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UMS Concert Program, November 19-21, 1993: Stratford Festival -- William Shakespeare's

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University Musical Society
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Season: 115th
Concert: 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th
Power Center For The Performing Arts, Ann Arbor, Michigan

University Musical Society
STRAITORD FESTIVAL William Shakespeare's
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Friday Evening, November 19, 1993 at 8:00
Saturday Afternoon, November 20, 1993 at 2:00
Saturday Evening, November 20, 1993 at 8:00
Sunday Afternoon, November 21, 1993 at 2:00
Power Center for the Performing Arts, Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Cast
(in order of appearance)
Theseus, Duke of Athens ............................................................................WAYNE BEST
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, betrothed to Theseus..............ALISON SEALY-SMITH
Philostrate, Master of the Revels ........................................................MICHAEL MAWSON
Egeus, father to Hermia ...........................................................................LEON POWNALL
Hermia, daughter to Egeus...................................................STEPHANIE MORGENSTERN
Demetrius, suitor to Hermia.........................................................................SEAN POWER
Lysander, beloved of Hermia...........................................................................MARC RUEL
Helena, in love with Demetrius............................................................SHEILA MCCARTHY
Peter Quince, a carpenter...............................................................................BRIAN TREE
Nick Bottom, a weaver...............................................................................TED DYKSTRA
Francis Flute, a bellows-mender ................................................................JEFFREY KUHN
Robin Starveling, a tailor.....................................................................BARBARA BRYNE
Tom Snout, a tinker..........................................................................MICHAEL SIMPSON
Snug, a joiner..............................................................................................ROBERT KING
Puck.........................................................................................................FRANK ZOTTER
First Fairy...........................................................................................YANNA McINTOSH
Oberon, King of the Fairies........................................................................COLM FEORE
Titania, Queen of the Fairies..................................................................LUCY PEACOCK
Peaseblossom ........................................................................................GERRY MACKAY
Cobweb ............................................................................................STEPHEN BOGAERT
Mustardseed..........................................................................................MATTHEW PENN
Moth...................................................................................................DEREK SANGSTER
Courtiers FRANgoisE Balthazar, Stephen bogaert, gerry mackay, yanna mcintosh, scott
UNDERSTUDIES FRANgOISE BALTHAZAR (Hippolyta, Helena), STEPHEN BOGAERT (Demetrius), ROBERT KING (Egeus), GERRY MACKAY (Lysander, Tom Snout), MICHAEL MAWSON (Peter Quince), YANNA McINTOSH (Titania), SCOTT NICHOL (Bottom, Snug), MATTHEW PENN (Theseus, Oberon), DEREK SANGSTER (Philostrale, Francis Flute, Fairy Swing)
SCENE: The court of the Duke of Athens and a wood nearby.
Large print programs are available from your usher upon request.
21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th Performances of the 115th Season 23rd Annual Choice Series
Production Credits
Directed by.........................................................................JOEDOWUNG
Designed by .................................................................HAYDEN GRIFFIN
Music Composed by .......................................................KEITH THOMAS
Lighting Designed by ..................................................LOUISE GUINAND
Fights Directed by ...............................................................JOHN STEAD
Choreography by ...........................................................JOHN BROOME
Sound Designed by ............................................................JOHN HAZEN
Stage Manager ....................................................................ANN STUART
Assistant Stage Managers ...........................................HILARY GRAHAM
Assistant Designer..............................................................KARIN JONES
Assistant Lighting Designer ........................................JAMES MILBURN
LINDA BABINS Fight Captain....................................................................SCOTT NICHOL
Special Thanks to: DEREK SANGSTER
Special Thanks To: JOHN FENTON, FENTON ELECTRIC LTD..STRAT-FORD; JIM AND STEPHEN THOMSON, DYNAMIC DISPLAYS, WIND?SOR; MAVIS THEATRICAL SUPPLIES; SUSANNA D0WI1NG, COS?TUME RESEARCH; SOUND PLUS, TORONTO. We are grateful to Eveready Canada Inc. for their generous donation oJEnergizer Batteries to the Stratford Festival
Music recorded and mixed by. HAZEN PROJECTS at Knox Presbyterian Church, Stratford under the supervision of KEITH THOMAS.
Immediately following the Friday and Saturday performances of A Midsummer Night's Dream, audience members are invited to join cast members for an informal chat in the Power Center.
Board of Governors
Founder Mr. Tom Patterson
President Mr. Thomas C. O'Neill, Toronto
Vice-President Mrs. Julia Foster, Toronto
Honourary Treasurer Mr. Robert E. Mountain, Stratford
Honourary Secretary Mrs. Sandra Pilblado, Toronto
Mr. Louis Applebaum, Toronto Ms. Suzanne McDonald Aziz, London
Mr. Paul Beeston, Toronto Mr. Raphael Bernstein, New York Mr. E.S. (Ted) Blowes, Stratford
Ms. Adrian Burns, Ottawa
Mr. Navin Chandaria, Toronto
Ms. Molly Copus Christie, Stratford
Mr. F. A. Comper, Toronto
Mrs. H. Nicki Douglas, Toronto
Mr. Hugh Edighoffer, Mitchell
Mr. Rowland W. Fleming, Toronto
Mr. John S. Hayes, Stratford
Mrs. Patti Hnatiw, Oakville
Dr. Ronald Ianni, Windsor
Ms. Linda Intaschi, Toronto
Mr. Martin A. Jones, Montreal
Mrs. Sherry Kelley, Glenview
Mr. Anthony H. Little, London
Mss. Theresa Masterman, Kitchener
Dr. Edward McGee, Waterloo Mr. Michael H. McGregor, Chatham
Mr. Ian H. McLeod, Toronto
Mr. Grant McPherson, Stratford
Mr. Robert McTavish, Stratford
Sen. Michael A. Meighen, Toronto
Mr. James C. Preston, St. Louis
Mr. Jonas J. Prince, Toronto
Mrs. Muriel Sherrin, Toronto
Mr. George S. Taylor, St. Marys
Mr. William L. Wallace, Oakville
Mr. Andy W. Werner, Stratford
Ex Officio Member
His Worship Dave Hunt,
Mayor of Stratford
Special Peifonnance Underwriters
The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation is now celebrating thirty years as a community trust organized to enrich the quality of life in the Ann Arbor area. It is part of the
Foundation's mission to use its resources wisely and efficiently, responding to community needs. Its very generous support for the Stratford Festival youth performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream comes in the Foundation's interest to "be a rjartner in a
new tradition not only for UMS but for the entire communitv."
TriMas Corporation is a leading manufacturer of proprietary, leadership products for commercial, industrial and consumer markets. Led by President Brian P. Campbell, the company's involvement is in industrial fasteners, towing system products, products for the containment and dispensing of liquid and gas, and precision tools. TriMas has provided generous support to UMS making the Saturday, November 20, 2:00 p.m. performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream possible, including special opportunities for youth tickets. BRIAN P. CAMPBELL President
Dobson-McOmber Agency, Inc. is now in its 100th year serving the insurance needs of this area. During this time it has grown in tandem with the city: thriving in good
times, weathering the bad and sharing in Ann Arbor's historic moments. As part of its centennial observance, the Agency, which will soon occupy the landmark building (Dr. Chase's Steam Printing House) on the comer of Miller and Main, has provided
generous support for the opening evening performance of the Stratford Festival's A Midsummer Night's Dream in Ann Arbor. STEPHEN B. DOBSON President
First of America, an affliate of First of America Bank Corporation headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is part of one of the largest bank holding companies in the
Midwest and serves over 300 communities in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. First of America-Ann Arbor has been a long?time supporter of the Musical Society and particu?larly its May Festival. First of America's generosity is
making the Saturday evening A Midsummer Night's Dream presentation by the Stratford Festival possible.
University Musical Society
Ameritech Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
Arts Midwest
Nancy Bishop, Associate Broker, Edward Surovell Co.Realtors Chelsea Milling (Mr. and Mrs. Howard Holmes)
City of Ann Arbor
Mr. Ralph Conger (in memory of his brother, Graham)
Detroit and Canada Tunnel Corporation
Dobson-McOmber Agency, Inc.
First of America
Ford Motor Company
Benard L. Maas Foundation
Charlotte McGeoch Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs
Michigan National Bank
Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone
Mosaic Foundation (of Rita &? Peter Heydon)
Paideia Foundation
Millard and Jerry Pryor
Republic Bank Ann Arbor
Herbert Sloan
Edward Surovell Co.Realtors Estelle Titiev
TriMas Other generous friends and supporters of the University Musical Society
The University Musical Society has been blessed with supporters who, when funding for
this Stratford Festival residency was in question last spring, stepped forward as guarantors
to assure the achievement of the required funding level. We are grateful to:
Catherine S. Arcure
Maurice and Linda Binkow
Ron and Sheila Cresswell
Ken, Penny and Matt Fischer
Charlotte McGeoch
Richard and Susan Rogel
Drs. Irving and Carol Smokier
Mrs. Elizabeth Stranahan
Ed Surovell
Estelle Titiev
and several other wonderful friends who wish to remain anonymous
This list represents underwriting commitments received as of November 5, 1993. We regret the omission of names of supporters whose underwriting support came after that date.
A Midsummer Night's Dream
by William Shakespeare
Theseus, Duke of Athens, is about to marry Hippolyta. Hermia and her father, Egeus, arrive at the court. Egeus wants Hermia to marry Demetrius, but she favours Lysander. Both young men are in love with her but Demetrius was formerly in love with her friend Helena, who returned his love and still hopes to revive his affection for her. Egeus
appeals to Theseus to settle the matter.
Threatened by strict Athenian law if she disobeys her father, Hermia arranges to meet Lysander in a neigh?bouring wood and run away with him. She confides in Helena, who in turn confides in Demetrius, hoping in this way to win him back. Demetrius fol?lows the lovers into the wood, with Helena close on his heels.
The wood is also occupied by beings of a far different order. Titania and Oberon, the embattled Queen and King of the fairies, have come separately from India to celebrate the royal nuptials. They meet in the
woods and continue their dispute over a changeling boy. To spite her, Oberon drops a magic liquid on Titania's eyelids as she sleeps so that, when she awakens, she will fall in love with the first creature she sees. This happens to be Bottom, a weaver, one of a group of simple artisans who have come to the wood to rehearse a play in honour of the forthcoming marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta. Puck, Oberon's mischievous ser?vant, has given Bottom the head of an ass
but, to the bewitched Titania, his donkey's features make him all the more beautiful. Meanwhile, overhearing the quarrel between Demetrius and Helena, Oberon decides to help them by having Puck anoint the sleeping Demetrius with the same magic liquid, so that he will wake to love Helena, as she loves him. But it is Lysander whom Puck
mistaKeniy anoints, and who wakes to find himself in love with Helena. Seeking to correct the error, Oberon himself finds and drops the liquid on the sleeping Demetrius' eyes. He too wakes to see Helena. Now she has both young men at her feet and neither she, nor Hermia, can explain this sudden change.
