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UMS Concert Program, January 16, 1979: "pirin" --

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Concert: Fortysecond
Complete Series: Eighth Annual Choice
Power Center For The Performing Arts Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bulgarian National Folk Ensemble
KIRIL STEFANOV, Chief Artistic Director and Conductor KIRIL HARALAMPIEV, Chief Choreographer
Stoyan Stoyanov, Radko Ivanov, Conductors Todor Bekirsky, Peter Petrov, Balletmasters
Kostadin Rouitchev, Choreographer Vassil Dokev, Designer
Neva Touzsuzova, Kitsa Daskalova, Snezana Tilencheva, Costumes
Tuesday Evening, January 16, 1979, at 8:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Introduction and Kopanitsa .... Choreography: Kiril Haralampiev
Music: Kiril Stefanov
A music and dance suite -glorification of the new bright life. Joy, courting, gay, vivid, swift dancing at the village square.
Severnyatsi (Northeners)......Choreography: Metodi Koutev
Musical arrangement: Jordan Velinov and Stoyan Stoyanov
Soloists: Stoyanka Voukovska and Borislav Iliev A cheerful chamber dance from the area along the Danube river.
Djinovsko . .......Choreography: Kiril Djenev
Music: Kiril Stefanov A youthful chamber dance from Thrace -interplay between boys and girls.
"What A Flower Is Blooming" . . . Musical arrangement: Kiril Stefanov
"You should pick a flower, my sweetheart, while it is fresh and dewy, You should love a maiden, my sweetheart, while she is young." A lyric song for women's choir.
Centennial Season -Fortysecond Concert Kighth Annual Choice Series
At the Village Square.....Musical arrangement: Kiril Stefanov
Staging: Kostadin Rouitchev
Folk music and dancing bearing the genuine beauty of the rich folklore coming from the region of the awesome Pirin mountain and the Rhodope mountains.
Thracians...........Staging: Todor Bekirsky
Musical adaptation: Kiril Stefanov
Musical accompaniment with a bagpipe: Gancho Tchipev
A dance of strapping young men.
Pieces for a Shepherd's Pipe and Orchestra . . Arrangement: Kosta Kolev Folk melodies from the Strandja mountain.
Soloist: Nickola Rostov
Lyric Songs About the Love and the Devotion to the Native Land
Soloist: Rouska Stoimenova
Celebration Dances........Staging: Kiril Haralampiev
Music: Kiril Stefanov
The exceptional temperament and the jovial mood, along with the exquisite lyric moments, create an atmosphere of a genuine undying art, which comes from the very heart of a people's spirit. These are folk dances from the district of Kjustendil, Gabrovo and the Pirin mountain.
Pictures from the Music and Dance Poem,
"My Pirin Mountain".....Choreography: Kiril Djenev and
Kostadin Rouitchev
Music: Kiril Stefanov
Wording: Boris Kalaidjiev, Evtim Evtimov, and legends
The poem treats the theme of the strength and charm of the Bulgarian people, disclosing its true self through the love for the native land, through the revolutionary struggles, the happy life and industriousness. All this beauty is revealed in the different forms of folk art.
The Mischievous Girls.......Choreography: Ivan Todorov
Music: Stoyan Stoyanov
Soloists: Stoyanka Voukovska, Anni Dimitrova, Peter Todorov "Woe to him, who loves two girls . . ." -the motif of this vivacious and emotional chamber dance.
Puppets.........Choreography: Margarita Dickova
Music: Zhivka Klinkova
Soloists: Milka Mateeva, Jordanka Hristova, Pf.ter Mateev, Simeon Vei.ev
A folk game popular in different regions of Bulgaria. The pantomime and the gesture are the basic artistic means of expression in this dance.
Shopski Moods.........Choreography: Kiril Djenev
Musical arrangement: Alexander Kokareshkov
Sharpness, humor, swiftness, dance technique, dynamism and optimism are felt in this dance, reflecting the nature of the "Shopi" -the village population from the area around the capital city of Sofia.
Songs from the Bulgarian Homeland
Soloists: Ilia Argirov and Katerina Kostadinova
"Sing, our Native Land".....Choreography: Kiril Haralampiev
Music: Kiril Stefanov Wording: Ivan Genov
A song and dance composition revealing the boundless devotion to the Native Land and its People.
Celebration -Sing, our land -Thracian dances
Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 Phones: 6653717, 7642S38

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