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UMS Concert Program, May 14, 2005: Guarneri Strung Quartet --

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Rackham Auditorium Ann Arbor

The 2OO5 Ford Honors Program University Musical. Society and Ford Motor Company present
Ford Motor Company Fund
'lutrncri Siruuf Qjutrtct
Lifetime Tribute
Guarneri String Quartet
Arnold Steinhardt, Violin
John Dalley, Violin
Michael Tree, Viola
Peter Wiley, Cello
David Soyer, Founding Cellist with a special salute to
UMS Ticket Office Associate since 1968
with appearances by the
Bryan HernandezLuch, Violin
Gareth Johnson, Violin
Christopher Jenkins, Viola
Jared Snyder, Cello
Kenneth C. Fischer
A Benefit for the University Musical Society Education Program
Saturday Evening, May 14, 2005 at 6:00 pm
Rackham Auditorium
Ann Arbor
Personalized to UMS on October 15, 1991: "For UMS. Happy to be here again!" Signed by the founding members of the Guarneri String Quartet
Guarneri String Quartet's UMS debut Thursday Evening, February 25, 1971: Original Racliham Auditorium program from UMS's Eighth Annual Chamber Arts Series
April 25, 1993: Former VMS President Gail Rector joins UMS President Ken Fischer with theounding members of the Gucirneri backstage at Rackham Auditorium
Performance and Tribute Program
Ford Honors Program:
A Decade of Distinguished Artists
A Video Montage
Kenneth C. Fischer
President, University Musical Society
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart String Quartet in F Major, K. 168
Allegro Andante Menuetto Allegro
Franz Schubert
Guarneri String Quartet
Cello Quintet in C Major, D. 956
Allegro ma non troppo
Scherzo: Presto; Trio: Andante sostenuto
Guarneri String Quartet Mr. Soyer
Claude Debussy
Quartet in g minor, Op. 10 (excerpt) Assez vif ed bien rythm?
Sphinx Quartet
Guarneri String Quartet: Indivisible for 4O Years
A Video Tribute
Presentation of the
UMS Distinguished Artist Award
Mary Sue Coleman President, University of Michigan
Phil Martens
Group Vice President, Product Creation,
Ford Motor Company
Felix Mendelssohn Octet in Eflat Major, Op. 20 (excerpt)
Allegro moderato con fuoco
Guarneri String Quartet Sphinx Quartet
73rd Performance of the 126th Annual Season
The photographing or sound recording of this concert or possession of any device for such photographing or sound recording is prohibited.
The Ford Honors Program is made possible by Ford Motor Company Fund.
Special thanks to Ford Motor Company Fund for its generous and continued support of the University Musical Society Education and Audience Development Program.
Additional thanks to UMS Advisory Committee Gala Chairs Robert and Victoria Buckler and to all members of the Committee for their care, time, and planning of this evening's gala celebration.
Special thanks to Ford Motor Company Fund for its generous contribution of floral art for this evening's performance and tribute.
Guarneri String Quartet appears by arrangement with Herbert Barrett Management, Inc.
Sphinx Quartet appears by arrangement with the Sphinx Organization.
Members of the Sphinx Quartet perform on instruments provided by David Kerr Violin Shop, Portland, OR.
Large print programs are available upon request.
m he renowned Guarneri String
? Quartet has circled the globe count__?_ less times since it was formed in 1964, playing in the world's most prestigious halls in North and South America, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Their 40th anniver?sary is being celebrated during the 0304 and 0405 seasons, in which they continue to tour extensively throughout the US and Europe.
In the 0304 season, celebrations included performing a Beethoven cycle during their annual Metropolitan Museum of Art sixconcert series, instituted in 1965. In the current season, they continue the Metropolitan Museum tradi?tion with a series of performances with invited special guests, each of whom will perform with them in a work by Antonin Dvorak. Founding cellist David Soyer joins his former colleagues to play Schubert's String Quintet in C Major, D. 956 on several occasions as part of these special seasons. In January 2004, the Guarneri received the Richard J. Bogomolny National Service Award from Chamber Music America. This is CMA's highest honor, given annually to an indi
vidual or ensemble for a lifetime of service and achievement in the field.
Last month, one of the culminating events of the Guarneri's Anniversary was a performance in Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall, presented by the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. In addition to this public performance, there were other events such as a roundtable discussion and a quartet masterclass with several young ensembles from leading music institutions. And finally, this evening, the Guarneri will receive the Ford Honors Distinguished Artist Award from the University Musical Society of the University of Michigan where they have performed 29 times over the past 40 years.
In addition to mastering the finest works in the existing quartet repertoire, the Guarneri String Quartet is committed to performing and popularizing works by today's foremost composers. During the 0304 season, they gave the first performance of String Quartet No. 5 (In Search of La Vita Nuova) written for them by the awardwinning American composer Richard
Danielpour. Mr. Danielpour had previously written Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra, commissioned by the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) and written expressly for the Guarneri String Quartet. The piece was premiered with the NSO at the Kennedy Center under the direction of Leonard Slatkin in January 2000 followed by its New York premiere at Carnegie Hall later that same month. During the 0102 season, the Guarneri gave the premiere performances of Lukas Foss' String Quartet No. 5.
The Quartet has been featured on many television and radio specials, documentaries, and educational presentations both in North America and abroad. They have been inter?viewed by Charles Kuralt on CBS's nationwide television program Sunday Morning. A fulllength film entitled High Fidelity The Guarneri String Quartet was released nationally, to great critical and public acclaim, in the fall of 1989 (the film was directed and produced by Allan Miller who was also the directorproducer of the Academy Awardwinning documentary From Mozart to Mao, which examined Isaac Stern's visit to China). The Quartet is also the subject of various books including Quartet by Helen Drees Ruttencutter (Lippincott & Crowell, 1980), The Art of Quartet Playing: the Guarneri in Conversation with David Blum (Alfred A. Knopf, 1986), and Arnold Steinhardt's Indivisible by Four: A String Quartet in Pursuit of Harmony (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1998).
In 1982, Mayor Koch presented the Quartet with the first New York Seal of Recognition. The Quartet was awarded Honorary Doctorate degrees by the University of South Florida (1976) and the State University of New York (1983). In 1992, the Guarneri String Quartet became the only quartet to receive the presti?gious Award of Merit from the Association of Performing Arts Presenters in New York City. The Quartet continues their longstanding series and residency at the University of Maryland where they are members of the faculty.
The Guarneri String Quartet has recorded for Surrounded by Entertainment, which released a CD in spring 2001 of quartets by
Ravel, Debussy, and Faure. Several of its record?ings on both RCA Red Seal and Philips have won international awards, including its recent recording of Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga's String Quartet Nos. 13 (Philips), which won the 1996 Deutsche Schallplattenkritik Award in Germany. Among its other awardwinning recordings are collaborations with such artists as Artur Rubinstein, Pinchas Zukerman, and Boris Kroyt and Mischa Schneider of the Budapest Quartet. They have also recorded Mendelssohn's String Quartet No. 3 on the Arabesque label and their firstever recording of the great Mendelssohn Octet, Op. 20, in collaboration with the Orion String Quartet.
For over 40 years, the musicians of the Guarneri have been among the high?estranking aristocrats in the chamber music world. The Guarneri String Quartet made their UMS debut on February 25, 1971 in Rackham Auditorium in a pro?gram which included works by Beethoven, Stravinsky, Webern, Josef Suk, and Schumann. During the past 34 years, the Quartet has performed 18 standalone concerts in Ann Arbor as well as two com?plete Beethoven quartet cycles: the first cycle spanning five performances during the 197677 UMS season, and a second complete cycle spanning six performances over three successive seasons beginning in the 198485 season. During the 1981 win?ter season, the Guarneri appeared twice on the UMS Chamber Arts Series in programs consisting entirely of compositions by Bela Bartok. In November 1996, the Guarneri appeared alongside the Orion String Quartet in a program featuring Mendelssohn's Octet, Op. 20. Tonight we celebrate the Guarneri String Quartet's 40th anniversary season with the Quartet's 30th appearance under UMS auspices.
yv ecognized as one of the world's I-distinguished cellists, David Soyer J. L started his career as soloist with The Philadelphia Orchestra. Subsequently, he has been soloist with the Dallas, Utah, Denver, and Hartford Symphony Orchestras and has appeared in recital with Rudolf Serkin, Peter Serkin, Mieczyslaw Horzowski, and Andras Schiff. He was a member of the New Music Quartet, the Guilet Quartet, the Marlboro Trio, and was a founding member of the worldrenowned Guarneri String Quartet, now in its 40th year.
