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University Musical Society and Ford Motor Company
The Ford honors program
Van Cliburn during a performance at the Moscow Conservatory
A Recital by and Tribute to
A Benefit for the University Musical Society Education Program
Saturday Evening, May i 1, 1996 at 6:00
Hill Auditorium and The Rackham Building
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Johannes Brahms
Intermezzi, Op. 118, Nos. 1 2
Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Sonata No. 23 in f minor, Op. 57 ("Appassionata")
Allegro assai
Andante con moto -attacca:
Allegro, ma non troppo -Presto
Karol Szymanowski
Etude in bflat minor, Op. 4, No. 3
Alexander Scriabin
Etude in dsharp minor, Op. 8, No. 12
Claude Debussy
"Reflets dans l'eau" from IMAGES, Set I
Kenneth C. Fischer, Executive Director, Univ. Musical Society
Van Cliburn and the First
Tchaikovsky International Competition
Video excerpts from "Van Cliburn, Concert Pianist," produced by Peter Rosen.
Van Cliburn and Interlochen
Greetings and Introduction by Richard Odell, President,
Interlochen Center for the Arts Performance by Anthony McGill, clarinet ds'Soyeon Lee, piano
Carl Maria von Weber
Grand Duo Concertant for Piano and Clarinet Rondo: Allegro (Third Movement)
Van Cliburn and the Wan Cliburn International Piano Competition
Performance by and greetings from Christopher Taylor, Bronze Medalist, 1993 Van Cliburn Piano Competition
William Bolcom
From Twelve New Etudes (1986) Fast, furious
Butterflies, hummingbirds Rag infernal (syncopes apocalyptiques)
Van Cliburn and the University Musical Society
Special Tribute
Video excerpts from "Van Cliburn, Concert Pianist, " produced by David Rosen. Music by David Barrett
Presentation of the
UMS Distinguished Artist Award
Bruce Kulp, representing Ford Motor Company
Intermezzi, Op. 118 12
Johannes Brahms Born May 7, 1833 in Hamburg Died April 3, 1897 in Vienna
Brahms' late piano works, in the collec?tions from Op. 116 to Op. 119, are all relatively short, but within each of the lyric miniatures there is a spiritual concentration, a distillation of technique so vivid that every note, every sound, makes its point without superfluous effect.
In the shortest Intermezzo, Op. 1181, this concision of musical substance appears even in the thematic material: the second theme is simply an inversion of the exultant opening motif. At the conclusion, the arpeg?gios that had provided the accompaniment become, themselves, the vehicle of poetic expression.
The second of the intermezzi from Op. 118 is a piece wholly given to one emotion; no climax, no build and release of tension -the moments of expressive weight occur evenly throughout the work. Its soothing beauty arises rather from the subtleties of nuance, drawing greater emotional potency through restraint. Perhaps Walter Niemann recalled this work in particular when he wrote of the "wonderfully tranquilizing depth" in Brahms' intermezzi.
Piano Sonata No. 23 in f minor, Op. 57 "Appassionata"
Ludwig van Beethoven
Born c. December 15, ijjo in Bonn, Germany
Died March 26, 182] in Vienna
In the wake of the Eroica Symphony from 1804, Beethoven produced two piano sonatas that share some of the symphony's grandeur and emotional gravity: the "Waldstein" Sonata in C Major, and its stormy, minorkey counterpart, the Sonata in f minor, Op. 57 ("Appassionata"), which was completed the following year and published in 1807. The subtitle "Appassionata" is not Beethoven's own, but it captures appropriately the tempestuousness and torrential passion that mark the work.
There are moments of deceptive quietude in the first movement; unlike the "storm" passage (also in f minor) from Beethoven's "Pastoral" Symphony, here it is an emotional tempest, and there are no distant thunders to give early warning of the sudden and ferocious outbursts that recur through the movement. The lengthy coda, another legacy of the Eroica symphony, leaves us, as Wilfred Mellers suggests, "on the brink of an abyss" and the following Andante movement, a simple chorale with variations, is little comfort -nothing more than a calm between two storms.
The sonataform finale follows without a break, the tempest returning with renewed vigor. Beethoven repeats the development section, but not the exposition, and the resulting cumulative disruptions amplify the power of the extraordinary concluding coda.
Etude in Bflat minor, Op. 4, No. 3
Kami Szymanowski
Born October 6, 1882 in Timoshovka, Ukraine
Died March 28, 1937 in Lausanne, Switzerland
Karol Szymanowski's Four Etudes, Op. 4
-composed when he was only lg years old
-draw on the pianistic techniques of earlier keyboard virtuosi, combined with unmistakable signs of his own emergent compositional voice. But the bflat minor Etude, Op. 43 is still, as one critic quipped, "reminiscent of Rachmaninoff in the right hand, and Chopin in the left."
The label of "etude" implies a pedagogi?cal element; here it seems to be not so much the righthand octaves that are the work's raison d'etre, but the balance between a finelyweighted melody and the dense, ponderous chords that accompany it. It is a study in finesse more than technique. The opening is somber but heroic, building to an impas?sioned climax. Just when the excitement begins to retreat into resignation, a final burst of energy signals defiance. A shift into the major mode at the conclusion calms the troubled repose.
Etude in dsharp minor Op 8, No. 12
Alexander Scriabin
Born January 6, i8j2 in Moscow
Died April 27, 795 in Moscow
As with Szymanowski's early pieces, Alexander Scriabin's Twelve Etudes, Op. 8, hint at his emergence from the shadow of Chopin, and his development toward a unique and personal musical language. It was Scriabin's performance of the Op. 8 etudes in 1895 that so impressed the influ?ential Russian patron and publisher Mitrofan Belaiev, and firmly established Scriabin as a composer pianist worthy of attention.
In 1891, while a young student at the Conservatory, Scriabin suffered a sudden attack of paralysis in his right hand due to overpracticing. Subsequent therapy and retraining only partially overcame the ailment, and for the rest of his performing career he struggled with loud octave passages for the right hand. In this light, the dsharp minor Etude, Op. 8, No. 12, takes on a clearly autobiographical resonance, as its relentless righthand octaves swell from a "patetico" murmur into a bold and powerful proclama?tion. It speaks directly to Scriabin's persever?ance, and the intensity of his inner vision, fashioning this etude not just in musical terms but as a show of personal courage and pure selfwill.
"Reflets dans l'eau," from Images set o
Claude Debussy
Born August 22, 1862 in
St.GermainenLaye, France Died March 25, 1918 in Paris
Roger Nichols writes that in "Reflets dans l'eau," the first piece from Claude Debussy's first set of Images, "the rhythms of the water, symmetrical to the casual eye, but in fact full of lifegiving asymmetries, the sound of the water, monotonous and hypnotic, even (in a good performance) the feel of the water, come across with a fidelity that Liszt and Ravel had not achieved."
The water of the work's title is the deep calm of a mirrorlike pond, and the distur?bance of its perfect stillness initiates the musical response. Debussy himself imagined the opening as "a pebble dropping into a pool, and the ripples spreading outwards..." Eventually the ripples reflect, intersect and intensify, until the play of light and water creates a kaleidoscope of cascading scales, tumbling figurations, and whispering trills. The motion gradually dissolves as the echoes of these reflections fade into the piano's high and low registers.
L'isle joyeuse, one of only two works for piano completed by Debussy in 1904, was inspired by Antoine Watteau's painting L'embarquerrwnt pour Cythere. But there may have been a second, more personal inspiration as well. In the summer of 1904, just as he was reworking this piece into its final form, Debussy's first marriage collapsed, and he decided to elope with Emma Bardac to Jersey in the English Channel Islands. Subsequently, Debussy used the English spelling in the title -"isle" rather than the French "He" -suggesting that Jersey was perhaps Debussy's own "isle joyeuse."
Throughout the opening passages, snatches of a jaunty dottednote tune alter?nate with shimmering watery figurations. These give way in the central section to a noble melody that speaks of contentment and inward joy. The dotted rhythms and water imagery return before a series of fan?fares announce the noble theme again, this time in a grand and brilliant fortissimo.
Notes xuritten by Luke Howard Ann Arbor, 1996
Van cliburn with Eugene Ormandy after a may Festival performance.
. njuly2,i98g, f k thirtyone years
m A after his triumph
I at the First
U Tchaikovsky
k r International
Competition, Van Cliburn appeared in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. John Ardoin, Music Critic of the Dallas Morning News, observed that "the expectations of the capacity audiences -plus dozens standing and sitting in the aisles -seemed almost too much. The audience wanted him to live up to the legend he became in the Soviet Union during his five previous concert tours. He did not disappoint. Not only did he give substance to the legend, he also enlarged on it. Every page of the two concertos (the Liszt First Piano Concerto and the Tchaikovsky First Piano Concerto) was streaked with the sort of freedom and phrase, freshness and vivid imagination that comes from a major musician at the zenith of his powers." This trip to the Soviet Union, which also included performances in Leningrad, was one of the first triumphs marking Van Cliburn's return to the concert stage following an extended sabbatical.
Beginning with a performance at the White House State Dinner honoring the Soviet Union's General Secretary, Mikhail Gorbachev, in December 1987, Mr. Cliburn went on to play for the opening of Carnegie Hall's 100th anniversary season with the New York Philharmonic under Zubin Mehta. He was also invited to perform for the gala opening of the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, as well as the dedication of the Lied Center for the Performing Arts in Lincoln, Nebraska,
and the Bob Hope Cultural Center in Palm Springs, California.
