.........Arr. by dePaur
A contemporary lament, painting a bitter picture of chain-gang brutality.
Soon Ah Will Be Done......Arr. by Dawson
Nobody Knows de Trouble I See .... Arr. by dePaur
Witness..........Arr. by dePaur
(Freely transcribed from setting by Hall Johnson)
Songs of Faith
No Peace I'll Thee Give (Motet No. 7) . . . . J. S. Bach (Transcribed for male voices by Ivan Langstroth)
A Dudule (Thou) (sung in Yiddish) . . . Low-Haufrecht Saviour from above, I will sing to Thee: "Wherever I go, Thou art; wher?ever I look, Thou art; wherever I stay, Thou art; all things good Thou art; and if Thou will it, there is sadness; north, east, south, west, in heaven, on earth, above or below art Thou."
Blessings of St. Francis .... Owen da Silva, O. F. M.
Credo--Liturgie de St. Jean Chrysostome, Op. 29 Gretchaninoff
(Transcribed for male voices by Leonard dePaur, and sung in Russian) I believe in the one God the Father Almighty, Creator of the heavens and earth and of all things visible and invisible, and in His Son, Lord Jesus Christ, existing with the Father and yet the true and only Son of God the Lord, born before all ages, existent before all time, being of one substance with the Father, by whom all things are made, who for the world and for us men and our salva?tion, although He was God before all ages, came down from heaven.
TAX EXEMPTION--A ruling of the Internal Revenue Department provides that under the 1951 tax bill recently passed by Congress, concerts given by the University Musical Society are tax exempt, as of November 1, 1951. This saving is being passed on to ticket pur?chasers, and the prices of all tickets are reduced approximately 20.
Salvatore Baccaloni, Basso Buffo of the Metropolitan Opera Association, Thursday, November 29, at 8:30 (Choral Union Series) in a program of arias from operas by Mozart, Pergolesi, Gounod, Verdi, and Moussorgsky.
Tickets: $2.50--$2.00--$1.50
"Messiah" (Handel)--Saturday, December 8, 8:30
Nancy Carr, Soprano James Pease, Bass
Eunice Alberts, Contralto University Choral Union
David Lloyd, Tenor Musical Society Orchestra
Lester McCoy, Conductor
A repeat performance will be given Sunday, December 9, at 2:30 p.m. Tickets: S8tf and 42. Now on sale.
Budapest Quartet in the Twelfth Annual Chamber Music Festival in Rackham Auditorium.
Friday, February 15, 8:30 p.m. Saturday, February 16, 8:30 p.m. Sunday, February 17, 2:30 p.m.
Season Tickets: $3.25--$2.25; Single Concerts: $1.75--$1.25
For tickets or for further information address: Charles A. Sink, Presi?dent, University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower.

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