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UMS Concert Program, May 6, 2006: Breakin' Curfew --

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University Musical Society
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Ann Arbor's Teen Center

The Powe
i urns
The Neutral Zone, Ann Arbor's Teen Center
and the University Musical Society are proud to present the third annual
Breakin' Curfew
The Willow Run Drumline T5E poet
The Jarkah String Quartet African Dance WorksAlnur Dancers
The Cool Moose Orchestra with Will SlangerGrant
Ann Arbor Youth Poetry Slam Team
The Outfit
Canton Clan
Ann ArborYpsilanti Minister's Alliance Youth Choir
The Cypher
The Stone School West African Drum Choir Mad Hot Dance Hall
Andrew Keoppe Reciprocity
Alpha Falcon and the Golden Fleet
Community High School Dance Body
Ann Arbor Youth Poetry Slam Team
Ian Pollack and the Bittersweet Ensemble
Please show your respect
for tonight's performers
by turning off your cell phones
or setting them to vibrate.
Enjoy the show!
The Curators
The Breakin' Curfew Committee, a teen collective, seeks out and presents the best of Southeastern Michigan's youth talent. Working from October through May under the mentorship of the University Musical Society, these twenty teens take on all the production and marketing responsibilities for this show, from scouting talent to writ?ing budgets, recruiting acts to composing promotional material, selling advertise?ments to designing light plots--short of rigging the RA. system, they do it all. They are proud to offer a professional opportunity to showcase the boundless amount of talent from the area. Breakin' Curfew exhibits teens at their best, both on stage and behind the curtains.
Josh Hayward
Production Managers
Bennett Stein & Ian Pollack
Production Committee
Angel Nafis, Ben Alfaro, Eric Tinkerhess, Erin Murphy, Lauren Weston, Maggie Ambrosino, Martin Tinkerhess
Marketing Manager
Emilie Hill
Marketing Committee
Aram Mrjoian, Jamie Gooden, Kate Vandertuig, Leeya Correll, Rafe ScobeyThal, Charlie Hack. Jake Wilkinson
Teen Consultants
Brian Dew, Jacoby Simmons, Jonathan Miller, Mike Hyter, Joel Donnelon, Jordan Banks
Poster Design
Nico Curtis
Backdrop Stencil Artists
Renee Lalinsky, Martin Kazan, Emily Frenette
Neutral Zone Staff
John Weiss Executive Director
Lori Roddy Program Director
Jaclyn Portaro Development Director
Mary Moffet Public Relations Director
Pamela Waxman Marketing & Design
Ingrid Racine Music Programs Director
JeffKass Volume Poetry Director
Elliot Bancel Studio Manager
Nick Ayers
Music Technology Specialist
UMS Staff
Ben Johnson
Director of Education and Audience Development
Jeffrey Beyersdorf Technical Manager
Doug Whitney Technical Director
Emily Avers
Production Operations Director
Suzie Dernay
Front of House Coordinator
Omari Rush
Education Department Intern
Neutral Zone and VMS gratefully acknowledge the following groups and individu?als for supporting Breakin' Curfew 2006 with their generous contributions:
Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation Youth Council, Pfizer, Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, the Neutral Zone's Teen Advisory Council, the pro?duction services of Jim Lillie and David Bartlebaugh of Aerial Enterprises, Brian Kemp of Fantasee Lighting, NV Rentals, Gregory F. Mazure, Cal Hazelbaker and the members of IATSE Local 395, Above Ground Hair Studio, Cookie Whalen, Lauren Hill, Vito Travino, Callie McKee, Ralphie Hoy, and Ayron Nelson.
We also thank all our program book advertisers, and ask that you show your support for the businesses who are helping us create a space for youth creative selfexpression in our community.
University Musical Society
One of the oldest performing arts pre?senters in the country, UMS serves diverse audiences through multidisci?plinary performing arts programs in three distinct but interrelated areas: presentation, creation, and education.
With a program steeped in music, dance, and theater, UMS hosts approxi?mately 75 performances and 150 free educational activities each season. UMS also commissions new work, sponsors artist residencies, and organizes collabo?rative projects with local, national, and international partners.
The Neutral Zone
The Neutral Zone is a diverse, youthdriven teen center dedicated to promot?ing personal growth through artistic expression, community leadership and the exchange of ideas.
The Neutral Zone's teens continue to enrich each other and our community with their good works, creativity, and passion. But don't take our word for it. Come see for yourself. Visit the Neutral Zone whenever you get a chance, but keep in mind that in August, we'll be moving to our new home at 301 E. Washington Street.


