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UMS Concert Program, May 12, 2001: Marcel Marceau --

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Hill Auditorium & Ingalls Mall, Ann Arbor, Michigan

University Musical Society
and Ford Motor Company Fund present
The 2001
Ford Honors
Marcel Marceau
University Musical Society Distinguished Artist Award
Ford Motor Company Find
Marcel Marceau
Ill I
@@@@i Z&i '
MARCEL MARCEAU UMS Diitingui&hed Arti&t Recipient
Barbara Hinson Sign Language Interpreter
a benefit for the University Musical Society Education Program
Saturday Evening, May 12, 2001 at 6:00 pm
Hill Auditorium S Ingalls Mall
Ann Arbor, Michigan
the 2001 Ford Honors Program
Marcel Marceau, featured on the 1984 Ann Arbor Summer Festival poster.
Performance and Tribute Program
Kenneth C. Fischer,
Predident. Univenity Mu&ical Society
Mr. Marceau will select his program from the following repertoire.
ACT I: Pantomimes of style
Walking Against the Wind
The Staircase
The Tight Rope Walker
The Public Garden
The Bill Poster
The Kite
The Sculptor
The Painter
The Cage
The Bureaucrats
The Hands
The Side Show
The Pickpocket's Nightmare The Amusement Park Soliloquy of Three Lost Souls The Maskmaker The Seven Deadly Sins Youth, Maturity. Old Age and
The Tango Dancer The Small Cafe The Dice Players The Four Seasons The Dream
The Creation of the World The Trial
The Angel Abel and Cain The Dress The Tree The Pawnbroker The Tempest The Mirror
The Sword of the Samurai The Birdkeeper Obsession Pygmalion The Eater of Hearts The Tragedian on an Opening Night
ACT II: Pantomimes of Bip
Bip in the Subway
Bip Travels by Train
Bip Travels by Sea
Bip as a Skater
Bip hunts Butterflies
Bip plays David and Goliath
Bip at a Ballroom
Bip commits Suicide
Bip as a Soldier
Bip at a Society Party
Bip as a Street Musician
Bip as a China Salesman
Bip as a Fireman
Bip as a Great Artist
Bip has a Date
Bip as a Baby Sitter
Bip as a Professor of Botany
Bip and the Dynamite
Bip as a Tragedian
Bip as a Lion Tamer
Bip, the Illusionist
Bip looks for a Job
Bip in the Modern and Future
Bip. King of Sports Bip at the Athletic Club Bip pays tribute to the Silent
Screen Actors Bip as a Tailor in Love Bip dreams he is Don Juan Bip as a Matador Bip remembers Bip and the Matrimonial
Bip in a Museum Bip plays the Tragedian's
Beard on an
Opening Night
The 2OO1 Ford Honors Program
Marcel Marceau's UMS debut: October 16, 1971-original historic program with signed selfportrait of his alterego, Bip.
The University Musical Society
The University of Michigan
Personalized for UMS: "To the University Musical Society with my deepest care and thoughts always and looking into the future... Your faithful, MarceJ Marceau." Dated 1992. 1
A Video Montage
Gail W. Rector,
Predident ?meritu6. Univenity Mu&ical Society
John M. Rintamaki,
Group Vice Pre&ident and Chief) ofl Statf, Ford Motor Company
of the 122nd Season
The Ford Honors Program is made possible by Ford Motor Company Fund. Special thanks to Ford Motor Company Fund for its generous and contin?ued support of the University Musical Society.
Additional thanks to UMS Advisory Committee Chairs Mary Pittman and Nita Cox, and to all members of the Committee, for their care, time, and planning in making this evening's gala celebration possible.
Marcel Marceau appears by arrangement with Micocci Productions, LLC.
Large print program& are available upon reque&t.
arcel Marceau
universally acclaimed as the world's greatest nljme, was born in Strasbourg, France. Marceau's irfterest in the art of mime began in his childhood, when he was inspired by such silent screen artists as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harry Langdon, Harold Lloyd, and Laurel 8 Hardy.
In 1944 he enrolled in Charles Dullin's School of Dramatic Art in the Sarah Bernhardt Theatre in Paris, where he studied with his mime master Etienne Decroux, who also taught jeanLouis Barrault. At the Liberation of Paris, he enlisted in the First French Army and participated in the German campaign, side by side with the American GIs. Demobilized in May 1946, he entered Barrault's Company, and was cast in the role of Arlequin in the
pantomime Baptidte which Barrault himself had interpreted in the world famous film Lea Cnfjantd du Paradi&. He continued to work with Decroux until 1948.
In 1947, Marcel Marceau created his charac?ter "Bip," who has become his alterego, like Chaplin's "Little Tramp." Bip's adventures are likened to Don Quixote's struggles against the windmills of life.
Marceau's style exercises include such clas?sic works as The Cage, The Ma&k Maker, The Public Garden and the famous youth. Maturity, Old Age and Death, of which one critic said, "he
basis for over forty years and his extensive transcontinental tours have included South America, South and North Africa, Israel, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, India, China, South East Asia, Russia and all of Europe. For nearly forty of these years, Marceau's North American activity was undertaken in partnership with Mr. Ronald Wilford in a professional rela?tionship regarded as one of the most successful and longlasting in the entertainment world.
Mr. Marceau's art has become familiar to millions of Americans through his many televi?sion appearances. He received two Emmy
accomplishes in less than five minutes what most novelists can not do in volumes."
In 1948 he received the renowned Deburau Prize (established in memory of the great nine?teenthcentury Pierrot). Marcel Marceau formed his Compagnie de mime Marcel Marceau--the only company of pantomime in the world at that time--and played in the leading Paris theaters as well as other playhouses in Europe, Canada and South America. With his company, he produced, directed and played twentysix mimodramas, including Pierrot de Montmartre, The Three Wigi. The Pawn Shop, 14th July, The Woljj ofl TduKuMi, Parid laugh&--Pari& criea and Don Juan (adapted from Tirso de Molina).
Marcel Marceau first toured the US between 195556, soon after his North American debut at the Stratford Festival. This first US tour ended with a recordbreaking return to New York's City Center in the spring of 1956 after playing to standingroomonly crowds in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. He has since toured the US on a regular
Awards for his television shows (The Maurice Chevalier Show and Laugh In). He appeared on the BBC as seventeen different characters in A Chri6tma6 Carol in 1973, and appeared in thir?teen films produced by Encyclopedia Britannica, which included Bip and the style pantomimes. He has been the television guest of Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, and Dinah Shore, and teamed with Red Skelton in three concerts of pantomimes.
Marcel Marceau has demonstrated his ver?satility in motion pictures, such as Barbarella with Jane Fonda, directed by Roger Vadim, and Shankd, directed by Bill Castle, in which he com?bined his silent art and voice by playing a deaf mute puppeteer and a speaking mad scientist. He said the only word ("No") in Mel Brooks' Silent Movie.
Children have been delighted by The Alphabet Book and Marcel Marceau 'a Counting Hat Book. Other publications of Marceau's paintings, poetry and illustrations include his La Ballade de Pari6 et du Monde, Le& Reveriet du
the 2001 ford Honors program
Bip, The Story oj Bip (Harpers and Row), Pimporello (Belfond Paris), and The Third Cye (Paris Lithoprint).
The French Government has conferred upon Mr. Marceau its highest honors: Officier de la Legion d'Honneur, Commandeur des Arts et Lettres, and Grand Officier de I'Ordre National du Merite. He is an elected member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, and is a member of the prestigious Institut de France. His Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris, which offers a twoyear curriculum, has been subsi?dized since 1978 by the City of Paris.
Mr. Marceau holds honorary doctorates from Princeton University, Ohio State University, Linfield College, and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.
The 199798 season marked the fiftieth anniversary of Marcel Marceau's famous charac?ter Bip. In that season, he created with his Company a new mimodrama, The Bowler Hat, presented in Paris at the Espace Pierre Cardin for two months with great success, and since seen in London, Tokyo, Taipei, Caracas, Santo Domingo, Valencia (Venezuela), Munich and New York City, as well as a tour of France. Since 1999, when Marceau returned with his classic solo show to New York City and San Francisco after fifteenyear absences for criticallyacclaimed soldout runs, his career in America has enjoyed a remarkable renaissance with strong appeal to a third generation. He has since appeared for extended engagements at such legendary American theaters as the Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC and the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, MA, to overwhelming acclaim, demonstrating the timeless appeal of the work and the mastery of this unique artist. Marceau's work has significance to the training, not only of mimes, but also of dancers and actors. As the recipient of the University Musical Society's 2001 Distinguished Artist Award,
Marceau is currently participating in a twoweek residency in Ann Arbor, Michigan that includes extensive teaching as well as performing. In Ann Arbor, he offered the prestigious Wallenberg Lecture, touching on his early years in Nazioccupied France, and offered his first workshop specifically for dancers. Marceau is at work on a new book for children to be published in the fall when he will again tour America.
The 2001 Ford Honors Program marks Marcel Marceau's thirtieth appearance under UMS auspices. Mr. Marceau made his UMS debut on Friday evening, October 15,1971 at the brandnew Power Center for the Performing Arts on the University of Michigan campus. Mr. Marceau's debut occurred only two weeks after the Power Center first opened with the world pre?miere of The Gradd Harp (based on the novel by Truman Capote). This would be Mr. Marceau's first of twentynine perfor?mances in ten appearances under UMS auspices. Two of these ten appearances were presented as part of the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, then programmed by the University Musical Society; the Summer Festival became a separate organization in 1986. In addition to Mr. Marceau's UMS appearances, he has made four appear?ances under Ann Arbor Summer Festival auspices beginning with performances on July 1718, 1986. Mr. Marceau last appeared under UMS auspices on October 30, 1992 and last performed in Ann Arbor on July 10, 1999. Marcel Marceau received an honorary degree from the University of Michigan in 1985.
Gyongyi Biro
Gyongyi Biro was born in Cluj, Romania. She graduated from Marcel Marceau's International School of Mime in 1993 and is currently a mem?ber of the mime company Theatre Espace Imaginaire, with which she has created two works: Le Placard (1993), which toured France and Great Britain, and La Girandole (1995), which was presented at the Cognacq Jay Museum in Paris. She joined the Nouvelle Compagnie de Mimodrame Marcel Marceau in 1995 in the cast of The Overcoat, touring in Spain, Germany, Norway and Japan, and again in The Bowler Hat, which opened in Paris in 1997 and has since been performed in South America, Asia and throughout Europe. In 1996 she assisted Marcel Marceau in Oguni, Japan, and has since partici?pated in Marceau's One Man Show Fiftieth Anniversary Tour worldwide.