Mr. Soyer has recorded for RCA Victor, Philips, Arabesque, and the Vanguard labels. He has received many international awards and two honorary doctorates. He is on the faculties of the Curtis Institute of Music, Boston University, Manhattan School of Music, and The Juilliard School. He is a senior member of the Executive Committee of the Marlboro School of Music in Marlboro, Vermont.
Tonight's performance and tribute marks David Soyer's 30th appearance under UMS auspices. As founding cellist of the Guarneri String Quartet, Mr. Soyer made his UMS debut with the Quartet in February 1971 in Rackham Auditorium.
String Quartet in F Major, K. 168
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Born January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria
Died December 5, 1791 in Vienna
In the summer of 1773, when Mozart was 17, he traveled with his father to Vienna for a 10week stay. No doubt the elder Mozart, ever ambitious for his son, was hopeful of securing a good position for him in the musical capital of Europe. While he was there, the young com?poser was introduced to the Empress, had a Mass of his performed, played a violin concerto, and perhaps most importantly from the point of view of his own musical development, came into contact with the latest music of the great Haydn.
Also during the visit, Mozart composed a set of six string quartets of his own. These pieces are noticeably influenced by the newly serious Haydn style, most particularly in the incorporation of counterpoint into the fourpart texture. It was a special facet of Mozart's genius that he was able to absorb influences from so many sources and still make his music so very much his own.
The String Quartet in F Major, K. 168, is the first of this set. The opening movement incorporates a dizzying variety of ideas, which Mozart manages to make completely coherent and unified. The forte piano markings (twice in a bar in many passages) are an indication of the composer's striving for expression.
Even more remarkable, however, is the fminor "Andante," with its rich sound, its expressive mien, and the unusual direction (for the time) that the players are to apply mutes to their instruments.
The "Menuetto" is delicate and courtly, especially with its brief passages of duet texture. The central Trio section adopts the color con?trast of a new key and imitative entries.
Formal counterpoint comes to the fore in the Finale, which is a real fugue. No doubt this movement, too, was inspired by Haydn, for three of Haydn's Opus 20 quartets also have fugal finales. This piece of Mozart's is a little selfconsciously clever, but it is as such highly effective.
Cello Quintet in C Major, D. 956
Franz Schubert
Born January 31, 1797 in Himmelpfortgrund,
Austria Died November 19, 1828 in Vienna
The high esteem in which performers and audi?ences hold Schubert's Cello Quintet is perhaps best summarized by his biographer John Reed, who stated that the Cello Quintet is "not only essential Schubert, not only his greatest piece of chamber music, but on any reckoning a supremely poetic expression of the romantic spirit in music."
Schubert seems to have followed the Mozartian model in composing a string quintet, although, unlike Mozart, he added a second cello to the standard ensemble rather than a second viola. Schubert leaves the opening of the first movement harmonically ambiguous, hesi?tantly touching on the tonic key before embark?ing on some tonal wanderings that are a hallmark not only of this work, but of his late style in general. The first theme in this sonataform movement, a jaunty contrapuntal passage reworked from an earlier Fantasia for violin and piano, quickly gives way to the famous second theme, a glorious cello duet in Eflat that is the emotional center of the movement.
Jack Westrup once noted that this "robust and courageous" Cello Quintet is "illuminated by shafts of tenderness that noone, having once heard them, can ever forget." Undoubtedly he was referring to the second movement "Adagio," one of the most sublime moments in the entire chamber repertoire. It's haunting yet gentle opening remains imprinted on the listener long after the sounds have died away. Despite its seeming simplicity, such music is extraordinarily difficult to write. The slow pace lays everything open to view, but in so doing, only demon?strates Schubert's perfect control of his resources.
The third movement "Scherzo" and "Trio" is almost a mirror image of the preceding "Adagio." In each, the central sections both jux?tapose contrasting expressive worlds. The "Scherzo" is heavy and physical, while the "Trio"
Sally A. Cushing
(l I MS will present Ticket Office I I Associate Sally A. Cushing A with the UMS Distinguished Service Award at this evening's 2005 Ford Honors Program, in recognition of her loy?alty, dedication, and service to UMS and to hundreds of thousands of ticket buyers. Widely considered the "the voice of UMS" to patrons who order their tickets over the phone, Sally will retire at the end of May after nearly 37 years of service to UMS.
Sally began her career with the University in February 1962 in the Depart?ment of Internal Medicine and joined the two other fulltime members of the UMS staff on September 9, 1968. She began as a ticket seller and bookkeeper, but notes that "in those days, we all did everything."
Sally's success directly contributed to the UMS Ticket Office's recognition as "Box Office of the Year" this past January by INTIX, the International Ticketing Association. INTIX represents over 1,200 ticketing professionals in the performing arts, theater, entertainment, professional sports, and college and university athletics. INTIX noted the UMS Ticket Office's successful handling of the reseating of patrons in Hill Auditorium and the high level of customer satisfaction in audience surveys among other factors in determin?ing this year's award recipient.
Sally will not be making a clean break from UMS, as she'll return in the fall, work?ing the phones as always, at a more relaxed pace one or two days a week.
normally the section where Schubert allows a moment of spiritual release, a lilting dance, or lyrical point of repose is wistful and question?ing, in both harmonic language and emotional disposition.
In the Finale, Schubert shows that his humor is not all lost in pathos. The dance begins in c minor, but another cello duet soon establishes the tonic C Major, and before long the sounds of country fiddles and droning accordions enliven the dance without any hint of irony.
Octet in Eflat Major, Op. 20 (excerpt)
Felix Mendelssohn
Born on February 3, 1809 in Hamburg, Germany
Died November 4, 1847 in Leipzig
Mendelssohn wrote his Octet for four violins, two violas, and two cellos in 1825, the same year Beethoven composed his aminor quartet (Op. 132). At 55, Beethoven was nearing the end of his career (and he knew it); the 16yearold Mendelssohn was just starting his. As he noted in the manuscript: "This Octet must be played by all instruments in symphonic orchestral style. Pianos and fortes must be strictly observed and more strongly emphasized than is unusual in pieces of this character."
We are not sure what Mendelssohn meant by "pieces of this character," since it seems that no one had written string octets of this sort before. Mendelssohn treated the eight players as a single, integrated unit a wholly unprecedent?ed procedure as far as anyone knows.
To appreciate the way Mendelssohn expanded upon Classical style in his Octet, one needs only to compare the opening of the work with the opening of Haydn's Quartet in Bflat Major from Op. 76, known as the "Sunrise" on account of its gently rising first theme. Mendelssohn has often been said to have been inspired by that opening, but Haydn's theme is to Mendelssohn's what a sunrise would be to a solar flare! These first measures are a stroke of genius fully matched by the remainder of the movement.
The Sphinx Quartet fills the concert stage with energy that excites and enriches a widespread audience. Recognized soloists in their own right and distinguished alumni of the national Sphinx Competition for young Black and Latino string players, the Sphinx Quartet is a compellingly dynamic presence. Formed in 2002, the ensem?ble has met with great success since its profes?sional debut the same year.
Only in their fourth year of existence as a professional ensemble, the Sphinx Quartet has already established itself as one of the leading emerging quartets in the country. They have demonstrated unrivaled dedication and proven commitment to music education as well as development of new audiences of diverse ages and cultural backgrounds.
In December 2004, the Sphinx Quartet gave their Carnegie Hall debut at Stern Auditorium. The Quartet also performed and held residencies at the MERIT Music School, People's Music School, Humanities Festival, Music In The Loft, Chicago, IL, and Andrews
University in Berrien Springs, MI, as well as at various schools and community venues in Detroit and Cleveland, presented by the Arts League of Michigan. In Spring 2004, they made their international debut at the Ruth Seaton James Hall in Bermuda, presented by the Suzuki Association of Bermuda. The Quartet also appeared in a recital at Carnegie's Weill Recital Hall through the Arts Presenters Young Performers Career Advancement Program. The Sphinx Quartet serves as senior faculty
at the Sphinx Performance Academy at Walnut Hill School, and is visiting faculty at the Sphinx Preparatory Music Institute in Detroit.
Current season engagements of the Sphinx Quartet include residencies at the Sphinx Preparatory Music Institute in Detroit and at the Sphinx Performance Academy at Walnut Hill School, as well performances at public schools in Ypsilanti and in Ann Arbor. The ensemble was invited to perform at the Michigan Council for Foundations Conference in Fall 2004. As a longterm mission, the Sphinx Quartet hopes to have an impact making diversity in classical music a reality on stage, as well as in our schools and communities.