At Oberon's command Puck pur?sues the human lovers in a thick fog and arranges that Lysander will wake to love Hermia once more and Demetrius to love Helena. Oberon also takes pity on Titania and removes the spell. They are reconciled
and she promises to give up the changeling boy.
Theseus and Hippolyta arrive in the wood and, discovering the young lovers, invite them to participate in a triple wedding to take place in the palace. At the ceremony the patient artisans, led by Bottom, present their play, the "most lamentable comedy" of Pyramus and Thisbe. The lovers retire, leav?ing the palace to the fairies, and the Epilogue to Puck.
William Shakespeare
1558 -Accession of Queen Elizabeth I. 1564 -William Shakespeare christened. He was one of five surviving children of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden of Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon. William probably attended the Edward VI Grammar School in Stratford.
15756 -John Shakespeare, who is believed to have been a glover, became an alderman of Stratford. Ten years later he lost his position, probably because he was in debt and dared not go out to perform his public duties for fear of arrest.
1582 -A marriage licence was issued for William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway. Shakespeare was, at eighteen, eight years younger than Anne, who was pregnant at the time of their marriage.
1583 --The christening of Susanna Shakespeare,William's daughter.
1585 -Christening of Hamnet (who lived only nine years) and his twin Judith. 158591 --The 'lost years' for which we have no records relating to Shakespeare. He may have worked for his father or have become a teacher at the Grammar School. It is also possible that he spent part of his time in Italy. 1592 -Shakespeare's first known plays, Henry VI Parts 1.2 and 3. 15923 -Titus Andrmicus
1592 -Venus and Adonis
1593 -Richard III, death of Christopher Marlowe.
15934 -Love's Labour's Lost 15936 --The Sonnets probably written over this period. The Comedy of Errors, The Taming of the Shrew. The Rape ofLucrece, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, The Lord Chamberlain's Men estab?lished. In 1595, Shakespeare listed as an actor. Burbage and Kemp were also members of this company, Richard II.
15946 -A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet, King John, death of Hamnet. 1596 -A coat of arms was granted to John Shakespeare. 15967 -Henry IV Part 1, The Merchant of Venice
1597 -William Shakespeare, obviously enriched by his earnings as one of London's most successful playwrights, bought New Place, one of the finest houses in Stratford. There is no indication that he spent very much time in Stratford at this period. 15978 -Henry IV Part 2, Much Ado About Nothing, The Merry Wives of Windsor.
1599 -The opening of the Globe Theatre, in which Shakespeare was a 'sharer' (i.e. part owner). The Globe was built from the materials used in The Theatre which was dismantled and rebuilt on Bankside to become the home of the Lord Chamberlain's Men. Henry V, Julius Ceasar
1600 -As You Like It
16013 -Hamlet. Shakespeare probably sold this play outright, like the others for about ?12. Twelfth Night, The Phoenix and the Turtle, Troilus and Cressida, All's Well That Ends Well.
1603 -On the accession of James I, the Lord Chamberlain's Men, with which Shakespeare was still associated, became the King's Men.
1604 -Measure for Measure, Othello. 16057 --Macbeth, King Lear, Antony and Cleopatra, Timon of Athens.
1607 -The marriage of Shakespeare's
daughter Susanna to Dr. John Hall. Hall's Croft
in Stratford became their home.
16078 -Pericles, Coriolanus.
1609 -The Blackfriars Theatre became the
winter home of the King's Men while in
summer they remained at the Globe, which,
being open-roofed, was exposed to the
weather. Shakespeare paid ?100 for his share
in Blackfriars.
160911 --Cymbeline, The Winter's Tale,
The Tempest
1612 -Shakespeare described as 'of
Stratford-on-Avon, gentleman'.
161213 -The Two Noble Kinsmen, Henry VIII.
The Globe Theatre burned down during its
first performance.
1616 -Shakespeare's daughter Judith married
Thomas Quinney. Death of Shakespeare aged
52. He is buried in Stratford Parish Church.
Most of his estate was left to Susanna.
1642 -The Playhouse closed by the Puritans.
The theatre remained suppressed until the
restoration of Charles n.
Stratford debut: Alcandrc in The Illusion and appears in Antony and Cleopatra and A Midsummer Night's Dream. THEATRE: Includes the Witch in Into the Woods, Chloe Trapp in Museum, Mephislopheles in Dr. Paustus and Roberta in Danny e the Deep Blue Sea (Ryerson Theatre School); KitShona in Top Girls (Unicorn Theatre); Mother in The Twenty Second Day, Hilda Boggs in When the Wind Blows and appeared in Electra (University of Ottawa). TRAINING: Graduate of Ryerson Theatre School, wilh a B.A. in Drama from the University of Ottawa.
Third season: Theseus in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Major Anderson in Fair Liberty's Call and 2nd Messenger in Bacchae. STRATFORD: 1992: Caliban in The Tempest, Aslrov in Uncle Vanya and First Gentleman in Measure for Measure, 1991: Horatio in Hamlet, Morgan in Treasure Island and Watch (George Seacoal) in Much Ado About Nothing. THEATRE: Includes The Doctor in The Kite, David in My Darling Judith, Dad in Trafford Tanzi and Johnny Regan in Balconville (Theatre Aquarius); Quinn in The Affections of May (Theatre New Brunswick); Tim in Odd Jobs (Canadian Stage Company); Anderson in Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Toward the Somme (CenueStage Company); Ben in Of the Fields Lately and Jacob Mercer in Salt-water Moon (Gryphon Theatre); Roy in Lone Star (Toronto Arts Productions); Billy in Tie Collected Works of Billy the Kid (Saide Bronfman Centre); Malt Miuin in John and the Missus, Marcus Brutus in Julius Caesar, Antonio in The Tempest (National Arts Centre); and Phil Moss in The Motor Trade (Theatre Aquarius). FILMTELEVISION: Street Legal, For the Record, Seeing Things and Homefires (CBC); Katts and Dog (Kalz '90 Inc.); Queen of Mean, Night Heat and Top Cops (CBS); Friday the 13th and War of the Worlds (Triumph EnL); The Ruling Passion (NBC); Verdict (Global); and Countcrstrike (Matrix). TRAINING: Graduate of Ryerson Theatre School.
Third season: Thidias in Antony and Cleopatra, Cobweb in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Clindor in The Illusion. STRAT?FORD: 1992: Forester in Love's Labour's Lost, Workman in Uncle Vanya and Angelo's Servant in Measure for Measure; 1991: Second Equerry in Hamlet, Hugh in Treasure Island and appeared in Much Ado About Nothing. Recipient of a 1992 Tyrone Guthrie Award. THEATRE: The Guard in Museum, Martino in Dr. Fauslus, Leading Player in Pippin, Cassius in Julius Caesar and Danny in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (Ryerson Theatre School); Doc in Crimes of the Heart (Much More Theatre Co.); Orlando in As You Like It, Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing and Starbuck in The Rainmaker (University of Western Ontario). TRAINING: Graduate of Ryerson Theatre School.
BARBARA BRYNE Seventh season: Starveling in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Miss Prism in The Importance of Being Earnest; Chorus Leader in Bacchae and performs in the Words and Music Concert Infinite Variety. STRAT?FORD: 1992: Juno in The Tempest, The Nurse in Romeo and Juliet and Kath in
Entertaining Mr. Sloanc, 1991: Rose in Let Belles Soeurs, Bonnie in Homeward Bound and K.ithcrinc Stockmann in An Enemy of the People-, 1990: First Wilch in Macbeth, Kathleen in Home and Lily in Ah, Wilderness!; 1968: Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Mme. Pernelle in Tartuffc 1967: Duchess of York in Richard lit 1966: Maria in Twelfth Night. Recipient of Ihe 1990 Derek F. Mitchell Artistic Director's Award, given annually to an individual chosen by the Artistic Director as having made an outstanding contribution during the course of the Festival season. THE?ATRE: Canadian stage credits include Smereldina in The Servant of Two Masters (Royal Alexandra Theatre); Mrs. Biederman in The Firebugs (The Canadian Players); and Ginnie Gogan in The plough and the Stars (Manitoba Theatre Centre). On Broadway Ms. Bryne created the roles of George's Mother and Blair Daniels in Sunday in the Park with George and Jack's Mother in Into the Woods and appeared in the television versions and on the RCA recordings of these shows. She also played Clara in Hayfever at the Music Box Theatre. She spent 10 seasons with the Guthrie Theatre, where she played such roles as Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie, Dolly Levi in The Matchmaker, Paulina in The Winter's Tale, and Queen Elizabeth I in Mary Stuart, for which she won a Kudos Award. Received a 1981 Drama Desk Award nomination for her performance as Kath in Entertaining Mr. Sloane, in New York. She repeated Ihe role in 1987 at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, where she won a Drama Loge Award. FILMTELEVISION: The movies Amadeus and The Boaonhns; The Best of the West (ABC); Svengali, Maid in America and Mystery at Fire bland (CBC); and Love Sydney series (NBC).
Third season: Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Fentheus in Bacchae; Daniel in Fair Liberty's Call and performs in the Words and Music Concert The Beat Goes On. STRATFORD: 1992: Ariel in The Tempest, Young Magnus in World of Wonders and Sloane in Entertaining Mr. Sloanc, 198S: Appeared in Antigone and The Beaux' Stralagem.THEATRE: Includes Mozart in Amadeus (Theatre Calgary); Robert Sideway in Our Country's Good (Centaur Theatre CompanyNeptune Theatre); Shostakovich in Masterclass (Manitoba Theatre Centre); Monlerone in Rigoletto and Calc Blackwell in Fire (Theatre Passe Muraille), for which he received a 1989 Dora Mavor Moore Award; Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors and Willie Moore in Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Toward the Somme (Centaur Theatre Company); and Daniel in Souvenirs (Factory TheatreShaw Festival). Shaw Festival credits include Jerry Highland in Once in a Lifetime, Napoleon Bonaparte in War and Peace, Michael in Peter Pan, Snobby Prince in Major Barbara, Jones in Banana Ridge, Richard Amory in Black Coffee and Adolphus Basiable in Passion, Poison and Petrifaction. He has composed music for the?atres across Canada. FILMTELEVISION: Giant Steps (Giant Steps Prod.); Street Legal, Home Free, Seeing Things, Life With Billy and The Cuckoo Bird (CBC); Secret Service and Amber Waves (ABC). TRAINING: Graduate of the National Theatre School.