Recent appearances have included per?formances with the Leningrad Philharmonic at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the gala opening of the 199495 San Francisco Symphony season. In addition to a summer tour of thirteen cities with the Moscow Philharmonic, Van Cliburn traveled to a number of festivals from die Mann Center with the Philadelphia Orchestra to Grant Park in Chicago where the attendance was reported to be 350,000 people. The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall in Sarasota and the Palm Beach Opera at the Kravis Center presented Mr. Cliburn in gala benefit recitals.
To coincide with
his return to the stage, bmg Classics has reissued eight recordings enti?tled, The Van Cliburn Collection" on its rca Victor label. These CDs which include Mr. Cliburn's two classic recordings
the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 with Kirill Kondrashin and the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 with Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra have reached the top of the bestseller list. Also on the bestseller list are his performances of the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3 with the Symphony of the Air conducted by Kondrashin and the Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 3 with Walter Hendl and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The most recently
Van Cliburn
Van Cliburn, at age twentythree, skyrocketed to fame in 1958 during the height
of the Cold War when he conquered the heart of the Russian people as the winner of the
First International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow.
released recording is of the Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2 in bflat and the Rachmaninoff Rlmpsody on a Theme ofPaganini.
In connection with these releases, Mr. Cliburn has toured the country in record signing appearances, has been a guest on numerous television shows and was featured in a documentary on Arts and Entertainment called, "Van Cliburn, Concert Pianist. "
Van Cliburn, at age twentythree, sky?rocketed to fame in 1958 during the height of the Cold War when he conquered the heart of the Russian people as the winner of the First International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. That sensational victory immedi?ately made front page news around the world, and the triumph was celebrated by a tickertape parade in New York City, the only such honor ever given to a classical musician. At the invitation of Premier Khruschev, he returned to the Soviet Union several times for extended series of concerts. In America, his recording of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 was the first classical record?ing to go platinum, by now having sold over three million copies.
The tremendous excitement stirred by Van Cliburn's remarkable achievement in Moscow catapulted him to the forefront of the musical world and into a highly visible public life. Worldwide concert tours and rig?orous recording schedules were greeted by sellout crowds and topofthecharts record sales. Over die next two decades, Mr. Cliburn performed with virtually every major orches?tra and conductor and in all the important international concert halls. Equally in demand for formal ceremonial occasions, Mr. Cliburn performed for every United States President since Harry S Truman, as well as for royalty and heads of state from numerous countries in Europe, Asia and
South America. At the height of his career, Van Cliburn still found time to give his name, talents and energies to establishing the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, first held in 1962, a living legacy to his com?mitment to the development of young artists.
Although he became an international household word following the Tchaikovsky Competition, Van Cliburn was well known in America prior to 1958. He had won the prestigious Edgar M. Leventritt Foundation Award in 1954 which resulted in highly successful performances with the New York Philharmonic under the baton of Dmitri Mitropoulos and other major American orchestras. When he was twelve, he made his orchestral debut with the Houston Symphony after winning first prize in a state?wide competition for young pianists in Texas.
Mr. Cliburn was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lavan Cliburn. From the age of three, he studied piano with his mother, Rildia Bee O'Bryan Cliburn, a pupil of Arthur Friedheim who was a pupil of Franz Liszt. At four he played in public, and by the time he was six, it was obvious he was destined for a concert career. His mother continued to be his only teacher until he entered The Juilliard School at age seventeen where he continued his studies with Mme. Rosina Lhevinne.
Over the many years of his concert career, Van Cliburn has consistently recog?nized the need to nurture the careers of aspiring young artists. He has provided scholarships at The Juilliard School, the Cincinnati Conservatory, Texas Christian University, Louisiana State University, the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, the Moscow Conservatory and the Leningrad Conservatory, to name but a few. He has served for many years on the Board of
Trustees for the Interlochen Center for the Arts where he established scholarships and built the Van Cliburn Scholarship Lodge whose rental fees generate additional funds for scholarships.
In recognition of both his outstanding concert career and contributions to educa?tion and the development of young talent, Mr. Cliburn has received honorary degrees from Baylor University, Loyola University, Texas Christian University, Michigan State University and the Moscow Conservatory, among others.
This evening's rental marks Mr. Cliburn's ninth appearance under UMS auspices.
The Ford Honors Program
The Ford Honors Program is a new University Musical Society program (ums) made possible by a generous grant from Ford Motor Company. Each year ums will honor a worldrenowned artist or ensemble with whom the ums has maintained a long?standing and significant relationship. In one evening, the ums will present the artist in concert, pay tribute to and present the artist with the ums Distinguished Artist Award, and host a dinner in the artist's honor. Proceeds from the evening will benefit the ums Education Program. Van Cliburn was selected to be the first artist so honored because of his distinguished performance history under ums auspices, the affection shared between him and the people of our community, his passionate devotion to young people and to education, and his unique ability to bring together and trans?form individuals and entire nations through the power of music.
Kenneth C. Fischer
Master of ceremonies
Ken Fischer is Executive Director of the University Musical Society (ums). Before assuming his present position at ums in 1987, Fischer was a management consultant, independent concert presenter, and associa?tion executive in Washington, D.C. for seven?teen years. Fischer
is active in a num?ber of community and professional organizations including Ecu?menical Center and International Residence, Rotary International, Chamber Music America, United Negro College
Fund, International Society for the Performing Arts, American Association for Higher Education, and Classical ActionPerforming Arts Against aids. He has degrees from The College of Wooster in Ohio and the University of Michigan and grew up in nearby Plymouth.
Ken Fischer first met Van Cliburn 35 years ago as a member of the French horn section of the National High School Orchestra that accompanied Mr. Cliburn in his performance oftlie Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 at the Interlochen Center for the Arts. Also performing in the same orchestra was flutist Penelope Peterson, Fischer's urife of thirty years.
'an Cliburn has served for many years on the Board of Trustees for the Interlochen Center for the Arts, where he has performed on numerous occasions,
established scholarships for young musicians, and built the Van Cliburn Scholarship Lodge whose rental fees generate additional funds for scholarships.
arts (ica) since its formation in 1928 has become the country's premier site for young musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists, and writers to explore and develop their talents. Interlochen alumni comprise more than 10 of the members of the nation's major symphony orchestras. Among the Center's 67,000 alumni are actors Meredith Baxter, Richard Brooks, and Linda Hunt; dancers Peter Sparling and Janet Eilber; musicians Peter Yarrow, Jessye Norman, Peter Erskine, and Lorin Maazel; writers Pamela White Hadas and Cathy Guisewite; broadcaster Mike Wallace; and visual artists Wendy Midener and Keane Paradiso.
Richard Odell is the fifth president of Interlochen Center for the Arts, having assumed the leadership of this world renowned arts institution in February of 1995. Mr. Odell has held key administrative
positions in the arts and educa?tion throughout his career. He has served as head?master of the Chicago Academy for the Arts, director of exter?nal affairs at Northfield Mount Hermon School, Northfield,
Massachusetts, and director of development at Birch Wathen School, New York. His many professional affiliations include serv?ing as an active member of the National
Association of Independent Schools and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, of which he is currently chair?man of District V. He also chairs the Arts Advocacy Working Group, an assembly of major national arts organizations, which promotes a better understanding of the value of arts and arts education. Now in the second year of his Interlochen administra?tion, Mr. Odell has charted a new course for this "world center for arts education" in northern Michigan. His aggressive and ener?getic leadership has launched an ambitious Capital Campaign, a campus renovation pro?ject, strategic planning for the future, and exciting student outreach tours around the state, nation and the globe.
soyeon lee, a native of Seoul, Korea, started her piano studies at the age of five from piano faculties of the Yonsei University of Korea. After coming to the United States in 1989, she has studied extensively with a Rumanian concert pianist, Marina di Pretoro. Soyeon Lee was a soloist with the Westmore?land Symphony Orchestra in Pennsylvania at the age of thirteen and was invited to perform with other orchestras around the area as well. She was the state winner of the Music Teachers National Association Baldwin Keyboard Competition for three years and received second place in the Eastern Regional Divisions twice at the Eastman School of Music and Duquesne University while representing West Virginia. In addition to being a winner of the Pittsburgh Concert Society Auditions and Duquesne Young Artists' competition, she has received Third Prize in the Inter?national Corpus Christi Young Artists
Richard Odei.i.
Concerto Competition and the International Isabel Scionti Piano Solo Competitions during her freshman year. Soyeon was the winner in the high school division of the National Concerto Competition in MidlandOdessa, Texas and has participated in the Inter?national Tchaikovsky Competitions for Young Musicians in Sendai, Japan this past summer as well. She has had masterclasses with many eminent pianists as Julian Martin, Julie Bees, Susan Starr, and Natasha Snitkovsky. Presently a junior at the Interlochen Arts Academy, Soyeon is continuing her studies with Victoria Mushkatkol.
