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UMS Concert Program, February 26, 1964: Teresa Berganza -- Felix Lavilla

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Season: Eighty-fifth
Concert: Ninth
Complete Series: 342O
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

1963 Eighty-fifth Season 1964
Charles A. Sink, President Gail W. Rector, Executive Director Lester McCoy, Conductor
Ninth Concert Eighty-fifth Annual Choral Union Series Complete Series 3420
Mezzo-Coloratura FELIX LAVILLA at the Piano
Wednesday Evening, February 26, 1964, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Lindora's Song, from L'Isola incantata......Haydn
Lamento d'Arianna...........Haydn
"Verdi prati," from Alcina.........Handel
"Nacqui all'affano" from La Cenercntola.....Rossini
Una lagrima...........Donizetti
Ne ornera la bruna chioma........Donizetti
La Zagala alegre (The Gay Shepherdess).....Toldra
Text: Pablo de Jerica Cantarcillo (Little Song--Lullaby).......Toldra
Text: Lope de Vega Madre Unos ojuelos vi (Mother Certain Eyes I Saw) . . Toldra
Text: Lope de Vega Corazon, porque pasais
Aquel sombrero de monte [.......Obradors
Dos cantares populares
El Vito
El Fantasma
Saeta Cantares
The Steinway is the official piano of the University Musical Society ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS
Lindora's Song, from L'Isola incantata......Haydn
Wretched me with so much heartache to bear . . . O, you poor women, believe me, men are deceivers, and faithfulness just does not exist . . . Love is a mockery, faith is false, love has gone.
Lamento d'Arianna...........Haydn
To whom can I turn, from whom can I hope for pity. No longer can I carry on. In such a fatal moment how I wish to die -but the heavens have kept me in a cruel torment. Abandoned, I have no one to console me. The one loved, cruel and faithless, has flown away!
"Verdi prati," from Alcina.........Handel
Green meadows, pleasant forests, you'll lose your beauty. Pretty flowers, rushing streams, your charm and loveliness will soon be changed! And once transformed, as if in horror of this new aspect, all beauties will come back to you.
"Nacqui all'affano" from La Cenerentola.....Rossini
Born to sorrow and tears My heart suffered alone; Then, in the spring of my years, Enchantment shone . . . Like a lightning flash My destiny changed.
Una lagrima (A tear).........Donizetti
God, God, who with a nod dost calm
The wrath of a turbulent sea,
God, who with a nod dost hold out to men
Constancy and hope,
Stretch now Thy beneficent hand
Over my long-standing sorrow!
I do not ask of Thee the tender joy
Of a happy heart, or the hope
That liberates from anxiety;
I ask only for the tear
That melts the ice in the heart. . .
Ne ornera la bruna chioma........Donizetti
Dearly Beloved, in your presence I don't look for useless words. The sole beauty of my love, -I'll fly to your breast ... If you love me, darling, I'll win every war!
La Zagala alegre (The Gay Shepherdess).....Toldea
A gay shepherdess was scolded by her old Mother
Because she spent the hours happy and amused.
And she, her love explaining with simple eloquence
Singing to the tune of a tambourine, a thousand times she would say:
"Now that I am a young girl, Mother,
Let me enjoy myself without your scolding me.
What harm is there if Salicio looks at me as he goes by
And pulls at my skirt or pinches my arm
Don't think, Mother, that he seeks my dishonor, don't say it.
He likes me and I like him, and he covets my love.
When I find myself married, made into a woman with a family,
I will have enough worries, will lack gaiety.
That is why, Mother, I wish to be gay and spend the few
Remaining days of my girlhood at dances, games and laughter.
Now that I am a young girl, Mother,
Let me enjoy myself without your scolding me."
Cantarcillo (Little Song--Lullaby).......Toldra
Since you walk among the palms, saintly angels, And my baby sleeps, restrain the branches! Palms of Bethlehem that move with the breeze
The fierce winds are so noisy.
Do not make such noise, blow more slowly
So my baby can sleep, restrain the branches.
The divine child is weary of weeping
On earth and wishes to rest.
Soothe a little that tender cry,
So my baby can sleep, restrain the branches.
Rigorous freezes are approaching
You can see I have nothing with which to protect him.
Divine angels that go flying by
Restrain the branches so my baby can sleep.
Madre Unos ojuelos vi (Mother Certain Eyes I Saw) . . Toldra
Mother, I saw certain eyes of green, gay and beautiful
Oh, but I die for them, but they make fun of me.
The two pupils of his eyes have made such a change
That the color of hope is now that of jealousy.
I think, Mother, that I saw my life and my death in them.
Who would have thought that a color in such fashion would deceive me,
But who would have not thought of it without being in love
Mother, in them I was lost and in them I must find myself.
Oh, but I die for them and they make fun of me.
Corazon, porque pasais
My heart, why do you pass the night of love in vigil, whilst your master rests in the arms of another
Aquel sombrero de monte........Obradors
That hat made with palm leaves
Oh ! the river takes it away, oh ! the water takes it away.
I am sorry because of the red ribbon I put on it.
I will no longer have my garden near by the river bank.
Oh ! the river takes it away, oh ! the water takes it away.
Dos cantares populares (Del cabello mas sutil) . . . Obradors
The silken hair you have in your braids -I would make of it a chain to bind you to me. I would like to be the fountain in your home, little one, so your lips would kiss mine when you drink from it. Ah !
El Vito.............Obradors
(Translation by Walter Starkie)
An old woman's worth a "real," and a lass is worth two quarters, but as I'm so poor I go for something cheaper. Singing vito, vito, va. Don't keep up your tickling, else you'll make me blush for shame.
El Fantasma......
Along the mysterious streets
Walks a phantom through the night.
Leaving sounds of cries
And chains as he goes by.
Seeing him, the dogs howl
And the rabbits are frightened.
Ripping the gauze of the shadows
With the edge of its wings
Like an unhappy omen
Farruca (Girl from Galicia, Spain) . Poem: Ramon de Campoamer Your image that I so admire Is so close to my desire, That when I look in the mirror I see you instead of me.
Don't come, false happiness Calling at my heart
His arrival is awaited.
And even the bravest of sweethearts
Loses courage.
Where does it go and where does it
come from
For certain, nothing is known But it is said that it is LOVE Wearing a mask.
For you bring illusion Wrapt in remorse
I walk in the moonlight In search of its shadow And find only one shadow When our bodies are two.
Saeta (Prayer)............Turina
Hail Macarena
Mother of the Sevillanos
Peace and life
She who alleviates all pain
She who heals with her hands
All wounds.
Hail Light of Heaven
Always star and always dawn of goodness,
She who protects every desire
The divine giver of hope upon hope
Hail Mary full of grace
Soul of Andalucia
Sun of the Macarena.
Can tares (Songs)...........Turina
Nearer to me I feel you Whenever I run from you, For your image is with me. Shadow of your thought, Tell me again
For yesterday I was entranced. I was listening without hearing And looking without seeing.
London ffss Records
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