Tonight's performance and tribute marks the Sphinx Quartet's UMS debut. Tonight's perform?ance marks Sphinx Quartet violinist Gareth Johnson's second appearance under UMS auspices. Mr. Johnson made his UMS debut in performance at the 2004 Ford Honors Program honoring Sweet Honey In The Rock.
The Ford Honors Program
The Ford Honors Program is a University Musical Society gala event that honors a worldrenowned artist or ensemble with whom UMS has maintained a longstanding and significant relationship. In one evening, UMS pays tribute to and presents the artist with the UMS Distinguished Artist Award and hosts a dinner in the artist's honor. The 2005 Ford Honors Program celebrates the 10th anniversary of the UMS Distinguished Artist Award. Previous awardees are Van Cliburn (1996), Jessye Norman (1997), Garrick Ohlsson (1998), Canadian Brass (1999), Isaac Stern (2000), Marcel Marceau (2001), Marilyn Home (2002), Christopher Parkening (2003), and Sweet Honey In The Rock (2004). Ford Motor Company's leadership grant to UMS, along with the addi?tional support UMS receives from individuals and organizations participating in this evening's event, provide significant support to UMS's nationally recognized Education Program.
Kenneth C. Fischer Host
Kenneth C. Fischer is the President of the University Musical Society (UMS) of the University of Michigan, a position he has held since 1987. He has contributed to the performing arts presenting field as a speaker, workshop leader, writer, consultant,
Kenneth C. Fischer
panelist, and cultural ambassador under US State Department auspices to Brazil, China, Lithuania, and Mexico. He currently serves on the boards of directors of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Interlochen Center for the Arts, Arts Midwest, and ArtServe Michigan. He is also active with the Major University Presenters Network, Classical ActionPerforming Arts Against AIDS, Chamber Music America, and International Society for the Performing Arts from whom he received the Patrick Hayes Award in 2003 for his career achievements. Before join?ing UMS, Mr. Fischer was a management con?sultant, independent concert presenter, and association executive in Washington, DC. He is active with Ann Arbor Rotary and volunteers with several local nonprofit organizations. Mr. Fischer grew up in nearby Plymouth, attended the Interlochen Arts Camp, and has degrees from The College of Wooster in Ohio and the University of Michigan. He is married to flutist Penelope Peterson Fischer, and they have one son, Matthew, living in San Francisco.
Phil Martens is Group Vice President, Product Creation, North America, Ford Motor Company, a position he assumed on Oct. 1, 2003. Prior to his current position, Mr. Martens served in a similar capacity as Vice President of Product Creation, North America.
Mr. Martens oversees the design, engineer?ing, and development of all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars and light trucks sold in North America. In line with the company's emphasis on platform commonality, system engineering, reusability, and speed, he also leads the product
creation process in North America, including Advanced and Manufac?turing Engineering and Product and Business Strategy.
Previously, Mr. Martens served as Vice President, Vehicle Product Develop?ment and Engineering,
Phil Martens
North America. Mr. Martens became a key leader within Ford's North America Operations after serving as managing director, Product Planning, Design, and Product Development, for Mazda Motor Corp. In that role, he worked to reenergize the brand with the return of the rotary engine for the RX8 sports car and devel?oped the Mazda6 sedan, hatchback, and wagon.
Mr. Martens joined Ford Motor Company in 1987, going on to assume several positions of increasing responsibility in the US, Europe, and Japan. He was appointed manager of small car vehicle development in 1993 and later was named Chief Program Engineer in Ford's Large and Luxury Car Vehicle Center.
In 1998, he became chief engineer in VehicleChassis Engineering, Small and Medium Car Vehicle Center, in Europe, and played a lead role in the development of the awardwinning Mondeo. He joined Mazda in 1999.
Mr. Martens holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech and a master's of business administration from the University of Michigan. He was also award?ed a doctorate of engineering from Lawrence Technological University for his extensive contributions to the automotive industry.
Mary Sue Coltman became president of the University of Michigan on August 1, 2002. She is professor of biological chemistry in the UM Medical School and professor of chemistry in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Coleman served as president of the University of Iowa for seven years prior to her appoint?ment at Michigan.
Coleman has served as provost and vice president for academic affairs (19931995) at the
University of New Mexico and as vice chancellor for graduate studies and research (19921993) and associate provost and dean of research (19901992) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She served 19 years as a member of the biochemistry faculty and as a Cancer Center administrator at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, where her research focused on the immune system and malignancies.
Elected to the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine in 1997, Coleman is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She cochairs the Institute of Medicine's Committee on the Consequences of Uninsurance.
Her extensive leadership positions in higher education include serving on the Association of American Universities (AAU) executive committee, the American Council on Education (ACE) board of directors, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) board of directors, and the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics.
Coleman also has served on the board of trustees of Grinnell College, board of trustees of
the Universities Research Association, ACE Task Force on Teacher Educa?tion and Commission on Minorities in Higher Education, BusinessHigher Education Forum, Imagining America Presidents' Council, AAU Task Force on Research Accountability, NCAA
Mary Sue Coleman
Standards for Success Advisory Board, and Presidents Leadership Group of the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention.
She earned her bachelor's degree in chem?istry from Grinnell College and her doctorate in biochemistry from the University of North Carolina. She did postdoctoral work at North Carolina and at the University of Texas at Austin.
Coleman is married to Kenneth Coleman, a political scientist specializing in Latin America. Their son, Jonathan, is a portfolio manager in Denver, Colorado.
Letter from the Jfonors Qala "Dinner Chairs
I his evening's gala dinner, part of the festivities honoring the Guarneri String Quartet, J. was planned and organized by the UMS Advisory Committee. We are a volunteer group, passionate about raising funds in support of UMS educational programs. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Ford Honors Program, we are proud to announce that the Ford Honors Gala Dinner has raised almost one million dollars over the past decade for the UMS Education and Audience Development Program, the purpose of which is to introduce children to the arts and enrich the arts experiences of all audience members. These funds have been more than matched by the generosity of the Ford Motor Company Fund, whose support for UMS education programs over this same period has totaled $1,250,000. Without your generous support of this terrific program, we could not attain our goals. Your attendance at tonight's gala contributes to this important fundraising effort.
On behalf of the UMS Advisory Committee, we offer you our sincere thanks and best wishes for a memorable evening.