Anthony mcgill, from Chicago, Illinois, is currently an 11 th grader at the Interlochen Arts Academy. Since the age of eight, he has received many honors and awards. Anthony has performed with the Chicago Symphony, Interlochen Arts Camp Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Youth Symphony, and will be per?forming with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in May, 1996. In April of 1996, Anthony will participate in masterclasses and recitals during the Irving S. Gilmore Festival in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He per?formed the Nielson Clarinet Concerto with the Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra in February, 1996. Anthony has studied clarinet
with Larry Combs from the Chicago Symphony, and Julie DeRoche of DePaul University. His teacher at the Academy is Richard Hawkins.
Grand Duo Concertant for Piano and Clarinet
Carl Maria von Weber Born November 18, ij86 in
Eutin, Oldenburg, Germany Died June 5, 1826 in London
Weber was powerfully stimulated by the extraordinary playing of Heinrich Barmann, the greatest clarinetist of his time. The two spent nearly five months together in 1811 in the course of which Weber wrote the Concertino and two concertos for Barmann. The Grand Duo Concertant, produced in 1816, was the last of several chamber pieces that resulted through their collaboration in subsequent concert tours. In the final move?ment (Rondo) the central operatic dialogue between the clarinet and the bass register of the piano leads to a coda in which sparkling parallel thirds provide a brilliant finale.
Christopher Taylor became the first American to reach the finals in the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition since 1981. He then went on to win the Bronze Medal, in 1993 and his resulting CD has won critical acclaim. In the summer of 1990 he was one of the first four recipients of the Gilmore Young Artists Award, a schol?arship for exceptionally promising American pianists aged 22 or younger. Shortly there?after he took first prize in the William Kapell International Piano Competition, which was held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.c. and at the University of Maryland. Since his first solo recital at ten, he has
'oth the University Musical Society and the University of Michigan have enjoyed a long and important relationship with the Interlochen Center for the Arts which dates back to the founding of Interlochen by Joseph E. Maddy in 92S.
given concerts in many cities, including New York (Alice Tully Hall), Boston, Washington, Baltimore and Denver as well as in France, Spain and the Caribbean. He has appeared
with the National Symphony, the Houston Symphony, the Atlanta Symphony, the Boston Pops, the Buffalo Philharmonic, the National Orchestral Institute, the Colorado Music Festival Orchestra, the Fort Worth Symphony, and numerous other orchestras. While pursuing his musical career he also attended Harvard University, graduating summa cum laude with a degree in mathematics in 1992.
Twelve New Etudes
William Bolcom
Born May 26, 1938 in Seattle, Washington
Currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan
The career of William Bolcom has led him from the West Coast (Mills College and Stanford University) to Paris (Milhaud and Messaien) and New York in the late 1960s, where he contributed to the ragtime revival. Currently, he teaches at the University of Michigan where he has been a faculty mem?ber since 1973. This is the second of two volumes of twelve etudes, the first of which was composed between 1959 and 1966 (and recorded by the composer). The Twelve New Etudes were originally written for Paul Jacobs, whose untimely death in 1983
brought the project to a halt. Bolcom has now completed the set and extended the dedication to include the pianists John Musto and MarcAndre Hamelin.
These are etudes in synthesis as well as in pianism. Bolcom's wideranging sensibili?ties and compositional technique give him access to an extraordinary assortment of imagery. His delight in juxtaposing stylistic opposites tempts him to tickle one idiom in the ribs with another. The result is a kaleido?scope of vignettes imprinted by Bolcom's uniquely laconic ear.
In the preface to the score, Bolcom writes: "I now embark on a stylistic and har?monic synthesis no longer involved with any local style -that of a fusion of tonality into noncentered sound (often miscalled 'atonal'), as a planet in space draws gravity toward itself. Within this spatial (yet tonal) universe one can attempt to calibrate one's distance from a strong tonal center with greater accu?racy." He goes on to explain that the tension between stylistic evolution and stylistic con?servatism "produces a potential richness of musical energy that for my part I find enor?mously fecund and exciting. With the growth of skill in the management of this tension, it becomes possible to arrive at a musical speech that is at once coherent and comprehensible and in constant expansion." Of particular interest is the fact that, as Bolcom is an accomplished pianist, the qual?ity and intensity of the pianist's physical address to performance is a fundamental factor in his compositional process. It gives his music an authenticity that effectively anchors the sophistication of his thought.
From the notes in the 1988 New World release of William Bolcom: Twelve Neio Etudes, MarcAndre Hamelin, piano
David Barrett is a songwriter, guitarist and producer who is sincere about his art and clear about his musical perspectives. His music and wit speak of our own feelings and experiences, as well as the man who wrote them. Barrett's dedication to his art is por?trayed not only in his music, but in his approach to his craft. When asked to define what makes a great song, this honor graduate with a degree in philosophy simply replies, "A great song is one that you want to hear again." He may not be purposely writing and recording for mass audiences, yet they continue to enjoy the treasures he creates. From "One Shining Moment," the yearly theme of the ncaa Basketball Championship on cbs, to "Devotion," the opening theme of the Seoul Olympics, his music has been heard by literally millions all around the world. Recently signed to Bug Music (the highly respected publishing house that has fostered the talents
of such artists as John Hiatt, Mary Chapin Carpenter, John Prine, Los Lobos, Nanci Griffith, Leo Kottke, and Roseanne Cash) his music is set to reach a brand new audience. Barrett is also
senior producer at Good Friends Music where he creates music for network televi?sion specials (abc), documentaries (pbs), and world event music (nbc Olympics 1996). This fall he will tour as a solo gui?tarist again with Art Garfunkel, but most importantly, this summer he will be playing shortstop with The Ark Softball team.
David Barrett
Bruce kulp joined the Ford Motor Company Legal Staff in 1964 and has held numerous positions since including General Counsel of Ford of Europe. He recently assumed the position of Executive Director of Strategic
Planning and 5
External Affairs of the Ford Financial Services Group. He is a member of the Michigan State Bar and American Bar Associations and is Chairman of the Large Legal Department
Council. Kulp graduated with a bba from the University of Michigan Business School in 1961 and a jd from the um Law School in 1964. Kulp has been a member of the University Musical Society Board of Directors since 1994, has served on several committees, and is currently Vice President of ums.
Bruce Kulp
Honorary CoChairmen
The Honorable GERALD R. FORD
His Excellency
Ford Motor Company Chairman, ALEX TROTMAN
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Christoph von Dohnanyi, music director Stephen Geber, cello Olaf Bar, baritone
Yevgeny Svetlanov, conductor
? SANKAI JUKU Yuragi (In a Space of Perpetual Motion)
? LES ARTS FLORISSANTS Handel's Ads and Galatea
of Johnny Mercer)
? GUITAR SUMMIT Ml featuring
Paco de Lucia, Al DiMeola, & John McLaughlin
? THE HARLEM NUTCRACKER featuring Donald ByrdThe Group
Andre Watts, piano Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
? SCHUBERTIADE II: Garrick Ohlsson, piano
Sanford Sylvan, baritone
Sarah Walker, mezzosoprano
? DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Neeme Jarvi, conductor UMS Choral Union Leif Ove Andsnes, piano Dmitri Kharitonov, baritone
Kathleen Battle
The Harlem Nutcracker
A Festival of Jazz and AfricanAmerican Musical Traditions
Ivan Fischer, conductor
? BLOOD ON THE FIELDS Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra featuring Jon Hendricks and Cassandra Wilson
? BRANDENBURG ENSEMBLE Jaime Laredo, conductorviolin Leila Josefowicz, violin Andreas Haefligen piano
? SCHUBERT SONG RECITAL III: Wolfgang Holzmair, baritone
? SCHUBERT SONG RECITAL IV: Barbara Bonney. soprano
lona Brown, conductorviolin
Hermann Prey, baritone Michael Endres. piano Auryn String Quartet
? SCHUBERTIADE IV: Hermann Prey, baritone Michael Endres, piano Auryn String Quartet Martin Katz, piano Anton Nel, piano
Grand Rapids Symphony
and Chorus UMS Choral Union
? THE ASSAD BROTHERS, guitar duo
Cecilia Barioli
University Musical Society
of the University of Michigan
Burton Memorial Tower Ann Arbor, Ml 481091270
Andre Watts
Board of Directors
Herbert Amster,
President F. Bruce Kulp,
VicePresident Carol Shalita Smokier,
Secretary Richard Rogel,
Gail Davis Barnes Maurice S. Binkow Paul C. Boylan LetitiaJ. Byrd Leon S. Cohan Jon Cosovich Ronald M. Cresswell James J. Duderstadt Walter L. Harrison Norman G. Herbert Kay Hunt Thomas E. Kauper Rebecca McGowan Joe E. O'Neal John Psarouthakis George I. Shirley John O. Simpson Herbert Sloan Edward D. Surovell Marina v.N. Whitman Iva M. Wilson Elizabeth Yhouse
Gail W. Rector,
President Emeritus
Advisory Committee
Gregg Alf Paulett Banks Milli Baranowski Janice Stevens Botsford Jeannine Buchanan Letitia Byrd
Betty Byrne, Staff Liaison Pat Chatas Chen Oi ChinHsieh Phil Cole Peter deLoof Rosanne Duncan H. Michael Endres Don Faber Penny Fischer Barbara Gelehrter Beverly Geltner Margo Halsted Esther Heitler Deborah Hildebrandt Matthew Hoffmann Maureen Isaac Marcy Jennings Darrin Johnson Barbara Kahn Mercy Kasle Steve Kasle
The University Musical Society would like to give special thanks to all who have helped to make the 199596 season a great success. Special appreciation goes to:
Advisory Committee
Aslrid Ailey
Gregg T. Alf
Bill Albright
Ali A. Amiri
Catherine Arcure
Lynne Aspnes
Martin Bandyke
Paulett and Peter Banks
Rosamund Bardett
Ralph Beebe
Joan Behrmann
Robert Bell
Ralph Belnap
Hank Bednarz
Mark Berg
Jessie Berkan
Tom Beyer
Narendra and Nishta Bhatia
Big City Bakery
Bell Tower Hotel
Maurice and Linda Binkow
James Borders
Bill Branch
Enoch Brater
Gerald Brennan
Jan Brown
Siglund Bruhn
Barbara Everitt Bryant
Elise Bryant
Dr. Robert and
Jennine Buchanan Steve Buhay Leone Buyse
Dr. James and Betty Byrne Kimberly Camp Brian Campbell
Yoshi Campbell
Margot Campos
Campus Inn
Pat and George Chatas
Masazumi Chaya
Roger Chart!
