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UMS Concert Program, October 6, 1990: Klezmer Conservatory Band --

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Season: 112th
Concert: Second
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hankus Netsky Founder and Director
Saturday Evening, October 6, 1990 at 8:00 p.m. Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Judy Bressler, Vocals
Ilene Stahl, Clarinet
Hankus Netsky, Saxophone and Piano
Miriam Rabson, Violin Robin Miller, Flute and Piccolo
Gary Bohan, Cornet Merryl Goldberg, Saxophones
Mark Hamilton, Trombone
Evan Harlan, Piano and Accordion
James Guttmann, Bass
Grant Smith, Drums
Steve Netsky, Banjo and Guitar
The Band will announce its selections from the stage, chosen from the following partial repertoire:
Odesser Bulgar.......................Abe Schwartz
Kale Bezetsn (Seating the Bride) ..........Traditional, arr. Ellstein
Turn Balalaika (Play, Balalaika) ................Traditional
S'iz Freylekh Bay Yidn (Be Happy) ...........Shloimke Beckerman
Lena from Palesteena..................ConradRobinson
The Heymisher Bulgar ..................EllsteinJacobs
The Gypsy and Her Fiddle....................Manger
Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn .............SecundaJacobsCahnChaplin
Miami Beach Rhumba ...................FieldsTauber
Dos Geshray fun der Vilder Kotshke (Cry of the Wild Duck) .....Gilkyson
Rumenye, Rumenye ...................Aaron Lebedoff
The piano heard in tonight's concert is a Stcinway availahlc through Hammcll Music, Inc., Livonia.
The KJezmcr Conservatory Band is represented by the Aaron Concert Management, Boston.
For the convenience of our patrons, ihe box office in the outer lobby will be open during intermission for purchase
of tickets to upcoming Musical Society events.
Second Concert of the 112th Season Twentieth Annual Choice Series
Just What Is Klezmer, Anyway.
These have been years of recall, of looking for roots, of burrowing about in one's ancestral attic and trying to learn what it was that went into the making of us and our ways. Musical roots are constantly being unearthed and pressed into concerts of old American, old Irish, old Caribbean, old Af?rican, and old Asian song. In all of this, klezmer has caught on, too, with young musicians addressing themselves joyously to this bountiful expression of the Jews of East-em Europe, a music that, like the people who played and danced to it, has been uprooted and was, until this revival, headed for extinc?tion.
Klezmer music is heard in such shirtsleeve precincts as Folk City and Eagle Tavern and in such jacket-and-tie premises as Carnegie Hall. Its revival is nationwide, and it travels the college circuit. Klezmer has also made its appearance on the shelves of many record stores where it finds a ready take-out audience. It is the sort of revival that, ten years ago, few would have dreamed possible for a sort of music that perhaps even fewer had heard of, except from grandparents or in translations of Yiddish folk tales.
Klezmer is one of those institutions that seem simple enough, yet raise a multitude of questions. What is Jewish music What is klezmer Who made the definitions, anyway Good questions and more suitable to an eager young student's doctoral thesis. You can read it, if you want, while you are in your stereo room tapping your foot to the latest klezmer record.
Klezmer, let's say, is music made by klezmorim, Jewish musicians who traveled around Eastern Europe playing at weddings, bar mitzvahs and other simchas that struck a happy note. The word klezmer derives from Hebrew and means musician. The music of the klezmorim reflected the various places they had been to and where Jews lived. The klezmer tradition came to America with the large Jewish immigration early in this century, and its establishment here has led to various interpretations of its relationship to Ameri?can pop. Some klezmer musicians restrict their revival to Old Country music, while others profess to hear klezmer influences in
the New World's own music, including jazz, which, in any case, was well established long before klezmer came off the boat.
Klezmer music can be slow or fast. It is abundantly joyous or mournfully elegiac. It is folk music, and it is music composed by Yiddish theatricians. It is played by musicians who are Jewish and others who are not Jewish, and listened to by audiences that are Jewish and are not Jewish. What is particularly interesting is that its resuscitation has taken place at the hands of mostly young aficiona?dos. It usually rallies around a clarinet in the hands of a virtuoso who can make it laugh or cry or soar to peaks of glorious sound, and it is abetted by piccolos, violins, guitars, accor?dions; well, I should guess, almost anything that can be played.
And what is Jewish about it, in a world where Jews come from India, Turkey, Ethio?pia, and Kurdistan as well as from Minsk, Pinsk, and Dvinsk This is a special Jewish music, with Jewish being a translation from the word "Yiddish." Every demurrer that you make may have absolute validity and yet, it is undeniably eligible to be called "Jewish music." Actually, you can learn more quickly what klezmer is all about by listening to some records that have come on the market. Two, by the Klezmer Conservatory Band, are on Vanguard: "Klez!" and "Yiddishe Renaissance"
-the repertory of these klezmers almost an historical portfolio of the many moods of the genre. This band ranges far and wide, drawing from Yiddish theater scores and also from arrangements that blend American-style jazz and pop with Yiddish themes. Its secret weapon is Judy Bressler, whose vocals are done in a fine, liquid Yiddish in which every word rings clearly and melodiously.
Even in its most reflective moments, Klezmer Conservatory is an upbeat and exul?tant ensemble, reflecting a warmth and rev?erence for its music. But it is not the last word on klezmer, nor does it pretend to be, in this indefinable and therefore limitless field.
-Richard F. Shepard, The New York Times
The Klezmer Conservatory Band
rom the shtetls of Eastern Europe, through the emigration to America, from the jazz clubs of cities and the stages of Yiddish theatre comes the music of the Klezmer Conservatory Band.
Klezmer music began in medieval Europe, where bands of itinerant Jewish musicians went from town to town playing for Jewish festivals and special events. By the nineteenth century, klezmer music had become a well-developed musical style, taking its inspiration not only from the synagogue, but from the non-Jewish culture that surrounded it. In America, immigrant Jewish musi?cians adapted this music to the new rhythms and instru?ments they found, creating new klezmer forms. Until the 1940s, klezmer orchestras flourished, but with new styles of music and the immigrant Jews' desire to appear "American," the klezmer tradition faded.
Today, however, a klezmer revival is in full swing,
with the twelve-piece Klezmer Conservatory Band playing a prominent role. Fueled by a desire to return to his roots, Hankus Netsky, the band's founder, discovered that both a grandfather and an uncle were in Philadelphia klezmer orchestras in the 1920s. This, combined with the inherent appeal of the music, inspired Netsky to form his own ensemble in 1980, while he was an instructor at the New England Conservatory of Music.