The Performers
Willow Run Drum Line
Hailed as the best teen drum line in Southeastern Michigan, this all star group has beaten every drum line who has dared to challenge it in a competition. Its leader, Travis Peterson, recently took home first place in the solo snare drum category of the Pontiac Drum Line Competition, and the 15 other members of the group, which is often referred to as the Funk Mob, are equally as talented. Their sound is regularly praised by their audience as powerful and full, as if their group consisted of fifty members. Willow Run Drum Line is Travis Peterson, Josh Williams, Devon Lynch, Josh Jenkins, Porsche Griffen, Josh D. Williams, Charlise Randell, Xavier Bass, Brandon Green, Leon Colts, Devion Lynch, Jasmine Coward, De'Andre Wilson, and Deon Patterson.
T5E joined forces in February of 2005, with a mission to preach the hip hop gospel. In this short time, they have put out two albums, "Strike" and "The Instructions". Before they became a group, they were all in the same gym class at Huron HS and didn't like each other. Things changed during their junior year when they all met once again at the Neutral Zone and discovered a shared passion of hiphop, leading to the birth of T5E. From the beginning they took full advantage of the studio at the NZ, and decided to put out their first CD in June of 2005. Their second album, The Instructions, was released later in 2006 on Youth Owned Records. Mike Hyter (MC), Justin Nunn (MC), and Jacoby Simmons (DJ) are all seniors at Huron HS and Stone HS.
The Jarkah String Quartet was formed in the fall of 2005, with a mission to contin?ue the tradition of fine classical music, and by fine, we mean fine. Jarkah, Russian for hot, reflects how hot we and our music are. Colleen Wang, a senior at Huron HS, is Concertmistress of the Michigan Youth Symphony, and has performed solo with various orchestras. Luisa Lee, a junior at Pioneer HS, was Michigan's represen?tative at the National Youth Symphony in Washington D.C. last summer, and played solo at the 2005 Governors awards at the Detroit Opera House. Daphne Lambropolous, is a senior and principal violist in the Huron Symphony. She is per?forming with Huron in their annual concerto concert in May. Eric Tinkerhess is a freshman at Community HS, he won 2nd place in the Michigan Federation of Music Clubs competition last year. He has also received various scholarships from organi?zations such as The Women's Association of the Ann Arbor Symphony, Kiwanis Club, and Interlochen. He's celebrating his 15th birthday today.
African Dance Works and Alnur Dancers
African Dance Works is a nonprofit cultural arts organization, whose mission is to promote youth and community development through culturalarts discovery and multicultural literacy. Through afterschool programs, community classes, presenta?tions, and educational materials, ADW provides resources on ethnic heritage and art forms (e.g., adornment, storytelling, drumming). Many traditional African dances commemorated community and major life events, reinforcing healthy values as well as community pride. African Dance Works is committed to developing healthy youth and communities through cultural enrichment and understanding. Alnur is a chil?dren's dance troupe, featuring youth from Romulus and metro Detroit. Beginning as the performing arts program at Timbuktu Academy, Alnur is now an independent organization and has grown to include not only dance, but also poetry and drum?ming. Alnur children travel throughout the country, performing and visiting new places and with other companies. They have traveled to New York, NY, Atlanta, GA, and Washington DC. Now seven years old, Alnur looks forward to expanding its repertoire to include other traditional arts as well as traveling to Africa.
Faileas (Gaelic for shadow) is a combination of two talented young musicians, Jessie Nieves and Zak Read, who have performed for several years in different ensembles. They recently discovered each other and with their combined love of the CelticIrish influence in both music and dance they formed their group. Zak and Jessie approach their music with the comfort, passion, and curiosity of those destined to play and share the joy of their music with others. Both reside in Michigan and have been highly influenced over the years by the music and individuals they have encountered at various Celtic Festivals in the U.S. and Canada. Jessie is a fiddler and dance who has always loved CelticIrish music. She has participated in various local fiddle and dance ensembles for more than 10 years. Zak plays many instruments, composes, and arranges music--but his greatest passion is the bag pipes. He took to the pipes naturally and in less than five years has become a member of the Windsor Police Grade III Pipes and Drums, and individually competes at the Grade II level.