This performance marks Gyongyi Biro's UMS debut.
The Ford Honors Program is a University Musical Society gala event made possible by a generous grant from Ford Motor Company and by the spe?cial support of many other companies and indi?viduals. Each year UMS honors a worldrenowned artist or ensemble with whom UMS has maintained a longstanding and significant relationship. In one evening, UMS pays tribute to and presents the artist with the UMS Distinguished Artist Award, and hosts a dinner in the artist's honor. Proceeds from the evening benefit the UMS Education Program. Previous awardees are Van Cliburn (1996), Jessye Norman (1997), Garrick Ohlsson (1998), The Canadian Brass (1999) and Isaac Stern (2000).
Kenneth C. Fischer
Kenneth C. Fischer is the President of the University Musical Society (UMS). Before assuming his present position at UMS in 1987, Mr. Fischer was a management consultant, independent concert presenter, and asso
ciation executive in Washington, DC for seventeen years. Mr. Fischer is active in a number of com?munity and professional organizations including Rotary International, Chamber Music America, United Negro College Fund, International Society for the Performing Arts, Association of Performing Arts Presenters, American Arts Alliance and Classical ActionPerforming Arts Against AIDS. Mr. Fischer grew up in nearby Plymouth, Michigan, attended the Interlochen Arts Camp, and has degrees from The College of Wooster in Ohio and the University of Michigan. He is mar?ried to flutist Penelope Peterson Fischer. They have one son, Matthew, living in San Francisco.
In 1918, Gail W. Rector was born in North Plane, Nebraska, the son of Homer and Lillian Rector. In 1945, he married Kathryn Swain. They have three children: Richard, Ellen, and Patricia. In 1980 he married South Carolina native Elizabeth Pitcher and currently resides with her in WinstonSalem, North Carolina.
In his earliest years, Mr. Rector majored in bassoon performance in high school, Chicago's Civic Orchestra, and the University of Michigan, where he received his Bachelor of Music degree in 1940 and continued studies for a year when drafted into the US Army. He spent the next three years in the South Pacific, including combat on Guadalcanal and Bougainville, before being assigned to the Americal Division. He returned
to the States as first lieutenant and trained recruits until he was honorably discharged from active duty on December 2, 1945.
That fall, he returned to Ann Arbor and became associated with the University Musical
Society (UMS), where he worked as a member of the staff for nine years before accepting the position of Assistant Manager of the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1954. He served the Orchestra for three years
and traveled throughout the US East Coast, Europe, and Russia. During the summers he also served as Executive Director of the Berkshire Music Center at Tanglewood.
In 1957 Mr. Rector returned once again to Ann Arbor, this time as Executive Director of the University Musical Society. He became President of UMS in 1959 and presented over 1200 concerts in various series and May Festivals (prominently featuring the Philadelphia Orchestra), and inau?gurated new chamber music, recital, opera, ballet series and the Ford Fairlane Summer Festival in Dearborn. He also founded the Ann Arbor Summer Festival and "Top of the Park" activities before retiring in 1987. He worked closely with the UMS Choral Union, and took the ensemble and associate members on concert tours to Europe, including France, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Spain and Egypt.
After retirement he was Executive Director of Detroit Orchestra Hall for three years, where he engaged visiting artists in over thirty concerts.
In 1995, Gail and Beth moved to Richmond, Virginia, where he was a consultant for concerts at Commonwealth University; in 1997 they moved to WinstonSalem, North Carolina, where he is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Moravian Music Foundation and the Salem College School of Music. He is also a consultant on the Program Committee for Reynolds Auditorium, which is scheduled to open after renovations in 2002.
John M. Rintamaki is Group Vice President and Chief of Staff of Ford Motor Company. He assumed this position on January i, 2000. Prior to this, he served as Vice President--General Counsel and Secretary.
In his new role, Mr. Rintamaki is responsible for the activities of Ford's Governmental Affairs, Office of the General Counsel, Environment and Safety Engineering, Dealer Policy Board, and the Ford Fund. He also continues to serve in his role as Corporate Secretary.
Mr. Rintamaki joined Ford Motor Company in July 1973 as an attorney with PhilcoFord Corp. after serving nine years as an attorney and officer in the US Army's Judge Advocate General's Corps at var?ious locations in the United States and the Far East.
He joined Ford's Office of the General Counsel in September 1978 as a senior attorney
handling international mat?ters. Six years later, he was named Associate CounselCorporate Financing. In September 1986, he was named Assistant Secretary and Associate Counsel. In October 1991, he was appointed Assistant
Secretary and Assistant General Counsel--SEC and Corporate Matters. He was elected Corporate Secretary and Assistant General Counsel in 1993 and then appointed Vice President--General Counsel and Secretary in January 1999.
Mr. Rintamaki also is a member of the Board of Directors of The Hertz Corporation.
Born on March 2,1942 in Wakefield, Michigan, Mr. Rintamaki earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan and graduated with distinction. He graduated cum laude from the University of Michigan Law School and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. He is a member of the Michigan and Pennsylvania bars.
He lives in Ann Arbor.
Committees S Donors
JOHN M. and MARILYN A. RINTAMAKI Ford Motor Company
GAIL W. and ELIZABETH G. RECTOR President ?meritu&. Univer&ity Musical Society
The Ford Honon Program is made po&&ible by Ford Motor Company Fund.
Ford Motor Company Fund
Forest Health Services Visteon
Kathleen Benton and
Robert Brown Ed and Judi Carlson Peter and Jill Corr William and Jane Hann
Key Bank
Richard and Sylvia Kaufman Gilbert Omenn and
Martha Darling Maya Savarino Herbert Sloan Richard and Laura Van House
Carl and Isabelle Brauer Dave and Pat Clyde David and JoAnna Featherman Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald Norman and Debbie Herbert Leo and Kathy Legatski Richard Levey and
Sigrid Christiansen Maria and Rusty Restuccia Steve and Cynny Spencer Paul and Liz Yhouse
Bernard and Ricky Agranoff Herb and Carol Amster Barbara Anderson and
John Romani Paul Boylan Barbara Everitt Bryant Edwin and Judy Carlson Leon and Heidi Cohan Thomas and Elaine Evans Ken and Penny Fischer Elizabeth Needham Graham Don and Carolyn Dana Lewis Richard and Stephanie Lord Roger and Judy Maugh Jan Barney Newman Dr. and Mrs. Frederick O'Dell John Paulson Jerry and Lorna Prescott John and Dorothy Reed Loretta Skewes Edward and Natalie Surovell Ronald and Eileen Weiser Dody Viola
Liar rejjiecti reservations received at oj April 9. 2001.
the 2OO1 Ford Honors Program
UNIVERSITY MUSICAL SOCIETY of the Univer&ity oj Michigan
Beverley B. Geltner,
Chair Lester P. Monts,
ViceChair Len Niehoff,
Secretary David Featherman,
Treasurer Lee C. Bollinger
Janice Stevens Botsford Barbara Everitt Bryant Kathleen G. Charla Jill A. Corr Peter B. Corr William S. Hann Toni Hoover Alice Davis Irani Gloria James Kerry
Leo A. Legatski Helen B. Love Barbara Meadows Alberto Nacif Jan Barney Newman Gilbert S. Omenn Randall Pittman Rossi RayTaylor Prudence L Rosenthal
Maya Savarino Erik H. Serr Herbert Sloan Timothy P. Slottow Peter Sparling James L. Telfer Clayton Wilhite Karen Wolff Elizabeth Yhouse
(former member of the UMS Board ot Directon)
Robert G. Aldrich
Herbert S. Amster Gail Davis Barnes Richard S. Berger Maurice S. Binkow Paul C. Boylan Car! A. Brauer Allen P. Britton Letitia J. Byrd Leon S. Cohan Jon Cosovich Douglas Crary Ronald M. Cresswell John D'Arms
Robert F. DiRomualdo James J. Duderstadt Robben W. Fleming David J. Flowers Randy J. Harris Walter L. Harrison Norman G. Herbert Peter N. Heydon Howard Holmes Kay Hunt Stuart A. Isaac Thomas E. Kauper David B. Kennedy Richard L. Kennedy
Thomas C. Kinnear F. Bruce Kulp Earl Lewis Patrick B. Long Judythe H. Maugh Paul W. McCracken Rebecca McGowan Alan G. Merten Joe E. O'Neal John D. Paul Wilbur K. Pierpont John Psarouthakis Gail W. Rector John W. Reed
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Robert Morris. Chair Sara Frank. ViceChair Louise Townley,
SeeretaryTrea&urer Raquel Agranoff Martha Ause Barbara Bach Lois Baru Kathleen Benton Mimi Bogdasarian Victoria Buckler Barbara Busch Laura Caplan Cheryl Cassidy Patrick Conlin Elly Rose Cooper
Nita Cox Mary Ann Daane Norma Davis Sally Stegeman DiCarlo Lori Director Betty Edman Michael Endres Andra Bostian Ferguson Nancy Ferrario Penny Fischer Anne Glendon Maryanna Graves Linda Greene Karen Gundersen Nina E. Hauser Kathy Hentschel
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Kenneth C. Fischer,
President Deborah S. Herbert, RSC
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Assistant to the
President John B. Kennard, Jr.,
Director ofl
Admini6tration Chandrika Patel. Senior
Accountant John Peckham,
Information Systems
Michael L. Gowing,
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Thomas Sheets,
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Christina Thobum,
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Corporate Support Karen Meske, Advidory
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Aaociate Lisa Michiko Murray,
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Government Granti Lisa Rozek, Adminidtrative
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Mail. Gift Proeeisor Anne Griffin Sloan,
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education Manager Dichondra Johnson.
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The 2OO1 Ford Honors Program
VMS would like to $ive ipecial thankd to the following people who have made special contributions o{ time, talent, and iervice during the 20002001 Seaton.