The Klezmer Conservatory Band has taken its eclectic brand of Yiddish music from Minneapolis to Miami Beach and from Boston to Sacramento. It has released five albums: "Yiddishe Renaissance," "KLEZ," and "A Touch of Klez" on the Vanguard label, and "Oy Chanukah" and "A Jumpin' Night in the Garden of Eden" on the Rounder label. In addition, the Band is featured on "Tourists," a live album released by the popular radio program "Prairie Home Companion," on which the group made frequent appearances. In 1988, the documentary film "A Jumpin' N ight in the Garden of Eden," about klezmer music and the Klezmer Conservatory Band, played in cities throughout the country. The film received an Ann Arbor showing on September 27 in a Pre-concert Presentation, underwritten by a grant from Philips Display Components.
By popular demand, the Klezmer Conservatory Band now returns after its Ann Arbor debut in January 1989.
The Chilingirian String Quartet Coming Tuesday, October 16, Rackham Auditorium, 8:00 p.m.
Program: Sergey Aslamazian's folk-based "Armenian" Suite, Bartok's Quartet No. 4 and Schubert's Quartet No. 15, D. 887.
Philips Pre-concert Presentation: 7:00 p.m., October 16, Rackham Building (free admission). "Armenian Folk Instruments" will be discussed, and perhaps demonstrated, by Mr. Hachig Kazarian, who has been associated with Armenian music for more than 30 years. Mr. Kazarian holds music degrees in both performance and literature.
"Desert Island Discs"
Co-produced by the University Musical Society and Michigan Radio, "Desert Island Discs" is now in its second season of Saturday morning broadcasts, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Each program features a distinguished local "castaway" guest who is asked. "If you were stranded on a desert island, which five recordings would you like to have with you and (most rcvcalingly) why" Interviewers arc Joel Seguinc, WHOM station manager and Ken Fischer. UMS executive director.
Tune in WUOM-FM, 91.7, Ann Arbor; WVGR-FM, 104.1. Grand Rapids; or WFUM-FM, 91.1, Flint.
October 13 Blcnda Wilson, Chancellor, The University of Michigan, Dearborn October 20 William Hennessey, Director, The University of Michigan Museum of Art October 27 David Siglin, Director, The Ark
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A. Sweet Allan Gibbard
Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Gikas Dr. and Mrs. Albert O. Girz Mona and Edward Goldman Irwin Goldstein and Marty Mayo Adon A. Gordus Ms. Naomi Gottlieb Elizabeth Needham Graham Ruth B. and Edward M. Gramlich Susan and Mark Griffin The Griffith Family Werner H. Grilk Hedi Groenewold Mary and Bob Grover Mr. Fred Haddock Don P. Haefner and Cynthia J.
George and Kay Hall Harry L. and Mary L. Hallock Stephen G. and Mary Anna Harper Susan R. Harris Walter and Dianne Harrison Roger and Lou Haskett Rhoda and Firman Hass Michael and Cynthia Hathaway Larry and Jean Hauptman Kathleen L. Hawkins William F. Hayden Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Albert Heinrich Dr. and Mrs. Albert E. Heins Dr. and Mrs. John A. Henke Larry Henkel and Jacqueline Sterns Kathy and Rudi Hentschel Mrs. Margaret Martin Hermel Fred and Joyce Hershenson Herb and Dee Hildebrandt Dr. and Mrs. W.A. Hiltner Lynn J. Hobbs
Raymond Donald Hobbs, M.D. Joanne and Charles Hocking Louise Hodgson Suzanne Hogg John and Maurita Holland Howdy and Carol Holmes Dr. and Mrs. F.B. House Graham and Mary Jean Hovey
Dr. Joel D. Howell and Dr. Linda
Sun-Chien and Betty Hsiao Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Huetteman JoAnne W. Hulce Dr. Ann D. Hungerman Mrs. Laurin R. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Hurst Ms. Dorothy A. Huskey Diane and Steve Imredy Ann K. Irish Perry Elizabeth Irish Mitzi and Sam Irwin Mr. Stuart A. Isaac Mr. Alan Israel Esther Ann Jackson Professor and Mrs. John H. Jackson Jean and Harold Jacobson John M. Jenks Jean and Kenneth Jochim Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Johnson Paul and Olga Johnson Anne Hough Jones James J.Judson
Dr. Stevo and Mrs. Susan Julius Cynthia Kabza
Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kaminski Alex and Phyllis Kato Elizabeth Harwood Katz Suzanne Kaufman Mrs. Anna Kauper Roberta C. Keniston John B. Kennard Richard and Ann Kennedy Robert and Gloria Kerry Paul and Leah Kileny Mr. and Mrs. Jaejong Kim Rhea and Leslie Kish Drs. Paul and Dana Kissner Shira and Steven Klein Mrs. Karl S. Klicka Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Klose Dr. and Mrs. James Knake Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kokoszka Elizabeth Humes and Sylvan Kornblum Ed and Marguerite Kowaleski Jean and Dick Kraft Christopher J. Kresge Alexander Krezel Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Krimm Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kutcipal Mr. and Mrs. D.G. Labella Mr. and Mrs. Seymour R. Lampert Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Landes Robert and Leslie Lazzerin Robert F. Lewis and Barbara A. Petersen Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lighthall
Ms. Deborah A. Lloyd
Naomi E. Lohr
Peter A. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Lord
Dr. Robert G. Lovell
Marilyn and Frode Maaseidvaag
Susan E. Macias
Mark T. Mahlberg
Claire and Richard Malvin
Melvin and Jean Manis
Dr. and Mrs. J.E. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Martin
Dr. and Mrs. Josip Matovinovic
Jeanne L. McClaran
Mrs. Lester McCoy
W. Joseph McCune and Georgiana M.
Griff and Pat McDonald Elaine J. McFadden Mr. and Mrs. F.N. McOmber Robert E. and Nancy A. Meader Martha and Dady Mehta Jerry and Rhona Meislik Robert and Doris Melling John and Sharene Menson Mr. and Mrs. Walter Metzger Charles and Helen Metzner Dr. and Mrs. Leo J. Miedler Jack and Carmen Miller Myrna and Newell Miller Robert R. and Frances H. Miller John and Dorothy Mohler Arnold and Gail Morawa Dr. and Mrs. George Morley Mary K. Moss Dr. Eva L. Mueller Dorothy V. Mummery Frederick C. Neidhardt and Germaine
George J. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Niehuss Richard and Susan Nisbett Mrs. A. Geoffrey Norman Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Nottingham Marylen S. and Harold A. Oberman Dr. Leon T. Ofchus Garrick Ohlsson Gary and Judy Olson Dr. and Mrs. Mark Orringer Mr. and Mrs. M.F. Outwater Mrs. George L. Palmer Richard and Miranda Pao Donna D. Park
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Patchen O.M. Pearl and Patricia M. Cobb Professor and Mrs. J. Raymond
Roy Penchansky
Mr. and Mrs. D. Maynard Pheips
Ms. Sharon Pignanelli
Dr. and Mrs. Bertram Pitt
Donald and Evonne Plantinga
Stephen and Tina Pollock
Norman and Anna Mary Postma
Drs. Edward and Rhoda Powsner
Robert and Mary Pratt
Bill and Diana Pratt
Ernst Pulgram
Catherine and George Stern Quick
Mr. and Mrs. Haran C. Rashes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rasmussen
Susan L. Rasmussen
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Reading
Mr. and Mrs. Gareth Reed
Keith and Beth Reed
Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Richart, Jr.