Cool Moose Orchestra
The Cool Moose Orchestra was founded in December 2004 by Glenn Tucker, a jun?ior at Community HS. CMO, an Ann Arbor area studentrun jazz big band, plays standards as well as some originals. The CMO performs locally at The Foggy Bottom Coffee House in Dexter, and plays once a month at Murphy's Place in Toledo. Members of the Cool Moose Orchestra include Martin Tinkerhess, Vicky Sheerer, Yali Rivlin, Nick Jenson, Paul Lewis, Galaan Dafa, Micah Nagourney, Connor Otto, Quentin Ho, Thomas Gilchrist, Mark Philips, Raynor Vandern, and Jordan Otto. For Breakin' Curfew only, the Cool Moose Orchestra is collaborating with tap dancer extraordinaire Will SlangerGrant, of the Swing City Dance Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
The Outfit
The Outfit is a 4 piece rock group that was formed in April of 2005 by Tyler Kane and Zach Harris, and soon they were joined by Elly Schmitt and AJ Patton, all of whom attend Lincoln HS. Formed under the influence of progressive rock music they soon began playing shows in September of 2005. Since then they have been playing shows at the Neutral Zone, as well as other venues. In April 2006, the Outfit released a selftitled album on the Neutral Zone's Youth Owned Records label.
Canton Clan
The Canton Clan consists entirely of high school students from the PlymouthCanton area. Canton Clan is determined to spread true hiphop through the art of Bboying.
The Ann ArborYpsilanti Ministers Alliance Youth Choir
This choir is comprised of young people between the ages of 12 and 18, who come from the churches of Ann ArborYpsilanti Ministers Alliance. They get together once per year to provide music for the annual revival that takes place in the last week of April. Pastor Phillip Ferrell is the president of the Alliance, Mrs. Wanda Hall is the Youth Coordinator, and Dwight Fontenot serves as the music director.
The Stone School West African Drum Choir
The Stone School West African Drum Choir, which learns and plays traditional West African Rhythms on authentic instruments, began in January 2000. Since that time, the Drum Choir has been named the Michigan Alternative Education Organization's Program Component of the Year and in 2001, was selected by the MEA as one of only four Exemplary Statewide Programs and submitted as the Michigan representa?tive for NEA National Recognition. They regularly perform at schools and events throughout southeast Michigan.
Mad Hot Dance Hall
Mad Hot Dance Hall got together in 2003 to play highly danceable and infectious Bad Manners influenced ska and pop, with hot jazz solos. These teen heartthrobs come from many different schools in the area including, Pioneer HS, Community HS, Huron HS, and Washtenaw Technical Middle College. Since they started they have been playing shows constantly earning a reputation for inciting mosh pits and taking off clothing. At the end of 2005 they released their first full length album, Stop and Clap. Members of Mad Hot include Paul Lewis, Connor Otto, Jay Marcovitz, Yali Rivlin, Sam Young, Alec Weiner, Ben Rolston, Glenn Tucker, Casey Reeves.
Andrew Keoppe
Andrew Koeppe began playing the clarinet in 5th grade at Lawton Elementary School. Andrew began studying privately during the summer before 7th grade with Ms. Debbie Stempien, studying with her for four years, then continuing on in 2004 with his current teacher, Mr. Jay DeVries. Andrew is currently principal clarinet in the Pioneer Symphony Band, and also plays in the Pioneer Symphony Orchestra, Pioneer Marching Band and Michigan Youth Symphony Orchestra. Future plans include studying clarinet performance at either the University of Michigan or Michigan State University.
Reciprocity originally started in 2004 as Won Woo Lee and Billy Harrington jam?ming on their free times due to their similar interest of music. Reciprocity has explored many different types of music, from heavy rock to soul, blues, to funk. Billy and Won Woo went through many different musicians, jamming with other bands to find the right chemistry. Towards the end of 2005, Mark Pickel joined the band on pass and to pursue writing solid music, rather than just jams. Eric Wedemeyer joins every now and then to add his jazz alto saxophone to the music. Now, Reciprocity is currently working on their first album, Contact, the release date is yet to be determined.
Alpha Falcon and the Golden Fleet
Do you remember Captain Planet Yeah we're kind of like that. "Don't be fooled by our hard exterior, when it comes down to it we're nothing but fluffy love."Alpha Falcon and the Golden Fleet features Martin Tinkerhess, Pat Whitehead, Jacob Wilson, Rob Bickley and Paul Lewis.
CHS Dance Body
CHS Dance Body has been around for 26 years. Girls from all around the city take the class during the school day at Community High School. The piece being per?formed was choreographed by Sadie Yarrington, a junior at Pioneer HS. It is a phys?ical representation of all the chaos and ideas that move about your mind and the calmness reached when you finally tame those ideas. The song used is "17 Years" by Ratatat. The song is said to fit the message behind the piece, and also inspired much of the choreography.