Geri Chipault
Don Chisholm
Ted Ciganik
Christopher Claypoole
Russ Collins
Diana Cordero
Cottage Inn Restaurant
Don Courtois
Jim Craig
Ron and Sheila Cresswell
Paul and Pat Cousins
Joseph Curtin
Curtin and Alf, Violinmakers
Tana Dean
Gay Delanghe
Robert Delonis
Bamidele Agbasegbe Demerson
Katy and Tony Derezinski
Shubunghi and
Madhav Deshpande Purnima Dhavan Dough Boys Bakery Joe Dowling Bill Duryea Jim Edwards Espresso Royale Evola Music Tom Falvey Jocelyn Flint Fine Flowers Erika Fischer Ken and Penny Fischer Dave Fitzpatrick Ford Electronics Ford Motor Company Eric Fredrickson The Gandy Dancer Beth Genne Adam Glaser F. Bruce Kulp
Melanie Gilbert
Mike Grace
Robert Grijalva
Paula Grzybowski
Professor Leslie W. Guinn
Maria Guralnik
Daniel Gustin
Jolin Gutoskey
Margo Halsted
Greg Hamilton
Charles Hamlen
Hammell Music
Hans Flowers
Ty Harris
Walter Harrison
Jim Haven
Byron Hanson
Ann Hilton
Dr. Norman Hogikyan
Elaine Hopkins
Luke Howard
Kim Hunter
Ben Hur
Institute for the Humanities
Father Charles E. Irvin
Jim and Millie Irwin
Stu and Maureen Isaac
Elena Ivanova
Andrea Jablonski
Krystian Jarvi
Kelley Johnson
Lawrence Johnson
Michael JonesColeman
Mercy and Steve Kasle
Martin Katz
Kenneth Kiesler
Howard King
Michael Kondziolka
Korean Society of Ann Arbor
F. Bruce Kulp
Jeffrey Kuras
Maxine and Dave Larrouy
Barry LaRue
Sue Lee
Brad Lehman
Dean Jeffrey S. Lehman
Jim Leonard
Richard LeSueur
Julie Levine
Jim Lillie
Shiela Livingston
The Lobby Staff
Jon Lockard
David Loesel
Maggie Long
Sandy Maconochie
The Maggio Line
Nancy Major
Martha Cook Residents
Bruce Martin
Lorna McDaniel
Rebecca McGowan and
Michael Staebler John McKeighan Tom and Debbie McMullen Barb McNally Larry McPherson Paul and Susan Meister Amanda Mengden Belsy Merideth Ron Miller Soonhong Min John Minor Nissim Mizrachi Ingrid Monson Vice Provost Lester P. Monts Dallas Moore Mary Motherwell Thomas Mull Alberto Nacif Michael G. Nastos Sean M. Neill Anton Nel Susan Isaacs Nisbett Karen and Joe O'Neal Margarite Oliver Rob Oliver Olga Ortiz
Marysia Ostafin and
George Smillie Garrick Ohlsson Janelle O'Malley John Ozga Perfectly Seasoned Persian House of Imports Paris Flowers Mrs. Peabody's Jay Pekala
John O. Perpener, III Fred Peters Pier One Imports Neil Plotkin Monica Pons Mary Price John Psarouthakis Peggy Re Cherie Rehkopf Ruth Richards Richard Rodzinski Peter Rosen Elva Rosenzweig Anne Rubin Rajan Sachdeva Elaine and Harry Sargous Mike Savitski Lois Schaefer Helen Siedel Ingo Siedler Shahrayer Restaurant Jan Shatusky Judith Shepherd Pam Shermeyer Aliva and Howard Shevrin Stephen Shipps Nancy SkinnerOclander Alva Gordon Sink
Alumnae Association Debra SiposRoe Dr. Herbert Sloan Cliff Smith David Smith
David Smith Photography Peter Smith Carol and Irving Smokier
Peter Sparling
Scott Spector
Gus and Curt Stager
Jane Stanton
Louise Stein
Ellen Stross
Mark Stryker
Mark Sullivan
Edward Surovell and Nat Lacy
Enid Sutherland
J. Walter Thompson Co.
Ronald K. Torrella
Tomoko Uchino
Michael Udow
UMS Usher Corps
University Productions
The Upshur Family
Jon and Melanie Urbanchek
Rob Utterback
Ralph Valdez
Timothy Walker
Dick Wallace
Martin Walsh
David Walter
Linda Warrington
Michael Webster
Steve Weikal
Grant Wenaus
JoAn Wetzel
Steven Moore Whiting
Scott Wilcox
Robin Wilson
James Winn
Alice Wise
Noemi Ybarra
Liz and Paul Yhouse
Linda Yohn
Alan Young
Evans Young
Owen Young
Christopher Zunner
Thank You!
Great performances--the best in music, the?ater and dance--are presented by the University Musical Society because of the muchneeded and appreciated gifts of UMS supporters, members of the Society.
The list below represents names of cur?rent contributors as of April 10, 1996. If there has been an error or omission, we sin?cerely apologize and would appreciate a call to correct this at your earliest convenience. (3137471178).
The University Musical Society would also like to thank those generous donors who wish to remain anonymous.
Bravo Society
Elizabeth E. Kennedy F. Bruce Kulp Randall and Mary Pittman Dr. Herbert Sloan Carol and Irving Smokier Ronald and Eileen Weiser and other anonymous donors
Detroit Edison Foundation
Fisher Scientific International, Inc.
Ford Motor Company Fund
Great Lakes Bancorp
Hertz Corporation
Arts Midwest KMD Foundation McKinley Foundation Michigan Council for Arts and
Cultural Affairs National Endowment for the Arts
Concert Masters
Herb and Carol Amster James W. Anderson, Jr. Maurice and Linda Binkow Carl and Isabelle Brauer Dr. James and Betty Byrne David and Pat Clyde Mr. Ralph Conger Margaret and Douglas Crary
Joseph Curtin and Greg Alf SunChien and Betty Hsiao Dr. and Mrs. James Irwin Mr. David G. Loesel Thomas B. and Deborah McMullen Robert and Ann Meredith Karen Koykka O'Neal and Joe O'Neal John Psarouthakis Edward Surovell and Natalie Lacy Mrs. M. Titiev Mrs. John F.Ullrich Marina and Robert Whitman Paul and Elizabeth Yhouse and other anonymous donors
The Anderson Associates
Brauer Investment Company
Cafe Marie
Curtin and Alf Violinmakers
Ford Motor Credit Company
JPEincThe Paideia Foundation
Thomas B. McMullen Company
NSK Corporation
O'Neal Construction
Philips Display Components Company
The Edward Surovell Co.Realtors
Wolverine Temporaries, Inc.
Benard L. Maas Foundation Lila WallaceReaders Digest Fund
Kathleen G. Charla Katharine and Jon Cosovich Ronnie and Sheila Cresswell Ken, Penny and Matt Fischer John and Esther Floyd Mr. Edward P. Frohlich Sue and Carl Gingles
Ruth B. and Edward M. Gramlich Keki and Alice Irani Robert and Gloria Kerry Judythe and Roger Maugh Paul and Ruth McCracken Dr. and Mrs. Joe D. Morris John W. and Dorothy F. Reed Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal Maya Savarino and Raymond Tanter John Wagner and other anonymous donors
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan
First of America Bank
Gelman Sciences, Inc.
Huron Valley Travel, Inc.
Jacobson Stores Inc.