12th season: Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Dionysus in Bacchae, John Worthing in The Importance of Being Earnest
and performs in the Words and Music Concerl My Shakespeare. An Associate Director of the Stratford Festival. STRAT?FORD: Includes 1992: Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, Berowne in Love's Labour's Lett and Angelo in Measure for Measure, 1991: the title role in Hamlel, Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing and Horace in The School for Wives; 1990: Frank Ford in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Valentine in Love for Love, Hippolytus in Phaedra and Cassius in Julius Caesar, 1988: the title role in Richard III, Petruchio in TIk Taming of the Shrew and Athos in Tfe Three Musketeers; 1987: Iago in Othello, Joseph Surface in The School for Scandal and Yasha in The Cherry Orchard; 1986: Iachimo in CymbeUne and Leontes in The Winter's Talc, 1985: Orsino in Twelfth Night and Charles Marlow in She Sloops to Conquer, 1984: Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. THEATRE: Valmont in Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Theatre Calgary); Edmund Tyrone in Long Day's Journey into Night (Citadel Theatre); and James Tyrone in A Moon for the Misbegotten (Grand Theatre). FILMTELEVISION: Beautiful Dreamers (Cinexus); Bethune, The Making of a Hero (Film Line); Iron Eagle II (Alliance Films); Friday the llth and War of the Worlds (Triumph Entertainment); Diamonds (CBS CTV); and A Nest of Singing Birds, Skate, Adrienne Clarkson's Artemisia (CBC); Beyond Reality and Francois Girard's Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (Rhombus).
Fourth season: 3rd Soldier Menacrales in Antony and Cleopatra and Snug in A Midsummer Night's Dream. STRATFORD: 1991: MarcellusSecond Gravedigger in Hamlet, Antonio in Twelfth Night and Captain Billy Bones in Treasure Island; 1990: Hanzuk in One Tiger To A Hill, Bartender in Ah, Wilderness!, Alfred in Home and the Host in The Merry Wives of Windsor, 1989: H,minion's Servingman in The Shoemakers' Holiday, Michael WilliamsCaptain McMorris in Henry V and JailerRalman in The Merchant of Venice. THEATRE Includes Owen in Amiga's Blue Guitar and Henry Slimson in The Third Ascent (Prairie Theatre Exchange); appeared in The Perils of Persephone (The Grand Theatre); Joe in The
Fran;oise Balthazar Barbara Bryne
Wayne Best Ted Dykstra
Stephen Bogacrt Colm Feore
Crackwalker (The Under Grand, The Grand Theatre); Jamie Cregan in A Touch of the Poet and DuncanRoss in Play Memory (Theatre Plus Toronto); Nat Mcllwaine in Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Toward the Somme (Centaur Theatre Company); Quinn in Affections of May (Manitoba Theatre Centre); Owen in The Melville Boys (Theatre New Brunswick); and Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire (Persephone Theatre). Enjoyed five seasons with the Blyth Festival where he played Westley in Hometown Boy, SamMcNabIhe Couper in Yankee Notions, George in I'D Be Back Before Midnight, Pete in Another Season's Promise, Snag in Country Hearts, Frank in Garrison's Garage, Doug Boom in Blue City and Drunk Dick in Lily Alia. Other roles include Jimmy Wilson in Moving and Jacky in On the Job (Centaur Theatre Company); Milo Crawford in Knights of the White Magnolia (Theatie Plus); and Cletis T. Fullemoy in Lone Star (Solar Stage, Toronto). FILMTELEVISION: CBC's Seeing Things, Homefires, Backstretch, The Judge and Friday the Oik Heroes of Hold C (NFB); Verdict, One Magic Christmas, Tomorrow Never Comes, Tulips, In Praise of Older Women and Kung Fie The Legend Grows. TRAINING: Dome Theatre, Dawson College in Montreal.
JEFFREY KUHN Third season: Scarus in Antony and Cleopatra, Flute in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Dorante in The Illusion. STRAT?FORD: 1992: Dumaine in Love's Labour's Lost, Paris' Page in Romeo and Juliet and appeared in The Tempest; 1991: Cupid in Timon of Athens, Alan in Treasure Island and appeared in Twelfth Night. Recipient of a 1991 Jean A. Chalmers Theatre Training Award and a 1992 Tyrone Gulhrie Award. THEATRE Jack in Into the Woods, the title role in Dr. Faustus, Will Willard in Museum, Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Cale Blackwell in Fire, Young Bellair in The Man of Mode and Alan in The Crackwalker (Ryerson Theatre School); and appeared in Kiss Me Kate, Celebration and Sweet Charity (Rainbow Stage Theatre, Winnipeg). FILMTELEVI?SION: Romeo and Juliet (CISC). TRAINING: Graduate of Ryerson Theatre School. Recipient of the Ryerson's Faculty and si,ill Scholarship.
Stratford debut: Adrasle in The Illusion, VarriusfTaurus in Antony and Cleopatra and appears in A Midsummer Night's Dream. THEATRE: Georg Bamburger in Black Comedy, Creon in Oedipus, The Bishop in Robin Hood and Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet (Citadel Theatre); Lawren HarrisThe Soul Turner in The Magnificent Voyage of Emily Can and Aramis in The Three Musketeers (The Belfry Theatre); Antonio in Twelfth Night and Ferdinand in The Tempest (Bard on the Beach); August Strindberg in Beyond the Night Cafe (Writers' Theater, New York); Lar in A Life (The New Bastion Theatre); Macbeth in The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon (The Globe Theatre); Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream (Full House Theatre); SebaslianMalvolio in Twelfth Night, Angelo in Measure for Measure, Mark Antony in Julius Caesar and assorted charac?ters in Suddenly Shakespeare (Carousel Theatre); and First Lord in All's Well That Ends Well (Shakespeare Plus). TRAINING: H.F. A. from the University of Victoria.
Stratford debut: Agrippa in Antony and Cleopatra and Philostrate in A Midsummer Night's Dream. THEATRE: Acting credits include appearances in Woman In Mind and Born Yesterday (The Grand Theatre); Falling Back Home (Factory Lab Theatre); Corpse (Thousand Islands); Master Class (Theatre Plus); Twelfth Night (Skylight); Smdl of Grass (New Play Centre); Buchanan (Toronto Free Theatre); Richard 111 (Young People's Theatre); Wars of the Roses (Canadian Stage Company); and Catlover (Tarragon Theatre). Directing credits include MaratlSade and Tif Real Inspector Hound (Neptune Theatre); Spokesong and The Homecoming (Manitoba Theatre Centre); Hosanna (Festival LennoxviUe); Talley's Folly (Centaur Theatre); Street Scene and Punch and Judy (Banff Centre); Trebol Dark (NDWT); The Gods are Not to Blame (Somerset, England); and The Caretaker (Theatre New Brunswick).
sheila McCarthy
Second season: Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Toinelle in The Imaginary Invalid and performs in the Words and Music Concert Early Days. STRATFORD: 1987: Margaret in Much Ado About Nothing, Lady Teazle in The School for Scandal and Sally Bowles in Cabaret. THEATRE: Ophelia in Hamlet (Toronto Free Theatre); Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, for which she received a 1986 Dora Mavor Moore Award (Crest Theatre); PiggyBeryl in Tonight at SM (CentreStage); Norah Case in Wrong for Each Other, Eve in Waiting for the Parade and Timandra in Timon of Athens (The Grand Theatre); Rosie in Really Rosie, for which she received a 1983 Dora Mavor Moore Award (Young People's Theatre); Elvira in Blithe Spirit and Gittel in Two for the Seesaw (Arbour Theatre); Nettie in Farther West (Theatre Calgary); Amanda in Private Lives (Western Canada Theatre Company); Myrtle May in Say Hello to Harvey (Royal Alexandra Theatre); Mailey in The Boyfriend (Errant Prod); and appeared in Puttin' on the Ritz (Shaw Festival). FILMTELEVI?SION: Includes I've Heard the Mermaids Singing, for which she received a 1988 Genie Award, A Private Matter, Paradise, Stepping Out, Die Hard 11, Street Legal, Mount Royal and A Nest of Singing Birds. TRAIN?ING: HB Studio, University of Victoria and the National Ballet.
YANNA McINTOSH Second season: Iras in Antony and Cleopatra, first fairy in A Midsummer Night s Dream, and Lise in The Illusion. STRATFORD: 1992: Lucetta Musician in The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and appeared in The Tempest and Roma and Juliet. Recipient of a 1992 Tyrone Guthrie Award. THEATRE: Includes ZeeMargeErica Ms. Marlel in A Fertile Imagination (Theatre Passe Muraille); Beatrice in The Servant of Two Masters and Tracy in On My Own Two Feet (Young People's Theatre); Penny Sewell in The Writing Game, Asia in Little Eyof, Pauline in The Seagull, Herald in OrtsteslElectra and JoyBrother in Swagger and Something that Thumps (American Repertory Theatre); Medea in The Impossible Can Happen (The Other Theatre of Toronto) and recently appeared in Wake and Set Me Now (National Story Telling Theatre). FILMTELEVI?SION: Stree Legal and Hangin' In (CBC) for which she received a duMaurier Award
nomination for for Best Newcomer to Canadian Television. TRAINING: Studied at the American Repertory Theatre Institute and received a B.A. and a B.Ed, from the University of Toronto.
Stratford debut: Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Isabelle in The Illusion. THEATRE: Alison in Look Back in Anger, Martha in Quid in the Land and Nalalya in Vassa (Centaur Theatre); Sara in Taking Liberties (Factory Theatre Alumnae TheatreCBC); Maria in Yankee Notions and Peggy in Hometown Boy (Blyth Festival); Gowdie in The Love Talker (Women's Theatre Works); Angelique in It Malade Imaginaire (Theatre Francais); Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and Laura in The Glass Menagerie (Globe Theatre); Marlene in Top Girls (McGUl University); the Virgin Mary in The Fairies are Thirsty (National Theatre School); and the Twirler in Talking With ... (Street People Theatre). FILMTELEVI?SION: Without Fear (Breakthrough Films); Partners in Love, Diary of a Teenage Smoker and While Lies (Atlantis); Not By Choice, Deadlines and Wednesday's Children, A Gift for Kate, Four Tout Dire and Laura in Forbidden Love (NFB)M Question of Justice and Chemical Solutions (TVOntario); and Smoggies (Cinar).
Second season: First Roman Soldier in Antony and Ceopatra, GeronteJailer in The Illusion and appears in A Midsummer Night's Dream. STRATFORD: 19M: Outlaw in The Two Gentlemen of Verona and appeared in Ttf Tempest and Romeo and Juliet. THEATRE: DuncanOld Seward in Macbeth and Merchant Traveller in The Comedy of Errors (Repercussion Theatre, Quebec); and appeared in Burn Yesterday (The Grand Theatre). National Theatre School credits include Inspector Oswald in The Voice in the Mirror, Shem in Not Wanted on the Voyage, Sir Anthony in The Rivals, SkinEddie in Road, KeenJones in rhc Cat, Trigorin in The Seagull and Oswald in King Lear. FILMTELEVISION: Material World (CBC). TRAINING: Graduate of the National Theatre School.