Victoria and Robert Buckler
Ford Honors Program Honorary Gala Committee
UMS thanks the following people for their generous support of tonight's gala:
Bernard and Raquel Agranoff
Linda and Maurice Binkow
Dave and Pat Clyde
Molly Dobson Ken and Penny Fischer Rita and Peter Heydon
Paul McCracken
Gilbert Omenn and Martha Darling
Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal
Maya Savarino
Committees and honors
Honorary CoChairs
President Mary Sue Coleman and Dr. Kenneth M. Coleman University of Michigan
Phil and Carol Martens Group Vice President, Product Creation, Ford Motor Company
Gala Committee Chairs
Robert and Victoria Buckler
Gala Committee
Raquel Agranoff
Cheryl Cassidy Lori Director
Leadership Table Sponsors
Linda and Maurice Binkow DTE Energy Foundation Ford Motor Company Fund Masco Corporation
Bernard and Raquel Agranoff
Dave and Pat Clyde
Molly Dobson
Ken and Penny Fischer
Paul McCracken
(of R. and P. Heydon) Gilbert Omenn and Martha Darling Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal Maya Savarino TIAACREF
Paulett Banks
Kathy Benton and Robert Brown
David and JoAnna Featherman
Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald
Toni M. Hoover
Judy and Roger Maugh
Charles H. Nave
Barbara A. Anderson and John H. Romani
Herb and Carol Amster
Emily W. Bandera and Richard H. Shackson
Dale and Nancy Briggs
Butzel Long Attorneys
Larry and Sally DiCarlo
Paul and Anne Glendon
Debbie and Norman Herbert
Susan McClanahan and Bill Zimmerman
Jack and Lois Stegeman
Ann and Clayton Wilhite
Mrs. Gardner Ackley
Marianne and Roy Albert
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Bogdasarian
Barbara Everitt Bryant
Jean W. Campbell
Cheryl Cassidy and Richard Ginsberg
Carolyn and L. Thomas Conlin
Malcolm and Juanita Cox
Steve and Lori Director
Judge and Mrs. S.J. Elden
Michael and Sara Frank
Patricia Garcia
Seymour Greenstone
Carl and Charlene Herstein
David and Phyllis Herzig
Jane Hughes
Keki and Alice Irani
Susan D. Johnson
Rod and Robin Little
Chandler and Mary Matthews
Joann McNamara and Mel Guyer
M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman
Mrs. Charles Overberger (Betty)
Mrs. William B. Palmer
Erik and Carol Serr
Howard and Aliza Shevrin
Loretta M. Skewes
James and Nancy Stanley
Jim Toy
Susan B. Ullrich
Dody Viola
Marina and Robert Whitman
Phyllis Wright
James B. Wyman
University Musical Society
UMS Board of Directors
Prudence L. Rosenthal,
Chair Clayton E. Wilhite,
ViceChair Sally Stegeman
DiCarlo, Secretary Michael C. Allemang,
Kathleen Benton Charles W. Borgsdorf Kathleen G. Charla Mary Sue Coleman Hal Davis Aaron P. Dworkin George V. Fornero Maxine J. Frankel Patricia M. Garcia Deborah S. Herbert
Carl W. Herstein Toni Hoover Gloria James Kerry Marvin Krislov Barbara Meadows Lester P. Monts Alberto Nacif Jan Barney Newman Gilbert S. Omenn Randall Pittman
Philip H. Power A. Douglas Rothwell Judy Dow Rumelhart Maya Savarino John J. H. Schwarz Erik H. Serr Cheryl L. Soper James C. Stanley Karen Wolff
Advisory Committee
Raquel Agranoff, Chair Norma Davis, Vice Chair Louise Townley,
Past Chair Lois Baru, Secretary Lori Director, Treasurer
Barbara Bach Paulett M. Banks Milli Baranowski Kathleen Benton Mimi Bogdasarian Jennifer Boyce
Mary Breakey Jeannine Buchanan Victoria Buckler Heather Byrne Laura Caplan Cheryl Cassidy Nita Cox
H. Michael Endres Nancy Ferrario Anne Glendon Alvia Golden Ingrid Gregg Kathy Hentschel
Phyllis Herzig Meg Kennedy Shaw Anne Kloack Jean Kluge Jill Lippman Stephanie Lord Judy Mac
Morrine Maltzman Mary Matthews Joann McNamara Candice Mitchell Danica Peterson Lisa Psarouthakis
Wendy Moy Ransom Swanna Saltiel Jeri Sawall Penny Schreiber Suzanne Schroeder Aliza Shevrin Alida Silverman Maryanne Telese Mary Vandewiele Dody Viola Enid Wasserman Wendy Woods Mary Kate Zelenock
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Fran Ampey Lori Arwood Robin Bailey Joe Batts Kathleen Baxter Gretchen Baxtresser Elaine Bennett Lynda Berg Gail Bohner Ann Marie Borders
David Borgsdorf Sigrid Bower Susan Buchan Wendy Day Jacqueline Dudley Susan Filipiak Lori Fithian Jennifer Ginther Brenda Gluth Barb Grabbe
Joan Grissing Carroll Hart Susan Hoover Linda Jones JeffKass Rosalie Koenig Sue Kohfeldt Laura Machida Christine MaxeyReeves Patty Meador
Don Packard Michelle Peet Wendy Raymond Katie Ryan Kathy Schmidt Debra SipasRoe Tulani Smith Julie Taylor Dan Tolly Barbara Wallgren
For a complete listing of UMS Staff, please visit
Education and Audience development Program
. triving to provide worldclass educational events and cultural exchange to the broadest y definition of the community, this past season the UMS Education and Audience Development Program continued its progressive growth and mission in many areas. Through a wide variety of partnership and collaborations with individuals and community organizations,
The UMS Youth Education Program was designated as a "Best Practice" program by ArtServe Michigan and the Dana Foundation.
UMS was able to expand its commitment to audiences through a wide variety of activities designed for different ages, nationalities, and learning styles. We recognize that every single person has a unique relationship to the arts, and our role is to enhance that connection through dialogue and participation. UMS Education has been awarded the "Best Practice" award by both ArtServe Michigan and the Dana Foundation. In 0405, UMS was able to offer 130 events to nearly 18,000 people as part of our Education and Audience Development program.
Youth, Teen and Family Education
A unique program developed in partnership with the Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Washtenaw Intermediate School district UMS provides worldclass artistic experiences and professional development to students, young adults, teachers, and families. UMS has been in partnership with the AAPS and WISD since 1997 as part of the Kennedy Center Partners in Education program. Nearly 60 events serving over 12,500 people were planned in the 0405
K12 Youth Performance Series
UMS's acclaimed onehour specially designed intheater performances for students offered eight Youth Performances this season allowing nearly 10,000 students to attend this series. Over 81 schools from 16 districts participated in UMS's Youth Performance Series.
UMS Teacher Workshop Series
UMS is part of the Kennedy Center Partners in Education Program, offering our community worldclass Kennedy Center workshop leaders, as well as workshops designed by local arts experts. Nearly 260 teachers attended UMS's teacher workshops this season.
UMS Curriculum Packets
UMS creates teacher curriculum packets, CDs, and DVDs for all of the schools participating in our diverse program. These guides have garnered national attention and are used throughout the performing arts industry.
UMS K12 School Enrichment
UMS has expanded our effort in inschool enhancement by providing additional support to the classroom teacher with trained arts pro?fessionals to teach students more effectively. Over the course of last year, UMS has facilitated over 35 of these classroom visits, affecting nearly 2,000 students.
A young student dances along with Dan Zones and Friends at a family performance in Rackham Auditorium
UMS Educators of the Year
UMS would like to honor and congratulate Saundra Dunn and Katy Fillion
as the 2005 UMS Educators of the Year Awardees. Ms. Dunn and Ms. Fillion lead the Program for Independent Living Skills from the Washington Street Education Program as part of Chelsea High School in the Washtenaw Intermediate School District.
The Teachers and the program are being honored for their consistent passion for and creative involvement in the UMS Education Program.
"Through our continued involvement with UMS, even the most challenged students experience all that comes from being part of live music and drama performances.... When they graduate to the real world, unkind as it can be to some of our stu?dents, they 'fit in' at concert experiences."
Saundra Dunn, Special Education Teacher and School Psychologist, Katy Fillion, Special Education Teacher
Students arrive at the Power Center for the Performing Arts for the Paul Taylor Dance Company Youth Performance
A teacher earns the art of puppetry at a VMS Teacher Workshop
Breakin' Curfew
UMS and Ann Arbor's teen center, the Neutral Zone, allowed over 100 local teens to create, perform, produce, and market a professional performance at the Power Center for Performing Arts this May.
UMS Family Series
UMS is committed to worldclass family pro?gramming with nearly 1,000 people attending our specially designed familyoriented events. UMS teamed up with other area cultural organ?izations to present the second annual Ann Arbor Family Days. This twoday event offered free and lowcost familyfriendly cultural events to members of the Ann Arbor area community in multiple venues throughout the city.
Adult and Community Education
UMS tries to serve its adult and university pop?ulations in many different and unique ways. UMS strongly emphasizes the importance of partnering with community organizations in the development of our programs. Throughout the past season, UMS partnered with over 280 individuals, community organizations, and uni?versity units to plan over 70 events. Nearly all events were free and open to the public.
Artist Residencies
The artists hold a special place at UMS, and last season was no exception. UMS facilitated many residency activities with artists and ensembles throughout the year and managed many major residencies, including the Paul Taylor Dance Company, Akira Kasai, DJ Spooky, Sam Shalabi, and the Arab World Music Festival. The oneday residency with the New York Philharmonic at the UM School of Music served nearly 1,200 people.
Adult and Community Education
UMS continued to provide a wide range of edu?cational events that would appeal to the widest variety of community members. UMS held 29 masterclasses, three public interviews, five class?room visits, five lectures, one panel discussion, two roundtable discussions, three symposiums,
members study buloh dance with Akira Kasai
five study clubs, and 18 other events including exhibits, films, and receptions. Nearly 5,000 people participated in UMS's educational exchanges.
The NETWORK: African American Arts Advocacy Committee
The NETWORK was a new initiative launched by UMS during the past season to create an opportunity for African Americans and broader communities to celebrate the worldclass artistry by today's leading African and AfricanAmerican performers and creative artists. Over 400 NETWORK members connected, socialized, and networked with the AfricanAmerican com?munity through attendance at UMS events and free preconcert receptions.
Partnership and Collaboration
UMS Education has garnered nationwide atten?tion through its commitment to partnering and collaborating with regional individuals and organizations. One such major partnering ini?tiative was with the ArabAmerican community and the University of Michigan Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies. Together, over 125 events and 20,000 people participated in the Arab World Music Festival and the UM Cultural Treasures of the Middle East Theme Semester. UMS collaborates with over 100 partners each season.