Masco Corporation
Pepper, Hamilton & Scheetz
Professor and Mrs. Gardner Ackley
Jerry and Barbara Albrecht
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Aldrich
Mr. and Mrs. Max K. Aupperle
Robert and Martha Ause
James R. Baker, Jr., M.D. and Lisa Baker
John and Betty Barfield
AJ. and Anne Bartoletto
Joan Binkow
Howard and Margaret Bond
Tom and Carmel Borders
Jim Botsford and Janice Stevens Botsford
Barbara Everitt and John H. Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Burstein
LetitiaJ. Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. John Alden Clark
Leon and Heidi Cohan
Maurice Cohen
Roland J. Cole and Elsa Kircher Cole
Robert and Janice DiRomualdo
Jack and Alice Dobson
Martin and Rosalie Edwards
Dr. Stewart Epstein Richard and Marie Flanagan Robben and Sally Fleming Sara and Michael Frank Judy and Richard Fry William and Ruth Gilkey Drs. Sid Gilman and
Carol Barbour Paul and Anne Glendon Norm Gottlieb and
Vivian Sosna Gottlieb Dr. and Mrs. William A. Grade Linda and Richard Greene Jester Hairston Harold and Anne Haugh Debbie and Norman Herbert Bertram Herzog Janet Bowe Hoeschler Julian and Diane Hoff Robert M. and Joan F. Howe John and Patricia Huntington Stuart and Maureen Isaac Chuck and Heidi Jacobus Mercy and Stephen Kasle Thomas and Shirley Kauper Tom and Connie Kinnear Bethany and
A. William Klinke II Bud and Justine Kulka David Lebenbom Allen and Evie Lichter Carolyn and Paul Lichter Mr. and Mrs. Patrick B. Long Ms. Francine Manilow Joseph McCune and Georgiana Sanders Charlotte McGeoch Rebecca McGowan and Michael B. Staebler Rciko McKendry Dr. H. Dean and
Dolores Millard Dr. and Mrs. Andrew and
Candice Mitchell Virginia Patton and
Cruse W. Moss
George and Barbara Mrkonic William A. Newman Len and Nancy Niehoff Bill and Marguerite Oliver
Dory and John D. Paul Maxinc and Wilbur K. Pierpont Elisabeth J. Rees Glenda Renwick Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Rubin Don and Judy Dow Rumelhart Richard and Norma Sarns Janet and Mike Shatusky Genie and Reid Sherard Cynthia J. Sorensen Gerard H. and Colleen Spencer Dr. Hildreth H. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stegeman Victor and Marlene Stoeffler Dr. and Mrs. Jeoffrey K. Stross Dr. and Mrs.
E. Thurston Thieme Jerrold G. Utsler Charlotte Van Curler Ron and Mary Vanden Belt Richard E. and
Laura A. Van House Dr. and Mrs.
Francis V. Viola III Martha Wallace and
Dennis White
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Watson Elise and Jerry Weisbach Roy and JoAn Wetzel Len and Maggie Wolin Nancy and Martin Zimmerman and other anonymous donors
The Barfield CompanyBartech Borders Books and Music Campus Rentals, Ltd. Chrysler Corporation Fund Comerica Bank CreditanstaltBankverein Dahlmann Properties Kitch, Drutchas, Wagner,
& Kenney, P.C. Main Street Ventures Matthew C. Hoffmann
Jewelry Design Pas labilities
The Mosaic Foundation
(of Rita and Peter Heydon)
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Abrams Bernard and Raquel Agranoff M. Bernard Aidinoff Carlene and Peter Aliferis Catherine S. Arcure Emily Bandera Paulett and Peter Banks M. A. Baranowski Bradford and Lydia Bates Mrs. Martha K. Beard Ralph P. Beebe Dr. and Mrs.
Raymond Bernreuter Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Berry Robert Hunt Berry Suzanne A. and
FrederickJ. Beutler Ronald and Mimi Bogdasarian Charles and Linda Borgsdorf Allen and Veronica Britlon David and Sharon Brooks Lawrence and Valerie Bullen Bruce and Jean Carlson Edwin F. Carlson and
Barbara Cooper Jean and Kenneth Casey Mrs. Raymond S. Chase Pat and George Chatas Jim and Connie Cook Arnold and Susan Coran H. Richard Crane Alice B. Crawford Judith and Kenneth DeWoskin Molly and Bill Dobson Elizabeth A. Doman Jim and Patsy Donahey Jan and Gil Dorer Mr. and Mrs. John F. Eman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Evans Dr. and Mrs. S.M. Farhat Claudine Farrand and
Daniel Moerman
David and JoAnna Featherman
Phyllis W. Foster
Dr. William and Beatrice Fox
Marilyn G. Gallatin
Beverley and Gerson Geltner
Margaret G. Gilbert
Grace M. Girvan
Seymour D. Greenstone
John R. and Helen K. Griffith
Margo Halsted
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Hamel
Walter and Dianne Harrison
Jay and Maureen Hartford
Harlan and Anne Hatcher
Fred and Joyce Hershenson
Mrs. W. A. Hiltner
Janet Woods Hoobler
Mary Jean and Graham Hovey
Che C. and Teresa Huang
Patricia and John Huntington
Gretchen and John Jackson
Wilhelm and Sigrun Kast
Herb Kalz
Richard and Sylvia Kaufman
Richard and Pat King
Jim and Carolyn Knake
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Krimm
Barbara and Michael Kusisto
Suzanne and Lee E. Landes
Mr. and Mrs. David Iarrouy
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Lee
Mr. Richard G. LeFauve and
Mary F. RabautLeFauve
Leo A. Legatski
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando S. Leon
Dean S. Louis, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. CarlJ. Lutkehaus
Donald and Doni Lystra
Brigittc and Paul Maassen
John and Cheryl MacKrell
Mark Mahlberg
Peggy and Chuck Maitland
Kathleen Beck Maly
Alan and Carla Mandel
Mr. and Mrs. Damon L. Mark
Marilyn Mason and
William Steinhoff Kenneth and Martha McClatchey John F. McCuen Kevin McDonagh and
Leslie Crofford
Richard and Elizabeth McLeary Hattie and Ted McOmber
Myrna and Newell Miller Ronald Miller Grant Moore and
Douglas Weaver Mr. Erivan R. Morales and
Mr. Seigo Nakao M. Haskell and
Jan Barney Newman Mr. and Mrs. David W. Osier Marysia Ostafin and
George Smillie William C. Parkinson Randolph Paschke Mr. and Mrs. William J. Pierce Barry and Jane Pitt Eleanor and Peter Pollack Tom and Mary Princing Mrs. Gardner C. Quarton Stephen and Agnes Reading Jim and Bonnie Reece Mr. Donald H. Regan and
Ms. Elizabeth Axelson Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph E. Reichert Professor and Mrs.
Raymond Reilly Maria and Rusty Restuccia Katherine and William Ribbens Jack and Margaret Ricketts Mrs. Bernard J. Rowan Peter Schaberg and
Norma Amrhein Mrs. Richard C. Schneider Rosalie and David Schottenfeld Professor Thomas J. and
Ann Sneed Schriber Constance Sherman Mr. and Mrs. George Shirley Edward and Marilyn Sichler Helen and George Siedel Lloyd and Ted St. Antoine Mrs. John D. Stoner Nicholas Sudia and Nancy Bielby Sudia
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Teeter James L. and Ann S. Telfer Mr. and Mrs. Terril O. Tompkins Herbert and Anne Upton Joyce A. Urba and
David J. Kinsella Don and Carol Van Curler Ellen C. Wagner Bruce and Raven Wallace Karl and Karen Weick
Raoul Weisman and
Ann Friedman Robert O. and
Darragh H. Weisman Angela and Lyndon Welch Marcy and Scott Westerman Brymer and Ruth Williams Frank E. Wolk Walter P. and
Elizabeth B. Work, Jr.
and other anonymous donors
Ann Arbor Stage Employees,
Local 395
Butzel Long Attorneys Dough Boys Bakery Michigan National Bank NBD Ann Arbor Sarns, 3M Health Care Scientific Brake and Equipment
The Power Foundation Shiftman Foundation Trust
Jim and Barbara Adams
Anastasios Alexiou
Dr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson
Hugh and Margaret Anderson
Howard Ando and Jane Wilkinson
David and Katie Andrea
T.L. Andresen
Harlene and Henry Appelman
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ashe
Eric M. and Nancy Aupperle
Sharon and Charles Babcock
Essel and Mcnakka Bailey
Cyril and Anne Barnes
Gail Davis Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Barnes
Norman E. Barnett
Dr. and Mrs. Mason Barr.Jr.