Many memben of our community were integral to the ouenvheming aucceaa o( UMS' exclutive US presentation and accompanying residency at the University of Michigan luith the Royal Shakespeare Company in March of 2001. UMS would like to denote these outitandins individuals, organizations, and companied within the list below by highlighting their named with an asterisk ().
Special appreciation goes to:
Bill Abbott
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and Visitors Bureau' Ann Arbor HandsOn
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Greenfield Village" Heritage School of Saline" Corrie Hix
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of Theatrical Stage
Employees. Ann Arbor
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UMS aldo acknowledges the extraordinary conrributiont oj its Board o( Directors, Senate, Advi6ory Committee. Teacher Advi6ory Committee, and Statt, whose namt6 are Uited eltewhere in thii prosram book.
The 2OO1 ford Honors Program
Education and Audience Development
Students enjoy a UMS youth performance of Bale Folcl6rico da Bahia.
PROVIDING WORLDCLASS EDUCATIONAL EVENTS AND cultural exchange to communities throughout southeastern MichiganN the UMS Education and Audience Development Department maintained
its growth in many areas throughout the 20002001 season. Nearly 15,000 K12 stu?dents and educators attended the Youth Performance Program. Additionally, the 20002001 season saw an unprecedented turnout of collegeaged students and adults with over 30,000 people attending the wide array of educational events sponsored by UMS. This growth and success confirms UMS' firm commitment to making quality educational experiences a part of every?one's performancegoing experience.
Through dedicated, active committees, including the Education and Audience Development Board SubCommittee, the Teacher Advisory Committee, and over seventy community partners and hundreds of community volunteers, the University
Musical Society actively seeks new audiences through a wide variety of activities designed for different ages and learning styles. We recognize that every single person is an individual, and we are hoping to build our audience one by one, paying close attention to each person's relationship to the arts.
The following pages describe our current program and show memorable highlights of the past season. Be sure to checkout the UMS fall brochure and the UMS website ( for details on the exciting and diverse array of educational events for the 20012002 season, which will include major residencies by the the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, the San Francisco Symphony, and a series of "Literary Chamber" performances.
This program is dedicated to the creative teach?ers and intelligent children actively involved in our UMS education programming. Over 15,000 students and educators attended performances of the American Repertory Theater: The King Sfag, Bale Folclorico da Bahia, Anoushka Shankar and Ensemble, Mingus Big Band, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Royal Shakespeare Company. Richard 111, and Ronald K. BrownEvidence. Each classroom received teacher resource and learning materials, photographs, audiotapes and videotapes. UMS also offered many opportuni?ties to take artists and arts educators into the schools, of particular note, Anoushka Shankar and Ensemble's acclaimed performance in Pattengill Elementary.
In its third year, First Acts sponsored over 400 students to attend classical music concerts. This unique program works to eliminate the barriers that prevent teachers and students from attending UMS performances by providing free busing, sub?sidized tickets, and preview materials. Encouraging students to attend symphony orchestra concerts and chamber music performances is one of the most important initiatives that UMS can embark upon to preserve the future of classical music presentation in Ann Arbor.
Arts education provides active learning experi?ences for students' academic and creative growth. Helping educators incorporate arts education
into their daily instruction is a key goal at UMS, which is why UMS has partnered (for over six years) with the Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) and the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (W1SD) to facilitate professional development for teachers. As part of the Kennedy Center: Partners in Education Program, UMS, AAPS, and WISD are able to bring the world's best teacher workshops to southeastern Michigan. This past year, over 170 teachers participated in eight workshops as part of this nationally recognized program.
The University Musical Society has consistently provided family performances to southeastern Michigan for nearly a decade, and it will contin?ue to do so in the future. Recognizing the impor?tance of multigenerational learning and parental involvement in their children's appreciation of the performing arts, UMS offered four worldclass, family performance opportunities with American Repertory Theater: The Kins Stag, Bale Folclorico da Bahia, Pilobolus, and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.
Aside from the performance, UMS offers a series of public interviews that allow artists to speak about their art forms, their careers and take questions from the community. Each year, UMS selects artists who offer compelling insights into their world, and this season over 2,000 people attended the series of eight interviews by the actors of the Gate Theater of Dublin, Michael Boyd and Adrian Noble of the Royal Shakespeare Company, the company members of Bale Folclorico da Bahia, Menahem Pressler, Sue Mingus, Dubravka Tomsic, Mark Morris, Ping Chong and Benjamin Bagby.
RSC actors Sam Troughton and Gavin Marshall participate in the Michigan LongDistance Learning live telecast with Cass Technical High School students.
Ronald K. Brown leads an open dance master class at Dance Gallery Studio.
Ann Arbor
Battle Creek
Beverly Hills
Cincinnati, Ohio 1
Grand Rapids
Greater Essex, Ontario
Highland Park
Michigan Youth Theatre
Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit
Sachs Theater, Osseo
Royal Oak
Sachs Theater, Osseo
South Lyon
Toledo. Ohio
West Bloomfield
WhitmoreLake '"?' '"''
Regional Home Schools
Future teachers from Concordia College and the University of Michigan
UM President Lee Bollinger interviews Adrian Noble, Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company as part of the RSC's residency in Ann Arbor.
Providing context and understanding about a performance, prior to and just after the perfor?mance, is one of UMS' keys for enhancing our audiences' performance experience. Throughout the season nearly 4,000 people attended our PREPs (Performance Related Educational Presentations) and MeettheArtists postperfor?mance stage dialogues.
This season, UMS developed more groundbreak?ing interaction with artists, via partnership and collaboration, than ever before. Over 20,000 people participated in University of Michigan minicourses, symposia, lectures, master classes, and a wide variety of communitydeveloped events. UMS builds partnerships with over seventy community organizations and individuals to help procure, market, and involve a wide variety of learners throughout southeastern Michigan. Of special significance were the multifaceted resi?dences of the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Gate Theater of Dublin, Royal Shakespeare Company, Moses Hogan Chorale, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and the Ping ChongBenjamin Bagby collaboration.
The UMS education and Audience Development Department alto collaboratet with over ieventyftive local, regional and national organization including:
Aditi Institute for Fine and
Performing Arts All City Men's Group Amazing Audio Ann Arbor District Library Ann Arbor HandsOn Museum Ann Arbor Public Schools Arab Community Center Economic
and Social Services (ACCESS) Ardis Renaissance Academy Arts League of Michigan Camp Detroit
Cass Technical High School Chris Engel's Greenhouses Church of the New Convenant Clonlara School Community Foundation of
Southeastern Michigan Core City Neighborhoods Cultural Exchange Network D'Amato's Neighborhood Restaurant Dance Gallery Studio Detroit High School for the
Performing Arts
Detroit Liturgical Dance Collective Detroit Opera House Detroit Public Library Detroit Public Schools Detroit Public Schools Dance Program Eastern Michigan University Emerson School Rudolf Steiner School First Congregational Church Forsythe Middle School Friends of Parkside Community Center Hannan HouseDetroit Senior Services Inner City Dance Scope InsideOut Poetry Program The Jewish Community Center of
Metropolitan Detroit Kennedy Center: Partners in Education Marygrove College Dept of Dance Matrix Theater Company Matthaei Botanical Gardens Michigan Dance Council Michigan League
Michigan Neighborhood Partnership Michigan School Band and Orchestra
Association Mosaic Youth Theater MosherJordan Residence Hall Music Hall Center for the
Performing Arts Pattengill Elementary
Pemajju School of Dance
Performance Network
Pinckney High School
Rudy Hawkins Singers
Scarab Club
St. Clair County Community College
Swing City Dance Studio
UM Arts at Michigan
UM Arts of Citizenship
UM Center for Research on Women
and Gender
UM Center for Chinese Studies UM Center for Latin American and
Caribbean Studies UM Center for Russian and Eastern
European Studies UM Department of English and
Comparative Literature UM Dept of Dance UM Dept of Musicology UM Dept of Theater UM Graduate Library, Special
UM Institute for the Humanities UM International Institute UM Jean and Samuel Frankel Center
for Judaic Studies UM Museum of Art UM Office of the Provost UM Residency Halls UM Residential College UM School of Music UM School of Art and Architecture Union Street Restaurant University Productions WEMU Public Radio WUOM Public Radio Walk and Squawk Performance Project Washtenaw Intermediate School District Waterford Mott High School Wayne State University Dept. of Dance Wayne State University Dept. of
Theater Wayne County Regional Educational
Service Agency Willis Patterson's Our Own Thing
Winans School of the Performing Arts Wines Elementary Ypsilanti High School YpsilantiAnn Arbor Ministerial
Alliance Zingerman's
The 2OO1 Ford Honors Program
Great performances--the best in music, theater and dance--are presented by the University Musical Society because of the generous gifts of UMS supporters (UMS Members). The list below represents names of current UMS Members as of April 4, 2001. If there has been an error or omission, we apolo?gize and would appreciate a call at 734.647.1178 so that we can correct it immediately. UMS would also like to thank those donors who wish to remain anonymous.