Support for University Musical Society
I he artistic presentations and educational programs that UMS brings to the community JL each season are supported by generous gifts from individuals, businesses, foundations, and government agencies. On the following pages, we have listed those who have chosen to make a difference for UMS by supporting us with an annual gift to operations or endowment. This list includes current donors as of April 1, 2005. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. Please call 734.647.1175 with any errors or omissions.
$25,000 or more
Philip and Kathleen Power
Carl and Isabelle Brauer Fund Estate of Joanne Cage Maxine and Stuart Frankel Robert and Pearson Macek Estate of Melanie McCray Mrs. Robert E. Meredith Prudence and Amnon Rosenthal James and Nancy Stanley Ann and Clayton Wilhite
Michael Allemang
Kathy Benton and Robert Brown
Toni M. Hoover
Doug and Sharon Rothwell
Edward and Natalie Surovell
Gilbert Omenn and Martha Darling
Herb and Carol Amster Barbara Everitt Bryant Thomas and Marilou Capo Ralph Conger Douglas D. Crary Ken and Penny Fischer
Claes Fornell and Anne BarrattForneil
Ilene H. Forsyth
Debbie and Norman Herbert
Carl and Charlene Herstein
David and Phyllis Herzig
Dr. Frederic B. House
Mohamed and Hayat Issa
David and Sally Kennedy
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Lineback
Susan McClanahan and Bill Zimmerman
Dr. Paul W. McCracken
Charlotte McGeoch
Charles H. Nave
Don and Judy Dow Rumelhart
Loretta M. Skewes
Curt and Gus Stager
Susan B. Ullrich
Gerald B. and Mary Kate Zelenock
Bernard and Raquel Agranoff
Robert and Victoria Buckler
Jim and Patsy Donahey
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ford
BettyAnn and Daniel Gilliland
Dr. Sid Gilman and Dr. Carol Barbour
Paul and Anne Glendon
Jill M. Latta and David S. Bach
M. Haskell and Jan Barney Newman
Barbara A. Anderson and John H. Romani
Lois A. Theis
Dody Viola
Marina and Robert Whitman
Marion T. Wirick and James N. Morgan
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Abrams Bob and Martha Ause Essel and Menakka Bailey Karl Bartscht Raymond and
Janet Bernreuter Suzanne A. and
Frederick J. Beutler Joan A. Binkow Edward and Mary Cady J. Michael and
Patricia Campbell Mary Sue and
Kenneth Coleman Pauline De Lay Lorenzo DiCarlo and
Sally Stegeman DiCarlo Molly Dobson Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas C. Evans David and JoAnna
Featherman John and Esther Floyd Michael and Sara Frank Beverley and Gerson Geltner Sue and Carl Gingles Mr. Jeffrey B. Green Linda and Richard Greene Janet Woods Hoobler Dr. H. David and
Dolores Humes Keki and Alice Irani Timothy and
Jo Wiese Johnson Shirley Y. and
Thomas E. Kauper Robert and Gloria Kerry Amy Sheon and
Marvin Krislov Marc and Jill Lippman Judy and Roger Maugh Martin Neuliep and
Patricia Pancioli Mrs. Charles Overberger
Dory and John D. Paul Eleanor and Peter Pollack Jim and Bonnie Reece
John and Dot Reed Maria and Rusty Restuccia Edward and Jane Schulak Helen L. Siedel Don and Carol Van Curler
Mrs. Gardner Ackley Jim and Barbara Adams Dr. and
Mrs. David G. Anderson Jonathan W. T. Ayers Laurence R. and
Barbara K. Baker Lesli and Christopher Ballard Emily Bandera, M.D. and
Richard H. Shackson Robert and Wanda Bartlett Bradford and Lydia Bates Astrid B. Beck and
David Noel Freedman Frederick W. Becker Ralph P. Beebe Patrick and Maureen Belden June Bennett Ruth Ann and
Stuart J. Bergstein Philip C. Berry John Blankley and
Maureen Foley Dr. and
Mrs. Ronald B. Bogdasarian Elizabeth and Giles G. Bole Howard and Margaret Bond Sue and Bob Bonfield Charles and Linda Borgsdorf Laurence and Grace Boxer Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Bozell Dale and Nancy Briggs Jeannine and
Robert Buchanan Dr. Frances E. Bull Lawrence and Valerie Bullen Laurie Bums Letitia J. Byrd Amy and Jim Byrne Barbara and Albert Cain Jean W. Campbell Barb and Skip Campbell
Bruce and Jean Carlson Carolyn M. Carty and
Thomas H. Haug Jean and Ken Casey Janet and Bill Cassebaum Anne Chase
George and Patricia Chatas Don and Betts Chisholm Dr. Kyung and Young Cho Leon Cohan
Hubert and Ellen Cohen Tom Cohn
Jim and Connie Cook Jane Wilson Coon and
A. Rees Midgley, Jr. Anne and Howard Cooper Susan and Arnold Coran Katharine and Jon Cosovich Paul N. Courant and
Marta A. Manildi Ronnie and Sheila Cresswell Richard J. Cunningham Peter and Susan Darrow Hal and Ann Davis Mike and Nancy Deeb Lloyd and Genie Dethloff Steve and Lori Director Andrzej and Cynthia Dlugosz Jack and Alice Dobson Al and Kendra Dodds Elizabeth A. Doman John Dryden and Diana Raimi Dr. and
Mrs. Theodore E. Dushane Martin and Rosalie Edwards Charles and Julia Eisendrath Joan and Emil Engel Eric Fearon and Kathy Cho Yitsi M. and
Albert Feuerwerker Ray and Patricia Fitzgerald Bob and Sally Fleming James W. Ford Marilyn G. Gallatin Bernard and Enid Galler Marilyn Tsao and Steve Gao Thomas and
Barbara Gelehrter Rebecca Gepner and
Michael Annis
Principals, coitt.
William and Ruth Gilkey Mr. and Mrs. Clement Gill Mrs. Cozette T. Grabb Elizabeth Needham Graham John and Helen Griffith Leslie and Mary Ellen Guinn Martin D. and
Connie D. Harris Julian and Diane Hoff Carolyn Houston Robert M. and Joan F. Howe Drs. Linda Samuelson and
Joel Howell
John and Patricia Huntington Thomas and
Kathryn Huntzicker Robert L. and
Beatrice H. Kahn Herbert Katz
Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kelch James and Patricia Kennedy Connie and Tom Kinnear Diane Kirkpatrick Philip and Kathryn Klintworth Carolyn and Jim Knake Samuel and Marilyn Krimm Michael and Barbara Kusisto Marilyn and Dale Larson Ted and Wendy Lawrence Donald J. and
Carolyn Dana Lewis Carolyn and Paul Lichter Evie and Allen Lichter Don and Erica Lindow Lawrence and Rebecca Lohr Leslie and Susan Loomans Fran Lyman
John and Cheryl MacKrell Catherine and
Edwin L. Marcus Sally and Bill Martin Jeff Mason and Janet Netz Natalie Matovinovic Chandler and Mary Matthews Ernest and Adele McCarus Raven McCrory Rebecca McGowan and
Michael B. Staebler Ted and Barbara Meadows Candy and Andrew Mitchell
Lester and Jeanne Monts Alan and Sheila Morgan Jane and Kenneth Moriarty Melinda and Bob Morris Mike and Pat Mulholland Edward Nelson Donna Parmelee and
William Nolting Virginia and Gordon Nordby Mark and Susan Orringer Rene and Hina Papo William C. Parkinson Brian P. Patchen Margaret and Jack Petersen Elaine and Bertram Pitt Laurie and Richard Prager Richard and Mary Price Mrs. Gardner C. Quarton Donald H. Regan and
Elizabeth Axelson Ray and Ginny Reilly Kenneth J. Robinson Patrick and Margaret Ross Dr. Nathaniel H. Rowe Craig and Jan Ruff Nancy and Frank Rugani Alan and Swanna Saltiel Dick and Norma Sarns Maya Savarino Meeyung and
Charles R. Schmitter John J. H. Schwarz Erik and Carol Serr Janet and Michael Shatusky Muaiad and Aida Shihadeh J. Barry and Barbara M. Sloat Shelly Soenen and
Michael Sprague Lloyd and Ted St. Antoine Lois and Jack Stegeman Victor and Marlene Stoeffler Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Strasius Charlotte B. Sundelson Jim Toy Joyce A. Urba and
David J. Kinsella Charlotte Van Curler Jack and
Marilyn van der Velde Rebecca W Van Dyke
Mary C. Vandewiele Florence S. Wagner Dr. Thomas and
Mary Wakefield Karl and Karen Weick Elise Weisbach Robert O. and
Darragh H. Weisman Scott Westerman Roy and JoAn Wetzel Harry C. White and
Esther R. Redmount Max Wicha and
Sheila Crowley Dr. and
Mrs. Max V. Wisgerhof II Paul and Jeanne Yhouse Edwin and Signe Young
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Aldrich
Anastasios Alexiou
Christine Webb Alvey
Dr. and Mrs. Rudi Ansbacher
Robert L. Baird
Lisa and Jim Baker
Norman E. Barnett
Mason and Helen Barr
Lois and David Baru
James A. Bergman and
Penelope Hommel L.S. Berlin
Donald and Roberta Blitz David and Martha Bloom David and Sharon Brooks Morton B. and Raya Brown June and Donald R. Brown Richard J. Burstein H. D. Cameron Tsun and Siu Ying Chang Ms. Janice A. Clark Wayne and Melinda Colquitt Edward J. and Anne M. Comeau Carolyn and L. Thomas Conlin Malcolm and Juanita Cox Jean Cunningham and
Fawwaz Ulaby
Roderick and Mary Ann Daane Charles and Kathleen Davenport Robert J. and Kathleen Dolan Jack and Betty Edman
Benefactors, com.