Frances Greer Riley
Nicholas and Michelle Rion
M.A. Ritter
Thelma Gies Rivette
Peter Roberts and Shirley Casebolt
James and Marietta Robinson
Willard L. and Mary Ann Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rogers
Robert and Joan Rosenblum
Dr. and Mrs. George C. Rosenwald
Gustave and Jacqueline Rosseels
Dr. Nathaniel H. Rowe
Jonathan Rubin and Gretta Spier
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Ruddon
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Ryan
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Ryan
Mitchell and Carole Rycus
Dr. and Mrs. Albert J. Sayed
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Schenck
William A. Schlecte and Laura Austin
Drs. Monica and David E. Schteingart
Steven and Elizabeth Schubiner
Mary and John Sedlander
Suzanne Selig
Harriet and Marvin Selin
Janet C. Sell
George H. and Mary M. Sexton
Howard and Aliza Shevrin
Thomas C. and Jean T. Shope
Hollis and Martha Showalter
Dr. Douglas and Barbara Siders
Mr. James Sidor
Kenneth and Margaret Silk
Drs. Terry and Dorit Silver
Dr. Albert and Mrs. Halina Silverman
Gene and Alicia Silverman
Allan and Alene Smith
George and Mary Elizabeth Smith
Ernest and Sandra Sorini
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Spendlove
Betty M. Stark
Ed Stein and Pat McCune
Professor and Mrs. Eric Stein
Robin Stephenson and Terry Drent
Professor and Mrs. Wolfgang F. Stolper
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Stout
Elizabeth L. Stranahan
Dr. Ruth H. Strang
Mrs. William H. Stubbins
Devere and Zita Sturm
Dr. Russell and Marie Swanson
Steven and Mary Swanson
Dr. Richard and June Swartz
Brian and Lee Talbot
Gerald and Susan Tarpley
Eva and Sam Taylor
George and Mary Tewksbury
Edgar and Mary Lou Thibodeau
Mary H. Thieme
Joseph Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. Merlin C. Townley
Penny and John Tropman
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Turcotte
Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Tvner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ullman
Hugo and Karla Vandersypen
William C. Vassell
Mrs. Olga Vedder
Sy and Florence Veniar
Mrs. Durwell Vetter
Isabel M. Vitale
Joe and Eleanor Voldrich
John and Maureen Voorhees
Mr. Gregory Walker
Eric and Sherry Warden
Harvey and Robin Wax
Mr. and Mrs. Stanfield M. Wells, Jr.
Mrs. Clara Whiting
Father Francis E. Williams
Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson
Professor and Mrs. Charles Witke
Charlotte Wolfe
John B. and Ann F. Woodward
Israel and Fay Woronoff
Charles R. and Jean L. Wright
Phyllis Wright
Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Wu
Mary Grace and Tom York
Carl and Mary Ida Yost
Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael Young
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Zeile
Dr. Charles Zill
A.M. Abbatiello
Judge and Mrs. William F. Ager Michihiko and Hiroko Akiyama Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Allardyce Phyllis and Harold Allen Mr. and Mrs. Wickham Allen Forrest Alter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Anderson Catherine M. Andrea Ernest and Suzanne Andrews Donna and Todd Anuskiewicz Harlene and Henry Appelman Everett Armstrong and Jean Arnold Thomas J. and Mary E. Armstrong Penelope and Arthur J. Ashe III Monica and Dan Atkins John and Rosemary Austgen Dr. and Mrs. J. David Ausum Michael Avsharian Charlene and Eugene Axelrod Donald and Shirley Axon Jonathan and Marlene Ayers Linda Bennett and Dr. Robert
Bagramian Robert L. Baird Hugh E. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Baks Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barfield Dr. Ruth M. Barnard Norman and Mary Barnett Dr. and Mrs. Mason Barr, Jr. Joan W. Barth John W.H. Bartholomew Mrs. Beverley M. Baskins Harold F. Baut
William D. and Marie N. Bell Eva Benjamin
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Benson Mr. and Mrs. Ib Bentzen-Bilkvist Mr. Al Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Bernhard Robert Hunt Berry Sheldon and Barbara Berry Roderick Bieber and Catherine
Mr. and Mrs. Guida A. Binda Joan and Howard Binkow William and Ilene Birge Art and Betty J. Blair Linda and Marshall Blondy John E. Bloom Bradley and Wendy Bloom C. Richard and Patricia S. Boland Mark D. Bomia Lola J. Borchardt Paul D. Borman
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bornstein
Judge and Mrs. Earl E. Borradaile
Jeanne and David Bostian
John and Leora Bowden
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Bowman
Paul and Anna Bradley
Roger Bradshaw
George and Lucia Brewer
Cy and Luan Briefer
Dale and Nancy Briggs
Norman and Doreen Bristol
Mark and Judith Bromberg
Dr. Paulette Bromberg
Razelle and George Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Olin L Browder
Linda Brown and Joel Goldberg
Sylvia C. Brown
Dr. Joachim Bruhn
Mrs. Hempstead S. Bull
Mrs. Sally Burden
Sibyl Burling
Mr. and Mrs. William Burmeister
Mr. Daniel Burns
Ms. Sarah M. Burns
Lucile C. Buta
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Butsch
Mrs. Theodore Cage
Dr. and Mrs. Darrell A. Campbell
Dr. Ruth Cantieny
Michael E. Carlson
Philip C. Carpenter
Jeannette and Robert I. Can
Carolyn M. Carty and Thomas H.