Ian Pollack and the Bittersweet Ensemble
From all over the Southeastern Michigan area, this megaassembly of instrumental?ists and talented artists comes together in an effort to bridge the stylistic gaps in music. Led by Ian Pollack, a singersongwriter familiar with the local music scene, the Bittersweet Ensemble is a brilliant collaboration of teens who all share a lifetime love of music and performance. Featuring a wealth of awardwinning string players, and a solid core rock band made up of experienced musicians, Ian Pollack and the Bittersweet Ensemble will perform at this year's Breakin' Curfew in epic fashion. The Bittersweet Ensemble is Ian Pollack, Josh Hayward, Tyler Kane, Rob Bickley, Nick Ayers, Patrick Whitehead, Eric Tinkerhess, Rebecca Ackerman, Maggie Dethloff, Alidz Oshagon, Meng Yao Cheng, Andrew Zhang, Evan Lisull, Mario Romero, James Giordani, Luisa Lee, Will Darwall, Sarah Kurz, Sam Fossum, Daphne Lambropolous, and Lulu Liu.
Project Speak Out
Ozone House's Project SpeakOUT was first conceived during a discussion with sev?eral local youth poets who were worried that their peers would never have the oppor?tunity to experience spoken word poetry as they have. Since then our focus has been to promote creative writing, community building, and expression in a safe and sup?portive environment for youth. Program elements of Project SpeakOUT include: Spoken Word Workshops, Lyricist Lounge, Poetry in the Park, Ypsilanti Area Youth Poetry Slam, and Brave New Voices.
VOLUME Youth Poetry Project
VOLUME is dedicated to writing and performing nationally recognized, awardwin?ning poetry. Additionally, we publish a biannual magazine, individual artists poet?ry chapbooks, and record and release poetry CDs on the YOR label. The VOLUME Poets performing tonight are: Caronae Howell, Angel Nafis,Toniesha Jones, Courtney Whitler, Lauren Weston, Erin Murphy, and Shauna Russell.
The Cypher
The cypher is an extravagant showcase of real, raw hiphop, where the only sounds you hear come directly from the mouth of either an emcee, or a beatboxer. The most important thing about the cypher is harmony, working together so each person coin?cides with the others. Most importantly the cypher stands for being true to the roots of hiphop, and letting people see the real art in the music. The group includes Jack Anderson (beat boxer), Zan Dapri (beat boxer), Esmant Osman (beat boxer), Vincent Dunlap (emcee), Young E (emcee), Evan (emcee) and Brian Dew (emcee).
10 things we love about working with you:
it's a great excuse to eat cheap Chinese food while running a billion errands
your wild ideas regarding fog machines, suspending your peers by ropes from the ceiling, and the possibility of live jousting on stage (live jousting!)
that you're excited enough to actually promote the show to all your friends
your contagious rush of energy in the fall, at the start of the project
being able to use the word 'megapalooza' in our event marketing plan
you just crack us up
your willingness to do anything, especially if pizza is involved
you're honest, brutally honest, and fearless, and silly.
you're 100 totally responsible (unless you're on vacation, a school break, or the moon is full)
you care, you really care about making Breakin' Curfew '06 a firstrate production. Do you even know how rare that is We do.
With genuine, wtvrmth find
't(uir 3Siut Weary Secret Sdmirvra,
the, SVeutirttl Xone, Staff
? DROP IN PROGRAM June26July28 I i26Pm8 I Free (suggested $50 donation)
Neutral Zone will be open on weekdays for teens to drop in for snacks, use the computers, play games, and connect with friends. There will be opportunities for teens to plan and do summer stuff, such as service projects, visits to the pools, shoot hoops, and barbeque. Studio also available during select hours.
? SUMMER INTERNSHIPS June 26July 28 Free (suggested $50 donation)
Summer internship placements in Ann Arbor businesses and nonprofit organizations give teens an oppor?tunity to become familiar with the professional work environment, as well as gain meaningful work experi?ence to explore future career goals. This experience begins with a required workshop on resume writing and interview skills. Teens are then matched with an internship tailored to their interests; the Neutral Zone provides ongoing support. Internships are limited, volunteer and paid positions are available. Mandatory Workshop: either May 17 or June 7,56pm @ NZ
? DETROIT ROCK CITY I June 1923 I 10am6pm Cost: $225 overnights on Tuesday and Thursday
Welcome to Detroit, The Motor City, Motown! A weeklong exploration of the city, its history and culture, and the people who live there. We will visit places such as historical housing districts, downriver automo?tive plants, local studios and art centers, and Youthvill e in orderto better understand the challenges facing the city as well as the resources within it. Day trips to Detroit with a couple of overnights in the local community centers. Participants will collectively document their trip as a photojournalism project.
