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UMS Concert Program, October 13, 22, 27, 1967: Sixth Annual Dance Festival --

UMS Concert Program, October 13, 22, 27, 1967: Sixth Annual Dance Festival --  image UMS Concert Program, October 13, 22, 27, 1967: Sixth Annual Dance Festival --  image UMS Concert Program, October 13, 22, 27, 1967: Sixth Annual Dance Festival --  image UMS Concert Program, October 13, 22, 27, 1967: Sixth Annual Dance Festival --  image
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Season: Eighty-ninth
Concert: Third
Complete Series: 3591
Hill Auditorium Ann Arbor, Michigan

1967 Eighty-ninth Season 1968
Charles A. Sink, President Gail W. Rector, Executive Director Lester McCoy, Conductor
Sixth Annual
Dance Festival
October 13, 22, 27, 1967
Hill Auditorium Ann Arbor, Michigan
Third Program
Complete Series 3591
Forty-seventh program in the Sesquicentennial Year of The University of Michigan
Jose Molina Bailes Espanoles
Friday, October 27, 1967, at 8:30 JOSfi MOLINA
Carmen Dominguez Antonia Martinez Maria Carmen Villena
Azucena Flores Luis Pored Juan Lerma
Cristina Castellon Rafael Soler
Solo Guitarist Francisco Espinosa
Flamenco Singer Guitarist
"La Trianera" Beltran Espinosa
Musical Director Silvio Masciarelli
General Manager, James Janek Choreography, Jose Molina and Luis Montero
La Boda de Luis Alonso
Luis Montero, Carmen Dominguez, Antonia Martinez, Maria Carmen Villena, Azucena Flores, Luis Porcel and Juan Lerma
A pay dance leads our program, in the style and elegance that was Madrid in the late
1700's, based on music from the Spanish Operetta (Zarzuela) La Boda de Luis Alonso
(The Wedding of Luis Alonso).
Jose Molina with "La Trianera," Francisco Espinosa, and Beltran Espinosa A solo dance of dramatic intensity wherein the sentiment of the "cante" (song) unites with the rhythm of the guitar, inciting the dancer as he threads through the solemn grace of the Soleares.
Carmen Dominguez with Luis Porcel, Juan Lerma, Francisco Espinosa
and Beltran Espinosa Gypsies--happily occupied in their favorite pastime--song and dance!
Tiempo de Goya
Jose Molina with Antonia Martinez
An Intermezzo from the 18th century Spanish Classic School. A period highly influenced by the French and Italian Ballet, yet retaining the aesthetics of Spain.
Alegria de Malaga (Verdiales)
Luis Montero, Carmen Dominguez, Azucena Flores, Luis Porcel, Juan Lerma Solo Variation: Jose Molina and Maria Carmen Villena Singer: "La Trianera"
Guitarists: Francisco Espinosa and Beltran Espinosa In Malaga, when the day's catch of fish is in, a festive air prevails along the beaches.
La Noche (Seguiriyas)
Jose Molina with Antonia Martinez, "La Trianera," Francisco Espinosa, and Beltran Espinosa An encounter cloaked in the shadows of night.
Luis Montero
A dance created to display the style, skill, and technique of the dancer's heelwork. All movement is concentrated in the feet of the dancer who moves listening to himself rather than depending on the musical accompaniment.
Bolero de Ravel
Jose Molina with the Company
Based upon an original idea of the great "La Argentinita," here is an exciting fantasy of color and movement which builds, with the music, to a frenzied climax.
Los Regionales
Costilla la Nueva
Carmen Dominguez, Antonia Martinez, with Luis Porcel and Juan Lenna Valencia
Luis Montero and Maria Carmen Viixena Extremadura
Jose Molina with Azucena Flores Navarra
Luis Montero, Antonia Martinez, Maria Carmen Villena, Luis Porcel, and Juan Lerma
Spain is comprised of thirteen regions, each rich in folk dances. Here are typical dances from four of these regions, each costumed in its native dress, each distinctive in its charm, spirit and flavor.
Jose Molina with "La Trianera," Francisco Espinosa, and Beltran Espinosa The Cana, being pure in form, is a "jondo" or deep dance, danced from the inner depths of the soul. This dramatic solo appropriately introduces the sensual "Petenera."