Robert King Michael Mawson
Jeffrey Kuhn Sheila McCarthy
Gerry MacKay Yanna Mclnlosh
Ninth season: Tilania in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Gwendolen Fairfax in The Importance of Being Earnest, Chorus Member in Bacchae and performs in the Words and Music Concert The Beat Goes On. STRATFORD: 1992: Princess of France in Love's Labour's Lost, Yelena in Uncle Vanya and performed in Words and Music 1: Family Experience, 1990: Rosalind in As You Like It, Aricia in Phaedra and Lady Macduff in Macbeth; 1989: Masha in Three Sisters, Lavinia in Titus Andronicus, Luciana in The Comedy of Errors and Tilania in A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1988: Eliza Doolitlle in My Fair Lady, Lady Anne in Richard III and Helena in All's Well That Ends Well; 1987: the title role in Nora, Olga Knipper in Intimate Admiration and Cassandra in Troilus and Cressida; 1986: Singing Gentlewoman in Hairy VWr, Ophelia in Hamlet and Ophelia in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead; 1985: Gaoler's Daughter in The Two Noble Kinsmen, Mrs. Sullen in The Beaux Stratagem and Second Messenger in Antigone, 1984: Lucetta in The Two Gentlemen of Verona. THEATRE: Mina in Dracula (Young People's Theatre). Theatre credits through?out Canada include appearances at Centaur Theatre Company, Globe Theatre, Phoenix Theatre and Toronto Free Theatre. FILMTELEVISION: Street Legal, Te Road to Avonlea and Material World (CBC). TRAINING: Graduate of the National Theatre School.
MATTHEW PENN Stratford debut: Demetrius CanidiusMth Soldier in Antony and Cleopatra, Mustardseed in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Matamore in The Illusion. THEATRE Kevin Emmery in Inspecting Carol (Boars Head Theatre); DavidPoppy in The Voice of the Prairie and Trisotin in The Learned Ladies (Si. ( mix Festival Theatre); Colonel Brady in Inherit the Wind (Pacific Alliance Stage Co.); the Executioner in The Balcony (Hudson Guild Theatre); Laertes in Hamlet, Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet, Azolan in Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Carbon de Cassell in Cyrano de Bergerac and Leonine in Pericles (Alabama Shakespeare Festival); Shrdlu in The Adding Machine (Merrimack Theatre); German in Night of the Iguana (Hartman Theatre); Mason in The Magnificent Yankee (Meadowbrook Theater); Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream (Empire Stale Theatre); the title role in Cyrano de Bergerac, Christy Mahon in Playboy of the Western World and Medvendenko in The Seagull (Hilberry Repertory); Nicky Kislunov in 77k Good Doctor (Center Theater); and Cody in Geography of a Horse Dreamer (Schrciber Studios). FILMTELEVISION: Passing Shots (PBS) and You'reNever Too Old (ABC).
Stratford debut: Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Bonnefoy's Clerk in The Imaginary Invalid. THEATRE: Appeared in New Order (Fringe Festival). National Theatre School credits include Tereus in The Love of the Nightingale, Tye McCool in Vieux Carre, Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Mesholem in Village of Idiots, Lotte in Not Wanted on the Voyage, Mr. Webb in Our Town, Launce in The Two Gentlemen of Verona and Sgt. Rooney in Streamers. FILMTELEVISION: Life With Mikey (Disney). TRAINING: National Theatre School.
14th season: Antony in Antony and Cleopatra and Egeus in A Midsummer Night's Dream. STRATFORD: Includes 1992: Dunslan Ramsay in World of Wonders and Escalus in Measure for Measure, 1991: Claudius in Hamlet, Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing, and Long John Silver in Treasure Island; 1990: Theseus in Phaedra; 1986: King Henry in both Henry VIII and A Man for All Seasons. Recipient of the 1991 CFCA Tyrone Gulhrie Workshop Award. An Associate Director of the Stratford Festival in 1992. THEATRE: Includes Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Manitoba Theatre Centre); Captain in The Father (Tarragon Theatre); Old Elvis in Are You Lonesome Tonight and Matthew in Anne of Green Gables (Charlottetown Festival); Sergeant Toomey in Biloxi Blues (Royal Alexandra Theatre); Stalin in Masterclass, Falstaff in Henry JV and Elyot in Private Lives (The Vancouver Playhouse); and also a one-man show entitled Dylan Thomas writ?ten and performed by Mr. Pownall. Directing credits include The Hometoming, Of Mice and Men, The Tower, The Threepenny Opera, Sleuth, The Firebugs, Oh! What a Lovely War!, Cabaret, Romeo and Juliet, Irma La Douce and a season as Guest Artistic Director of While Rock Summer Theatre. He is also the Founding Artistic Director of Nanaimo's Shakespeare Plus (198485), where he developed and directed the premiere pro?duction of Goodnight Disgrace by Michael Mercer, subsequent winner of a 1985 Chalmers Award.FILMTELEVISION: Includes principal roles in Dead Poets Society, Bye Bye Blues, Bethune: The Making of a Hero, Termini Station, Angd Square, 444 Days, Love and Hate, Conspiracy of Silence, Wiseguy, Adderfy, The Beachcombers, Danger Bay, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Street Legal, E.N.G., Tit Road to Avonlea and Beyond Reality.
Second season: First Guard in Antony and Cleopatra, Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Footman in The Importance of Being Earnest. STRATFORD: 1992: Serge in Bonjour, la, Bonjour, Busker in World of Wonders and appeared in Love's Labour's Lost. THEATRE: CD. in Stark and Eslragon in Waiting for Godot (Generic Theatre Inc.); The Duke in Man of La Mancha and Jeffrey in Godspdl (Association of Producing Artists, QuebecTheatre Lac Brome); Des in Thin la and The Monster in Night Light (Geordie Productions Inc.); Stephen in Line (Line Productions), for which he received the Most Promising Young Performer Award, 1988 Quebec Drama Festival. Concordia University credits include Herr Gabor in Spring Awakening, Le Vieux Monsieur in Les Chaises, Peter in The Zoo Story, The Policeman in Blood on a Cat's Neck and Ballhasar in Much Ado About Nothing. FILMTELEVISION: Map of the Human Heart (Working Title Films); SnakeEatcn 111 (Cineplex Productions); Pagan the Ungodly (Shalites Inc.); Starting from Scratch (Molstar); The Qassic (Telescinema Taurus); and Sacred Land (Lande Film). TRAINING: B.F.A. from Concordia University. DEC in Music, CEGEP SL Laurent.
Stratford debut: Appears in Antony and Cleopatra, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Gypsy. THEATRE Appeared in the open?ing of En Vogue Concert (Kingswood); Spring Fling '92 (Skydome); live Unity '92 (Massey Hall); and The Lotus (Royal Wintergardcn
Theatre). FILMTELEVISION: The Dini Petty Show and YTV Video Special. TRAIING: Ryerson Theatre School and Randolph Dance Theatre.
ALISON SEALY-SMITH Second season: Charmion in Antony and Cleopatra and Hippolyla in A Midsummer Nights Dream. STRATFORD: 1992: Ceres in The Tempest and Rosaline in Love's Labour's Lest. Recipient of a 1992 Tyrone Guthrie Award. THEATRE: Desperate Lady in Wonder of Man (Nightwood Theatre); Doreen in Tartuffe (Canadian Stage Company); Maggie in Mirror Game, Robin in The Groundworld Adventure and Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream (Young People's Theatre); Dame Lorraine in Carnival is Mane, DJanel in Africa Solo and Georgie in Invisible Kids (Theatre Fountainhead); Muriel in Golden Girls (Theatre Calgary); and appearances in vari?ous productions with Company of Sirens Theatre. Directing credits include Martha and Elvira (Nightwood Theatre); and To Pack a Suitcase and Go (Company of Sirens). FILMTELEVISION: Death Wish V; E.N.G. (Alliance Entertainment); Street Legal and Two Men (CBC). TRAINING: Honours B.A. from Mount Allison University.
Third season: Snout in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Menas in Antony and Cleopatra. STRATFORD: 1992: Master in The Tempest, Peter in Romeo and Juliet and Launce in The Two Gentlemen of Verona; 1982: Bulgarian in Arms and the Man, MarinerSpirit in The Tempest and Plebian in Julius Caesar. THE?ATRE: Ernest in The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine (Magnus Theatre, Thunder Bay); Tusenbach in Three Sisters, for which he was nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award and Azolan in Les Liaisons Dangereuses (The Banff Centre); Kepler in A Short History of Night (Crow's Theatre, Toronto); Will in Wildlife, Toby Belch in Twelfth Night and Barry in Paranoia, for which he received a Dora Mavor Moore Award (Theatre Columbus); Angelo in Crime on Goat Island (Persephone Theatre, Saskatoon); The Painter in The Europeans (Necessary Angel Theatre); DougallWallyMr. McDowell in
Stephanie Moijtnslem Matthew Penn
Scott Nichol Sean Power
Lucy Peacock Leon Pownall
Moo (Factory Theatre); Egeus Snoul in A Midsummer Night's Dream (Young People's Theatre); and Billy in Unexpected Moves (Tarragon Theatre). FILMTELEVISION: Top Cops, Secret Service, Kung Fu, Romeo and Juliet, Street Legal and The Tempest (CBC); and The Transparent Man (Folie a Deux).
Seventh season: Euphronius in Antony and Cleopatra, Peter Quince in A Midsummer Night's Dream and lane in Tlu Importance of Being Earnest. STRATFORD: 1992: Telegin in Uncle Vanya and Elbow in Measure for Measure, 1991: Verges in Much Ado About Nothing, Israel Hands in Treasure Island and Painter in Timon of Athens; 1990: SeylonThird Murderer in Macbeth, Trapland in Love for Love, Cecil Stocker in One Tiger to a Hill and Nym in Henry V-, 1989: Tubal in The Merchant of Venice and Hodge in The Shoemakers' Holiday, 1988: Gremio in The Taming of the Shrew, Coquenard in The Three Musketeers and Lord Mayor in Richard III; 1987: Agamemnon in Troilusand Crasida and a Sergeant in Mother Courage. THE?ATRE: Includes Jim in Passion (The Grand Theatre and The Bastion Theatre); Derek Meadle in Quartermaine's Terms and Bob Cralchit in A Christmas Carol (Theatre Calgary); Bri in A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (Citadel Theatre). Spent three consecutive seasons with the National Arts Centre, where his roles included Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Lord Hastings in Richard in. Lieutenant Trotter in Journey's End, Charles Condomine in BUlhe Spirit and Dad in Trafford Tanzi (National Arts Centien'oronto Free Theatre). TRAINING: Trained in England under Joan Littlewood. Started bis career as a stunt driver for British television before working for repertory theatres in England.
Stratford debut: Eros in Antony and Cleopatra, Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream and appears in The Importance of Being Earnest. THEATRE: Bobby in the world premiere of George F. Walker's Tough! (Green Thumb Theatre); The Beast in Beauty and the Beast (Young People's Theatre); PaulGelulio in Power Play (Mulroney Prod.); Allan in Flesh and Blood (Theatre Direct); Seymour in Dead Serious (Arts ClubWestern Canada Theatre Company); Cleanle in The Miser (Vancouver Playhouse); Kane in Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love (Touchstone TheatreArts Club); Fred in A Christmas Carol (Theatre Calgary); Lupu in Baal (The Banff Festival); Byron in Bloody Poetry, Arnold in The Cat (Western National tour); BettyEdward in Cloud 9 , Touch?stone in As You Like It, De floreas in The Changeling and Myshkin in The Idiot (National Theatre School); Pugachev in The Suicide (York University Theatre); and Gary in No Earthy Business (Kawartha Summer Theatre). Played Mike in Peacekeeper (CBC-Radio's Sunday Matinee Series). TRAIN?ING: National Theatre School, York University and Banff Advanced Actor's Workshop.