Joanne C. Ceru Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Chandler Bill and Susan Chandler Daniel and Linda Chapman Cecelia Chemick Mark and Joan Chesler Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Ching Jong-Wang Chow Edward and Rebecca Chudacoff Maggie and Toby Citrin Mr. Joseph F. Clayton Mrs. Irene W. Cleveland Roger N. and Mary W. Coe Dorothy B. Coffey Jan and Carl Cohen Hubert and Ellen Cohen Hilary and Michael Cohen Willis and Linda Colburn Dr. and Mrs. John Collins, Jr. Alfred and Georgia Conard Mr. David E Congdon Graham H. Conger
Dr. Thomas Conner
Stanley S. Cook
Peter and Katherine Cooley
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Coon
Charlotte and Robert Copp
Ms. Elaine Cousins
David and Myrtle Cox
Mary Crawford
Dr. Mary C. Crichton
Marylee Dalton
Dr. Francis M. and Shirley H. Daly
Sunil and Merial Das
Ed and Ellie Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. David Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Denison
Lorenzo and Bernadette DiCarlo
Tom and Jean Dickinson
Dr. Michael DiPietro and Alice Fishman
Douglas and Ruth Doane
Father Timothy J. Dombrowski
Dorothy and Avedis Donabedian
Wally and Marlene Donoghue
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Douglas
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dreffs
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Dreyfuss
John J. Dryden and Diana Raimi
George C. and Roberta R. Earl
Dwight and Mary Ellen Eckler
The Rev. and Mrs. Ralph A. Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Eisenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Irwin Eisenfeld
Barry and Joyce Eisenstein
David A. Eklund
Sol and Judith Elkin
Dr. and Mrs. Charles N. Ellis
Beulah Elving
Mrs. Genevieve Ely
Jack and Wilma Elzay
Mack and Marcia Endo
Ellen C. Wagner and Richard Epstein
Robert and Sandra Erickson
Stephen and Pamela Ernst
Mrs. Chris Everhardus
Adele Ewell
Dr. and Mrs. David N. Ewing
Faculty Wives Club-Ann Arbor Public
Mary K. Fancher Pierce H. Farrar Barbara L. Ferguson Erika and Dennis Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Melvin G. Fiegel Sharon Fike
Carol and Aaron Finerman L. Alan and Nancy Finlayson Mrs. Carl H. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fisher
Mrs. Selma Fisher
Susan R. Fisher and John W. Waidley
Joe Stroud and Kathy Fojtik
Violet M. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Jams Franzblau
Richard and Joann Freethy
Otto W. and Helga B. Freitag
Linda and Larry French
Bart and Fran Frueh
Mr. Mack Fuhrer
Ms. Rebecca Gaffney
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gallagher
Helen and Jack Garris
Janet and Charles Garvin
Ms. Myrtle Gasilo
Professor and Mrs. David M. Gates
Sheri L. Germane
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Gidley
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gilbert
Elida F. Giles
Mrs. Sidney F. Giles
Mr. John Gilstorf
Mr. David W. Gnegy
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Godwin
Deborah C. Goebel
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Goldberg
Edith and Henry Gomberg
Eszter Gombosi
Audrey Gomon
Ellen Gonter
Jesse E. and Anitra Gordon
Sheryl T. and Todd W. Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Serge Gratch
Lewis and Mary Green
Lila and Bob Green
Dr. and Mrs. Lazar J. Greenfield
G. Robinson and Ann Gregory
Louise and Bill Gregory
Daphne and Raymond Grew
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Gribble
David and June Griffinhagen
Charles D. and Carol C. Groves
Paul L. Gruchala
Cyril Grum and Cathy Strachan
Doris and Harvey Guthrie
Elliott and Carol Guttman
Dorothy S. Haake
James and Veronica Haines
Margo Halsted
Frances Hamman
Barbara H. Hammitt
Dora E. Hampel
David and Patricia Hanna
Carlos D. Hansen
Ken Harbour
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Harder
Stephen G. and Mary Anne Harper
Dr. and Mrs. George Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris
Walter and Dianne Harrison
Kathleen A. Hart
M. Jean Harter
Elizabeth C. Hassinen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Haugh
Candy Hawley
Professor Jeffrey Heath
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Helmick
Margaret and Walter Helmreich
Norma and Richard Henderson
Karl P. Henkel
Dr. and Mrs. Keith S. Henley
Virginia R. Henry
Carol and Gary Herion
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hermalin
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon R. Hernandez
Ms. Sandra L. Higgins
Mrs. Leonaid E. Himler
Mr. Nigel Hinds
John and Florence Hinman
Peter Hinman and Elizabeth Young
Lynn L. Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hoddy
Jane and Dick Hoerner
Julian and Diane Hoff
Dr. Theodore G. Hoffman
Mimi and Helmut Holland-Moritz
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hollmann
Dr. Ronald and Ann Holz
Dr. and Mrs. E.A. Homeister
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hopkins
Ms. Monica T. Houghton
Nancy Houk
James S. House and Wendy Fisher
Oscar C. Huang Harry and Ruth Huff Ms. Jane H. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. David D. Hunting, Jr. Eileen and Saul Hymans Bailie, Brenda and Jason Imber Robert B. Ingling Mr. and Mrs. Sid Israel Harriet C. Jameson Mr. and Mrs. ZJ. Jania John D. Janicek Mr. and Mrs. Zoltan J. Janosi Dan and Sandy Janusis Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Jelinek Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Jessup Jane Durfee Johns James S. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Johnson
Wilma Johnson
Elizabeth and Lawrence Jordan
Dominic M. Justewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Kaczmarek
Mr. Yasuhiro Kamio
Lois and Gordon Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kao
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kaplan
Samuel H. Katz
Mary L. Kemme
Frank and Patricia Kennedy
Mr. Thomas Kenney
David and JoAnn Keosaian
Shake Ketefian
Donald F. and Mary A. Kiel
Jeanne M. Kin
Klair H. Kissel
James and Jane Kister
Emery and Diane Klein
Kay Delle Koch
Dr. Steve T. Koeff
Seymour Koenigsberg
Fumio Komatsu
Ann Marie Kotre
Mr. and Mrs. L Seelbach Kraft
Kenneth C. Kreger
Ms. Lillian Krezel
John A. and Justine Krsul
Nancy Kushigjan
Dr. and Mrs. Bert N. La Du, Jr.
James and Karen Lahey
Dr. Jeffery Lampert
Alice and Henry Landau
Dr. Stephen G. Landau
Richard and Neva Larson
Ardith and John Laskowski
Edward W. Lauer
Ted and Wendy Lawrence
Judith and Jerold Lax
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Leahy
David Lebenbom
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Lehmann
Mrs. Paul Allen Leidy
Sue Leong
Dr. David J. Lieberman
George and Mary Lindquist
Nathan and Eleanor Lipson
Jane Lombard
Mr. and Mrs. E. Daniel Long
Art and Pearl Longmate
Luisa LopezGrigera
Lawrence and Susan Loucka
Merrill Lougheed Poliner and Robert M.