La Petenera
Jose Molina, "La Trianera," Luis Montero, Luis Porcel, Juan Lerma,
Francisco Espinosa, Beltran Espinosa
"Petenera" danced by Maria Carmen Villena
"Quien te puso Petenera no supo ponerte nombre, te debian de haber puesto la perdicion de los hombres."
Whoever named you "Petenera" (Scarlet Woman) did not name you well, they should have named you "the eternal damnation of men."
Guitar Solo
Francisco Espinosa
Sr. Espinosa, a true savant and virtuoso of the Spanish guitar, plays pieces selected from his concert repertoire.
Taberna del Arco
Farruca Luis Porcel and Juan Lerma
Romeras Antonia Martinez
Soleares Maria Carmen Villena and Azucena Flores
Alegrias Luis Montero
Bulerias Carmen Dominguez
Rumba Jose Molina
Finale Jose Molina and the Company
A Spanish Dance program would be incomplete without the "Cuadro Flamenco." This is a reunion of the company, gathered together for a good time and to compete in skills. The "palmas" or hand clapping is indispensable as is the "jaleo" or background rhythms created by the members of the company. The singing and dancing build to a frenzy which becomes contagious to the point where audience and performers become one. "Oles" and other exclamations of enthusiastic approval from the audience, as well as from the members of the company, animate and encourage the performer.
The entire program is conceived and directed by Jose" Molina.
For The Jose Molina Company
General Manager..............................James Janek
Production Stage Manager ................Michael Wheeler
Assistant Stage Manager ....................Joey Realmuto
Transportation Manager.......................Ralph Kline
Press Representatives.......................Bill Doll & Co.
Management................Robert T. Gaus Associates, Inc.
"Carmina Bukana" (opera by Carl Orff), and
"Divertissement Glazounov" (ballet)--Expo '67
production with Les Ballets Canadiens . (8:00) Sunday, October 29
Cheista Ludwig, Mezzo-soprano.....Tuesday, October 31
Program includes songs by Mahler, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, and Strauss.
Yomiuei Japanese Orchestra......Friday, November 10
Arthur Fiedler, Conductor
Program: Overture to "Semiramide"........Rossini
Piano Concerto No. 2, F minor, Op. 21......Chopin
Hmo Imamtjra, Pianist
Symphony, Op. 25.........Prokostztp
Selections from "West Side Story".......Bernstein
Suite from "Gaiete Parisienne"......Offenbach
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London . Wednesday, January 17 National Ballet from Washington, D.C. . . Wednesday, January 24
Nathan Milstein, Violinist.......Monday, January 29
Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra .... Saturday, February 24 Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra .... Friday, March 8
Van Cliburn, Pianist.........Friday, March 15
Toronto Symphony Orchestra......Thursday, March 28
Single Concerts: $6.00--$5.50--$5.00--$4.00--$3.00--$2.00 Note: All programs begin at 8:30 p.m. unless otherwise indicated.
George Frederick Handel
December 1 and 2,8:30; December 3, 2:30
In Hill Auditorium
Elisabeth Mosher, Soprano Waldte Anderson, Tenor
Huouette TotntANGEAu, Contralto Ara Berberian, Bass
University Choral Union
Members op the Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra Mary McCaix Stubbins, Organist: Marilyn Mason, Harpsichordist Lester McCoy, Conductor
Tickets: $2.50--$2.00--$1.50--$1.00
Chamber Music Festival
Rackham Auditorium
Loewenguth Quartet........Friday, February 16
Warsaw Chamber Orchestra......Saturday, February 17
Early Music Quartet......(2:30) Sunday, February 18
Series Tickets: $8.00--$6.00--$5.00 Single Concerts: $5.00--$4.00--$2.00
On Sale November 6. Note: All programs begin at 8:30 p.m. unless otherwise indicated.
(Hours: Mon.-Fri., 9 to 4:30; Sat., 9 to 12 a.m.)
Telephone: 665-3717

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