? VOLUME SUMMER INSTITUTE June 2630 10am3pm I Cost: $150 orientation dinner: Sunday, June 25, 79pm
This weeklong workshop puts teens interested in developing their skills as writers together with nationally and locally recognized performance poets and short story writers as well as graduate students from the University of Michigan. Students will have an opportunity to take part in daily workshops to work on their poetry, participate in sessions with guest instructors, and attend and perform in poetry readings. Evening performances Thursday, June 29 and Friday, June 30,79pm (FREE)
? YOUTH OWNED RECORDS July 1014 I lBpm Cost: $200
The Youth Owned Records week mirrors the offerings of the yearlong NZ music programs, featuring intensive workshops in music business, technology and performance. In addition to workshops offered by Neutral Zone staff and other local professionals including Ghostly International, teens will have several hours each day to make music together and work on other hands on projects such as silkscreening or 'zine production. The week culminates in a performance at the Neutral Zone.
? ANN ARBOR STREET ART FAIR I July 1922 Free (NZ collects 25 of all sales)
Interested in selling artwork at the Ann Arbor Art Fair This is an opportunity to showcase your artwork of any form such as photography, clothing, jewelry, pottery or paintings. It will be up to the artists to prepare pieces for display and to and sell it, Neutral Zone provides the space and resources to help make it happen. All entries must be submitted and registered by June 30.
12:303pm Digital Photography 3:3O6pm Digital Video Cost: $150 for photography or video class, or both for $225
Join a week of exploring the world through the lens of a camera. Sign up for photography only or videography, or join both. Teens will have an opportunity to learn the basics from operating a camera to digital photo editing on iPhoto or digital video making on i M ovie. Bring your own camera if you have it, or else we can provide some to share. Participants will finish the week with a CDDVD of their work.
? YOURSPACE I July31August4 l5pm
Free (suggested $5O$1OO donation to support the Comprehensive Capital Campaign)
The Zone is and always will be space created and owned by teens. As Neutral Zone moves to its new location, teens are needed to take the old Zone and make it into the new Zone. From creating new mural paintings to finding new ways to recreate old NZ furniture, this is your opportunity to pour your creative talents into the new Neutral Zone space.
About the Comprehensive Capital Campaign
The Neutral Zone will be moving at the end of summer and taking the next big step in our development: creating a permanent, sustainable home. The teen center will move from South Main to the heart of downtown, what is now the Kolossos building at 310 E. Washington Street. The Neutral Zone has launched a $4.2 million comprehensive capital campaign to support the purchase and renovation of its new home. Please join us in supporting this community gem and fulfilling our promise to youth.
To make a donation or join campaign efforts, please contact Jaclyn Portaro at 214.9995 xl7 or
All weekend concerts:$4members; $5nonmembers unless otherwise noted
Visiting Author Series (grand blowout finale!)
Davy Rothbart, publisher of FOUND Magazine, short story writer, and all around hilarious guy. 79pm, Free. General public welcome.
3FhMJvradMMj9 9tay ww
8th Grade Open House Neutral Zone invites all incoming 9th graders and their parents to come check out NZ. 68pm. Free.
SFrUlcuj, SWcuj iz
8th Grade Party a party just for (outgoing) 8th graders! 79:30pm. Free.
SaUvrday, 3Ecu 13
Marathon CD Release Party! wsg Fifty Below Zero and Plan B. 711 pm.
y 9tay zo
j y
We Are the Union EP Release After Party! Come chill out after the Blind Pig Release Show, 911pm. $5, or free if you have a copy of the EP.
Vacansopapurosophobia Release, NZ + 826 Michigan present a youth publication collected & edited by local teens. Free. Books on sale for $10.
Neutral Zone Honors Night, honoring the accomplishments of teens this past year, especially our graduating Seniors! 68pm. Free.
Invisible Children Project Benefit Concert featuring Starling Electric, Modulate to A, the Ultrasounds and Light Switch Decision, 711pm.
Neutral Zone Internship Workshop. Interested in a summer internship Come to this mandatory information meeting. 6pm. Free.

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