Mrs. Gardner Ackley Hal and Ann Davis Randall and Mary Pittman
Bank One, Michigan
Ford Motor Company Fund
Forest Health Services
Corporation Office of the Provost,
University of Michigan Office of the President,
University of Michigan Pfizer Global Research and
Development; Ann Arbor
Community Foundation for
Southeastern Michigan Ford Foundation JazzNetDoris Duke Charitable
Foundation Michigan Council for Arts and
Cultural Affairs
National Endowment for the Arts The Power Foundation State of Michigan--Arts, Cultural
and Quality of Life Grant
Program WallaceReader's Digest Funds
Carl and Isabelle Brauer
Dr. Kathleen G. Charla
Peter and Jill Corr
Ronnie and Sheila Cresswell
Dr. and Mrs. James Irwin
Charlotte McGeoch
Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal
Herbert Sloan
Brauer Investments
Comerica Incorporated
Dow Automotive
Masco Corporation
McKinley Associates
Thomas B. McMullen Company
National City Corporation
Sesi Investment
Detroit Edison Foundation Elizabeth E. Kennedy Fund MidAmerica Arts
AllianceHeartland Arts Fund New England Foundation for
the Arts
Shiffman Foundation Trust The Texaco Foundation
Bank of Ann Arbor CFI Group
Herb and Carol Amster
Maurice and Linda Binkow
Barbara Everitt Bryant
Douglas D. Crary
Beverley and Gerson Geltner
Charles N. Hall
David and Phyllis Herzig
Keki and Alice Irani
Lawrence and Rebecca Lohr
Robert and Pearson Macek
Ann Meredith
Joe and Karen Koykka O'Neal
Loretta M. Skewes
Dr. Isaac Thomas 111 0
Dr. Toni Hoover Susan B. Ullrich Don and Carol Van Curler Marina and Robert Whitman
Ann Arbor Automotive AutoCom Associates Butzel Long Attorneys Cafe Marie Consumers Energy Elastizell Corp of America
Miller, Canfield, Paddock and
Stone P.L.C. O'Neal Construction Pepper Hamilton LLP Personnel Systems, Inc.Arbor
Technical Staffing Edward Surovell Realtors
Bob and Martha Ause
A. J. and Anne Bartoletto
Bradford and Lydia Bates
Kathy Benton and Robert Brown
Raymond and Janet Bernreuter
Joan Akers Binkow
Susan Steiner Bolhouse
Amy and Jim Byrne
Edward and Mary Cady
Edwin and Judith Carlson
David and Pat Clyde
Maurice and Margo Cohen
Tom Cohn
Katharine and Jon Cosovich
Molly and Bill Dobson
Jim and Patsy Donahey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Evans
John and Esther Floyd
BettyAnn and Daniel Gilliland
Sue and Carl Gingles
Debbie and Norman Herbert
Thomas and Shirley Kauper
Robert and Gloria Kerry
Marc and Jill Lippman
Judy and Roger Maugh
Paul and Ruth McCracken
Hattie and Ted McOmber
Shirley Neuman
Gilbert Omenn and Martha Darling
John and Dot Reed
Barbara A. Anderson and
John H. Romani Don and Judy Dow Rumelhart Carol and Irving Smokier Lois A. Theis
Don and Carol Van Curler Richard E. and Laura A. Van House Mrs. Francis V.Viola III Marion T. Wirick and James N. Morgan Paul and Elizabeth Yhouse
r 11 ; i n f ; ; f s
AAA Michigan Alf Studios Arthur Andersen LLP Blue Nile Restaurant Dennis A. Dahlmann Inc. GKN Sintar Metals Hella North America Ideation, Inc. Joseph Curtin Studios
The Lebensfeld Foundation THE MOSAIC FOUNDATION (of R. G P. Heydon)
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Abrams Jim and Barbara Adams Bernard and Raquel Agranoff Michael Allemang and
Denise Boulange Lesli and Christopher Ballard Emily W. Bandera. M.D. Robert and Wanda Bartlett Karen and Karl Bartscht Ralph P. Beebe
Ruth Ann and Stuart J. Bergstein Philip C. Berry
Suzanne A. and Frederick J. Beutler Elizabeth and Giles G. Bole Howard and Margaret Bond Laurence and Grace Boxer Helen L Brokaw Jeannine and Robert Buchanan Lawrence and Valerie Bullen Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Burstein Letitia J. Byrd Betty Byrne
Jim and Priscilla Carlson Jean and Kenneth Casey Janet and Bill Cassebaum Anne Chase
Don and Betts Chisholm Mr. and Mrs. John Alden Clark Leon and Heidi Cohan Mr. Ralph Conger Anne and Howard Cooper Elaine Buxbaum Cousins Mr. Michael and Dr. Joan Crawford
Kathleen J. Crispell and
Thomas S. Porter Peter and Susan Darrow Mr. and Mrs. Richard Devos Jack and Alice Dobson Elizabeth A. Doman Mr. and Mrs. John R. Edman Martin and Rosalie Edwards Dr. and Mrs. John A. Faulkner Susan Feagin and John Brown David and JoAnna Featherman YiTsi M. and Albert Feuerwerker Ken and Penny Fischer Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald Bob and Sally Fleming James and Anne Ford llene H. Forsyth Michael and Sara Frank Otto and Lourdes E. Gago Marilyn G. Gallatin James and Cathie Gibson William and Ruth Gilkey Dr. Sid Gilman G Dr. Carol Barbour Alvia G. Golden and
Carroll SmithRosenberg Dr. and Mrs. William A. Gracie Victoria Green and Matthew Toschlog Linda and Richard Greene Frances Greer John and Helen Griffith David and Pamela Colburn Haron Susan Harris Taraneh and Carl Haske Thomas and Connie Heffner Bertram Herzog Julian and Diane Hoff Janet Woods Hoobler Robert M. and Joan F. Howe SunChien and Betty Hsiao John and Patricia Huntington Stuart and Maureen Isaac Lennart and Karin Johansson Elizabeth Judson Johnson Robert L. and Beatrice H. Kahn Richard and Sylvia Kaufman Dorian R. Kim Jim and Carolyn Knake Amy Sheon and Marvin Krislov Bud and Justine Kulka Barbara and Michael Kusisto Lee Lamont
Jill M. Latta and David S. Bach Leo and Kathy Legatski Evie and Allen Lichter Carolyn and Paul Lichter Dean and Gwen Louis John and Cheryl MacKrell Marilyn Mason
Natalie Matovinovic Margaret W. Maurer Joseph McCune and Georgians Sanders Rebecca McGowan and Michael B. Staebler Andy and Candice Mitchell Lester and Jeanne Monts Grant W. Moore Julia S. Morris Eva L. Mueller
M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman William and Deanna Newman Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. O'Dell Dr. and Mrs. William J. Oliver Mark and Susan Orringer Elizabeth C. Overberger Mrs. William B. Palmer William C. Parkinson Dory and John D. Paul John M. Paulson Maxine Pierpont Eleanor and Peter Pollack Stephen and Agnes Reading Donald H. Regan and Elizabeth Axelson John and Marilyn Rimamaki Kenneth J. Robinson Mrs. Irving Rose
Victor Strecher and Jeri Rosenberg Gustave and Jacqueline Rosseels Dr. Nathaniel H. Rowe Maria and Rusty Restuccia Alan and Swanna Saltiel Maya Savarino Mrs. Richard C. Schneider Rosalie and David Schottenfeld Steven R. and Jennifer L. Schwartz Patricia and Joseph Settimi Janet and Michael Shatusky Helen and George Siedel J. Barry and Barbara M. Sloat Tim Sparling and Lynne Tobin Steve and Cynny Spencer Gus and Andrea Stager James and Nancy Stanley Lloyd and Ted St. Antoine Mrs. Ralph L. Steffek Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stegeman Victor and Marlene Stoeffler James L. and Ann S. Telfer Bryan and Suzette Ungard Jerrold G. Utsler Mary Vanden Belt Elly Wagner John Wagner Barry and Sybil Wayburn Willes and Kathleen Weber Robert 0. and Darragh H. Weisman Roy and JoAn Wetzel Max Wicha and Sheila Crowley
Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Wu
Ed and Signe Young
Gerald B. and Mary Kay Zelenock
Nancy and Martin Zimmerman
Alcan Global Automotive Group The Bartech Group, Inc. Charles Reinhart Company Realtors Republic Bank Ann Arbor Tl Group Automotive Systems
Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
Kaufman Foundation
Key Foundation
Montague Foundation
The Power Foundation
Sams Ann Arbor Fund
Vibrant of Ann Arbor
Robert Ainsworth
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Aldrich
Michael and Suzan Alexander
Dr. and Mrs. Rudi Ansbacher
Elaine and Ralph Anthony
Janet and Arnold Aronoff
Max K. Aupperle
Gary and Cheryl Balint
Norman E. Barnett
Mason and Helen Barr
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Beatty
Astrid B. Beck and David Noel Freedman
L. S. Berlin
Tom and Cathie Bloem
Ron and Mimi Bogdasarian
Charles and Linda Borgsdorf
Dale and Nancy Briggs
David and Sharon Brooks
June and Donald R. Brown
Virginia Sory Brown
H. D. Cameron
Jean W. Campbell
Michael and Patricia Campbell
Bruce and Jean Carlson
Jack and Wendy Carman
James S. Chen
Janice A. Clark
Edward J. and Anne M. Comeau
Carolyn and L Thomas Conlin
Jim and Connie Cook
Hugh and Elly Rose Cooper
Susan and Arnold Coran
Paul N. Courant and Marta A. Manildi
Malcolm and Juanita Cox
Clifford and Laura Craig
Alice B. Crawford
George and Connie Cress
Jean Cunningham and Fawwaz Ulaby
Mary R. and John G. Curtis
Roderick and Mary Ann Daane
Julie and Jonathan Dean
Pauline and Jay J. De Lay
Ellwood and Michele Derr
Lloyd and Genie Dethloff
Delia DiPietro and Jack Wagoner. M.D.
