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2019 Ann Arbor Wayzgoose & Printing Festival

October 11-12, 2019
Downtown Ann Arbor District Library

Traditionally, a wayzgoose was an annual celebration put on by a master printer for his workmen. Nowadays, it’s a festival that celebrates the art and practice of printing by hand.  

The 2019 Ann Arbor Wayzgoose & Printing Festival will feature some of the most exciting artists working in the field of printing today. Learn about the history and craft of making wood type by hand, what it's like to run a 100+ year old print shop, the art of making paper and much more. 


  • Opening night reception at the Ann Arbor Art Center


  • Shop a fabulous vendor fair featuring all hand-printed goods in the mediums of letterpress, screen printing, and block printing.  Pick up some handmade wood type, various printers tools, or even your very own letterpress. October 12, 12-5:30pm.
  • Attend printing demos and try your hand at letterpress, screen and block printing.  
  • Voices in Print speaker series. Speakers TBA.

Applications will open for this year's Wayzgoose in June! 

Click here for info on the 2018 Ann Arbor Wayzgoose & Printing Festival.


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