Lynn Bennett Luckenbach John and Jane Lumm
John J. Lynch, III
William and Judith Lynn
Donald and Doni Lystra
Dr. and Mrs. James C. MacBain
Alan B. Macnee
Reverend and Mrs. Philip Rodgers
Gertrude Maglott Ella A. Mahnken MikhaU I. Malkin Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Malloure Dr. John H. Malone Frank Maly and Kathleen Beck Helga S. Mann Nancy and Philip Margolis Geraldine and Sheldon Markel Robert and Alice Marks Cmdr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Marvin Marion Marzolf Larry and Rowena Matthews Mrs. Lawrence Maugh Mr. William J. and Mrs. Jan de Vries
Josephine C. Mazzolini David G. McConnell Ronald G. and Cathryn S. McCready David and Claire McCubbrey Mr. Ron McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Stewart E. McFadden Norman E. and Mary Mclver Mr. and Mrs. W.J. McKeachie Mr. Stephen McKenny Daniel and Madelyn McMurtrie Helen F. Meranda Gordon Merna and Sarah Freeman Dr. Henry D. Messer and Mr. Carl A.
Ms. Lisa A. Mets Mr. and Mrs. Walter Metzger Eva and Alfred Meyer Professor and Mrs. Donald Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Meyers Dr. William P. Mies William and Joan Mikkelsen Dr. and Mrs. Josef M. Miller Rhea E. Miller Krisu'ne Miller-Pinti Madolia Massey Mills William H. Mills, 111 Ms. Doris Milton Kittie Berger Morelock Mr. and Mrs. James N. Morgan Richard A. Morin, M.D. Rona and Cyril Moscow Mrs. Erwin Muehlig Dr. and Mrs. Bernhard Muller
Dr. and Mrs. Gunder A. Myran
Yoshiko Nagamatsu
Louis and Julie Nagel
Rosemarie Nagel
Mr. Dennis P. Nagle
Ms. Ruth Nagler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Needleman
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Neidhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Nelson
Mr. Wallace E. Newcomb
Don and Virginia Newell
James A. Kelly and Mariam C. Noland
Mr. Saul Nosanchuk
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Novick
Maury Okun
Keith T. Oldham and Karen S. Guice
Bill and Marguerite Oliver
Dr. Leslie A. Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Ondey
Zibby and Robert Oneal
Helen L. Osterlin
Lillian G. Ostrand
Dr. F.D. Ostrander
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Owens
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Packard
William and Janet Paige
Viola Goin Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. George Palty
Mrs. John Panchuk
John and Julie Panek
Patricia Paris
Ronald and Sarah Park
Mrs. Virginia B. Passon
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Paton, Jr.
Ara and Shirley Paul
P.D. Pawelski
Anita H. Payne
Dr. and Mrs. M. Joseph Pearson
Ruth and James Persons
Mrs. Donald W. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Petrosky
Jim and Julie Phelps
Roy and Winnifred Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Plummer
Martin A. Podolsky
Mr. Albert M. Pollmar
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Powrozek
Bessie A. Preketes
Jacob M. Price
John and Nancy Prince
Julian and Evelyn Prince
Marijean Quigley
Marshall E. Quinn
Mrs. Joseph S. Radom
Mrs. Tad Rae
Alfred and Jacqueline Raphelson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rapp
A.M. Raschbaum
Ethel Rathbun
David William Rau
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Reed
Anthony L. Reffells
Caroline Rehberg
Walter A. Reichart
Professor and Mrs. Raymond Reilly
Jim and Linda Reinhardt
Alice Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Richards
Fareed B. and Maria Rifat
Paul T. and Kathleen Robertson
Alma D. Robinson
Mary K. Roeser
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie W. Rogers
Minnie and M. Minette Rollins
John H. Romani
Harry A. Rommel
Edith and Raymond Rose
Milton and Marlene Rosenbaum
William and Elinor Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rosenthal
Elva Rosenzweig
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Roush
Dianne Rubin
Matilda and George Rubin
Ms. Mabel E. Rugen
John Paul Rutherford
Theodore and Joan Sachs
Mr. Chris Sackellares
Miriam and Fred Samson
Ina and Terry Sandalow
John and Reda Santinga
Lillian and Ray Sauder
Gary and Arlene Saxonhouse
Dr. and Mrs. George S. Sayre
Jochen and Helga Schacht
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Schall
Virginia Wise and Frederick Schauer
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Schenk
Suzanne Schluederberg
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schmid
Courtland and Inga Schmidt
Lara J.Schmidt
Drs. Robert J. and Franziska I.
Gerald and Sharon Schreiber Sue Schroeder
Steven and Elizabeth Schubiner Mr. and Mrs. Brett A. Seabury Leonard and Sylvia Segel Carol and Erik Serr Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Shalit David and Elvera Shappirio
Donald E. and Marjorie K. Shelton
Msgr. William J. Sherzer
Patricia Shipman
Ned Shure and Jan Onder
Dr. Bruce M. Siegan
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Siegel
Sandy and Dick Simon
Frances and Scott Sifnonds
Donald and Susan Sinta
Mr. Stephen Skelley
Irma and Robert Sklenar
Mrs. Beverly N. Slater
Richard and Clara Lee Smith
Richard and Jo Ann Socha
Dr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Son
Mina Diver Sonda
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Speer
Bob and Joyce Squires
Mary Polasky Stadel
Mrs. Alfred F. Staeb
Ms. Ann Staiger
Julie and Charles Steedman
Joannne Stein
Dr. and Mrs. Alan W. Steiss
Wilma SteketeeBean
William and Georgine Steude
M. Virginia Stevenson
Ms. Sue Stindt
Mr. James L. Stoddard
Mr. and Mrs. James Stokoe
Mr. Bernard Stollman
Mrs. A.F. Strom
Drs. Eugene Su and Christin Carter-Su
Selma and Alfred Sussman
Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Swain
John and Carol Sweinkowski
Vern and Bonnie Terpstra
Mary H. Thieme
Norman and Catherine Thoburn
Mr. Gregory Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Ned Thomson
Mrs. Dolph L. Thome
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Thrasher
Charles and Peggy Tieman
Mr. and Mrs. Franz Topol
Mrs. Richard E. Townsend
Santa and Michael Traugott
Sarah Trinkaus
Robert J. Trombley, Jr.
Marion and Louis Trubshaw
Paul and Barbara Trudgen
James and Julianne Turner
Andrew T. Turrisi
Marilyn and John Twining
Paul and Fredda Unangst
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Upton
Brian A. and Susan R. Urquhart
Jan Valentine
Robert P. and Barbara F. Van Ess
Fred and Carole van Reesema
Mr. Reynold Van-Til
Barbara and Henry Vanderploeg
Linda Vanek
Barbara and James Varani
Chris and Kate Vaughan
Edie and Paul Vegoda
Joseph and Alice Vining
Weston E. Vivian
Carolyn and Jerry Voight
Richard S. Walinski
Patricia Walsh
Joseph C. Walters
Monique and Jon Wardner
Lorraine and Sidney Warschausky
Alice and Martin Warshaw
Christine Webb
Mrs. Charles F. Weber
Edward C. Weber
Deborah Webster
Ju Lin Wei
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Weisman
Steven Werns, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Westerman
Michael Whitcombe
Ms. Janet F. White
Rebecca S. Whitehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel H.