Steve and Lori Director
Al Dodds
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Dornbusch
Charles and Julia Eisendrath
Dr. Alan S. Eiser
Kathryn A. Eklund
Stefan S. and Ruth S. Fajans
Dr. and Mrs. S.M. Farhat
Claudine Farrand and Daniel Moerman
Sidney and Jean Fine
Clare M. Fingerle
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ford
Phyllis W. Foster
Deborah and Ronald Freedman
Gwyn and Jay Gardner
Drs. Steve Geiringer and Karen Bantel
Thomas and Barbara Gelehrter
Charles and Rita Gelman
Beverly Gershowitz
Joyce and Fred Ginsberg
Paul and Anne Glendon
Cozette Grabb
Elizabeth Needham Graham
William and Deborah Gray
Dr. and Mrs. Lazar J. Greenfield
Leslie and Mary Ellen Guinn
Carl E. and Julia H. Guldberg
Don P. Haefner and Cynthia J. Stewart
Helen C. Hall
Mr. and Mrs Elmer F. Hamel
Walter and Diane Harrison
Paul Hysen and Jeanne Harrison
Jeannine and Gary Hayden
Mrs. W.A. Hiltner
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Holmes
David and Dolores Humes
Ronald R. and Gaye H. Humphrey
Eileen and Saul Hymans
Wallie and Janet Jeffries
Jim and Dale Jerome
Ellen C. Johnson
Frank and Sharon Johnson
Tim and Jo Wiese Johnson
Susan and Stevo Julius
Steven R. Kalt and Robert D. Heeren
Mercy and Stephen Kasle
John B. and Joanne Kennard
David and Sally Kennedy
Richard Kennedy
Emily and Ted Kennedy
Dick and Pat King Hermine R. Klingler Philip and Kathryn Klintworth Joseph and Marilynn Kokoszka Samuel and Marilyn Krimm Lee and Teddi Landes Mr. John K. Lawrence Ted and Wendy Lawrence Laurie and Robert LaZebnik Jacqueline H. Lewis Leslie and Susan Loomans Charles and Judy Lucas John and Jane Lumm Brigitte and Paul Maassen Edwin and Catherine Marcus Claude and Marie Martin Sally and Bill Martin Chandler and Mary Matthews Griff and Pat McDonald Eileen Mclntosh and
Charles Schaldenbrand Walter and Ruth Metzger Leo and Sally Miedler Myrna and Newell Miller Melinda and Bob Morris Brian and Jacqueline Morton Cyril and Rona Moscow Martin Neuliep and Patricia Pancioli Len and Nancy Niehoff Mrs. Marvin Niehuss Gene Nissen
Marylen and Harold Oberman Mr. and Mrs. James C. O'Neill Mitchel Osman, M.D. Shirley and Ara Paul Lorraine B. Phillips Elaine and Bertram Pitt Stephen and Bettina Pollock Richard H. and Mary B. Price Mrs. Gardner C. Quarton Mrs. Joseph S. Radom Jeanne Raisler and Jonathan Allen Cohn Jim and leva Rasmussen Jim and Bonnie Reece Rudolph and Sue Reichert Ray and Ginny Reilly Art Rose and Nancy Moran Dr Susan M. Rose Mrs. Doris E. Rowan Carol Rugg and Richard Montmorency Ina and Terry Sandalow Drs. Edward and Virginia Sayles Peter C. Schaberg and Norma J. Amrhein Meeyung and Charles Schmitter Sue Schroeder Dr. John J. H. Schwarz Julianne and Michael Shea Howard and Aliza Shevrin Dr. and Mrs. Martin Shinedling Frances U. and Scott K. Simonds Kate and Philip Soper Mr and Mrs. Neil J. Sosin
Juanita and Joseph Spallina
David and Ann Staiger
Ron and Kay Stefanski
Stephen and Gayle Stewart
Wolfgang Stolper
Nancy Bielby Sudia
Charlotte B. Sundelson
Ronna and Kent Talcott
Bob and Betsy Teeter
Mrs. E. Thurston Thieme
Christina and Thomas Thoburn
Dr. and Mrs Merlin C. Townley
Joan Lowenstein and Jonathan Trobe
Marilyn Tsao and Steve Gao
Dr. Sheryl S. Ulin and
Dr. Lynn T. Schachinger Charlotte Van Curler Jack and Marilyn van der Velde William C. Vassell Kate and Chris Vaughan Florence S. Wagner Charles R. and Barbara H. Wallgren Joyce L Watson Robin and Harvey Wax Karl and Karen Weick Raoul Weisman and Ann Friedman Angela and Lyndon Welch Dr. Steven W. Werns Harry C. White and Esther R. Redmount J. D. and Joyce Woods Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wooll David and April Wright Don and Charlotte Wyche
Bellanina Day Spa
Clark Professional Pharmacy
Dupuis 6 Ryden CPAs and Business
Galamp Corporation Guardian Industries Corporation Lewis Jewelers Malloy Lithographing Inc. Pollack Desisn Associates
UNDATIONS The Sneed Foundation. Inc.
Michael and Marilyn Agin Dr. Diane M. Ajresta Anastasios Alexiou Christine Webb Alvey Dr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson David and Katie Andrea Harlene and Henry Appelman
Patricia and Bruce Arden Mr. and Mrs. Anhur J. Ashe. Ill Dwight Ashley Dan and Monica Atkins Jonathan and Marlene Ayers Robert L Baird
Laurence R. and Barbara K Baker John R. Bareham Cy and Anne Barnes Lois and David Baru Gary Beckman and Karla Taylor Srirammohan S. and Shamal Beltangady Harry and Betty Benford Erlin; and Merete Blondal Bengtsson Linda and Ronald Benson Sheldon and Barbara Berry Dan and Irene Biber John Blankley and Maureen Foley Jane M. Bloom
Jim Botsford and Janice Stevens Botsford Dean Paul C. Boylan Dr. and Mrs. C. Paul Bradley Morton B. and Raya Brown Sue and Noel Buckner Trudy and Jonathan Bulkley Bob Caldwell and Terry Hirth Caldwell Margot Campos Charles F. Cannell Nancy Cantor
Marshall F. and Janice L Carr Jeannette and Robert CanCarolyn M. Cany and Thomas H. Haug Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Cerny Tsun and Siu Yin; Chan; Kwang and Soon Cho Dr Kyung and Young Cho Robert J. Cierzniewski Donald and Astrid Cleveland Hubert and Ellen Cohen Nan and Bill Conlin Mary Cordes and Charleen Price Merle and Mary Ann Crawford Mr. Michael J. and Dr. Joan Crawford Constance Crump and Jay Simrod Peggy Cudkowicz Sunil and Merial Das Charles and Kathleen Davenport Ed and Ellie Davidson Peter and Norma Davis Ronald and Dolores Dawson John and Jean Debbink Penny and Larry Deitch Elena and Nicholas Delbanco Elizabeth Dexter Martha and Ron DiCecco Macdonald and Carolin Dick Bill and Peggy Dixon Jean Dolega
Heather and Stuart Dombey Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Domino Thomas and Esther Donahue Phillip Duryea Elizabeth Edmond MD Judge and Mrs. S. J. Elden Ethel and Sheldon Ellis Mackenzie and Mama Endo Joan and Emil Engel Patricia Enns Dr. John W. Farah
Dede and Oscar Feldman Dr. and Mrs. James Ferrara Karl and Sara Fiegenschuh Dr. James F. Filgas Carol Finerman Herschel and Annette Fink Beth B Fischer (Mrs. G. J.) Dr. C. Peier and
Beverly A. Fischer Jennifer and Guillermo Flores Ernest and Margot Fontheim Howard and Margaret Fox Betsy Foxman and
Michael Boehnke Lela J. Fuester Mr. and Mrs. William Fulton Harriet and Daniel Fusfeld Bernard and Enid Galler Eugene and Mary Anne Gargaro Professor and Mrs. David Gates Wood and Rosemary Geist Beth Genne and Allan Gibbard Elmer G. Gilbert and
Lois M. Verbrugge Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gillis James and Janet Gilsdorf Maureen and David Ginsburg Albert and Almeda Girod Edward and Ellen Goldberg Irwin Goldstein and
Martha Mayo
James W. and Maria J. Gousseff Maryanna and
Dr. William H. Graves. Ill Dr. John and Renee M. Greden Mrs. Clara Green Lila and Bob Green Bill and Louise Gregory Raymond and Daphne M. Grew Lauretta and Jim Gribble Carleton and Mary Lou Griffin Mark and Susan Griffin Werner H. Grilk David and Kay Gugala Ken and Margaret Guire Arthur W. Gulick. M.D. Lorraine Gutierrez and
Robert Peyser Susan and John Halloran Yoshiko Hamano Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hanna Martin D. and Connie D. Harris Robert and Sonia Harris Robert and Jean Harris Susan S. Harris Naomi Gottlieb Harrison and
Theodore Harrison DDS Clifford and Alice Hart Bob and Lucia Heinold J. Lawrence and
Jacqueline Stearns Henkel Fred and Joyce Hershenson Lorna and Mark Hildebrandt Frances C. Hoffman Matthew C. Hoffmann and
Kerry McNulty Carol and Dieter Hohnke Dr. Ronald and Ann Holz Jane H. Hughes
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Hulett
Ann D. Hungerman
Hazel Hunsche
Thomas and Kathryn Huntzicker
Susan and Martin Hurwitz
Robert B. Ingling
Margaret and Eugene Ingram
Harold and Jean Jacobson
Kent and Mary Johnson
Douglas and Mary Kahn
Dr. and Mrs. Mark S Kamlnski
George Kaplan and Mary Haan
Frank and Patricia Kennedy
Donald F. and Mary A. Kiel
Howard King and
Elizabeth SayreKing Tom and Connie Kinnear Rhea Kish
James and Jane Kister Dr. David E. and
Heidi Castleman Klein Shira and Steve Klein Laura Klem Anne Kloack Thomas and Ruth Knoll Dr. and Mrs. Melvyn Korobkin Michael and Phyllis Korybalski Dimiln and Suzanne Kosacheff Ron and Barbara Kramer Bert and Geraldine Kruse lert and Catherine La Du Mr. and Mrs Henry M. Lapeza Neal and Anne Laurance John and Theresa Lee Peter Lee and Clara Hwang Mr. and Mrs Fernando S. Leon Richard LeSueur Myron and Bobbie Levine Donald J. and
Carolyn Dana Lewis Mark Lindley and Sandy Talbort Rod and Robin Little ViCheng and HsiYen Liu Naomi E. Lohr E. Daniel and Kay Long Armando Lopez Rosas Richard and Stephanie Lord Virginia and Eric Lundquist Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Lutkehaus Edward and Barbara Lynn Pamela J. MacKintosh Virginia Mahle Deborah Malamud and
Neal Plotkin Melvin and Jean Manis Marcovitz Family Nancy and Philip Margolis Sheldon and Geraldine Markel Peter Marshall Jeffrey M. Mason Jim and Ann Mattson Margaret E. McCarthy Ernest and Adele McCarus W. Bruce McCuaig Michael G. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Merlanti Bernice and Herman Merte Henry D. Messer Carl A. House Deanna Relyea and
Pioir Michalowski Jeanette and Jack Miller John Mills
Thomas and Doris Miree James and Kathleen Mitchiner William G. and
Edith 0. Moller. Jr. Jane and Kenneth Moriarty Frederick C. Neidhardt and
Germaine Chipault Laura Nitzberg and Thomas Carli Donna Parmelee and
William Nolting
Constance L and David W. Osier Marysia Ostafin and
George Smillie David and Andrea Page Helen I. Panchuk William and Hedda Panzer Penny and Steve Papadopoulos Rene and Hino Papo Elizabeth Payne Zoe and Joe Pearson Margaret and Jack Petersen Mrs. Daniel M. Phillips Wayne Pickvet and Bruce Barren William and Barbara Pierce Frank and Sharon Pignanelli Richard and Meryl Place Donald and Evonne Plantinga Bill and Diana Pratt jerry and Lorna Prescott Larry and Ann Preuss Wallace G. and Barbara Prince Tom and Mary Princing J. Thomas and Kathleen Pustell Leland and
Elizabeth Quackenbush Patricia Randle and James Eng Anthony L Reffells and
Elaine A. Bennett Glenda Renwick Janet L. Repp
Molly Resnik and John Martin Betty Richart Constance 0. Rinehart Jay and Machree Robinson W. Robin Rose Robert and Joan Rosenblum Gay and George Rosenwald Craig and Jan Ruff Bryant and Anne Russell Michael and Kimm Sarosi Christi and Mike Savitski Gary and Arlene Saxonhouse Albert J. and Jane L. Sayed David and Marcia Schmidt Monica and
David E. Schteingart Suzanne Selig Harriet Selin Erik and Carol Serr Ruth and Jay Shanberge Lorraine M. Sheppard Ned Shure and Jan Onder John and Arlene Shy Scott and Joan Singer John and Anne Griffin Sloan Tim and Marie Slottow
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Slowey Alene M. Smith Carl and Jari Smith Mrs. Robert W. Smith Susan M. Smith Cynthia J. Sorensen Yoram and Eliana Sorokin Tom Sparks Jeffrey D. Spindler Allen and Mary Spivey Curt and Gus Stager Barbara StarkNemon and
Barry Nemon Virginia and Eric Stein Professor Louis and
Glennis Stout
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Strasius Brian and Lee Talbot Eva and Sam Taylor Dr. Paul and Jane Thielking Mary H. Thieme Catherine Thoburn Edwin J. Thomas Bette M. Thompson Paul and Fredda Unangst Joyce A. Urba and
David J. Kinsella Dr. and Mrs. Samuel C Ursu Jim and Emilie Van Bochove Kathleen and Edward Van Dam Hugo and Karla Vandersypen Tanja and Rob Van der Voo Carolyn and Jerry Voight Wendy L. Wahl and
William R. Lee Mrs. Norman Wait Robert D. and Liina M. Wallin Dr. and Mrs. Jon M. Wardner Carol Weber Deborah Webster and
George Miller
Susan and Peter Westerman Marcy and Scott Westerman Iris and Fred Whitehouse Ann and Clayton Wilhite Brymer Williams Reverend Francis E. Williams Christine and Park Willis Thomas and Iva Wilson Beverly and Hadley Wine Charles Witke and
Aileen Galten Charlotte A. Wolfe Kathy and Alan Wright Sandra and Jonathan Yobbagy MaryGrace and Tom York
Atlas Tool. Inc.