Second season: Director of A Midsummer Night's Dream. STRATFORD: 1992: Director of Vnclt Vanya. THEATRE: Directing credits include A Midsummer
Night's Dream (The Acting Company, New York); Juno and Tfce Paycock, Blithe Spirit, Fathers and Sons, Aristocrats, Twelfth Night and Our Country's Good (Gate Theatre, Dublin); Faith Healer and Moving (Abbey Theatre, Dublin); She Stoops to Conquer and Juno and The Paycock, which received nine Helen Hayes Award nominations (Arena Stage); Othello (New York Shakespeare Festival); Our Country's Good and Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Toward the Somme (Centaur Theatre Company); and Tie Plough and the Stars (The Banff Centre). Founder of Ireland's first thealie-in-educalion group. The Young Abbey, in 1970. Director of the Peacock Theatre from 1973 to 1976. Artistic Director of the Irish Theatre Company from 1976 to 1978 and Artistic Director of the Abbey Theatre, Ireland's National Theatre, from 1978 to 1985. Managing Director of the Gaiety Theatre from 1986 to 1989 and Founder of the Gaiety School of Acting in 1986. During his tenure at the Gaeity Theatre, plays produced included Death of a Salesman, Philadelphia Here 1 Come!, Borstal Boy and The Plough and the Stars. Acting credits include Peer in Peer Gynt (Gale Theatre, Dublin); Leopold Bloom in Ulysses in Nighttown and Boss in Plebians Rehearse the Uprising by Giinther Grass (Abbey Theatre, Dublin).
Stratford debut: Designer of A Midsummer Night's Dream. THEATRE Mr. Griffin has worked extensively in theatre, opera and ballet in Britain, Europe and the United Slates. He won the Plays and Players Award for Madras House at the National Theatre and was nominated for an Olivier Award for Still Life at the Penguin Cafe for Ihe Royal Ballet. His recent work in London includes Ken Hill's Invisible Man, Arthur Miller's After the Fall al the National Theatre and a full length ballet of Cyrano de Bergerac by David Bintley which premiered at Covenl Garden last year. Hayden has designed The Taming of the Shrew for Tealro di Gli Incamminati in Italy, together with The Voysey Inheritance directed by William Gaskill which opened the 1992 Edinburgh Festival at Ihe Lyceum Theatre. FILMTELEVISION: Designer of Sour Bank Show, Wetherby, Comrade Lady, Still Life al the Penguin Cafe, Hobsons Choice and Six Characters in Search of an A ulhor. TRAIN-ING: Studied under Margaret Harris (Motley) Sadler's Wells Design Course.
LOUISE GUINAND 11th season: Lighting Designer of King John, A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Winafield Trilogy. STRATFORD: Includes 1992: Lighting Designer of Love's Labour's Lost, The Wingfield Trilogy, Uncle Vanya and Shirley Valentine: 1991: Much Ado About Nothing, Les Belles Soeurs and An Enemy of the People 1990: Julius Caesar, the double bill of The Grand Inquisitor! Swan Song and Home, 1989: the double bill of Titus Andronicusl The Comedy of Errors and A Midsummer Night's Dreanr, 1988: the double bill of Oedipusnht Critic, Twelfth Night, The Taming of the Shrew and King Lear, 1987: Journey's End, Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It and Mother Courage; 1986: The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui; Macbeth and Hamlet; 1985: Thr Beaux Stratagem and
Antigone, 1984: Henry IV and Romeo and Juliet; 1983: When Thai I WK...THEATRE: Has designed lighting for most major Canadian theatres. Credits include Aspects of Love (The Elgin Theatre and U.S. Tour); Richard III (New York Shakespeare Festival): Our Country's Good (Centaur Theatre Company Neptune Theatre); Macbeth and A Streetcar Named Desire (The Vancouver Playhouse); A Christmas Carol (Young People's Theatre); Fire and A Woman in Mind (The Grand Theatre); Man of La Mancha. Royal Hunt of the Sun, Hamlet, As You Like It, Romeo and Juliet and The Crucible (The Citadel Theatre); TIk Legend of the Am Arrow (National Arts CentreCanadian Stage Com-pany); The Voysey Inheritance (Shaw Festival); and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolp (Neptune Theatre). Member of the Associated Designers of Canada. TRAINING: Graduate of the National Theatre School.
Eighth season: Composer for A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Illusion. STRAT?FORD: Composition credits include; 1992: The Two Gentlemen of Verona; 1990: Forever Yours, Marie-Lou and the double bill of The Grand InquisitorSwan Song. Acting credits include; 1988: Frangipane in Irma La Douce, Lord Dumaine in All's Well That Ends Well and Murderer in Richard III; 1987: the Sax Player in the all-girl band in Cabaret, Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing and Careless in The School for Scandal; 1986: Droraio of Ephesus in The Boys from Syracuse, Florizel in The Winter's Tale and Guiderius in Cymbeline. THEATRE: Composer, Musical Director and Lyricist of The Servant of Two Masters and On My Own Two Feet (Young People's Theatre); as well as of Bedtimes and Bullies and Julius Caesar (The Citadel Theatre). Composer and Musical Director of Bag Babies (Theatre Passe Muraille). As a Composer, he has worked on numerous productions includ?ing The Cambodia Pavilion (Theatre-
M.ire Ruel Michael Simpson
Derek J. Sangster Brian Tree
Alison Scaly-Smith Prank Zotter
Republic, Edmonton); Amigo's Blue Guitar, for which he received a Dora Mavor Moore Award (Tarragon Theatre); and The Miracle Worker (The Citadel Theatre); and the film 10 Ways to Abuse an Old Woman. Stage credits include Owen in The Melville Boys (CentreSlage Company); Kittel in Ghetto (Toronto Workshop Productions); and Yock Bauman in Quiet in the Land (Myth Festival Toronto Free Theatre). TR AUNG: Graduate of the National Theatre School.
12 th season: Resident Movement Coach and Choreographer. THEATRE: An accom?plished Director, Choreographer and Tutor of Movement. Trained as a dancer at England's Royal Ballet School and Germany's Kurt JoossSigurd Leeder School of Modem Dance. Taught for nine years at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and subsequently conducted workshops in England, the United States and Canada. Choreography credits include Stop The World, I Want To Get Off (London and Broadway); The Damnation of Faust (English National Opera); Ferities (Comedie Francaise, Paris); and Eugene Oneain (Netherlands Opera). Director of Movement at the Royal Shakespeare Company from 1969 to 1974. Directing credits include Mother Courage (Adelaide, Australia); The Dybbuk (American National Theatre of the Deaf); Happy End (RADA); The Country Wife, The Festival of Women and Oh! What a Lovely War! (London, England); The Medium and Der Jasager (Detroit Institute of the Arts); Carmina Burana (Theatre Clwyd, Wales); As You Like It (Perseverance Theater, Alaska); The Importance of Being Earnest (Denver Center Theater Co.); and The Threepenny Opera (Boulder, Colorado). A founding member of Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, Mass., and their Master Teacher and Choreographer.
Fourth season: Fight Director of Antony and Qeopatra, King John, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Bacchae, Fair Liberty's Call and The Blusion. STRATFORD: 1992: Fight Director of The Tempest, World of Wonders, Romcs and Juliet and Stunt Co-ordinator of H M.S. Pinafore and Entertaining Mr. Sloanc, 1991: Fighl Director of the 1991 and 1990 sea?sons. Acting credits include 1991: First Sailor in Hamlet, Watch (William Kemp) in Much Ado About Nothing and Harry in Treasure Island; 1990: Appeared in Macbeth, As You Like It and Julius Caesar. Recipient of the 1991 Derek F. Mitchell Artistic Director's Award. THEATRE: Has been the Fight DirectorChoreographer of more than 100 productions including Escape from Happiness (Factory Theatre); Silver Dagger (Canadian Stage Company); The Castle and The Possibilities (Necessary Angel Theatre Company); Pinnochio, Count Dracula, The Prince and The Pauper, The Groundworld Adventure and Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur (Young People's Theatre); Under the Skin (Theatre Passe Muraille); Isabella's Fortune and King Stag (Odyssey Theatre, Ottawa); Treatment (Toronto Free Theatre); and The Collected Works of Billy the Kid (Tarragon Theatre) as well as productions at the National Ballet and Opera Hamilton.
FILMTELEVISION: Includes Fight Choreographer and performer on Beyond Reality, Maniac Mansion, Street Legal and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. Feature films include Life with Billy, The Arena and The Freshman. TRAINING: B.A. from the University of Saskatchewan (1984) and studied at the Society of American Fight Directors.
Eighth season: Production Stage Manager at the Avon Theatre and Stage Manager of The Importance of Being Earnest. Assistant Stage Manager for Ann Arbor residency of A Midsummer night's Dream. STRATFORD: Stage management credits include 1992: Stage Manager of Love's Labour's Lost and Measure for Measurr, 1991: Love Letters and Timon of Athens', 1990: Forever Yours, Marie-Lou; 1989: Love's Labour's Lost; 1987: The School for Scandal and Assistant Stage Manager of Cabaret, 1986: Stage Manager of Pericles and Assistant Stage Manager of Cymbdinc, 1985: Assistant Stage Manager of The Government Inspector. Production Stage Manager of the Avon Theatre in 1988, the Third Stage from 1989 to 1990 and the Tom Patterson Theatre in 1991. THEATRE: Stage Manager of the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry: Assistant Stage Manager of Marlenc Dietrich's 1973 British lour; and also worked in stage management with the Royal Shakespeare Company for seven years on such productions as TIk Comedy of Errors, Henry IV, Part I and Part 17, Much Ado About Nothing, Uncle Vanya, Piaf, Richard in. Babies Grow Old, Macbeth and The Merchant of Venice. Was Casting Co-ordinalor of the World University Games in Edmonton and has also worked at the Citadel Theatre, where she was Production Stage Manager for the Young Company (1990) as well as Stage Manager of Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur (Citadel TheatreYoung People's Theatre). Other stage management credits include Peter Pan, Long Day's Journey into Night, King Lear, Guys cf Dolls and Amadeus (Citadel Theatre); Shirley Valentine, A Change of Mind and Panther and Jaguar (Alberta Theatre Projects); and A Christmas Carol and Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Theatre Calgary). TRAINING: London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, England.