Stefan S. and Ruth S. Fajans Elly and Harvey Falit Claudine Farrand and
Daniel Moerman Dr. and Mrs. John A. Faulkner Dede and Oscar Feldman Dr. and Mrs. James L.M. Ferrara Sidney and Jean Fine Carol Finerman Clare M. Fingerle Jason I. Fox Professor and
Mrs. David M. Gates Beverly Gershowitz William and Sally Goshorn Amy and Glenn Gottfried Susan Smith and Robert Gray Dr. John and Renee M. Greden Bob and Jane Grover David and Kay Gugala Don P. Haefner and
Cynthia J. Stewart Helen C. Hall Yoshiko Hamano Susan Harris Sivana Heller Mrs. W.A. Hiltner SunChien and Betty Hsiao Mrs.V.C.Hubbs Ann D. Hungerman Eileen and Saul Hymans Jean Jacobson Rebecca S. Jahn Dr. and Mrs. David W. Jahn Wallie and Janet Jeffries Lester Johns Rhea Kish
Hermine R. Klingler Michael J. Kondziolka and
MathiasPhilippe Florent
Charles and Linda Koopmann Dr. Melvyn and
Mrs. Linda Korobkin Bud and Justine Kulka Neal and Anne Laurance John K. and Jeanine Lawrence Laurie and Robert LaZebnik Jim and Cathy Leonard Richard LeSueur Julie M. Loftin E. Daniel and Kay Long Richard and Stephanie Lord
Brigitte and Paul Maassen Deborah and Michael Mahoney Ann W. Martin and Russ Larson Carole Mayer Joseph McCune and
Georgiana Sanders Griff and Pat McDonald Bernice and Herman Merte Henry D. Messer Carl A. House Leo and Sally Miedler Todd Mundt
Gerry and Joanne Navarre Dr. Marylen S. Oberman Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. O'Dell Robert and Elizabeth Oneal Constance and David Osier Marysia Ostafin and
George Smillie Drs. David and Renee Pinsky Wallace and Barbara Prince Margaret Jane Radin Mrs. Joseph S. Radom Jeanne Raisler and Jon Cohn Ms. Claudia Rast Stephen and Agnes Reading Anthony L. Reffells and
Elaine A. Bennett Mamie Reid and Family Jay and Machree Robinson Doris E. Rowan Ann and Tom Schriber Edward and Kathy Silver Carl P. Simon and Bobbi Low Frances U. and Scott K. Simonds Robert and Elaine Sims Irma J. Sklenar Donald C. and Jean M. Smith Dr. Hildreth H. Spencer Neela Sripathi Gus and Andrea Stager James C. Steward Cynthia Straub Steve and Diane Telian Elizabeth H. Thieme Catherine Thoburn Louise Townley Jeff and Lisa TulinSilver William C. Tyler Dr. Lynn T. Schachinger and
Dr. Sheryl S. Ulin Elly Wagner Jack Wagoner, M.D. Don and Toni Walker
Robert D. and Liina M. Wallin Robin and Harvey Wax John M. Weber Raoul Weisman and
Ann Friedman Angela and Lyndon Welch Dr. Steven W. Werns Reverend Francis E. Williams Lawrence and Mary Wise Professor and
Mrs. Charles Witke Mayer and Joan Zald
Michael and Marilyn Agin Mr. and Mrs. Roy I. Albert Roger Albin and
Nili Tannenbaum Helen and David Aminoff Harlene and Henry Appelman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ashe III Reg and Pat Baker Paulett Banks John and Ginny Bareham David and Monika Barera Francis J. and Lindsay Bateman Gary Beckman and Karla Taylor Harry Benford Prof, and Mrs. Erling
Blondal Bengtsson Linda and Ronald Benson Dr. Rosemary R. Berardi Steven J. Bernstein and
Maria Herrero Jack Billi and Sheryl Hirsch Ilene and William Birge Janis Bobrin
Bob and Sharon Bordeau Victoria C. Botek and
William M. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boyce Paul and Anna Bradley William R. Brashear Joel Bregman and
Elaine Pomeranz Sue and Noel Buckner Trudy and Jonathan Bulkley Tony and Jane Burton Frank and Kathy Cambria Valerie and Brent Carey Dr. Kathleen G. Charla Kwang and Soon Cho Reginald and Beverly Ciokajlo Brian and Cheryl Clarkson Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Colbert
Associates, cont.
Lloyd and Lois Crabtree
Merle and Mary Ann Crawford
Mary R. and John G. Curtis
Marcia A. Dalbey
Art and Lyn Powrie Davidge
Ed and Ellie Davidson
John and Jean Debbink
Nicholas and Elena Delbanco
Elizabeth Dexter
Macdonald and Carolin Dick
Judy and Steve Dobson
Cynthia Dodd
Heather and Stuart Dombey
Thomas and Esther Donahue
Elizabeth Duell
Rosanne and Sandy Duncan
Swati Dutta
Aaron Dworkin
Dr. Alan S. Eiser
Judge and Mrs. S. J. Elden
Dr. Stewart Epstein
John W. Etsweiler III
Phil and Phyllis Fellin
Dr. James F. Filgas
Herschel and Adrienne Fink
C. Peter and Beverly Fischer
Susan Fisher and John Waidley
Jessica Fogel and
Lawrence Weiner Howard and Margaret Fox Paula L. Bockenstedt and
David A. Fox Betsy Foxman and
Michael Boehnke Lynn A. Freeland Dr. Leon and Marcia Friedman Philip and Renee Frost Ms. Carolyn Frost Mr. and Mrs. William Fulton Harriet and Daniel Fusfeld James M. and
Barbara H. Garavaglia Tom Gasloli
Deborah and Henry Gerst Beth Genne and Allan Gibbard Elmer G. Gilbert and
Lois M. Verbrugge Joyce Ginsberg Richard Ginsberg and
Cheryl Cassidy
Maureen and David Ginsburg Irwin Goldstein and
Martha Mayo Enid M. Gosling Charles and Janet Goss James W. and Maria J. Gousseff Helen M. Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Saul A. Green
Ingrid and Sam Gregg
G. Robinson and Ann Gregory
Mark and Susan Griffin
Werner H. Grilk
Michio Peter and Anne Hagiwara
Tom Hammond
Naomi Gottlieb Harrison and
Theodore Harrison DDS Jeannine and Gary Hayden J. Lawrence and Jacqueline
Stearns Henkel Kathy and Rudi Hentschel Lee Hess
Herb and Dee Hildebrandt Peter Hinman and
Elizabeth Young Mabelle Hsueh Harry and Ruth Huff Jane H. Hughes Robert B. Ingling Elizabeth Jahn Beverly P. Jahn Elizabeth Judson Johnson Paul and Olga Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kaminski Arthur A. Kaselemas Allan S. Kaufman MD Evan Cohen and
Deborah KellerCohen John B. Kennard, Jr. Frank and Patricia Kennedy George L. Kenyon and
Lucy A. Waskell Mr. and Mrs. Roland Kibler Donald F. and Mary A. Kiel Paul and Dana Kissner James and Jane Kister Steve and Shira Klein Peter and Judith Kleinman Laura Klem
Thomas and Ruth Knoll Joseph and Marilynn Kokoszka John Koselka and
Suzanne DeVine Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Krause Bert and Geraldine Kruse Catherine La Du David Lebenbom John and Theresa Lee Derick and Diane Lenters Sue Leong
Myron and Bobbie Levine Jacqueline H. Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Len Lofstrom Naomi E. Lohr
Ronald Longhofer and
