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UMS Concert Program, October 29, 1959: Irmgard Seefried -- Paul Ulanowsky

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Concert: Third
Complete Series: 3271
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

19S9 Eightyfirst Season 1960
Gail W. Rector, Executive Director
Lester McCoy, Conductor
Third Concert
Eightyfirst Annual Choral Union Series
Complete Series3271
Soprano PAUL ULANOWSKY at the Piano
Thursday Evening, October 29, 1959, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
A Liedcr recital on texts by Goethe
Lieder des Klarchen aus Egmont Die Trommel geriihret Freudvoll und leidvoll
Das Veilchen.....
Lieder der Suleika
Wie mit innigstem Behagen .
Was bedeutet die Bewegung
Ach, um deine feuchten Schwingen
Lieder der Mignon .... Heiss mich nicht reden Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt So lasst mich scheinen Kennst du das Land
Die Bekehrte Anakreons Grab Blumengruss Friihling iibers Jahr
Der Konig in Thule
Gretchen am Spinnrade
Schumann Schubert Schubert
Hugo Wolf
Hugo Wolf
Columbia (England) and Decca Gold Label Records The Steinway is the official piano of the University Musical Society
Lieder des Klarchen aus Goethes "Egmont" . . . Beethoven
Die Trommel geriikret: Let the drum beat, the fife play. My sweetheart in armor sways the crowd and lifting the lance, is ruling the land. My pulses throb, my fever grows. Oh, had I a doublet, a helmet and hose, out of the city I would go with him through provinces high and low. The enemies flee, we are on their heels! Oh, what joy to be a soldier!
Frcudvoll und leidvoll: Happiness and sorrow, longing and pain . . . joy comes only to the soul who loves.
A violet grew in meadow green, content to blossom all unseen. It was a dainty violet! A shepherdess once came that way. "Ah," quoth the violet, "would I were of all the flowers the one most fair so my love would gather me." Alas! the maid saw not the floweret and crushed the hapless violet! It was a dainty violet!
Lieder der Suleika:
Wie mit innigstem Behagen.......Schumann
With profoundest rapture thrilling, Song, thy meaning well I read, I alone his heart am filling, and his love is mine indeed. Ever thinking of me only love makes life a dream of bliss. All his future would be lonely without her whose life is his. This fond heart is as a mirror where thine image thou mayest see, and thy kiss a seal forever of that faith thou'st pledged to me. Loveliest fancies, truth unchang?ing, kindred sympathy I find, and thy love in verse outpouring doth reveal thy noble mind.
Was bedeutet die Bewegung.......Schubert
What means this stir Does the East Wind bring me glad news Its gentle whispers bring a thousand messages from my love, and so pass on, bringing com?fort to others in sorrow and in love. There where the high walls glow shall I soon find my wellbeloved.
Ach, um deine feuchten Schwingen.....Schubert
Ah! how gladly, Western Wind, would I borrow thy dewladen wings! Thou canst take a message to him that I sorrow in his absence. Were I not to see him again, joy would leave my heart forever. Hasten then to my beloved, tell him not that I languish here, hide from him my pain and anguish. Tell him softly that his love doth hold me to life. Joy of love and life is mine when his loving arms enfold me.
Lieder der Mignon.........Hugo Wolf
Heiss mich nieht reden: Bid me not speak, bid me silence ... for I might open myself to thee . . . only an oath is on my lips and God alone can unseal it.
Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt: None but the lonely heart can know my sadness . . . alone and parted far from joy and gladness.
So lasst mich scheinen: Think me the angel I soon shall be; let this white robe enfold me still! I hasten from this earth to seek a dwelling dark and chill . . . then
shall I cast my snowy garment away . . . though I dwelt with careless mind I felt my heart with sorrow wrung . . . from grieving make me ever young.
Kennst du das Land: Knowest thou the land where the citrons bloom Where from azure skies the breezes gently blow. Dost thou knowest it well Dost thou know the house . . . and marble statues Knowest thou the mount . . . there lies the way. O Father! let us go.
Die Bekehrte...........Hugo Wolf
At sunset I went into the forest. A demon, playing his flute intrigued me with his distant playing: Tra la la la la la! He drew me to him, kissed me so sweetly, so tenderly, and I said, "Play again!" So the good boy played: Tra la la. My quiet was lost, all joy flew away. In my mind I will hear the old tune forever: Tra la la la la la!
Anakreons Grab..........Hugo Wolf
'Neath roses and swaying tendrils rests Anacreon, the poet of ardent joys, pro?tected by his grave from life's winter.
Blumengruss...........Hugo Wolf
The flowers which I picked bring you a thousand greetings. I bent a thousand times in picking them and a hundred thousand times have pressed them to my heart, a hundred thousand times.
Friihling ubers Jahr.........Hugo Wolf
Spring is here with a thousand flowers; and my garden's most lovely blossom-the sweetest of all--is my beloved one.
The rosebud, fearful lest the youth pluck her, warns of her thorns--but in vain.
Der Konig in Thule..........Schubert
There was a king in Thule, true hearted to the grave, to whom his dying mistress gave a golden goblet. He prized it beyond all else. It brimmed at every feast, and each time he raised it his eyes were dimmed with tears. When his hour was nearing, he gathered his knights around him for his last royal wassail. After drinking, he cast the treasured goblet into the sea. Then his eyes grew dimmer and dimmer--no drop did he drink evermore.
All around me is the beauty of spring in all its freshness. I seem to float upon the clouds and soar upwards--nearer and nearer to Thee, my loving Father.
Gretchen am Spinnrade.........Schubert
My peace is gone, my heart is heavy! I think and dream only of him. Of his noble figure, of the power of his eyes, his smile and ah!--his kiss! If I could only hold him and kiss him until I perish.
Richard Tucker, Tenor.......Friday, November 6
Program: Arias from Mehul's Joseph; Mascagni's Cavalleria Ritsticana;
Bizet's Pearl Fishers; and groups of German, French, and American songs.
Pamplona Choir from Spain .... (2:30) Sunday, November 15 Luis Morondo, Conductor
Jan Smeterlin, Pianist.......Tuesday, November 24
David Oistrakh, Violinist......Tuesday, December 8
Witold Malcuzynski, Pianist......Friday, January 15
Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra .... Monday, February 8 Antal Dorati, Conductor
Bach Aria Group........Tuesday, February 16
William H. Scheide, Director
?Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra .... Monday, February 29 William Steinberg, Conductor
Giulietta Simionato, Mezzosoprano . . . (2:30) Sunday, March 13
?Lamoureux Orchestra (from Paris) .... Thursday, March 24 Igor Markevitch, Conductor
Chicago Symphony Orchestra......Monday, April 4
Fritz Reiner, Conductor
Tickets: $3.50--$3.00--$2 .SO--$2.00--$1 .SO Extra Scries
Chamber Music Concert--Rackham Auditorium
New York Pro Musica......Wednesday, November 11
Noah Greenberg, Director
Program: English Madrigals; Elizabethan Ayres; Renaissance Sacred Music; Early Baroque Cantatas; English Instrumental Music; and German Renaissance Part Songs.
Tickets: $2.00 and $1.50. Now on sale.
Annual Christmas Concerts
Messiah (Handel).........December 5 and 6
Saramae Endich, Soprano YiKwei Sze, Bass
Gladys Kriese, Contralto Mary McCall Stubbins, Organist
Charles O'Neill, Tenor Lester McCoy, Conductor
Choral Union and Musical Society Orchestra Tickets: $1.00, 75c and SOc. Now on sale.
For tickets or information address: University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower.

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