12th season: Stage Manager of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Tf Illusion.aad the Words and Music Concert Infinite Variety. Assistant Stage Manager for Ann Arbor residency of The Importance of Being Earnest. STRATFORD: Credits include Stage Manager of 1992: The Tempest and The Two Gentlemen of Verona; 1991: Hamla and Homeward Bound; 1990: Macbeth and Phaedra; 1989: The Proposal and Tte Changeling; 1980: Virginia (which transferred to the Haymarkel Theatre in London, England); 1979: BarrcnIYcrma and Ned and Jack. Assistant Stage Manager of 22 productions including Romeo and Juliet, Antigone and The Winters Tale directed by David William; The Guardsman, King Lear and Cymbeh'ne directed by Robin Phillips; and Richard 11 directed by Zoe Caldwell. Won the Artistic Director's Award in 1980. THEATRE: Member of the 198384 Grand Theatre Company, where she stage managed The Doctor's Dilemma and assisted on four pro-
ductions including Arsenic and Old Lace and Dear Antoine, and later stage managed 'Night Mother, directed by Martha Henry. Other credits include Stage Manager of Wendy Lill's The Occupation of Heather Rose, Don Hannah's In the Lobster Capital of the World, Daniel Maclvor's somewhere i have never trav?elled and John Murrell's Waiting for the Parade (Tarragon Theatre); The Recruiting Officer and Our Country's Good (Royal Court Theatre at Canadian Stage); The Idler (Theater Plus); and Robertson Davies' Leaven of Malice (Hart House Theatre, Toronto).
Fourth season: Assistant Stage Manager of Antony and Cleopatra, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Gypsy and The Imaginary Invalid. Assistant Stage Manager for Ann Arbor residency of The Importance of Bang Earnest. STRATFORD: Assistant Stage Manager of 1992: Uncle Vanya, Shirley Valentine and The Two Gentlemen of Verona; 1991: Timon of Athens, The Rules of the Came, The Knight of the Burning Pestle (also 1990) and Love Letters; 1990: Forever Yours, Marie Lou, Phaedra and the double bill of The Grand InquisitorSwan Vn,-.THEATRE: Credits include Stage Manager of The Rich Man (Work-shop West Playwrights Theatre); Assistant Stage Manager of Dialogues of the Carmelites (Manitoba Opera); Albert Herring and Romeo et Juliette (Canadian Opera Company); Die Fledermaus, The Flying Dutchman, Eugene Onegin and The Marriage of Figaro (Edmonton Opera); and A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Crucible and Tie Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Citadel Theatre). Other credits include Stage Management Co-ordinator of the 1989 Edmonton Teen Festival of the Arts and Production Co-ordinator of the 1989 Edmonton Children's Festival (Citadel Theatre); as well as numerous productions for the Edmonton Fringe Festival. TRAIN?ING: B.A. from the University of Lelhbridge, Alberta, and also studied Theatre Production at Grant MacEwan Community College in Edmonton.
The Story Behind the Stratford Festival Residency in Ann Arbor
by Ken Fischer, VMS Executive Director
It's the spring of 1991. University Musical Society Development Director Catherine Arcure and I are having lunch with Canadian Consul General Anne Charles and members of her staff in Detroit. Whenever a Canadian artist or ensemble appears under the auspices of the Musical Society, Ms. Charles supports the perfor?mance by inviting special guests and hosting social events. She loves the performing arts and is proud to introduce local leaders in business, politics, education, and the media to outstanding Canadian artists. Anne Charles has boundless energy and enthusi?asm and is a joy with which to work.
On this bright spring day, we're looking over offerings for the the upcoming 199192 season and beginning to make preliminary plans for the November visit by the Canadian Brass. Anne recounts recent conversations she has had with the people at the Stratford Festival in Ontario centering on their interest in developing new audiences and in developing new relation?ships with presenters. Anne says, "I think you two ought to talk with the folks at Stratford." And before we know it -in typical Anne Charles fashion -we adjourn to Anne's office where she places a call to Stratford...and, as they say, the rest is history.
Conversations began with our colleagues at Stratford. We spoke by phone and learned about their commitment to developing new audiences for their work. We learned that 15 of Stratford's audience comes from the state of Michigan and that they'd like to see that figure grow. We dis?cussed their past week-long residency at Dartmouth College and the educational activities that supplemented the perfor?mances. Stratford learned about the Musical Society's interest in exploring new genres of presentations beyond music and dance. They discovered that while there is good resident theater in Ann Arbor, there is very little touring theater. We told them of our new educational initiatives including the Michigan MozartFest, Philips Educational
Presentations, and our opera and dance programs for young people. They also learned of our desire to be working more closely with area schools and with University academic units in collaborative projects that would benefit students and faculty.
Stratford Artistic Director David William and Producer Colleen Blake visited Ann Arbor in the fall of 1991 to become familiar with the theaters, to meet with community and University representatives, and to meet with leaders of the UMS Board of Directors and staff to discuss next steps. There was much excitement about the prospect of the residency and the planning continued. It was determined that the pro?ductions would be mounted in the Power Center.
During the 199192 season, the UMS was developing a long-range plan. Among its many objectives, the plan called for the Society to explore new art forms, to reach out to new audiences, and to find new ways to work collaboratively with the University and community. The Stratford Residency would fit these objectives perfectly. But there was one other critical factor: all of the above must be accomplished in a fiscally responsible manner. To make it's last objective very clear, the plan required "up-front" funding for any new artistic ventures. The belief was that if the new venture held enough promise for
success, then the Society should be capable of finding sufficient outside support for it. We were willing to take risks with new ventures, but we were not in a position to sustain heavy losses if the venture failed. Board and staff agreed that before we could announce the Stratford residency, we would need to raise $150,000.
Fund-raising efforts began in earnest in the summer of 1992. We began conversa?tions with a major corporation which had expressed interest in the Stratford Residency as an exclusive underwriter. The corpora?tion would not be able to commit, however, until after January 1993.
In July of 1992, six members of the UMS staff visited Stratford to learn as much about theater presentation as possible, recognizing that theater was a new art form for us to present. Arts Midwest, an inter?state consortium that supports the arts in the midwest, provided an 'arts exploration" grant that enabled us to see performances, observe' the technical crew at work, visit the production shops, and meet with key Stratford staff. We had known of Stratford's reputation for producing the highest quality of theater, and our site visit helped us understand how they do it -through talent, hard work, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence in everything they do. They are also creative, positive.
and fun-lov?ing people.
I returned in September of 1992 to negotiate the final terms with producer Colleen Blake. I will always remember three special features of this negotia?tion, because it speaks vol?umes about our wonder?ful colleagues
from Canada. First of all, we held our dis?cussion not in Colleen's office, but at Bentley's, a favorite gathering place for cast and crew (and audience, too) to unwind after performances. (A warm and friendly place, reminiscent of the Pretzel Bell in the late 60s.)
Second, Colleen put on the negotiating table the expectation that UMS would orga?nize a sufficient number of educational activities to engage Stratford cast and crew an additional five hours per week, per per?son, during the residency. "By the way. Ken, we're offering this service at no extra cost. It's part of our investment in audience development." I was totally disarmed. More often than not, I have had to beg touring artists to create extra time for educational activities. But with Stratford, they were offering their extra time as a gift to the University and community and letting us know in no uncertain terms that they
expected us to deliver on our end. What a refreshing new approach -to have artists express as deep a commitment to high-quality education as to high-quality performance.
The third feature was how we docu?mented "the deal." It was all done on the back of a Bentley's napkin. We determined what the two shows would be, when they'd be performed, and agreed to a fee, noting everything on the napkin. Then we signed it. With all the attention that the Bo SchembechlerTom Monaghan napkin deal had gotten in the press, Colleen and I agreed to photograph the napkin just in case we needed to check the details later.
In the fall of 1992, UMS hosted our
Stratford colleagues over the Michigan-Illinois foot?ball week?end. The weekend began Friday afternoon with a meet?ing to intro?duce the Stratford team to key faculty from the English department. Residential College,
iheater Department, School of Music, Humanities Institute, and other campus units. Our Stratford friends urged the faculty to begin thinking about how cast and crew members could assist with classes, work?shops, seminars, and other activities during the residency. The next day, the technical people from Stratford, with clipboards firmly in hand, thoroughly examined the stage of the Power Center to see what changes would be required to enable our space to accommodate the Stratford sets. We did find time to catch a few tailgate parties and to see the game, too.
It is now mid-February of 1993, and we are eager to hear from our prospective spon?sor. The 199394 season brochure must go to press at the latest by mid-March to be available for mailing to patrons in early April. But before we can announce the Stratford Residency as part of the upcoming season, the UMS Board must approve a
University Musical Society Executive Director Ken Fischer and Stratford Producer Colleen Blake with "the deal."
business plan for the residency that includes $150,000 in underwriting. We have a four-week window.
The prospective sponsor calls. But instead of a "yes," we learn that the company has had a particularly difficult quarter and does not feel it can participate in the Stratford Residency as the exclusive sponsor.
What happened in the next four weeks was truly remarkable and demonstrated just how extraordinary this community is. We began to talk with local corporations, foundations, and individuals about the Stratford Residency project and our need to raise $150,000 in 28 days. We found them excited to learn that the Stratford Festival -an organization that everyone knew by reputation to be one of the finest theater companies in the world -would be coming to Ann Arbor. What particularly impressed them, however, was the offer of each member of the Stratford company to give an additional five hours during the week to educational activities in the university and community. Checks and pledges began to come in. Every gift that came in during this time was a critically important gift, but one stand out because of the level of commitment and the hundreds of people the gift represents.
The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation is a thirty-year-old philanthropic institution that makes grants to non-profit organizations in the community and whose Board is made up of leading citizens in the Ann Arbor area. Over the years, hundreds of individuals, families, local businesses, and other organizations from the community have made gifts to the Foundation and have entrusted it to invest and utilize the income for the betterment of the community. The Foundation's Board and staff learned of our project on one day and -realizing that we were under enormous time constraints -invited us to submit a proposal by noon of the next day so that they could consider it immediately and not wait until the next grant period which was several months away. In less than a week, the Foundation put our proposal through its rigorous evaluation process and notified us that we would receive a grant of $25,000 which -up to that time -was the largest grant the Foundation had ever awarded. That the AAACF grant came so early in our intensive fund-raising effort and at such a significant level encouraged other organizations and individuals to make gifts to us.
A week before the deadline we had raised in cash and pledges only about half of what we needed. We then invited special friends to consider becoming guarantors, meaning individuals who, if we were not successful in raising all of the funds by November's curtain time, would together contribute what would be required to reach $150,000. Twelve guarantors made such a commitment. When the deadline arrived, we had, in hand, cash, pledges, and guarantor commitments totaling $150,000. The Board approved the business plan at the March meeting, and the Stratford Festival project became part of our season announcement in early April. (A list of all contributors to the Stratford Residency is included in this program book.)
Visits back and forth continued throughout the spring and summer of 1993. The two productions Stratford chose to bring to Ann Arbor received excellent reviews during Stratford's season. Ticket sales for the Ann Arbor performances are strong enough that we have added another performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream on Saturday afternoon, November 20, in spite of the competing Ohio State game. We sold 400 student-priced tickets to that performance in the first 24 hours.