Norma McKenna Florence LoPatin Carl J. Lutkehaus Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lynn Pamela J. MacKintosh Mark Mahlberg Claire and Richard Malvin Abha L. Mangrulkar Melvin and Jean Manis Esther Martin Margaret E. McCarthy Margaret and Harris
McClamroch Peggy McCracken Joann McNamara Nancy A. and Robert E. Meader Gerlinda S. Melchiori Ph.D. Shirley and Bill Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Miller Kathryn and Bertley Moberg Olga Ann Moir
William G. and Edith O. Moller, Jr. Frieda H. Morgenstern Mark and Lesley Mozola Thomas and Hedi Mulford Gavin Eadie and Barbara Murphy Lisa Murray and Mike Gatti Alberto Nacif James G. Nelson and
Katherine M. Johnson Richard and Susan Nisbett Laura Nitzberg and Thomas Carli Arthur Nusbaum Mrs. William B. Palmer William and Hedda Panzer Nicole Paoletti Karen M. Park Shirley and Ara Paul Zoe and Joe Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Pickard Juliet S. Pierson Donald and Evonne Plantinga Bill and Diana Pratt Jerry and Lorna Prescott Larry and Ann Preuss Rebecca Minter and
John Rectenwald Michael J. Redmond Molly Resnik and John Martin Judith Revells Constance O. Rinehart Jonathan and Anala Rodgers Richard Z. and Edie W. Rosenfeld Mr. Haskell Rothstein Ms. Rosemarie Rowney Ina and Terry Sandalow
Michael and Kimm Sarosi Stephen Rosenblum and
Rosalyn Sarver Albert J. and Jane L. Sayed David and Marcia Schmidt Susan G. Schooner and
Thomas Wieder Paul and Penny Schreiber Joe and Alicia Schuster Mrs. Harriet Selin David and Elvera Shappirio Howard and Aliza Shevrin Jean and Thomas Shope Hollis and Martha A. Showalter Mrs. Patricia Shure Alida G. Silverman Sandy and Dick Simon Nancy and Brooks Sitterley James Skupski and
Dianne Widzinski Mrs. Robert W. Smith Gregory and Margaret Smith Carl and Jari Smith Alene Smith
Hugh and Anne Solomon Arthur and Elizabeth Solomon Cheryl Lynn Soper Yoram and Eliana Sorokin Ralph and Anita Sosin Tom Sparks Jeffrey D. Spindler Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stahle David and Ann Staiger Eric and Virginia Stein Rick and Lia Stevens Barbara and Bruce Stevenson James L. Stoddard Ellen M. Strand and Dennis C. Regan Dr. Ulrich and Nicole Stuhec Donald and Barbara Sugerman Judy and Lewis Tann Eva and Sam Taylor Dr. Sparky and Jane Thielking Edwin J. Thomas Claire and Jeremiah Turcotte Bill and Jewell Tustian Herbert and Anne Upton
Jim and Emilie Van Bochove Douglas and
Andrea Van Houweling Hugo and Karla Vandersypen Keith P. Walker Charles R. and
Barbara H. Wallgren Jo Ann Ward Deborah Webster and
George Miller Lawrence A. Weis Iris and Fred Whitehouse Nancy Wiernik Charlotte A. Wolfe Richard E. and Muriel Wong Phyllis B. Wright Frances A. Wright David and April Wright Robert and Betty Wurtz Don and Charlotte Wyche MaryGrace and Tom York Scott Zeleznik and Nancy Bums
$100,000 and above
Ford Motor Company Fund
Forest Health Services
Corporation Pfizer Global Research and
Development: Ann Arbor
S50,000$99,999 Kaydon Corporation
Bank of Ann Arbor
Borders Group, Inc.
CFI Group
The Ghafari Companies
ProQuest Company
$10,000$19,999 Arts at Michigan Bank One
DTE Energy Foundation Masco Corporation McKinley Associates Universal Classics Group
$5,000S9,999 Ann Arbor Automotive The Ann Arbor News Blue Nile Restaurant Edward Surovell Realtors Elastizell Corporation of
America Kensington Court
Ann Arbor Miller Canfield Paddock
and Stone P.L.C. Sesi Lincoln Mercury Volvo
Mazda Standard Federal Wealth
Management Thomas B. McMullen Co. Tisch Investment Advisory Toyota Technical Center University of Michigan
Credit Union
$l,000$4,999 Butzel Long Attorneys EMI Classics TCF Bank UNOCAL Western Union
American International
American Spoon Ayse's Courtyard Cafe Charles Stewart Mott Fund Coffee Express Co. Consumers Energy
Foundation Edwards Brothers, Inc.
Garris, Garris, Garris &
Garris P.C. Great Harvest Bread
Company H&R Block Johnson Controls Michigan Critical Care
Consultants Inc. SBC
Schakolad Chocolate Factory Southeastern Michigan Flute
Association Swedish Women's
Educational Association
International, Inc. Swing City Dance Studio
Foundation and
$100,000 and above Doris Duke Charitable
Foundation JazzNet Michigan Council for Arts
and Cultural Affairs The Power Foundation The Wallace Foundation
$50,000$99,999 Anonymous
$10,000$49,999 Cairn Foundation Chamber Music America Community Foundation for
Southeastern Michigan Maxine and Stuart Frankel
Foundation National Endowment for the
Arts The Whitney Fund
$l,000$9,999 Akers Foundation Altria Group, Inc. Arts Midwest Heartland Arts Fund Issa Foundation Japan Business Society of
Detroit Foundation The Japan Foundation James A. & Faith Knight
Martin Family Foundation MidAmerica Arts Alliance Montague Foundation THE MOSAIC FOUNDATION
(of R. and P. Hcydon) National Dance Project of
the New England
Foundation for the Arts Sams Ann Arbor Fund Vibrant Ann Arbor Fund
Tribute Gifts
Contributions have been received in honor andor memory of the following individuals:
H. Gardner Ackley
Gertrude Barnes
Isabelle Brauer
Richard B. Bushaw
Valerie Castle, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Caterino
Heidi Cohan
Sally A. Cushing
Benning Dexter
Lorna Donnelly
David Eklund
Elizabeth Fiedorczyk
Kenneth C. Fischer
Minnie Friedman
Beverley and Gerson Geltner
Lila Green
Doan Hansen
Harold Haugh
Howard Holmes
Toni M. Hoover
loncsWilliams Families
Elizabeth Earhart Kennedy
Richard L. Kennedy
Leslie Kish
Michael Kondziolka
Gordon Laing
Alexandra Lofstrom
Dr. Josip Matovinovic
Anne M. Merenda
Ruth C. Mosher
Gwen and Emerson Powrie
Mr. Gail W. Rector
Kathryn Rector
Steffi Reiss
Jordan Rogers
Prue Rosenthal
Margaret E. Rothstein
Eric H. Rothstein
Eliot Forest Ruihley
Joseph Savarino
Nona R. Schneider
Herbert Sloan
Ruth P. Stokoe
Charles R. Tieman
Norman R. Vandewiele
Francis V.Viola III
Edna Westcndorf
Carl Huntington Wilmot,
Class of 1919 Peter Holderness Woods Barbara E. Young
Burton Tower society
The Burton Tower Society recognizes and honors those very special friends who have included UMS in their estate plans. UMS is grateful for this important support, which will continue the great traditions of artistic excellence, educational opportunities, and community partnerships in future years.