Bodywise Therapeutic Massage Coffee Express Co. Edwards Brothers, Inc. Gams, Garris, Garris C Garris
Law Office
Palladium Associates Scientific Brake and Equipment
Judith Abrams
John R. Adams
Tim and Leah Adams
Dr. Dorit Adler
Thomas Algler
Michael and Hiroko Aklyama
Ronald Albucher and Kevin Pfau
Gordon and Carol Allardyce
James and Catherine Allen
Pamela and Gordon Amidon
Mayank M. Amin
Helen and David Aminoff
Dr. and Mrs Charles T. Anderson
Sandra and David Anderson
Joseph and Annette Anderson
Martha AndrewsSchmidt
Mary C Arbour
Catherine S. Arcure
H. C and Doris Arms
Bert and Pat Armstrong
Jeff and Deborah Ash
Eric M. and Nancy Aupperle
John and Rosemary Austgen
Erik and Linda Lee Austin
Shirley and Donald Axon
Virginia and Jerald Bachman
Drs. John and Lillian Back
Linda Bennett and Bob Bagramian
Prof, and Mrs. J. Albert Bailey
Richard W. Bailey and
Julia Huttar Bailey Barbara and Daniel Balbach Helena and Richard Balon Peter and Paulett Banks David and Monika Barera Joan W. Birth Robert and Carolyn Bartle Leslie and Anita Bassett Frank and Lindsay Bateman Mrs. Jere M. Bauer James and Margaret Bean Kathleen Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Beckert Robert Beckley and Judy Dinesen Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Beier Patrick and Maureen Belden Steve and Judy Bemis Walter and Antje Benenson Bruce Benner and
Hely MerleBenner Joan and Rodney Bentz Mr. and Mrs. Ib BentzenBilkvist Dr. Rosemary R. Berardi Barbara Levin Bergman Jim Bergman and Penny Hommel Susan A Bernard Steven Bernstein Michel and Dominique Berny Gene and Kay Berrodin Mark Bertz
Naren and Nishta Bhatia Eric and Doris Billes Jack Billie and Sheryl Hlrsch Sara Billmann and Jeffrey Kuras William and llene Birge
Elizabeth S. Bishop Martin and Mary Black Barbara 0. Black Tom and Amy Blair
Donald and Roberta Blitz
Fran and Joy Blouin
Dr. George and Joyce Blum
Beverly J. Bole
Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Bongiorno
Lola J. Borchardt
Morris and Reva Bornstein
Jeanne and David Bostian
Victoria C. Botek and William M. Edwards
Bob and Jan Bower
Marvin J. and Maureen A. Boyle
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Bozell
Stacy P. Brackens
Enoch and Liz Brater
Mr. Joel Bregman and Ms. Elaine Pomeranz
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Brisht
Paul A. Bringer
Clifford and Amy Broman
Razelle Brooks
Olin and Aleeta Browder
Cindy Browne
Mrs Webster Brumbaugh
Phil Bucksbaum and Roberta Morris
Dr. Frances E. Bull
Margaret E. Bunge
Marilyn Burhop
Tony and Jane Burton
Barbara H. Busch
Joanne Cage
Barbara and Albert Cain
Louis and Janet Callaway
Susan and Oliver Cameron
Jenny P Campbell
James H. Campbell
Valerie and Brent Carey
George R. Carignan Barbara Carpenter Deborah S. Carr
James and Mary Lou Carras Dennis B. and Margaret W. Carroll Dean Carter and
Dr. Petra Schindler Carter
Joseph and Nancy Cavanaugh
K. M. Chan
J. Wehrley and Patricia Chapman
Dr. Carey CharlesAngelos
Barry and Marjone Checkoway
Felix and Ann Chow
Catherine Christen
Edward and Rebecca Chudacoff
Sallie R. Churchill
Nancy Cilley
Pat Clapper
Brian and Cheryl Clarkson
Jill Kronheim Cohen
Hilary and Michael Cohen
Willis Colburn and Denise Park
Marion T Collier
John and Penelope Collins
Wayne and Mehnda Colquitt
Gordon and Marjorle Comfort
Wendy and Mark Comsiock
Philip and Jean Converse
Lolagene C. Coombs Dr. William W. Coon Kathleen Cooney and
Gary Faerber Gage R. Cooper Dr. and Mrs. Richard Cooper Garnet and Joan Cousins Marjorie A. Cramer Richard and Penelope Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Winton I. Crawford Charles and Susan Cremin Mary C. Cnchton Mr. and Mrs James 1. Crump Richard J. Cunningham Marcia A. Dalbey Marylee Dallon Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dancy Mildred and William B. Darnton Ruth E. Darz
Mr. and Mrs. John L Dauer Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Davidge Judi and Ed Davidson Limn; R. Davidson. M.D. Mark and Jane Davis Wayne and Patricia Davis Robert and
Barbara Ream Debrodt Joe and Nan Decker Dr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Decker George and Margaret DeMuth Pamela DeTullio and
Stephen Wiseman Don and Pam Devine Sheryl Diamond Lorenzo DiCarlo and
Sally Stegeman DiCarlo Ruth J. Doane Judy and Steve Dobson Rev. Dr. Timothy J. Dombrowski Steven and Paula Donn It Paul Drake and Joyce E. Penner Roland and Diane Drayson John Dryden and Diana Raimi Gulshirin Dubash and
Jeremey Mistry Mary P. Dubois Rosanne and Sandy Duncan Mary H. Dunham Connie Dunlap Jean and Russell Dunnaback Edmund and Mary Durfee John W. Durstine Dr. and Mrs Theodore E Dushane Unda Edberg Richard and Myrna Edgar Morgan H. and Sara 0. Edwards Julie and Charles Ellis James Ellis and Jean Lawton H. Michael and Judith L. Endres Mr and Mrs. Fred A. Erb
Erb Foundation Roger E. Erickson Steve and Pamela Ernst Leonard and Madeline Eron Dorothy and Donald Eschman Barbara Evans Don and Jeanettc Faber Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fair, Jr. Elly and Harvey Falll Dr. Cheryl C Farmer
Mike and Bonnie Fauman Inka and David Felbeck Phil and Phyllis Fellin Ronda and Ron Ferber Susan FilipiakSwlng City Dance
Gerald B. and Catherine L. Fischer Dr. and Mrs. Richard L Fisher Susan R. Fisher and
John W. Waldley Barbara and James Fitzteratd Beth and Joe Fitzsimmons Rochelle Flumenbaum and
Paul Estenson Jessica Fogel and
Lawrence Weiner Scon and Janet Fogler Georje and Kathryn Foltz Susan Goldsmith and
Spencer Ford Burke and Carol Fossee Jason I. Fox
William and Beatrice Fox Dan and Jill Francis Larry and Nancy Frank Lynn A. Freeland Richard and Joann Freethy Sophia L. French Marilyn L Friedman Esther and Peretz Friedmann Jerry Frost
Frances and Robert Gamble Jack J. and Helen Garris C. Louise Garrison Janet and Charles Garvin Chuck and Rita Gelman Ms. Jutta Gerber
Michael and Ina HanelGerdenich Deborah and Henry Gerst Michael Gerstenberger W. Scott Gerstenberger and
Elizabeth A. Sweet Leo and Renate Gerulaitis Paul and Suzanne Gikas Matthew and Debra Gildea Dr. and Mrs. Gary Gillespie Zita and Wayne Gillis Beverly Jeanne Giltrow Albert and Barbara Glover Robert Gockel Albert L. Goldberj Joyce and Janice Goldin; Ed and Mona Goldman Dr. and Mrs. Michael j. Goldstein Beryl and David Goldsweig Mitch and Barb Goodkin Ann F. Goodman Selma and Albert Gorlin Enid M Goslin; Michael L. Gowm Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Graham Helen M. Graves Pearl E Graves Jerry M. and Mary K. Gray Larry and Martha Gray Whitmore and Svea Gray Ivan Green
Lewis R. and Mary A. Green Phyllis Green
The 2OO1 Ford Honors Program
Sandra Gregerman G. Robinson and Ann Gregory Linda and Roger Grekin Marguerite M. Gritenas Laurie Gross Frederick and Iris Gruhl Lionel and Carol Guregian Margaret Gulowski and
Michael Marietta Dr. Merle Haanes Caroline and Roger Hackett Claribel Halstead Margo Halsted Sarah I. Hamcke David Hamilton Barbara H. Hammitt (Mrs. F.G.) Carl T. and Judith M. Hanks Grace H. Hannenin Lourdes S. Bastos Hansen Charlotte Hanson Mary C. Harms
Stephen G. and Mary Anna Harper Laurelynne and George Harris Ed Sarath and Joan Harris Anne Haugh
Ian and Barbara Hawkins Maureen Hawley Anne Heacock
Kenneth and Jeanne Heininger Jim and Esther Heitler Bill Heifer Sivana Heller Paula B. Hencken and
George C. Collins Karl Henkel and Phyllis Mann Dr. and Mrs. Keith S. Henley Kathy and Rudi Hentschel Jeanne Hernandez C.C. Herrington. M.D. Ronald D. and Barbara J. Hertz Herb and Dee Hildebrandt Larry and Carolyn Hiss James and Ann Marie Hitchcock Louise Hodgson Robert and Claire Hogikyan Donna M. Hollowell Mrs. Howard Holmes Pam and Steve Home Dave and Susan Horvath Mr. and Mrs. F. B. House James and Wendy Fisher House Jeffrey and Allison Housner G C. Housworth Helga and Jerry Hover John I Hritz, Jr. Mrs. V. C Hubbs Jude and Ray Huetteman Harry and Ruth Huff Mr. and Mrs. William Hufford Joanne Winkleman Hulce Jewel F. Hunter Marilyn C. Hunting Diane C. Imredy Edward C. Ingraham Perry Irish
Sid and Harriet Israel Joan L. and John H. Jackson Mel and Myra Jacobs Dean and Leslie Jarrett Marilyn G. Jeffs
Professor and Mrs. Jerome Jelinek
Ken and Marcia Jenkinson
Paula J Jester
Mark and Linda Johnson
Paul and Olga Johnson
Marilyn S Jones. PH.D.