As of this writing, the educational component of the Stratford Residency has become a virtual mini-semester. More than 35 artists from the Stratford company are sharing their time and expertise with students from the University of Michigan as well as with pupils in the Ann Arbor Schools. University students will participate in discussions on all aspects of theater production from acting to text interpreta?tion, from stage design to actual production methods. In addition, Ann Arbor public and private schools will be visited by Stratford Festival artists who will present several programs including the Festival's famous "Stratford in a Trunk" presentation for younger children. The enthusiasm and generosity of the Stratford participants is only equalled by the joyous anticipation of the students as they await the arrival of Stratford on Ann Arbor.
Thank you for coming to this perfor?mance. By your wonderful support of this project, we hope to be able to make the Stratford Residency an annual occurrence. And please thank the underwriters whose support at a critical time assured that the project could be realized.
PRODUCER Colleen Blake
DIRECTOR OF MUSIC Berthold Carriere
Colm Feore William Hutt Nora Polley
Tanya Moiseiwitsch
Marti Maraden
Elliott Hayes
Robert Beard
Production Manager Paul Shaw Technical Director Ron Kresky
Technical Director Avon Paul Bates
Electronics Technologist Christopher Wheeler Resident Sound Designer Keith Handegord Sound Design RyanAraki Michael Farnsworth John Hazen Evan Turner Technical Buyer Robert McKennitt Technical Co-ordinator, Tom Patterson Theatre Andrew Ball Exhibits Co-ordinator Robert Ihrig Secretary to the Artistic Director Susan Lemenchick Assistant to the Artistic Director Designate Sean Trofin Assistant to the Production Manager Cheryl Bender Secretary to the Directors' Office Jennifer Cooper Production Assistant Janelle Hutchison (The services ol Janelle Hutchison were made pos?sible by the Professional Theatre Training Prograirtne of Theatre Ontario, funded by the Ontario Arts Council.)
Lighting Designer Michael J. WhrHiekJ Assistant Lighting Designers Linda cabins Bonnie Beecher Oliver Merk James Milburn Assistant Designers Andrea Grainger
David Griffith Karin Jones John Leberg Douglas Paraschuk Bill Rasmussen Carolyn Smith Gayle Triblck
Co-qrdinator Marilyn Dallman Rehearsal Pianists Laura Burton Marilyn Dallman Stephen Woodjetts Fanfare Leader A James Ford Fanfare Musicians David Campion Derek Conrod Jerry Johnson Holly Shephard Orchestra Supervisors Holly Shephard Don Sweete Copyist Don Sweete
Marketing Manager Alex Mayer Group Sales & Tourism Manager Laurel Armstrong Graphic Design Manager Andy Foster Publications & Editorial Services Manager Christopher Loudon Education Liaison Pat Quigley Archivist Lisa Brant Publicist Anita Gaffney Marketing Associates: Lisa Brudy
Education Jane Edmonds
Marketing Services Rachel Hilton
Promotions Jill Savage
Special Events Publications Co-ordinator Elizabeth Cooper Graphic Designer Diane Johnson Archives Assistant Matte Downey Communications Assistant Sandra Dahlin Mailing Room SupervisorPurchasing Joyce Peters Mailing Room Clerks Candy Neumeister Ara Jane Ready
Development Associate. Individual Giving Kate Brundage Development Associate,
Corporate Membership Philip Chown Development Assistant Yan Chuen Lee Development Associate, Special Events Tenny Nigoghossian Development Associate, Corporate Sponsorship & Foundations Heather Rumball
Office Supervisor Trudy Tompkins AccountsAdministration Joyce Airhart Data Processor Lee Brown
Development Assistant Michelle Purdy Development Assistant Christine Tucker Telemarketing Office: Gay Allison Tammie Burley Anne Cleland Carol Curry Erin Grootnuis Donald Hughes Sandy Salisbury Julie Scott Annette Spencer Karen Wilson Rod Wilson
Secretary to the Foundation Noreen Ollivier Comptroller Evelyn Mueller Accounting Supervisor Marian Workman Accounting Assistants Dianne Matt Cheryl McCorquodale Payroll Assistants Shirley Bell Heather Marriott Cheryl McCorquodale Company Manager Ron Nichol Receptionist Dianne Doone Manager,
Information Services Wendie Schmidt Systems Operators Jacqueline MacDonald Joy W is hart Joanne Wreford Night Operator Mary Crocker Company Accommodations Gillian de Bues Ruth Stevens Green Room Manager Ruth Klahsen Sous Chefs Lora Pretty Robert Smith Staff
Amanda Doone Charity Doone Andrea Fraser Andrew Douglas Dana Gibbings Carolyn Morris Erik Nowak Jodi Williams Bar Manager FestivalAvon Margo Mair Bartenders Adam Mair Chantell Morlog Paul Bree
Head of Voice Ann Skinner Associate Voice Coach Barney Hammond Assistant Voice Coach Janine Pearson Resident Movement Coach
John Broome Assistant Movement Coach Kelly Arnsby Alexander Technique Kelly McEvenue Steven Glassman Ann Penistan
Text Consultant Leslie O'Dell
Special Thanks to Wilfrid Laurier University______
Festival Theatre Production Stage Managers Margaret Palmer Nora Policy
Janine A Ralph
Ann Stuart
Assistant Stage Managers
Brenda Henderson
Janet Sellery
Jean Southgate
Maxwell T.Wilson
Stage Manager
Andrew North
Avon Theatre
Stage Manager
Hilary Graham
Stage Manager
Mafylu Mover
Assistant Stage Managers
Stephen M. Grasset
Lisa Goueffic
Stage Manager
Chris Hidalgo
Tom Patterson Theatre
Stage Manager
Catherine Russell
Stage Managers
Anne Murphy
Janet Sellery
Ann Stuart
Assistant Stage Managers
Bruno Gonsafves
Theresa Malek
Corinne Richards
Production Assistant
Bradley Dalcourt
WARDROBE Costumes made in the Festival workrooms and executed by: Head ol Wardrobe Louise Champion Assistant Heads ol Wardrobe Jessica Blackmore
Shame-Ann Dial Wardrobe Buyer Dawn Janlzi Slock Co-ordinator Linda Sparks Wardrobe Assistant Sheila Mallon Warehouse Co-ordinator Robin McGibbon Assisted by Madonna Decker Rick Sickinger Resident Cutter Enid Larson Cutters
Christine Audet Brenda Clark Cynthia MacLennan Diane Robinson Tailors Tern Dans Linda Grandmaftre Marvin Schlichting Cutter's Assistant Maren Drees First Hands Joanne Davies Susan E. Dick Clara Eusebi Shirley Lee Rosemary Schaeler Debbie Stiles Marianne Wesche Christine Yundt Seamstresses Deanna Anthony Kathleen Babcock Vivian Baumann Lise Belanger Wendy Bendle Johanna Billings Isabel Bloor Edith Bochynek Denise Bott Kathryn A. Budge Mary Carnngton Betty Chow Pauline Cober Elizabeth Copeman Joyce Critchlow Lucana Dassie Amanda Davis Jeanne de Bretan Carolyn Embree Anne Gagnon Dolores Gummow Angela Hornet Domenica lacobelhs Marion Isherwood C. Arlene Innes Laurie Krempien-Hall Mary Ellen Kroetsch Linda Kukulski Denyse Lagace Vera Lambert Hanh Hao Le Annette Lenze Carole-Diane Levesque Rosemary Linseman Sharon Louttit Laura Magagnin Vera Magi Rosina Mazzanti Julie P. McGill Trish McNally Lily Messerhuber Debbie O'Rourke Luci Pottle Susan Rainslord Andrea Richardson Marianne B. Riehl Olive Robinson Joan Scheerer Lynette Schlichting Alison Scott Christine Smith Susan Smith Joanne Venart
Diane Whomersley Joanne Zegers Additional costumes by Ascot Uniforms &
Regalia Ltd. Sharon Purdy Costumes
Werner Russold Avnl Stevenson Malabar Costume Decorating Mary Fulford Tanya Etienne on "E" Cvetka Fuis Kathi Posfiff Bonnie Steinman Karen McVey Costume Painting Lisa Hughes Additional Painting by No. 1 Brush. Stratford Dyeing
Kendra Gadzala Julie Graham Andrea Jenkins Jewellery Polly Scranton Bohdanetzky Jennifer Scott Leatherwork & Shoes Margaret Hubley Fredmike Comrie Manon de Gagne Mark Fetter Millinery
Nancy Hastings-Trew Leslie Norgate Jan Shipway assistedby Lynda Kirby Rena Tuer Lois Zurell
Wardrobe Mistress
Festival Theatre Gail Homersham
Robertson Avon Theatre
Sharon Parker
Tom Patterson Theatre
Helen Basson
Wardrobe Attendants
Melanie Bradley
Ina Brogan
Margie Bruer
Alex Gushing
Cvetka Fujs
Connie Heinbuch
Angela Homer
Maxine Houston
Michael Karn
Jeffrey Kilbreath
William C. Kraft
Annette Lenze
Sharmon Luchuck
Sheila Mallon
Terrianne Miller
David Kent Newcomb
Angela Peres
Luci Pottle
Eric Semak
Christine Smith
Made in the Festival workshops under the supervision of: Festival Thealn Clayton Shields Avon Theatre Gerald Altenburg Tom Patterson Theatre Richard Jarvie With Constance Grayson Dave Kerr Chris Vaughan Melissa Veal RazZemilis Makeup Supervisor Clayton Shields
Made in the Festival work?shops under he supervision of: Festival Theatre 'rank Holte Avon Theatre Roy Brown
Tom Patterson Theatre Roy Brown Assisted by Ruth Abernethy Beverly May Adam Ken Dubblestyne Glenn Elliott Robert Fenwick Carolyn Horley Jennifer Macdonald Brian McLeod Mark Oslien Stewart Robertson Lorraine Seneca! The Stratford Festival would like to ackno wkdge Mr. Doug Grass, Senior Properties Maker, who passed away this year while working on our 1993 productions. Dougie, we miss you.