Robert and Wanda Bartlett
Astrid B. Beck and
David Noel Freedman
Neal Bedford and
Gerlinda Melchiori Harry and Betty Benford Ruth Ann and Stuart J. Bergstein Maureen Foley and John Blankley Donald and Roberta Blitz Harold W. and Rebecca S. Bonnell Edith and Fred Bookstein Laurence Boxer, M.D.;
Grace J. Boxer, M.D. Dean Paul C. Boylan Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Bozell Paul and Anna Bradley Betsy and Ernest Brater Professor and Mrs. Dale E. Briggs Gerald and Marceline Bright June and Donald Brown Jeannine and Robert Buchanan Arthur and Alice Burks Phoebe R. Burt Rosemarie and Jurg Caduff Mrs. Theodore Cage H. D. Cameron Jean W. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell Charles and Martha Cannell Jim and Priscilla Carlson Jan and Steve Carpman Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Carroll John and Patricia Carver Andrew and Shelly Caughey Dr. Kyung and Young Cho Nancy Cilley Ed and Cindy Clark John and Nancy Clark Alice S. Cohen Wayne and Melinda Colquitl Edward J. and Anne M. Comeau Lolagene C. Coombs Gage R. Cooper Mary K. Cordes Alan and Bette Cotzin Mrs. David Cox Clifford and Laura Craig Merle and Mary Ann Crawford W.P. Cupples William H. Damon III Peter and Susan Darrow Dr. and Mrs. Charles Davenport Ed and Ellie Davidson Jean and John Debbink Elena and Nicholas Delbanco Katy and Anthony Derezinski Raymond A. Detter Benning and Elizabeth Dexter
Fr. Timothy J. Dombrowski
Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Domino
William G. and Katherine K. Dow
Cecilia and Allan Dreyfuss
Dr. and Mrs. Cameron B. Duncan
J.W. Durstine
Sally and Morgan Edwards
Dr. Alan S. Eiser
Mark and Patricia Enns
Don Faber
Dr. and Mrs. Stefan Fajans
Elly and Harvey Falit
Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus Farrehi
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Faulkner
Reno and Nancy Feldkamp
Dr. James F. Filgas
Sidney and Jean Fine
Herschel and Annette Fink
Mrs. Beth B. Fischer
Susan R. Fisher and
John W. Waidley Linda W. Fitzgerald Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald Stephen and Suzanne Fleming Jonathan Fliegel Jennifer and Guillermo Flores Ernest and Margol Fontheim Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ford James and Anne Ford Ilene H. Forsyth Paula L. Bockenstedt and
David A. Fox
Deborah and Ronald Freedman David J. Fugenschuh and
Karey Leach
Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Galpin Gwyn and Jay Gardner Professor and Mrs. David M. Gates Wood and Rosemary Geist Thomas and Barbara Gelehrter Henry and Beverly Gershowitz Elmer G. Gilbert and
Lois M. Verbrugge Fred and Joyce M. Ginsberg Maureen and David Ginsburg Albert and Almeda Girod [rwinj. Goldstein and
Marty Mayo
Ken and Amanda Goldstein Jon and Peggy Gordon Naomi Gottlieb and
Theodore Harrison Dr. Alexander Gotz Mrs. William Grabb Elizabeth Needham Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Graham Jerry and Mary K. Gray Dr. John and Renee M. Greden Lila and Bob Green Daphne and Raymond Grew Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grijalva Leslie and Mary Ellen Gninn Margaret and Kenneth Guire Margaret Gutowski and
Michael Marietta Dagny and Donald Harris Susan R. Harris J. Theodore Hefley Kenneth and Jeanne Heininger John L. and Jacqueline Henkel Bruce and Joyce Herbert Herb and Dee Hildebrandt ClaudetteJ. Stern and
Michael Hogan John and Maurita Holland Drs. Linda Samuelson and
Joel Howell Mrs. V. C. Hubbs
Ronald R. and Gaye H. Humphrey Mrs. Hazel Hunsche George and Katharine Hunt Robert B. and Virginia A. Ingling John and Joan Jackson Wallie and Janet Jeffries Mr. and Mrs.James W.Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Donald L.Johnson Ellen C.Johnson Billie and Henry Johnson Stephen G. Josephson and
Sally C. Fink Steven R. Kalt and
Robert D. Heeren Professor and Mrs. Wilfred Kaplan Anna M. Kauper Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kellman David and Sally Kennedy Emily and Ted Kennedy Donald and Mary Kiel Paul and Leah Kileny Rhea and Leslie Kish Paul Kissner M.D. and
Dana Kissner M.D. Beverly Kleiber Hcrmine R. Klingler Joseph J. and Marilynn Kokoszka Dimitri and Suzanne Kosacheff Edward and Marguerite Kowaleski Barbara and Charles Krause Alexander Krezel Alan and Jean Krisch
Henpy and Alice Landau
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Lapeza
John K. Lawrence
Laurie and Robert Lazebnik
John and Theresa Lee
Ann Leidy
Myron and Bobbie Levine
Jacqueline H. Lewis
Jody and Leo Lighthammer
Mark Lindley
ViCheng and HsiYen Liu
Dan and Kay Long
Leslie and Susan Loomans
Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Lucas
Edward and Barbara Lynn
Robert and Pearson Macek
Jeffrey and Jane MackieMason
Frederick C. and
PamelaJ. Mackintosh Steve and Ginger Maggio Virginia Mahle
Ken Marblestone and Janisse Nagel Eddie and Cathy Marcus Geraldine and Sheldon Markel Lee and Greg Marks Rhoda and William Martel Sally and Bill Martin Mary and Chandler Matthews Margaret E. McCarthy Margaret and Harris McClamroch Mary and Bruce McCuaig Margaret McKinley Daniel and Madelyn McMurtrie Bernice and Herman Merte Walter and Ruth Metzger Deanna Relyea and
Piotr Michalowski Leo and Sally Miedler Kathleen and James Mitchiner Lester and Jeanne Monts James N. Morgan Dr. and Mrs. George W. Morley A.A. Moroun
Brian and Jacqueline Morton Cyril and Rona Moscow Dr. Eva L. Mueller Dr. and Mrs. Gunder A. Myran Hideko and Tatsuyoshi Nakamura Geri Chipault and Fred Neidhardt Sharon and Chuck Newman Virginia and Gordon Nordby Richard S. Nottingham Marylen and Harold Oberman Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. O'Dell Shirley and Ara Paul
John M. Paulson
Virginia Zapf Person
Frank and Nelly Petrock
Lorraine B. Phillips
Barry and Jane Pitt
Randall and Mary Pittman
The Richard and Meryl Place Fund
Donald and Evonne Plantinga
Stephen and Tina Pollock
Cynthia and Roger Postmus
Larry and Ann Preuss
Charleen Price
Richard H. and Mary B. Price
Wallace and Barbara Prince
David and Stephanie Pyne
Leland and Elizabeth Quackenbush
Hugo and Sharon Quiroz
William and Diane Rado
Michael and Helen Radock
Mrs. Joseph S. Radom
Homayoon Rahbari, M.D.
Jim and leva Rasmussen
Professor Gabriel M. Rebeiz
Katherine R. Reebel
La Vonne and Gary Reed
Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Reynolds
Joe and Carolyn Roberson
Dave and Joan Robinson
Barbara A. Anderson and
John H. Romani Mrs. Irving Rose Gay and George Rosenwald Elva M. Rosenzweig Gustave and Jacqueline Rosseels Dr. Nathaniel H. Rowe Jerome M. and Lee Ann Salle Ina and Terry Sandalow Georgiana M. Sanders Peter Savarino
Dr. AlbertJ. and Jane K. Sayed David and Marcia Schmidt Elizabeth L. Schmitt Dr. and Mrs.
Charles R. Schmitter, Jr. David E. and Monica N. Schteingart John Schultz Art and Mary Schuman Suzanne Selig Marvin and Harriet Selin Sherry and Louis Senunas Joseph and Patricia Settimi George H. and Mary M. Sexton Mr. Thomas Sheets Ingrid and Clifford Sheldon Hollis and Martha A. Showalter
Dr. Bruce M. Siegan
Scott and Joan Singer
Mrs. Lorella M. Skewes
John W. Smillie, M.D.
Alene M. Smith
Carl and Jari Smith
George and Mary Elizabeth Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Smith
Susan M. Smith
Virginia B. Smith
Jorge and Nancy Solis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sopcak
Juanita and Joseph Spallina
Irving M. Stahl and
Pamela M. Rider David and Ann Staiger Ron and Kay Stefanski Mrs. Ralph L. Steffek Dr. and Mrs. Alan Steiss Thorn and Ann Sterling Professor Louis and Glennis Stout Dr. and Mrs. Stan Strasius Charlotte Sundelson Ronald and Ruth Sutton Brian and Lee Talbot Jerry and Susan Tarpley Eva and Sam Taylor Mary D. Teal
George and Mary Tewksbury Lois A. Theis Edwin J. Thomas Kathleen Treciak Joaquin and Mei Mei Uy Hugo and Karla Vandersypen Mr. and Mrs. John van der Velde Rebecca Van Dyke Mr. and Mrs.
Douglas Van Houweling Michael L. Van Tassel William C. Vassell Carolyn S. and Jerry S. Voight John and Maureen Voorhees Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wadhams Warren Herb Wagner and
Florence S. Wagner Wendy L. Wahl, M.D. and
William Lee, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Wait Robert D. and Liina M. Wallin Dr. and Mrs. Jon M. Wardner Ruth and Chuck Watts Robin and Harvey Wax Mrs. Joan D. Weber Willes and Kathleen Weber Deborah Webster and
George Miller
Lawrence A. Weis and
Sheila Johnson Dr. Steven W. Werns Ken and Cherry Westerman Ruth and Gilbert Whitaker B.Joseph and Mary White William and Cristina Wilcox Mr. and Mrs.
