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Text Translations The Voice's Charm .... Bernier
Recitative: Florize, whose voice gives Cupid a weapon that can vanquish even the gods, displayed the charms of her enchanting tones with this melodious song:
Air gai: "Although it is thought that I'm tender when I form these amorous tones, it is but an artful inflection; for I'm tender?hearted only in song. I can just as skill?fully depict the water's murmur, thunder, wind, a storm, or the flight and the song of birds!"
Recitative: The faithful shepherd, bound by her chains, is pierced anew by countless arrows: trembling, he follows the urge that leads him on, longing to speak, not daring to begin. Confused, overcome with sorrow, his love inspired him to sing; and, hoping to soften her cruel heart, he spoke to the neighboring echoes.
Air: "When lovely Florize sings, no one can help but love her! The divine Cananta never could charm so well. Even when she sings of autumn, all Cytherea pursues her; the praise of Latona's god aids the triumph of love."
Recitative: These flattering words, en?hanced by his sweet voice, pleased the girl; and deep within her heart she felt those arrows which are so hard to avoid. The lover appears, approaches, tells her of his desire; she blushes, falters, almost flees from such sweet snares. But a secret spell which renders her helpless adds to her charming plight, and the clever shepherd profits. So, exulting in his glorious success, he sings to the woodland birds. Air gai: "Gather beneath these tender boughs, little birds! Tune your warbling to the murmuring brook; sing praises of the one I love, enhance my desire, and make heaven itself envious of my delight. Come out from your retreats, hasten your woodland gods; tune your pipes to the sweet sound of her voice!"
Du dieu des coeurs on adore 1'empire
We worship the dominion of the king of hearts; he alone enchains with flowers all living creatures. When the king of the gods descends to earth, he unleashes his thunder from the high heavens.
Un roi qui veut etre heureux ....Rameau
A king who would be happy must grant our desires; then true happiness will be his crown. Throughout the land his gentle laws are cherished; he enjoys the gifts of the gods as he dispenses them. At his voice the Virtues are reborn; caressed by laughter, he holds court with love and glory. He is loved for himself alone, not for his favors; he wins all hearts. Sing yet again, sweetvoiced musette: A king who would be happy must grant our desires; then true happiness will be his crown.
Cantata: "Phillis und Thirsis"...C.P.E. Bach
Air: Thirsis, if you wish to please me, sing me only mournful songs. Listen to the nightingales: "Itys, Itys." Don't you hear their cries that charm the ear Recitative:
Thirsis: Oh Phillis, let me be merry. Phillis: I've told you only laments
delight me. Thirsis: Then suffering gives you
pleasure Phillis: Yes, for then a long forgotten
sorrow fills my heart. Thirsis: These birds of yours bring no
memories of past grief. Phillis: What do they sing of, if not
of sorrow
Thirsis: The birds say to each other what I've often said to you. Air: Unceasingly the woodland bird calls to his mate, "Oh love, Oh love." His sweet?heart hears the song; she replies with yearning coos, "I love, I love."

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