Festival Theatre Stage Carpenter David Martin Master Electrician Alec Cooper Property Master Ted Derry Sound
David Berwick Crew
John Currie Neil Dennison Art Fortin Les Maclean Ehrhard Nowak Walter Sugden Gerald Van Sickle Avon Theatre Stage Carpenter Jay Klassen
Master Electrician Bruno Hacguebard
Property Master John Hoodless
Chris Shaw
Jeremy Lach
Gord Balmain
Mark Fisher
Dan Hoodless
Martin Penner
Gerald Van Sickle
Tom Patterson Theatre
Stage Carpenter
Michael Ellsworth
Master Electrician
Timothy Hanson
Jim Stewart
Property Master
Alan Hughes
Steve Cassaubon
constructed by Head Carpenter Neil R Cheney Assisted by Mike Izma William Malmo John Muxlow Michael Ryan Vic Ryan
Byron Williams with
Gord Balmam Dan Bingeman John Currie Ted Deny Michael Ellsworth Gary Getger Lance Hinds Paul Hughes Les Maclean David McDonald Waller Sugden Geoff Taylor with special thanks to the Sarducci Brothers Scenic Artists Karen P. Hay Richard Gordon Assisted by Janet Cormack Leslie Furness Kevin Kemp
Blair Yeomans
Transportation Andrew Douglas
Sue Graff
Harry Finlay
Adam Mair
Michael Earnie Taylor
Merchandising Manager
Marline Becu
Administrative Assistant
Nancy Ranney
Customer Service
Jennifer Bingham
Katia du Pena
Nolan Jennings
Elizabeth Simpson
Aline Ollrvier
Mary Ellen Lamont
Beverley St. Louis
Doris Belland
Heather Sansom
Glen Crumback
Vincent Berns
Betty McCreadie
Chera Francoeur-Fox
Box Office Manager
Gerry Rehberg
Customer Service
Susan Benlon
Susan Erb
Media Secretary
Jo-Anne Jordan
Schools & Groups
Janice Kastner
Box Office Supervisor
Michele Keutsch
Special Orders Manager
Marion Neigh
Marg Simons
Schools & Groups
Cheryl Teeple
Customer Service
Susan Adair
Jane Bex
Pamela Brenneman
Nathaniel Campbell
Andrew Chung
Ellen Charendoff
Adam Fleming
Kimberley Foster
Chris Frank
Elaine Hardie
Brian Hollohan
Shawn Malvern
Jodi McDonald Suzanne Millar Julie Moore Valerie Moreton Lisa Parker Tom Patterson Susan Rolph Melinda Ruston Jen Savage Nikki Savage Karen Scholz Manjeet Sehra Joan Smith Stacey Smithers Lesley Spencer Kelly Strasler Maureen Vankesteren Julie Viam Stephanie Voigt Janet Wilson FESTIVAL THEATRE FRONT OF H0U8E House Manager Ron Nichol
Assistant House Manager Robert McKenzie Ushers Brock Appel Reid Appel Madeline Bain Heather Balmain Mary Bennewilz Elvycorene Bentley Melanie Douglas Joann Eldridge Joyce Eusebi Frances Farquharson Ian Ferguson Lynn Gould Joan Greenfield Rebecca Hill Evelyn Huffman Matt Huffman Alia Hussey
Doris Hussey Christian Johnson
Beth Kollman
Lisa Kresky
Steven Kydd
Heidi Lang
Jennifer Lee
Jil Loughrey
Matt Loughrey
Margaret Mark
Doris McCauley
Dorothy Micks
Ruth-Ann Miller
Marion O'Hara
Lillian Parker
Julie Patterson
Ted Patterson
Allison Read
Dave Realh
Dolores Riehl
Marie Sanchioni
Jean Schenck
Ingrid Schmekies
Barbara Scott
Megan Shore
Stephanie Shore
Catherine Smkins
Pamela Spencer
Rita Van Heyning
Stephen Vogan Trine Wolf Tratfic Attendant Josh Kukulski Cloakroom Attendants Mary Doering MaryGonczol Parking Lot Supervisor Andrew Douglas Stall
John Kastner Andrew Nickel Matt Nickel
Sieve WoNgram
House Manager
Isabelle Reinhart Hook
Assistant House Manager
Aline Ollrvier
Elsie Clark
Marlene Cossey
Ann Marie Dave
Jean Garner-Dearing
Betty Holland
Rob Illman
Amy Krug
Mary MacPherson
Tyler MacNaughton
Veronica Marcellissen
Yootha Neller
Lois Pogson
Rob Robinet
Valerie Robinson
Barb Scholz
Ellneda Zimmerman
Cloakroom Attendants
Joyce Chapel
Mary Doering
House Manager Andrew Douglas Ushers
Mary Bennewitz Celina Desando Sarah Flanagan Betty Holland Dons Hussey Beth Kollman Dorothy Micks Brett Monleith Lillian Parker Jeremy Schlotzhauer
Operations Manager Clare Downey Chiel Engineer Simon Cahill Shift Engineers Robert Anderson John Luesink Richard Morris Head Gardener Dennis Washburn Assistant Gardener John Campion Maintenance Carpenters Richard Graul Frank Krauskopf Head ol Maintenance Ron Brown Maintenance Bernie Baker Roy Brown Mark Czajkowksi William Johnson Tom Jordan Larry Shurrie Seasonal Maintenance Michael Chilton Jim Mitchell Ken Baumbach Steven Price Gordon Wilson Brenda Rich Stage Door Guards Harry Smith Blair Holden Brent Holden Michael Thomas
The University Musical Society thanks the following individuals, departments, and businesses for their assistance in making the Stratford on Ann Arbor performances possible.
Gregg Alf
Kathy M. Anderson Carol Amster Herb Amster Martha Ause Barbara Bach Milli Baranowski Linda Bennett Anne Benninghoff Sara Billmann Polly Binder Carmel Borders Janice Stevens Botsford Enoch Brater Nancy Briggs Ava Brown Jeannine Buchanan Letitia Byrd Betty Byrne Pauline Coleman Evelyn Collins Peter H. deLoof Don Faber Wendy Feigner Leslie Feret Robben Fleming Phyllis Flory Erik Frederickson
Linda French Jennifer Haines Margo Halsted Dora Hampel Esther Heitler Loma Hildebrandt Kathleen Treciak Hill Chen-Oi Hsieh JoAnne Hulce June Hutchings Janelle Hutchison Institute for the Humanities Alice Irani Perry Irish Maureen Isaac Frances Jelinek Mary Kahn Heidi Kerst Leah Kileny Beatrice Kueng Nat Lacy Kathleen Maly Annette Masson Marty McClatchey Charlotte McGeoch Bemice Merte Clyde Metzger Rosalie Moore
Tom Mull Deb Katz
Karen Koykka O'Neal Connie Osier Marysia Ostafin Mary Price Rosemary Rathe Maya Savarino Pam Schultz Mary Sexton Janet Shatusky Aliza Shevrin Leslie Slainton Katie Stebbins Katherine Steffek Ellen Stross James Telfer, MD Katharine Uhle Sue UUrich Harlan UnderhiU Jerry Weidenbach Robert Weisbuch Shelly Williams Phyllis Wright James Winn Elizabeth Yhouse Nancy Zimmerman
Very Special Thanks to...
The Staff at the Gandy Dancer Restaurant for their infectious enthusiasm at staging the Wassail Dinner on Thursday night
EUie and Dennis Senas of Maude's Restaurant and Mainstreet Ventures for welcoming the Stratford Company at late night hours
Ede Bookstein for hosting the 'Farewell Brunch' for the Stratford Company.
Alice Irani for her pro btmo legal counsel.
Special thanks to all the actors and members and of the Stratford Festival Company who participated in the Philips Educational Presentations throughout the week.
Stratfbrd-on-Ann Arbor Public Events
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19 A Midsummer Night's Dream
8 pm Power Center
This performance made possible by thi Dobsoh-McOmber
Agency Inc.
Post-Performance Chat
Immediately following the 8fM performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream, audience members are invited to join cast members for an informal chat, Power Center Theatre
Opening Night Reception
Meet with cast members and share in post-performance
refreshments. $10.00 per person.
Call 747-1175 to RSVP. Power Center Green Room
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20 A Midsummer Night's Dream
2 pm Power Center
This performance made possible by TriMas
Post-Performance Chat
Immediately following the 2 pm performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream, audience members are invited to join cast members for an informal chat. Power Center Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream
8 pm Power Center
This performance made possible by First of America
Post-Performance Chat
Immediately following the 8 pm performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream, audience members are invited to join cast members for an informal chat. Power Center Theatre
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21 A Midsummer Nighfs Dream
2 pm Power Center
1993 94 Winter Season
Itnnxliii String QuarU-
Triii Tchaikovsky Saturday. January 15, X P.M. Ruckham Auditorium
Shostakovich String Quartet Cycle Borodin String Quartet' Tuesday. January 25. K p.m.. Auditorium Wednesday Friday. January 26-2K. X p.m.. t '-M Museum l Art Saturday. January 2'). X p.m.. Riiekh.nn AuJiioriuni Made possible by a gift from Edward Surovell CoJHvallors
Moscow Virtuosi
Vladimir Spivakov, conductor
Thursday. February S, K p.m.
U;K'kh.mi Auditorium
Hungarian Stale Folk Kiiseinhle Friday, liebruary. 11. K km. Power Center
I' Kioja and Company' Saturday. February 12. K p.m. Power 'enter
.hunrs (ialway, flutist Christopher O'Rilcy, pianist Sunday. February 13.4 p.m. Hill Auditorium
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra Tuesday. February 15. 8 f'.m. Hill Ainliloriiun
New York City Opera VilioiKil Company Puccini's Miuliwni liitlliijly Tuesday. March I. 7 P.M. Thursday-Friday. March 3--4. X p.m. Saturday. March 5. 2 p.m. Power Center
Made possible by a gift from Joe O'Nealand O'SealConstruction
Chicago Symphony Orchestra'
ki inn III li:iii. conductor Iliilip Sahnmsky, pianist Tuesday. March X. X km. Hill Auditorium Made possible by a gift from Jacobs oil's
Urban Hush Wiimrn' Friday, March II. 8 p.m. Power ('enter
This project i supported by Arts Mitlni'si nianben mill friends in partnership n ith Dunce on Ttntr. the NtitiiHiitl hthluHiiu'nt for the Arts, mttl the Michigan Council fur Art mi. I Cultural Affairs.
Kronus String Quarlvt
with Hrrimin Pascoal I (irupi
Saturday. March 12. K p.m.
Power Center
Moscow Philharmonic Vassily Sinaisky, conductor iil Sliuliuni, violinist Friday. March IS. 8p.m. Hill Auditorium
L-M School of Music Faculty Artists CiMicvrt
Sunday. March 20. 4 P.M. Kuckham Auditorium
Guitar Summit' IVpr Konivro, l.tit Kutlkv, Joe Puss I'aco IVfm Monday. March 21. K p.m. Rackham Auditorium Made s ihle hy a gift from Regency Travel
Murray IVrahia, piunist Wednesday. March 23. 8 p.m. Hill Auditorium
l-iiniTMiii Si riny Quartft" lriday. March 25. X cm. Rackham Auditorium
Jiishua Bell, violinist
Tuesday. April 5. 8 P.M. Kackham Auditorium
1) 11 nil Syniphiiny Orchoslra Nrruir J;ir i, conducinr Liiivvrsity Choral Union Thomas Shuts, music director
Sunday. April 17. 4 P.M. Hill Auditorium
Bvuux Arts Trio
Monday. April IX. X P.M. Kackham Auditorium
Drvsdi'ii Stualskupvllv' iiciM p)S111111111[i. conductor Thursday. April 21. X p.m. Hill Auditorium
101st Ann Arbor May Festival
lliursday Saturday May 12-14. 1994 Watch for details!
Philips Educational Prdcntjtion offered in conjunction with this performanco Free and open to the public See page 23 for details
For more information, call or write:
University Musical Society
of the University of Michigan Burton Memorial Tower Ann Arbor, Ml 48109-1270

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