Whiteside, III
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Wilcox William and Cristina Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Wilhelm Carroll and Dorothy Williams John Troy Williams Raymond C. Williams Stephen B. and Danette Wineberg Dr. Grant Judson Withey Joyce Guior Wolf, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Victor K. Wong Sharon and Leonard Woodcock Ernst Wuckert Patricia Wulp
Theophile and Barbara M. Wybrecht Dr. and Mrs. CM. Wylie John G. and Elizabeth F. Young Mrs. Antonette Zadrozny Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Zeisler Mr. and Mrs. George Zissis Gail and David Zuk
Sustaining Members
Lynn and Richard Adelman
Judith and Ronald Adler
Mike and Suzan Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Amble
Richard Amdur and Daniela Whittman
Mr. and Mrs. H.K. Anders
Mr. Austin Anderson
Carl and Judy Anderson
Neil P. Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Lyle Andress
Ted and Ruth Aprill
Mary C. Arbour
Jill B. and Thomas J. Archambeau, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Arnett
Drs. Peter and Margaret Ash
Ronald E. and Anna Marie Austin
Kathy Babcock
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Bachofer, Jr.
Drs. John and Lillian Back
Mrs. Reeve Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Baker, Jr.
Judith Banker and John Sayler
Fleming Barbour
Gail Davis Barnes
Kay and Martin Barrett
Mrs. T. Howe Bartholomew
Alan R. Bass
Margarete Baum
James and Margaret Bean
Mrs. Sara Becker
Mary T. Beckerman
Tamar and Harel Beit-On
Dale and Joan Bell
Leslie Benecki
Ms. Alice R. Bensen
Daniel and Christine Benson
Dr. Rosemary R. Berardi
Esther W. Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Berlin
Andrew H. Berry, D.O.
Ralph and Mary Beuhler
Don and Sue Bialostosky
Janet and Lloyd Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Blouin, Jr.
Lowell Blumberg
Ms. Sophie Bogdan and Mr. Gary Shram
Ronald and Mimi Bogdasarian
Jean Magnano and Lee C. Bollinger
Mrs. Wallace J. Bonk
Mr. James B. Bonner
The Rev. Leland and Bertha Booker
Mr. Thomas R. Boothby
Robert and Holde Borcherts
Dr. and Mrs. Morris Bornstein
Mimi and William M. Borowy
Ms. Audrey T. Boseman
Mr. and Mrs. K.L Bowman
Drs. Laurence and Grace Boxer
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Bozell
Dr. Phyllis J. Brannan
Dr. Ruth M. Brand
Robert R. Brewster
Mary R. Brooks
William M. and Sandra Broucek
Mr. and Mrs. James L Brown
Ms. Martha L Brown
Ruth A. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Browning
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Brundage
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Buckley
Kathleen Bugaski
Robert and Carolyn Burack
Elizabeth P. Burnside
Senator and Mrs. Gilbert E. Bursley
Ms. Joan Bush
Thomas E. Butts
Mary C. Caggegi
Bev and Ross Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. F.B. Capalbo
Ms. Isabelle Carduner
Marc and Janet Carlson
Allen W. Carpenter
Josephine D. Casgrain
Ezra and Lucille Cassel
Robert A. Castillo
Jack Cederquist
Steve and Linda Chaikin
Elizabeth Chapleski
Ann Chapman
Richard and Mignonette Cheng
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H.Y. Chu
Patty Clare
Beth and Charles Clark
Ms. Janice A. Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Clayman
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cleveland
Daniel P. Cohen
Phil Cole
Mrs. Alene Collins
Eleanor S. Collins
Fernando and Lois Colon
Richard and Betty Jane Cooper
Grace M. Cornelius
Diane Cornell
Henry R. Couke
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Cress
Dr. and Mrs. Orlo L. Crissey
Richard J.Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. David Cylkowski
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Daitch
Robert M. Dascola
Mrs. Janet E. Davis
Dr. Roger E. Davis
Roy C. and Donna B. Davis
Mia De Sa
Joyce E. Delamarter
Elizabeth Delaney
Ms. India Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Darko Desaty
Raymond A. Detter
Don and Pam Devine
Norma Diamond
Paul and Constance Dimond Dr. Jack Distler Helen M. Dobson Dorothy K. Donahue Thomas and Patricia Dooley Ruth P. Don-James L. and Cathie L Dries Ms. Dianne Dunchock Frances E. Dyer Elsie J. Dyke Ms. Patricia Eames Herb and Hildegard Ebell Ms. Ruth Eckstein Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael Endres Lizabeth England Lawrence J. Ernst Dr. and Mrs. Paul Y. Ertel Randy and Gladys Eshenroder Magdalena Ezoe Drs. Susan and George Fee Mr. and Mrs. John Feikens Alyssa Fein Ms. Sheila Feld Nancy Feldkamp Mrs. Robert S. Feldman John and Karen Ferguson Ms. YltsiM. Feuerwerker James and Patricia Fienup Mr. and Mrs. Leland Finkbiner Ira Fisher and Beth Eisler John W. and Mary E. Fisher Winifred Fisher Jim and Barb Fitzgerald Patricia Fitzgerald Linda and Tom Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. George E. Foltz Joan and Tom Fournier Tom S. Frank
Selma and Newton L Freedman Jane M. Friedman Howard Frisinger Eleanor J. Froehlich Gail Frames Lois W. Gage Jane Galantowicz Bernard and Enid Galler Elkan and Zelda Gamzu Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Gatzke Larry and Hilma Geffen Mark and Sonia Geoffrey Robert M. and Margorie German Irwin and Eeta Gershow Mr. and Mrs. Paul L Giles Dr. and Mrs. Gary Gillespie Beverly Jeanne Giltrow Dr. and Mrs. F.B. Glaser Edward and Judith Glass Dr. and Mrs. Howard S. Goldberg Edie N. Goldenberg Anita and Albert Goldstein Steve and Nancy Goldstein
David and Beryl Goldsweig
Mr. and Mrs. R. Eugene Goodson
Enid M. Gosling
William A. and Jean Gosling
Barbara and Alec Gough
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Graham
Robert and Judy Gray
Elizabeth A.H. Green
Lila and Bob Green
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Eileen Greenberger
Penelope Greiling
Atlee and Margaret Griilot
Mr. and Mrs. Felipe A. Grimard
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Grinstein
Mr. Henry Morgan Grix
Mrs. Rose Groak
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Gross
Ron and Bea Gross
Lawrence and Esta Grossman
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Groves
Mr. Robert Grunawalt
Leora Grunhaus
Jerfaas A. and Maria A. Haas
Roger and Caroline Hackett
Raymond R. Haggerty
Chaplain and Mrs. Louis Halsey
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Hamilton, Jr.