Stephen Josephson and Sally Fink
Andree Joyaux and Fred Blanck
William and Ellen Kahn
Mary Kalmes and Larry Friedman
Carol Kamm and James Howe
Paul Kantor and
Virginia Weckstrom Kantor Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kao Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kaplan Carol and H. Peter Kappus Diana Karam Alex and Phyllis Kato Ann F. Katz
Deborah and Ralph Katz Dennis and Linda Kayes Julie and Phil Kearney Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keiser Janice Keller
Linda Atkins and Thomas Kenney George L. Kenyon and
Lucy A. Waskell
David J. and JoAnn Z. Keosaian Nancy Keppelman and
Michael Smerza Paul and Leah Kileny Jeanne M. Kin Robert and Vicki Kiningham John and Carolyn Kirkendall Diane Kirkpatrick Leilani and Steven Killer Rosalie and Ron Koenig Michael J. Kondziolka Charles and Linda Koopmann Alan and Sandra Kortesoja Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krachenberg Sara Kring William G. Kring Alan and Jean Krisch Syma and Phil Kroll Helen and Arnold Kuethe Danielle and George Kuper Alvin and Lia Kushner Dr. and Mrs Richard A. Kulcipal Tim and Kathy Laing Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Lampert Pamela and Stephen Landau Janet Landsberg Patricia M. Lang Mrs. David A. Lanius Lois H. Largo
Joan Larsen and Adam Pritchard Carl F. and Ann L. LaRue Beth and George LaVoie Judith and Jerold Lax Chuck and Linda Leahy Cyril and Ruth Leder Fred and Ethel Lee Skip and Mary LeFauve Diane Lehman and Jeffrey Lehman Richard and Barbara Leite Ron and Leona Leonard Sue Leon; Margaret E. Leslie David E. Levine
Harry and Melissa LeVinc George and Linda Levy Tom and Judy Lewis Ken and Jane Lieberthal Leons and Vija Liepa Margaret K. Liu and
Diarmaid M. O'Foighil Dr. and Mrs. F A. Locke Julie M Loftin Jane Lombard Ronald Longhofer and
Norma McKenna Bruce Loughry Christopher Loving Lynn Luckenbach Walter Allen Maddox Mark Mahlberg Suzanne and Jay Mahler Alan and Carls Mandel Pearl Manning Alice K and Robert G. Marks Rhoda and William Martel Irwin and Fran Martin H.L. Mason
Vincent and Margot Massey Glenn D. Maxwell Helen Byrm May Carole Mayer Micheline Maynard Susan C Guszynski and
Gregory F. Mazure LaRuth C. McAfee Richard and Florence McBrien Margaret and Harris McClamroch Dores M McCree Neil and Suzanne McGinn Mary and Norman Mclver Bill and Ginny McKeachie Nancy A. and Robert E. Meader William and Marilyn Meadowcroft Marilyn J. Meeker Robert and Kathleen Megginson Bob and Dons Metling Allen and Marilyn Menlo Warren and Hilda Merchant Ingrid Merikoski Hely MerleBenner George R and Brigette Merz Julie and Scott Merz Robert and Bettie Metcalf Helen Metzner Don and Lee Meyer Suzanne M. Meyer Shirley and Bill Meyers Helen M. Michaels William and Joan Mikkelsen John W. Milford Prof and Mrs. Douglas Miller Carmen and Jack Miller James A. and Kathryn Miller Sonya R. Miller Bob and Carol Milstein Dr. and Mrs. James B. Miner Olga Ann Moir Mary Jane Molesky Molloy Foundation Jim and Jeanne Montie Arnold and Gail Morawa Robert and Sophie Mordis Dr. and Mrs. George W. Morley
A A. Moroun
Muriel Moskowjlz
James and Sally Mueller
Tom and Hedi Mulford
J. Thomas and Carol Mullen
Gavin Eadie and Barbara Murphy
Lora G. Myers
Drs. Louis and Julie Nagel
Rosemarie Nagel
Joan Nassauer
Arthur and Dorothy Nesse
Sharon and Chuck Newman
John and Ann Nicklas
Susan and Richard Nisbctt
Christer E. Nordman
Richard and Caroline Norman
Richard S. Nottingham
Dr. Nicole Obregon
John and Lexa O'Brien
Patricia O'Connor
Peter M and Alicia C. Olin
Cherie M Olsen
Elizabeth Olson and Michele Davis
Nels R. and Mary H Olson
J L Oncley
Robert and Elizabeth Oneal
Kathleen I. Operhall
Ted and Joan Operhall
Mr and Mrs. James R. Packard
Jenny Palmer
Sujit and Uma Pandit
Donna D. Park
Bill and Katie Parker
Alka Paiel
Eszther Pattantyus and Tibor Nagy
Nancy K Paul
Vasso and Dimitris Pavlidis
Wade D. and Carol Peacock
William and Susan Penner
Steven and Janet Pepe
Don and Giannine Perlgo
Bradford Perkins
Susan A. Perry
Neal W. Persky. M.D.
Jeff Javowiaz and Ann Mane Petach
Robert G and Diane L. Petit
Bryan and Ruth Pfingst
Douslas Phelps and
Gwendolyn JessiePhelps Jim and Julie Phelps Mr. and Mrs Frederick R. Pickard Nancy S. Pickus Robert and Mary Ann Pierce William and Betty Pierce Dr. and Mrs. James Pikulski Wayne and Suellen Pinch Brenda Pontillo Robert and Mary Pratt Jacob M. Price Larry and Beverly Price John and Nancy Prince Bradley and Susan Prills Lisa M. Profera Morion and Diane Raban Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Radcliff Dr and Mrs. Tushar N. Raiji Cheryl L Rakich
Mr and Mrs. Robert H. Rasmussen Rulh Ratlner Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rayport
Maxwell and Marjorie Reade
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Redman
Michael J. Redmond
Russell and Nancy Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Stanislav Rehak
Georgia Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Reisman
James and Judith Reiier
Anne and Fred Remley
Duane and Katie Renken
John and Nancy Reynolds
Alice Rhodes
Lou and Sheila Rice
Carol P. Richardson
Kurt and Lori Riegger
Thomas and Ellen Riggs
Lita Ristine
Kathleen Roelofs Roberts
Dave and Joan Robinson
Jim and Kathleen Robinson
Janet K Robinson, Ph.D.