R. amison Williams Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson Beth and I.W. Winsten Marion T. Wirick Grant J. Withey, M.D. Charlotte Wolfe Dr. and Mrs. Ira S. Wollner Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wooll Charles R. and Jean L. Wright Don and Charlotte Wyche Ryuzo Yamamoto Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Young R. Roger and Bette F. Zauel Roy and Helen Ziegler
and other anonymous donon
Atlas Tool, Inc. Coffee Express Co. Edwards Brothers, Inc. Hagopian World of Rugs Red Hawk Bar and Grill Seva Restaurant and Market
Tim and Leah Adams Michael and Hiroko Akiyama Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Allardyce James and Catherine Allen Augustine and Kathleen Amaru Mr. and Mrs. David Aminoff Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Anderson Drs. James and
Cathleen CulottaAndonian James Antosiak and Eda Weddington Bert and Pat Armstrong Gaard and Ellen Arneson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Arnett Michael Avsharian
Eugene and Charlene Axelrod Shirley and Don Axon Jonathan and Marlene Ayers Virginia andjerald Bachman Joseph C. Bagnasco Richard and Julia Bailey Doris I. Bailo Morris and Beverly Baker Barbara and Daniel Balbach Chris and Lesli Ballard John R. Bareham Laurie and Jeffrey Barnett Donald C. Barnette.Jr. Karen and Karl Bartscht Leslie and Anita Bassett Dr. and Mrs. Jere M. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Beckert Robert M. Beckley and
Judy Dinesen
Walter and Antje Benenson Merete and
Erling Blondal Bengtsson Dr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Benson Mi. ;iii(l Mis. Hi rVnienBilkvisi Helen V. Berg Barbara Levin Bergman Marie and Gerald Berlin L. S. Berlin
Abraham and Thelma Berman Gene and Kay Berrodin Andrew H. Berry, D.O. R. Bezak and R. Halstead Naren and Nishta Bhatia Bharat C. Bhushan John and Marge Biancke Sheryl Hirsch and John Billi Mr. and Mrs. John Birchler William and Ilene Birge Elizabeth S. Bishop Marshall Blondy and Laurie Burry Dr. George and Joyce Blum Beverly J. Bole Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Bomia Dr. and Mrs. David Bostian Sally and Bill Bowers Dr. and Mrs. Paul Bradley William F. and
Joyce E. Braeuninger Richard Brandt and
Karina Niemeyer Mr. William R. Brashear Representative Liz and
Professor Enoch Brater James and Virginia Breckenfeld William and Sandra Broucek
Mrs. Joseph Brough
Olin L. Browder
Mr. and Mrs. Addison Brown
Mr. Charles C. Brown
Linda Brown and Joel Goldberg
Molly and John Brueger
Mrs. Webster Brumbaugh
Robert and Carolyn Burack
Robert A. Sloan and
Ellen M. Byerlein Sherry A. Byrnes Edward and Mary Cady Louis and Janet Callaway Kathleen and Dennis Cantwell George R. Carignan Dr. and Mrs. James E. Carpenter Marchall F. and Janice L. Carr Jeannette and Robert I. Carr Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Carter William and Janet Cassebaum Kathran M. Chan Bill and Susan Chandler Tsun and Siu Ying Chang Joan and Mark Chesler Robert and Eileen Choate Robert J. Cierzniewski Pat Clapper
Brian and Cheryl Clarkson John and Kay Clifford Charles and Lynne Clippert Roger and Mary Coe Dorothy Burke Coffey Hubert and Ellen Cohen Gerald S. Cole and Vivian Smargon Mr. and Mrs. Edward and
Catherine Colone Gordon and Marjorie Comfort Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Couf Bill and Maddie Cox Marjorie A. Cramer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Winton L. Crawford Kathleen J. Crispell and
Thomas S. Porter Margo Crist Lawrence Crochier Mr. and Mrs. James I. Crump, Jr. Pedro and Carol Cuatrecasas Mary R. and John G. Curtis Jeffrey S. Cutter Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dale Marylee Dalton Jane and Gawaine Dart Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Davidge Laning R. Davidson, M.D.
Ruth and Bruce P. Davis James H. Davis and
Elizabeth Waggoner Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dawson Rossanna and George DeGrood Peter H. deLoof and Sara A. Bassett Elizabeth and Edmond DeVine Martha and Ron DiCecco Gordon and Elaine Didier A. Nelson Dingle Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Doezema Thomas and Esther Donahue Dick and Jane Dorr Mr. Thomas Downs Roland and Diane Drayson Harry M. and Norrene M. Dreffs Mr. John J. Dryden and
Ms. Diana Raimi Rhetaugh G. Dumas Michael R. Dungan Robert and Connie Dunlap Jean and Russell Dunnaback Edmund H. and Mary B. Durfee George C. and Roberta R. Earl Mr. and Mrs. William G. Earle Jacquelynne S. Eccles Richard and Myrna Edgar Mr. and Mrs. John R. Edman David A. Eklund and
Jeffrey B. Green Judge and Mrs. SJ. Elden Ethel and Sheldon Ellis Mrs. Genevieve Ely Mackenzie and Marcia Endo David and Lynn Engelbert Bill and Karen Ensminger Carolyne and Jerry Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Erb Stephen Ernst and Pamela Raymond Ernst
Dorothy and Donald F. Eschman Joel Evilsizer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fair, Jr. Mark and Karen Falahee Inka and David Felbeck Dr. and Mrs. Irving Feller Phil and Phyllis Fellin Carol Finerman C. Peter and Bev A. Fischer Dr. and Mrs. John Fischer Winifred Fisher James and Barbara Fitzgerald Wayne and Lynnette Forde Doris E. Foss Lucia and Doug Freeth
Richard and Joann Freethy
Linda and Larry French
Joanna and Richard Friedman
Gail Fromes
Bart and Fran Frueh
LelaJ. Fuester
Harriet and Daniel Fusfeld
Lourdes and Otto Gago
Thomas H. Galantowicz
Arthur Gallagher
Enid and Bernard Galler
Mrs. Don Gargaro
Mrs. Shirley H. Garland
Stanley and Priscilla Gam
Del and Louise Garrison
Drs. Steve Geiringer and
Karen Bantel
Bruce and Anne Genovese Michael Gerstenberger W. Scott Gerstenberger and
Elizabeth A. Sweet Beth Genne and Allan Gibbard Paul and Suzanne Gikas Albert L. Goldberg Dr. and Mrs. Edward Goldberg Dr. and Mrs. Howard S. Goldberg Mary L. Golden Ed and Mona Goldman Steve and Nancy Goldstein Mrs. Eszter Gombosi Elizabeth Goodenough and
James G. Leaf Mitch and Barb Goodkin Jesse E. and Anitra Gordon Don Gordus Selma and Albert Gorlin Siri Gottlieb Michael L. Gowing Christopher and Elaine Graham Whit and Svea Gray Harry Greenberg and
Anne Brockman Bill and Louise Gregory Susan and Mark Griffin Werner H. Grilk Robert M. Grover Mr. Philip Guire Arthur W. Gulick, M.D. Don P. Haefner and
Cynthia J. Stewart Helen C. Hall Claribel Halstead Deb and Don Halterman Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Harjes M.C. Harms
Stephen G. and Mary Anna Harper
Antonio Harris
Elizabeth C. Hassinen
Mrs. Miriam Heins
Sivana Heller
Norma and Richard Henderson
Rose S. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Karl P. Henkel
Dr. and Mrs. Keith S. Henley
Rudy and Kathy Hentschel
C.C. Herrington M.D.