Marjorie H. Hammes
Mr. William Hand
Becky and Fred Hankin
Mrs. Oliver Hanninen
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Harms
Rena Harold
Kathleen Harrigan
Tim and Nancy Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harvey
Margaret A. Harwick
Kenneth Hass and Nancy Magnani
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Hatfield
Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Hayes
Professor Lorna M. Haywood
Kenneth H. Hebenstreit
Ms. Gilda M. Heider
Drs. John Heidke and Cynthia Straub
Kenneth and Jeanne Heininger
James and Esther Heitler
Helen Heitz
Mrs. William Heldreth
William C. Heifer
Merry Carol Hendel
Ewa and Michael Hepner
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Herbert
Dr. and Mrs. Clark Herrington
John and Merrill Herzenberg
Mrs. Emily F. Hicks
Robert and Cathy Hightower
John A. and Patricia A. Hill
Lynn M. Hill
Phyllis H. Hinterman
Sheryl Hirsch and John E. Billi
ChiungYao Ho
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hoff
Helen B. Hoff
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hoffmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hogan
Carol and Dieter Hohnke
Jeanette Holtman
Rose Marie Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Horwitz
Dr. Nancy Houk
Kenneth and Carol Hovey
Mrs. B.A. Howarth
Sally Howe
Kenneth Hulsing
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Hunt
Ruth J. Husung
Mr. and Mrs. William Ingram
Shelly and Larry Jackier
Richard Jaeger
Marilyn and J. Dale Jeffs
Carole A. Jenkins
James C. and Baiba G. Jensen
Russell Jenter
Kathryn Telfer Johnson
Randall H. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip S. Jones
Martin C. Josso
Barbara Lynn Joyce
Ms. Mary Kahn
Adrienne Kaplan
Julian M. Kaplin
Ms. Janet Karpus
Adelaide H. Karsian
Franklin and Judith Kasle
Barbara Rosenzweig Kasle
Maxine and David Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Katz
Ms. Elizabeth Kaufman
Marilee Kaufman
Matt and Marti Keefe
Grace E. Kehl
Charles and Jean Kelsey
Ruth and Norman Kemp
Earl W. Kennedy
Horst and Lottie Kesner
Ms. Edna Kilgore
John S. King
Thomas and Constance Kinnear
Joyce Urba and David Kinsella
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin M. Kirsh
Mr. Mark Kiuchi
Peter and Susan Klaas
Ms. Katherine Klykylo
Peter and Margaret Knoess
Mrs. R.J. Knight
Glenn and Shirley Knudsvig
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk F. Kooiman
Alan and Sandra Kortesoja
Daniel and Charlotte Kovats
Lisa A. Kozak
Darlene R. Krato
Edward and Lois Kraynak
Kenneth C. Kreger
Debra M. Kirby and John Krol
Dr.MaxJ.andlvahA. Kukler
Hilda Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. Sol G. Kurtzman
Mr. David C. Kwan
Janet Undsberg
David Langer
Anne-Marie and Anthony La Rocca
Edward W. Lauer
Leo F. and Eileen R. Leary
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Lcb
Paul and Ruth Lehman
Dr. Robert M. Leitch
Ms. Lisa Lemble
Dr. and Mrs. Morton B. Lesser
Sheldon and Mary Lois Levy
YiGuang and Sophia P. Lin
Dr. and Mrs. Richard lineback
Dr. and Mrs. Francis A. Locke
Bruce and Pat Loughry
Jonathan D. Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Luce
Donald and Barbara MacCallum
Mary Egan MacDowell
John and Fe A. Maclean
Mr. Arthur Maday, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Magnuson
Suzanne and Jay Mahler
Mr. Michael D. Mainguth
Christina J.Maley
Jack and Betsy Mall
Armena Marderosian and Ronald Suny
Sandra Stukan Marks
Jeanette M. Martel
Dr. and Mrs. William Martel
Robert S. and Margaret R. Martin
Yasuo Manila
John and Nancy Mason
Matthew J. Mason and Renate Klass
Vincent and Margot Massey
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Maynard
Linda McCall
Kenneth and Martha McClatchey
Ms. Patricia Kaiser McCloud
Dores M. McCree
Paul D. and Susan McEwen
Mr. and Mrs. Ed W.G. McKinley
Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. McMullan
Donald and Elizabeth McNair
Samuel and Alice Meisels
Marquerite L Melander
Mr. Norman Meluch and Laura Rsher
John and Doris Melvin
Rev. Harold L. Merchant.D.D.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Merlin
Henry J. and Suzanne M. Meyer
Valerie D. Meyer
Mr. Victor L. Meyers
Delores and Gerald Michael
Ms. Florence Miller
Akio Mimori
Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Mirrow
Professor and Mrs. William Mirsky
Elaine and Karl Mono
Patricia A. Montgomery
Rosalie E. Moore
Helen and Donald Moray
Morrish Elementary School
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mrozinski
Patricia Runyon and J. Herbert Mueller
Thomas P. Murtha
Reverend Stephen E. Naas
Carroll and Sandra Nadig
Martha Narveson
Morry and Kathy Nathan
Marcella A. Nautsch
Sharon and Chuck Newman
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Newton
Laura Nitzberg
Ms. Catherine Noel
Mr. and Mrs. David Norton
Mr. Majd Nuri Shafiq
Ms. Patricia O'Connor
Mr. Terry P. Obum
Mrs. Anne Okey
Lois and Michel Oksenberg
Paul L. and Shirley H. Olson
Sherry B. Ortner
Satoshi Oyamada
Marianne E. Page
Ms. Ki-Nam Park
Janet Parkes
Dr. and Mrs. Beverly C. Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Peck
Mr. Gamaliel R. Perez-Santaella
Nancy and Bradford Perkins
Charles C. and Gloria Perry
Patsy C. Peterson
Frank and Nelly Petrock
Dr. Joseph and Sharon Petty
Judge and Mrs. Harry E. Pickering
Jeffery A. Pike
Mary Catherine Pollock
Richard E. Popov
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence L Pozza, Jr.