Bernard and Raquel Agranoff Carol and Herb Amster Mr. Neil P. Anderson Dr. and
Mrs. David G. Anderson Catherine S. Arcure Maurice and Linda Binkow Elizabeth S. Bishop Mr. and
Mrs. W. Howard Bond Mr. and Mrs. Pal E. Borondy Carl and Isabclle Brauer Barbara Everitt Bryant Pat and George Chatas Mr. and
Mrs. John Alden Clark Douglas D. Crary H. Michael and
Judith L. Endres Dr. James F. Filgas Ken and Penny Fischer Ms. Susan Ruth Fisher Beverley and Gerson Geltner Paul and Anne Glendon John and Martha Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ives Marilyn G. Jeffs Thomas C. and
Constance M. Kinnear Diane Kirkpatrick Charlotte McGeoch Michael G. McGuire Dr. Eva Mueller M. Haskell and
Jan Barney Newman Len Niehoff Dr. and
Mrs. Frederick C. O'Dell Mr. and
Mrs. Dennis M. Powers Mr. and
Mrs. Michael Radock Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Ricketts Mr. and
Mrs. Willard L. Rodgers Prudence and
Amnon Roscnthal Margaret and
Haskell Rothstein Irma J. Sklcnar Herbert Sloan Art and Elizabeth Solomon Roy and JoAn Wetzel Ann and Clayton Wilhite Mr. and
Mrs. Ronald G. Zollars
Endowed Funds
The future success of the University Musical Society is secured in part by income from UMS's endowment. UMS extends its deepest appreciation to the many donors who have established andor contributed to the following funds:
H. Gardner Ackley
Endowment Fund Herbert S. and
Carol Amster Fund Catherine S. Arcure
Endowment Fund Carl and Isabelle Brauer
Endowment Fund Choral Union Fund Hal and Ann Davis
Endowment Fund Ottmar Eberbach Funds Epstein Endowment Fund JazzNet Endowment Fund William R. Kinney
Endowment Fund NEA Matching Fund Palmer Endowment Fund Mary R. RomigdeYoung
Music Appreciation Fund Charles A. Sink Endowment
Fund Catherine S. ArcureHerbert
E. Sloan Endowment Fund University Musical Society
Endowment Fund
InKind Gifts
A1 Rentals, Inc.
Acme Mercantile
Raquel and Bernard Agranoff
Alexandra's in Kerrytown
Alumni Association of the
University of Michigan American Spoon Ann Arbor Women's
City Club Dr. Naji Arwashan Atlanta Bread Company Lois and David Baru 1 iv Benton and Bob
Big Ten Party Store The Blue Nile Restaurant Mimi and Ron Bogdasarian Borders Books and Music Bob and Victoria Buckler Chelsea Flowers Cottage Inn Restaurant Al and Kendra Dodds Kathleen and Robert Dolan The Earle Restaurant The Earle Uptown Edward Surovell Realtors Damian and Katherine
Ken and Penny Fischer Sara Frank
Beverlcy and Gerson Geltner Great Harvest Bread
Company Claire Harding Debbie and Norman Herbert Carl and Charlene Herstein The Issa Family Kensington Court Ann Arbor Kerrytown Concert House Laky's Salon Gene Laskowski Kahled and Susan Man M. Haskell and Jan Barney
Paesano's Restaurant Randy Parrish Fine Framing Deanna Relyea Huda Rosen
Prue and Ami Rosenthal Jim and Adrienne Rudolph Savitski Design Jeri Sawall
Penny and Paul Schreiber Tom and Ann Schriber Rabia Shafie Meg Kennedy Shaw Herbert Sloan Sony BMG
Jim and Nancy Stanley Natalie and Edward Surovell Tom Thompson Flowers Louise Townley Weber's Inn and Restaurant Ann and Clayton Wilhite Joe Yunkman Mary Kate and Jay Zelenock
Special Acknowledgements
UMS would like to give special thanks to the following individuals and businesses who have made special contributions of time, talent, and service during the 0405 season.
UMS also recognizes the contributions of its Board, Advisory Committee, and Teacher Advisory Committee whose names are listed on page 17 of this program book.
Special appreciation goes to:
Rana Abbas
shun,i.i Abdetfadeel
Wadad Abed
Richard Abel
Aida AI Adawi
Aerial EnterprisesJim Lillie
Anan Ameri
Ann Arbor Area Convention
and Visitors Bureau Ann Arbor Art Center Ann Arbor District Library Ann Arbor HandsOn
Museum Ann Arbor News Ann Arbor Observer Ann Arbor Open School Ann Arbor Public Schools Arab Community Center for
Economic and Social
ServicesIsmael Ahmed Arts at MichiganLisa Herbert
Borgsdorf Marya Ayyash Larry Baranski Lynda Berg Giorgio Bertellini Borders Group Erin Boeve Mary Breakey Alan S. Brown Dennis Brunzell Letitia Byrd Heather Byrne John Cantii Central Academy Mary Lou Chlipala Mark Clague Nancy Clay Mary Cole Katherine Collier Community High School Liz Copeland Cottage InnDave Metz Dance Gallery Studios Michael Daugherty Detroit Free Press Detroit Jewish News Detroit News Dilip Das Gay Delanghe Lisa Dengiz Bill DeYoung Aaron Dworkin The Earle Uptown Nizar and Nada ElAwar Sarah Ely
Amal Hassan Fadlallah Michael Fahy Nancy Ferrario Susan Filipiak Penny Fischer Nina Flagg Jessica Fogel
George Fornero
Forte Media Productions
Joe Yunkman Patricia Garcia Beth Genne
General Consulate of Syria Charles Gentry Ghostly International Penny Godboldo Mark Gordon Tim Grimes Marilyn Gouin Carol Haddad Bambi Haggins Hammell Music
Christopher Claypoole Peggy HarrisonTaylor Jim Haven Steve Heath Danny Herwitz Barbara Hinson IATSE Local 395 Marcia Inhorn Dr. Said and Meysoun Issa Mohamad and Hayat Issa Elizabeth James Andrew Jennings Larry Johnson Linda Jones Marc Bamuthi Joseph Angela Kane Abe and Elaine Karam Jeff and Huda Karaman Rosen JefTKass Martin Katz Peter Laki Barry LaRue Roger LeLievre Richard LeSueur Catherine Lilly Mame Mor Lo Aubrey Lopatin Bilal Maanaki Robert and Pearson Macek Christian Matjias MC DesignMargot Campos Jenn McKee Barbara Meadows Amanda Mengden Metro Times Michigan Car Services
Jerry Armstrong Michigan Chronicle Michigan Daily Michigan Front Page Michigan League Michigan Theater Vanessa Middleton William Miller Lester Monts Mary Motherwell Todd Mundt Molly Murphy
Nadine Naber
Rebecca Nadel
Marwan Nashef
Bob Needham
Neutral Zone
Ibrahmina Niang
Susan Isaacs Nisbett
Observer and Eccentric Newspapers
Barbara Ogar
Marysia Ostafin
Halifu Osumare
Liz Othman
lane Ozanich
Pattengill Elementary
Jackson Perry
Judy Piazza
Pioneer High School
Amy Porter
Linda Prieskorn
Saja Raoof
Shannon Rice
Stephanie Rieke
Doug Risner
Stephen Rush
Lucia Saks
Ed s.irath
Terri Sarris
Savitski DesignMike Savitski
Scarlett Middle School
Kathy Schmidt
Karen Schulte
May Seikaly
Dr. Farouq and Rabia Shafie
Dr. Muaiad and Aida Shihadch
Stephen Shipps
Ruth Slavin
Smith Photography Peter Smith
Southeast Michigan Flute Association
Sphinx Organization
Peter Sparling
State Street Association
Louise Stein
Matthew C. Strecher
Mark Stryker
Gaylyn Similar
Swing City Dance Studio
Ann 'Iak.ita
Julie Taylor
Carole Thompson
Judith ThompsonBarthwell
Tom Thompson FlowersTom Thompson
Unit PackagingDave O'Brien
University of Michigan
University of MichiganDearborn
UM Arts at Michigan
UM Center for AfroAmerican and African Studies
UM Center for the Education
of Women UM Center for Japanese
Studies UM Center for Middle
Eastern and North African
Studies UM Center for Russian and
East European Studies UM Center for South Asian
UM Department of Dance UM Department of English
Language and Literature UM Department of Theatre
and Drama UM Exhibit Museum of
Natural History UM Honors Program UM International Institute UM Museum of Art UM Program in Film and
Video Studies UM School of Music UM TV UMS African American Arts
Advocacy Committee UMS Arab World Honorary
Committee UMS Student Advisory
UMS Youth Education Ushers University Productions
Jeffrey Kuras Washtcnaw Community
College Washtcnaw Intermediate
School District Wayne State University WDET WEMU WGTE WKAR WUOM Brent Wagner Liina Waliin Steven Whiting Dianne Widzinski Ralph Williams Robin Wilson Wines Elementary Marguerite Vanden Wyngaard Linda Yohn Will Youmans Youthroots Productions Ypsilanti Public Schools Amer Zahr Zanzibar Restaurant
Special thanks to the UMS Staff for their incredible efforts throughout the 0405 season.
The Ford Honors program
is made possible by Ford Motor Company Fund

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