Mr. Roger Hewitt
Elfrida H. Hiebert and
Charles W. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hilbish Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Leigh Hill Peter G. Hinman and
Elizabeth A. Young Jacques Hochglaube, M.D., P.C. Joanne and Charles Hocking Louise Hodgson Bob and Fran Hoffman Carol and Dieter Hohnke John F. and Mary Helen Holt Ronald and Ann Holz Jack and Davetta Horner Fred and Betty House Jim and Wendy Fisher House Helga Hover
Drs. Richard and Diane Howlin Charles T. Hudson Jude and Ray Huetteman Harry and Ruth Huff Joanne W. Hulce Ann D. Hungerman Diane Hunter and Bill Zicgler Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Hurst Eileen and Saul Hymans Margaret and Eugene Ingram Ann K. Irish
Edgar F. and M. Janice Jacobi Harold and Jean Jacobson Professor and Mrs. Jerome Jelinek Keith and Kay Jensen Jim and Dale Jerome Paul and Olgajohnson Marilyn S.Jones F. Thomas and Marie Juster Mary B. and Douglas Kahn Mary Kalmes and Larry Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kao Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kaplin Noboru Kashino David J. Katz Elizabeth Harwood Katz
Kurt and Marilee Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. N. Kazan Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kennedy Linda Atkins and Thomas Kenney William and Betsy Kincaid Brett and Lynnette King Howard King and
Elizabeth SayreKing John and Carolyn Kirkendall Esther Kirshbaum James and Jane Kister Shira and Steve Klein Drs. Peter and Judith Kleinman Gerald and Eileen Klos Shirley and Glenn Knudsvig Charles and Linda Koopmann Melvyn and Linda Korobkin Jean and Dick Kraft Doris and Donald Kraushaar David and Martha Krehbiel William J. Bucci and Janet Kreiling William G. Kring John A. and Justine Krsul Danielle and George Kuper Ko and Sumiko Kurachi Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kutcipal Dr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Kutt Bert and Catherine La Du Jane Laird
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Lampert Connie and Dick Landgraff Marjorie Lansing Carl and Ann LaRue Ted and Wendy Lawrence Robert and Leslie Lazzerin Mrs. Kent W. Leach Sue Leong Margaret E. Leslie Richard LeSueur Tom and Kathy Lewand Deborah S. Lewis Daniel and Susan Lipschutz Rod and Robin Little Dr. Jackie Livesay Dr. and Mrs. Peter Y. Lo Kay H. Logan Naomi E. Lohr Diane and Dolph Lohwasser Jane Lombard Ronald Longhofer Joann Love Ross E. Lucke Lynn Luckenbach Susan E. Macias Marcy and Kerri MacMahan
Sally Maggio
Chun I. Mah
Geoffrey and Janet Maher
Suzanne and Jay Mahler
Deborah Malamud and
Neal Plotkin Karl D. Malcolm, M.D. Claire and Richard Malvin Mr. and Mrs. Kazuhiko Manabe Melvin and Jean Manis Pearl Manning
Michael and Pamela Marcovitz Dr. Howard Market Rebecca Martin Tamotsu Matsumoto Debra Mattison Ernest and Adele McCarus David G. McConnell Dores M. McCree Mary and Norman Mclver Bill and Ginny McKeachie Nancy and Robert Meader Robert and Doris Melling Mr. and Mrs. John Merrifield Henry D. Messer and Carl A. House Robert and Bettie Metcalf Professor and Mrs. Donald Meyer Valerie Meyer Elizabeth B. Michael Helen M. Michaels Andy and Nancy Miller Carmen and Jack Miller Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Miller Dr. Robert R. Miller Bob and Carol Milstein Thomas and Doris Miree Olga Moir
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Moller, Jr. Rosalie E. Moore Marvin and Karen Moran Arnold and Gail Morawa Sophie and Robert Mordis Kenneth and Jane Moriarty Paul and Terry Morris Melinda and Bob Morris Dick and Judy Morrissett Gavin Eadie and Barbara Murphy Dr. and Mrs.J.V. Neel Nancy Nelson Martin Neuliep and
Patricia Pancioli Richard E. Nisbett and
Susan I. Nisbett John and Lexa O'Brien Patricia O'Connor
Michael J. O'Donnell and
Jan L. Garfinkle Kathleen I. Operhall Lillian G. Ostrand Mrs. Barbara H. Outwater Anneke de Bruyn Overseth Julie and Dave Owens Mrs. John Panchuk Dr. and Mrs. Sujit K. Pandit Donna D. Park Eszther T. Pattantyus Robert and Arlene Paup Elizabeth and Beverly Payne Ruth and Joe Payne F. Johanna Peltier Susan A. Perry Doris I. Persyn Ellsworth M. Peterson Joyce H. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Pickard Robert and Mary Ann Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pierce Dr. and Mrs. James Pikulski Sheila A. Pitcoff Martin A. Podolsky Philip and Kathleen Power Christine Price Ernst Pulgram Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rapp Mr. and Mrs. DouglasJ. Rasmussen Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rasmussen Maxwell and Marjorie Rcade Jim and Toni Reese Anthony L. Reffells and
Elaine A. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Stanislav Rehak Molly Resnik and John Martin JoAnne C. Reuss David Reynolds John and Nancy Reynolds Alice Rhodes Elizabeth G. Richarl Frances Greer Riley Lisa Rives and Jason Collens Peter and Shirley Roberts Willard and Mary Ann Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rogers Yelena and Michael Romm Elizabeth A. Rose Dr. Susan M. Rose Marilynn M. Rosenthal Dr. and Mrs.
Raymond W. Ruddon Kenneth Rule John Paul Rutherford
Tom and Dolores Ryan Mitchell and Carole Rycus Ellen and James Saalberg Theodore and Joan Sachs Arnold Sameroff and
Susan McDonough Howard and Lili Sandier John and Reda Santinga Dr. and Mrs. Edward G. Sarkisian Michael Sarosi and Kimm Skalitzky Sarosi Elizabeth M. Savage Ms. Sara Savarino Courtland and Inga Schmidt Charlene and Carl Schmult Gerald and Sharon Schreiber Albert and Susan Schultz Michelle Schultz, M.D. R. Ryan Lavelle, Ph.D.
Marshall S. Schuster, D.O. Alan and Marianne Schwartz
The Shapero Foundation Ed and Sheila Schwartz Patricia Schwartz Kroy Jane and Fred Schwarz Ruth Scodel Jonathan Bromberg and
Barbara Scott
Douglas and Carole B. Scott John and Carole Segall Ms. Janet Sell Nancy Silver Shalit Dr. and Mrs.J. N. Shanberge David and Elvera Shappirio Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Sherick Dr. and Ms. Howard and
Aliza Shevrin
Drs. Jean and Thomas Shope Mr. and Mrs. Ted Shultz Dr. and Mrs. Milton Siegel Ken Silk and Peggy Buttenheim Dr. Albert and
Mrs. Halina Silverman Frances and Scott Simonds Robert and Elaine Sims Beverly N. Slater Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Smith Drs. Peter Smith and
Diane CzukSmith Richard Soble and Barbara Kessler Lois and William Solomon Katharine B. Soper Dr. Yoram Sorokin K.ii i and Bill Spallone Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Spence
Anne L. Spendlove
Gretta Spier and Jonathan Rubin
Jeff Spindler
Edmund Sprunger
Curt and Gus Stager
Betty and Harold Stark
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Stebbins
Virginia and Eric Stein
Frank D. Stella
John and Beryl Stimson
Mr. James L. Stoddard
Robert and Shelly Stoler
Wolfgang F. Stolper
Anjanette M. Stoltz, M.D.
Mrs. William H. Stubbins
Drs. Eugene Su and
Christin CarterSu Jenny G. Su Valerie Y. Suslow Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Swain Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Swanson Richard and June Swam Carol and Jim Thiry Catherine and Norman Thoburn Bette M. Thompson Charles and Peggy Tieman Donna K. Tope
Dr. and Mrs. Merlin C. Townley Angie and Bob Trinka Sarah Trinkaus Marilyn Tsao and Steve Gao Dr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Turcotte Taro Ueki
Alvan and Katharine Uhle Mr. Gordon E. Ulrey Madeleine Vallier Carl and Sue Van Appledorn Rob and Tanja Van der Voo Robert P. Van Ess Phyllis Vegter
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Vogt Sally Wacker
Delia DiPietro and Jack Wagoner Gregory and Annette Walker Richard and Mary Walker Eric and Sherry Warden Lorraine Nadelman and
Sidney Warschausky Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Wayburn Christine L. Webb Leone Buyse and Michael Webster Jack and Jerry Weidenbach Barbara Weiss Mrs. Stanfield M. Wells, Jr. David and Rosemary Wesenberg
Susan and Peter Westerman Marjorie Westphal Marilyn L. Wheaton and Paul Duffy Esther Redmount and Harry White Harry C. White Janet F. White
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Whiteside Mrs. Clara G. Whiting Douglas Wickens Jane Wilkinson Reverend Francis E. Williams John Troy Williams Shelly F. Williams
Dr. and Mrs. S. B. Winslow 3 3
Charles Witke and Aileen Gatten Jeffrey and Linda Wiutburg Patricia and Rodger Wolff J. D. Woods David and April Wright Phyllis B. Wright Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Wu Fran and Ben Wylie Sandra and Jonathan Yobbagy Carl and Mary Ida Yost Shirley Young Ann and Ralph Youngren Frederic and Patricia Zeisler Mr. and Mrs. David Zuk David S. and Susan H. Zurvalec and other anonymous donors
American Metal Products
Brass Craft
Great Lakes Cycling & Fitness
Marvel Office Furniture
New View Corporation
Sahadi Interiors, Inc.
Stritch School of Medicine Class
of 1996 University Microfilms International
Gigi Andresen
Chase and Delphi Baromes
Virginia Hunt Berry
Dean Bodley
A. A. (Bud) Bronson
Graham Conger
Pauline M. Conger
Joanna Cornett
Horace Dewey
Alice Kelsey Dunn
Robert S. Feldman
Zelina Krauss Firth
Isabelle M. Garrison
Ed Gilbert
Florence Griffin
Eleanor Groves
Mrs. Judith M. Heekin
Ralph Herbert
Charles W. Hills
George R. Hunsche
Hazel Hill Hunt
Virginia Ann Hunt
Virginia Elinor Hunt
Earl Meredith Kempf
Edith Staebler Kempf
R. Hudson Ladd
John Lewis
Robert Lewis
Carol Lighthall
Lorene Crank Lloyd Katherine Mabarak Frederick C. Matthaei, Sr. Arthur Mayday, Jr. Earl Meredith Mr. and Mrs.
Merle Elliot Myers Martha P. Palty Elizabeth Peebler Gwen and Emerson Powrie Steffi Reiss Percy Richardson Clare Siegel James H. and
Cornelia M. Spencer Ralph L. Steffek Charlenc Parker Stern Jewel B. Stockard John F. Ullrich Francis V. Viola III Mark Von Wyss Barbara Woods Peter Holderness Woods
Burton Tower Society
The Burton Tower Society is a very special group of University Musical Society friends. These people have included the University Musical Society in their estate planning. We are grateful for this important support to continue the great traditions of the Society in the future.
Mr. Neil P. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Pal E. Barondy
Mr. Hilbert Beyer
Mr. and Mrs.
John Alden Clark The Graham H. Conger
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Frank Mr. Edwin Goldring Mr. Seymour Greenstone Marilyn Jeffs Dr. Eva Mueller Charlotte McGeoch Dr. Frederick C. O'Dell, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Powers Mr. and Mrs. Michael Radock The Estate of
Marie Schlesinger Dr. Herbert Sloan Helen Ziegler Mr. and Mrs.
Ronald G. Zollars
k City tickertape parade returning from moscow

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