Dr. Allen D. and Vivian Price
Ruth S. Putnam
Dr. G. Robina Quale
Mr. and Mrs. S. Rabinovitz
Ms. Elisabeth Radcliff
John D. Radford
Drs. Norman and Norma Radin
Steve and Ellen Ramsburgh
Rhoda Rankin
Maxwell and Marjorie Reade
Carol and Gerald Rees
Carolyn B. Rehmus
Rachel Resnick
Constance 0. Rinehart
Tom and Junko Roehl
Mary F. LoeBler and Richard K. Rohrer
Drs. Dietrich and MaryAnn Roloff
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Root
Bernard and Barbara Rosen
Drs. Janet and Seymour R. Rosen
Edie W. and Richard Z. Rosenfeld
Charles W. Ross
Mr. Christopher Rothko
Mr. Robert M. Rubin
James and Adrienne Rudolph
Mr. Peter N. Ruma
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sabol
Dr. Don and Marlene Salberg
Amy Saldinger
Marjorie and William Sandy
Mr. Lewis J. Sappington
Bonnie R. Schafer
Erich S. Schifter
Yizhak Schotten and Katherine Collier
Shirley Schreidell
Mary L Schuette
Albert and Susan Schultz
Aileen and Earl Schulze
Alice and Heinz Schwarz
Stephen W. Schweer and Christine A.
Mrs. Ralph'E. Schweitzer N. David and Joan Scott Hugh Sebastian Eithel Partlow Sech Geraldine Seeback John and Carole Segall Mary Ann Sellers Dr. and Mrs. Earl W. Shaffer Lorraine and Brahm Shapiro Eleanor A. Shaw Kathleen A. Sheeny Fumio Shinoda Kyoichi Shirai Janet E. Shultz Ray and Marilyn Shuster Robert and Evelyn Silva Scott and Joan Singer Mr. Juergen Skoppek Dr. and Mrs. J. Bernard Sloan Mr. and Mrs. David Boyd Smith Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Keith Smith Peter Smith and Diane Czuk Smith Robert L. Smith and Karen Saver Judith R. Smutek Mr. C. Robert Snyder John and Ellen Soave Evangeline M. Sparling Mr. Jeff Spindler Mr. and Mrs. Gus Stager Irving M. Stahl Joann and Ralph Stahman Mary Decker Staples Dr. and Mrs. William C. Stebblns Thomas O. and Jeanne D. Stock Mrs. Alfred H. Stockard Mrs. Ruth Stone Ellen Strand
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Struble Manfred Stryk Laura Stuckey Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Stulberg
Due to space limitations Memorials, Matching Gift Companies and In-Kind Contributions arc not listed. Please, refer to programs for Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center or the Leningrad Philharmonic for complete listing.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Suliman
Deborah K. Swanberg
Waldo and Betty Sweet
John and Carol Swienckowski
Suzanne Tainter and Ken Boyer
Bradley L. and Simone Himbeault Taylor
Thomas and Leslie Tender
Toby). and Juliette S. Teorey
Robert J. and Vicki W.Terry
James and Carol Thiry
Frances Thoma
Dr. Edwin J. Thomas
Bonnie and Bradley M. Thompson
Norman and Marcia Thompson
Mrs. Dolph L. Thome
George and Helen Timmons
Ms. Susan Topol
James W. Toy
Ms. Roni Tripodi
Roger Samuel Trunsky
Irving and Barbara Tukel
Jeff and Lisa TulinSilver
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Turski
Lyle Uhlmann
Barbara and Joseph L Ullman
Jeffrey and Rachelle Urist
Joaquin and Mei Mei Uy
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Van Bolt
Deborah and Chris VandenBroek
Rebecca W. Van Dyke
Arthur and Florence Vartanian
Mark and Marsha Vartanian
Virginia O. Vass
Leonard L. Veatch
Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Vinik
Vincent A. Vis
Judith R. Voisine
Lynne and Lawrence Waggoner
Michael and Patricia Wagner
Leigh and Robert Waldman
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Walker
Ms. Diana M. Walker
Robert D. Wallin
Nelda L Wallis
Dr. and Mrs. Julius Wallner
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Walt
Ms. Martha Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Ward
Marguerite E. Ward
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Weamer
William and Patricia J.Webb
Joan M. Weber
Richard and Madelon Weber
Dr. and Mrs. Wendell W. Weber
Dr. and Mrs. Myron E. Wegman
Dr. and Mrs. Jerrold Weinberg
Donna G. Weisman
Lisa and Steve Weiss
Mary E. Welch
Mrs. Frances West
Mabel C. Wheeler
Barbara Tate Whipple
Ted and Becky White
Nancy Whitmire
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Wilcox, Jr.
John W. Wiley
Dr. and Mrs. Francis S. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Williams
Ray and Twyla Williams
Mr. and Mrs. LR. Windecker
Laurence D. and Mary L Wise
Dr. and Mrs. John Wiseman
David and Lia Wiss
C. Wollschlaeger, M.D.
Julia Woodbury
Ms. Barbara H. Wooding
Ms. Joy Wooten
Stewart and Carolyn Work
Frances A. Wright
E. Benjamin and Frances E. Wylie
Ms. Hiroko Yamada
Donald and Elizabeth Yenni
David and Sarah Yentz
Frances L Young
Peter T. and Aliki Zachary
Robert and Charlene R. Zand
Miles Zeman
Gary and Joan Zembala
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Zenian
Dr. and Mrs. George D. Zuidema
Business, Corporation and Foundation Support
Arts Midwest Ford Motor Audio Systems Ford Motor Company Fund Ford Motor Company Elizabeth E. Kennedy Fund Manufacturers National Michigan Council for the Arts Pharmaceutical Reseach Division, Warner Lambert Company
Chelsea Milling Company Great Lakes Bancorp JP Industries, Inc. KMS Industries, Inc. Benard L. Maas Foundation McKinley Associates, Inc. Philips Display Components Co. Regency Travel, Inc. Society Bank
Creditanstalt-Bankverein Liberty Music Shop NBD-Ann Arbor, N.A. The Power Foundation

Spear and Associates Realtors, Inc. The Edward Surovell Company Washington Street Station
Canton Community Foundation First of America-Ann Arbor Gelman Sciences, Inc. Jacobson Stores, Inc. Christopher H. Montagna
Photography Riverview Lumber and Building
Supply Co., Inc. Shar Music Products Ulrich's
Comerica Bank-Ann Arbor Imtech Printing, Inc. Mardigian Foundation Michigan National Bank The Old German Restaurant Pepper, Hamilton & Scheetz Plymouth Community Arts Council Charles Reinhart Company Scientific Brake and Equipment
Sneed Foundation, Inc. TT Sports Management, Inc.
Adistra Corporation Campus Inn Edwards Brothers, Inc. King's Keyboard House
Bank One, Ypsilanti
Herbert Barrett Management
General Systems Consulting Croup
Johnson, Johnson, and Roy, Inc.
L & S Music
Seva Restaurant and Market
SKR Classical
University Microfilms International
Ann ArDor Convention & Visitors Bureau
Sustaining Members
Faber Travel
Encore Gift Levels
Bravo SI0,000 or more Concertmasters $5,000 or more Leaders $2,000 or more Guarantors $ 1,000 or more Sponsors $500 or more Benefactors $200 or more Patrons $100 or more Donors $50 or more Sustaining Members $25 or more

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