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UMS Concert Program, May 30, 1962: Ukrainian -- Pavel Virsky

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Complete Series: 3356
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor

1961 Eightythird Season 1962
Charles A. Sink, President Gail W. Rector, Executive Director Lester McCoy, Conductor
Special Presentation Complete Series 3356
PAVEL VIRSKY, Artistic Director IGOR IVASHCHENKO, Principal Conductor
Costumes designed by ANATOLI PETRITSKY
Choreography by MR. VIRSKY Guest Conductor, ARTHUR LIEF
Wednesday Evening, May 30, 1962, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor
We Are From The Ukraine . . I. Filipenko and Igor Ivashchenko The artists of the Ukrainian State Dance Company, true to an ancient tradition, welcome the audience with bread and salt, a symbol of the warm and friendly feelings of the people and of the wealth of the abundant soil of the Ukraine. Drawing on folklore from the various regions of the Ukraine, the audience is greeted by dancers of the Kiev, Poltava, Chernigov and Dnepropetrovsk regions; by others from Drogobych in the Carpathian foothills; by the people of the Chernovits and Uzhgorod regions; by Gutsuli; by building workers from Bolynhia; by Donbas miners and the inhabitants of Kharkov. Entire Company
Kazachok (Ukrainian Dance) .... Arr. Igor Ivashchenko A jolly Ukrainian folk dance performed during Festivals by girls and boys.
Polzunets (Humorous Cossack Dance) . . . Arr. A. Khelemsky "Polzunets" is derived from the more typical movements of a Ukrainian male folk dance called the Polzunok. It requires strength, endurance, and ingenuity as the dancers perform in squatting position. To abandon the squatting position means to drop out of the dance. Only at the very end, when the contest is over, do all the participants stretch their legs and stand.
Male Dancers
Podolianochka (Choreographic Sketch) . . . Igor Ivashchenko
"Podolianochka" is a poetic tale of three girls. Two of them are lucky in their games but unlucky in love. But the third, the little "podolianochka" (from "podol," the suburbs, uptown), although destined to loneliness by the guessing game, unexpectedly finds happiness and love.
lludmila kozachenko, rlmma lukashina, lllly melnichenok, Alexei Gomon
Russian Dance Contest (Russian Folk Dance) . Arr. Igor Ivashchenko A competition in virtuosity, nimbleness of foot, endurance, and inventiveness. The victory goes to the one who not only repeats the movements invented by his opponents but caps them with still more intricate movements.
Male Dancers
Tropotianka (Carpathian Folk Dance).....Traditional
A dance from one of the regions of Carpathia depicting young people on holiday.
New Boots (Choreographic sketch from the distant
past of the Ukrainian people) . . . Arr. Igor Ivashchenko In past centuries poor Ukrainians had to go to the Crimea for salt; they were called "Chumaks." In spite of their hard life, they were jolly people. It's not im?portant that four of them get together to buy one pair of boots among them. The dance is amusing, uninhibited, and carefree.
Vasily Izotov, Vladimir Zastrozhnov, Ivan Godun, Georgi Maltsev
The Embroiderers (Ukrainian Round Dance) . Arr. Igor Ivashchenko In the Ukraine, in the Poltava region, there is a village called Reshetilovka, which is famed for its artistic embroidery. The dance portrays the process of embroider?ing a large colorful carpet. The costumes themselves were embroidered by Reshetilov needlewomen.
Girls of the Company
Cossack Spear Dance (Games and dances of the Zaporozhean Army of Bogdan Khmelnitsky)
Games and dances of the seventeenthcentury Dnieper Cossacks. In spite of a difficult life and one full of surprises, the Cossacks always distinguished themselves by their cheerfulness, experience, courage, and resolution.
Men of the Company
Soloists: Young Yesaul (Cossack captain)--Boris Mokrov, Old Yesauls (Cossack captains)--Vladimir Zastrozhnov, Alexei Dolcikh
The Garland (Ukrainian traditional
games and dances).......Igor Ivashchenko
Ivan Kupala, the night of June 24, is one of the most poetic of the Ukraine's traditional festivals. The young men and women dance, tell fortunes, and play games. The dance is based on an Ivan Kupala game in which the girls try to hand sacred garlands to their sweethearts. Several young men in sheepskins personify evil spirits, who are driven off. The girls give the young men the sacred wreaths and the games continue through the night.
Soloists: Valerie Kotliar, Valentina Verkholomova, Victor Bobobnikov, Nikolai Markariants, Leonid Sarafanov
The Puppets (From the old Ukrainian
puppet theater).......Arr. Igor Ivashchenko
Wife........Alexandra Maltseva
Her husband........Victor Lymar
The clerk.......Victor Pobezhimov
A scene from an ancient puppet theater at a Ukrainian Fair which relates how a desperate "ladykiUer," a town clerk, decides to court a married woman.
The Whalers............Lapinsky
This dance depicts the crews of the famous Ukrainian whaling fleet "Soviet Ukraine." The whalers dance the popular sailors' dance, "Yablochko." Men of the Company
On The Corn Field (Choreographic Picture) . Arr. Igor Ivashchenko A contemporary Ukrainian dance. The girls and the drivers of the combine har?vester toil in the fields, sowing and cultivating the corn.
Soloists: Nelly Zaitseva, Leonid Lukashin, Dmitri Rokitsky
The Unlucky Ones (Humorous Russian Dance) . Arr. Igor Ivashchenko A tender, poetic girl comes to meet her sweetheart. Some conceited young men try to attract her attention, but she remains unapproachable.
Soloists: Rita Dubitskaya, Nikolai Temichev, Vastly Izotov, Mikhail Merkulov, Evgeni Averlnov, Georgi Maltsev
Gopak (Ukrainian Folk Dance)......B. Yarovinska
The "Gopak" is the most popular and beloved dance of the Ukraine. In it are reflected the character and temperament of the Ukrainian people, their optimism and love of life.
Entire Company
Choral Union Series
Robert Merrill, Baritone..... Thursday, September 27
Detroit Symphony Orchestra .... (2:30) Sunday, October 7
"La Traviata" (Verdi)...... Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater Friday, October 19
French National Orchestra .... Wednesday, October 24
Uday Shankar Hindu Dance Company . Tuesday, November 6
Leningrad Philharmonic..... Monday, November 12
"Marriage of Figaro" (Mozart) New York City Opera Company Saturday, November 17
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra . Wednesday, February 14
Tokyo Classical Ballet, "Komaki" . (2:30) Sunday, March 3
Toronto Symphony Orchestra .... Tuesday, March 12
Season Tickets: $20.00--$17.00--$15.00--$12.00--$10.00
Extra Series
"Carmen" (Bizet)--Wagner Opera Company Saturday, October 20
National Ballet of Canada .... Friday, November 9
"Rigoletto" (Verdi)...... New York City Opera Company (2:30) Sunday, November 18
NDR Symphony Orchestra of Hamburg . Wednesday, January 16
Birgit Nilsson, Soprano..... Monday, March 18
Season Tickets: $10.00--$8.50--$7.50--$6.00--$5.00
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