Jonathan and Anala Rodgers
Mary Ann and Willard Rodgers
Joseph and Joan Rogers
Mr. and Mrs Stephen J Rogers
Leslie and Ann Rogers
Mary F. Loeffler and
Richard K Rohrer Michael J. and Yelena M. Romm Elizabeth A Rose Bernard and Barbara Rosen Stephen Rosenblum and
Rosalyn Sarver
Richard Z and Edie W. Rosenfeld Elva M. Rosenzweig Charles W. Ross Marlene Ross Samuel and Irene Rupert Robert and Beth Ruskin Mitchell and Carole Rycus Barry Ryder and Deborah Salerno Ellen and Jim Saalberg Theodore and Joan Sachs Mr. and Mrs. William Sachs Arnold Sameroff and
Susan McDonough Miriam S. Joffe Samson John and Reda Santinga Harry and Elaine Sargous Helga and Jochen Schachi Chuck and Gail Scharte Mary A. Schieve Gary and Claudia Schnitker Susan G. Schooner Thomas H. Schopmeyer Yizhak Schotten and
Katherine Collier David and Becky Schultz Aileen Schulze Dietrich and Mary Schulze Art and Mary Schuman Ed and Sheila Schwartz Ruth Scodel
David and Darlene Scovell Louis and Sherry L Senunas Mary M. Sexton (Mrs. George H.) Brahm and Lorraine Shapiro David and Elvera ShappiMo Thomas and Valerie Yova Sheets Ingrid and Cliff Sheldon
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Sherry Rev. William J. Sherzer Drs. Jean and Thomas Shope Hoi I is and Martha A. Showalter Mary Alice Shulman Dr. Douglas and Barbara Siders Dr. Bruce M. Siesan Milton and Gloria Siegel Alida and Gene Silverman Geoffrey and Morrine Silverman Carl Simon and Bobbi Low Michael and Maria Simonte Donald and Susan Sinta Irma J. Sklenar Beverly N. Slater Kirsten Marie Carr and
Theodore A D. Slawecki Donald C. and Jean M. Smith Donald and Dorothy Smilh Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Smith Susan E. Smith
Robert and Susan Soderstrom Nathan and Patrick Sohnly Hush and Anne Solomon James A. Somers Dr. Sheldon and Sydelle Sonkin Errol and Pat Soskolne Aline Soules
Etecki Spangler and Peyton Bland Elizabeth Spencer and
Arthur Schwartz
Mrs Herbert W. Spendlove (Anne) Jim Spevak Nancy Spezia
Irvinj M. Stahl and Pamela M. Rider Gary and Diane Stahle Constance D. Stankrauff Dr. and Mrs. William C. Stebbins Frank D. Stella
William and Georgine Steude Jim and Gayle Stevens Kick and Lia Stevens Barbara and Bruce Stevenson John and Beryl Stimson James L. Stoddard Mr. and Mrs. James Bower Stokoe Eric and Ines Storhok Ellen M Strand and
Dennis C Regan Clinton and Aileen Stroebel Joe Siroud and Kathleen Fojtik Mary Stubbins
Donald and Barbara Sugerman Michael and Peg Supernault Earl and Phyllis Swain Richard and June Swartz Rebecca Sweet and Roland Loup Rebecca Szabo Michael W. Taft and
Catherine N. Hemngton Margaret Talburtt and James Pejgs Jim and Sally Tamm Denise Marie Tanguay Larry and Roberta Tankanow Gerald and Susan Tarpley Frank and Carolyn Tarzia Robert and Carolyn Tate Carol and Jim Thiry William Jerry Thornton Anna Thuren
Peggy Tieman
Mr. and Mrs. W. Paul Tippett
Bruce Tobis and Alice Hamele
Ronald and Jacqueline Tonks
John and Geraldine Topliss
Jim Toy
Sara Thnkaus
Ken and Sandy Trosien
Luke and Merlin; Tsai
Jeff and Lisa TulipSilver
Claire and Jerry Turcoite
William and Jewell Tustian
Alvan and Katharine Uhle
Mary L Unterburger
Bernice G. and Michael L. Updike
Toru and Tamiko Urata
Amy Valade
Madeleine Vallier
Carl and Sue Van Appledorn
Bram and Lia van Leer
Eldon and Beth Van Liere
Fred and Carole van Reesema
Leo and Pejsv Van Sickle
Phyllis Vegter
Sy and Florence Veniar
Ryan and Ann VerheyHenke
James H. Vincent
Alice and Joseph Vining
Harue and Tsuguyasu Wada
Jill Wasner
Virginia Wait
George and Lorraine Wales
David C. and Elizabeth A. Walker
Timothy Wang
Jill A. Warren
Lorraine Nadelman and
Sidney Warschausky Evy and Morrie Warshawski Ruth and Chuck Watts Joan D Weber Edward C. Weber Joan M. Weber Jack and Jerry Weidenbach Carolyn J. Weisle Neal and Susan Weinberg Rosalyn and Gerald Weiniraub Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Weisberg Barbara Weiss Lisa and Steve Weiss Kim Werner Helen Michael West Tim and Mim Westerdale Paul E. Duffy and
Marilyn L. Wheaton B. Joseph and Mary White James B. and Mary F. White Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Whileside Nancy Wiernik William and Cristina Wilcox Caihenne Wilkerson Benjamin D. Williams John Troy Williams Sara S. Williams Shelly F. Williams Anne Marie and Robert J Willis Bruce Wilson and
Carol Hollenshead Leslie C. Wimsatt Donna Winkelman and
Tom Easthope
Sarajane and Jan Z Winkelman
Beih and I. W. Wmslcn
James H. and Mary Anne Winter
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Wise
Jeff and Linda Witzburs
Karen Wixson
Stanley B. Wolfe. M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Ira S. Wollner
Richard E. and Muriel Won;
Ronald and Wendy Woods
Stan and Pris Woollams
Israel and Fay Woronoff
Harry Wright
Lynne Wright
Phyllis B. Wrisht
Alfred and Corinne Wu
Fran and Ben Wylie
Mr. Frank Youkstetter
James and Gladys Young
Mr and Mrs. Martin Zeile
John J. Zerbiec
Ahmet, Christie. Emine Zeren
Daniel and Mary Ziegeler
Ronald W. Zorney
Erik and Lineke Zuiderweg
Gail and David Zuk
Ann Arbor Center for Financial
Ayse's Courtyard Cafe General Systems Consultin;
Group SWEA Inc. Thalner Electronic Labs
World Heritage Foundation "The Prechter Fund'
AAA Michigan
Alf Studios
Ann Arbor Automotive
Ann Arbor Center for Financial
Arthur Andersen LLP Atlas Tool. Inc. AutoCom Associates Ayse's Courtyard Cafe Bank of Ann Arbor Bank One. Michigan The Bartech Group. Inc. Blue Nile Restaurant Brauer Investments Butzel Long Attorneys Cafe Marie CFI Group Charles Reinhart Company
Clark Professional Pharmacy Coffee Express Co. Comerica Incorporated
The 2OO1 Ford Honors Program
Consumers Energy Dennis A. Dahlmann Inc. Detroit Edison Dow Automotive Dupuis G Ryden PC. Edward Surovell Realtors Edwards Brothers. Inc. Elastizell Corp of America Ford Motor Company Fund Forest Health Services
Corporation Galamp Corporation Carris. Garris. Garris G Garris Ljw
General Systems Consulting Guardian Industries Corporation Hudson's Project Imagine Ideation. Inc. Joseph Curtin Studios KeyBank Lewis Jewelers Malloy Lithographing. Inc. Masco Corporation McKinley Associates Miller. Canfield. Paddock and
Stone P.L.C. National City Bank Office of the Provost.
University of Michigan O'Neal Construction Palladium Associates Pepper Hamilton LLP Personnel Systems. Inc.Arbor
Technical StaffingArbor
Temporaries. Inc. Pfizer Global Research and
Development: Ann Arbor
Pollack Design Associates Republic Bank
Scientific Brake G Equipment Sesi Lincoln Mercury SWEA Inc.
Thalner Electronic Labs Thomas B. McMullen Company Vibrant of Ann Arbor Visteon Wolverine Technical Staffing. Inc.
The Burton Tower Society is a very special group of University Musical Society friends. These people have included the University Musical Society in their estate planning. We are grateful for this important support to con?tinue the great traditions of the Society in the future.
Carol and Herb Amster Mr. Neil P. Anderson Catherine S. Arcure Mr. and Mrs. Pal E. Barondy Mr. Hilbert Beyer Elizabeth Bishop Barbara Everitt Bryant
Pat and George Chatas
Mr and Mrs. John Alden Clark
Douglas D. Crary
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Frank
Beverley and Gerson Geltner
Mr. Edwin Goldring
Mr. Seymour Greensione
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ives
Marilyn Jeffs
Thomas C. and
Constance M. Kinnear Sally C. Maggio Charlotte McGeoch Michael G. McGuire Dr. Eva Mueller Len and Nancy Niehoff Dr. and Mrs. FrederickODell Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Powers Mr. and Mrs. Michael Radock Mr and Mrs. Jack W. Ricketts Herbert Sloan Roy and JoAn Wetzel Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Zollars
Tom Bob Boothby
David Eklund
Kenneth Haas
George R. Hunsche
Frederick C. Matthaei, Sr.
Robert Meredith
Gwen and Emerson Powrie
Steffi Reiss
Charles R. Tieman
Mrs. Durwell Vetter
Francis Viola III
Carl H. Wilmot
Peter Holderness Woods
Amadeus Cafe
Ann Arbor Acura
Ann Arbor Art Center
Back Alley Gourmet
Bella Ciao Trattoria
Bivouac Outdoor Clothing and
Bodywise Therapeutic Massage Cafe )O}
Catherine Arcure Kathleen Benton and Robert
Chelsea Flower Shop Peter and Jill Corr The Original Cottage Inn Paul and Pat Cousins Cousins Heritage Inn Dr and Mrs Ronald Cresswell D'Amato's Neighborhood
David Smith Photography Peter and Norma Davis Katy and Tony Derezinski Dough Boys Bakery Bob and Chris Euritt Katherine and Damian Farrell
Fine Flowers
Ken and Penny Fischer
Food Art
The Gandy Dancer
Beverley and Gerson Geltner
Great Harvest Bread Company
John Leidy Shop
John's Pack & Ship
Mercy and Stephen Kasle
Kerrytown Bistro
King's Keyboard House
Ray Lance
Stephanie Lord
Malnstreet Ventures
Jeanne and Ernest Merlanti
Michigan Car Services. Inc.
and Airport Sedan. LTD Ron Miller The Moveable Feast Nicola's Books. Little Professor
Book Co.
Paesano's Restaurant Randall and Mary Pittman Randy Parrish Fine Framing Red Hawk Bar S Grill Resrets Only
Rlt2 Camera One Hour Photo Maya Savanno Peter Savarino Stephanie Savarino Ann and Tom Schriber Seva
Shaman Drum Bookshop Howard and Aliza Shevrin Herbert Sloan Irving and Carol Smokier Ann and Jim Telfer Weber's Restaurant Elizabeth and Paul Yhouse Zanzibar
Soloists $25,000 or more
Maestro $10,000 ? 24,999
Virtuosi $7,500 9.999
Concertmaster $5,000 ? 7.499
Leader $2,500 4.999
Principal $1,000 2,499
Benefactor $500 999
Associate $250 ? 499
Advocate $100 249
Friend $5099
12 Ann Arbor Summer Festival
28 Bank of Ann Arbor
28 Charles Reinhan Company
32 Edward Surovell Realtors
FC Ford Motor Company
jo Harmony House
30 Howard Cooper
BC Key Bank
10 Merkel Furniture
26 Michael Lee and OPUS Mime
32 QuinnEvans Architects

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