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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Sunday, February 17, Mr. Alister MacDonald will talk informally about Antique Furniture, specifically about our Museum pieces.

Sunday, March 17, Mrs. G. L. McPeek of Ann Arbor will demonstrate bobbin lace making. Hopefully Mrs. McPeek will be able to show us how to use our 1903 loom and bobbins.

And don't forget the Museum “Treasures Galore” Rummage Sale from 9:00–5:00, May 18 at the Carriage House behind City Hall. You may call Miss Milliman 483-3236 or Mrs. Walton 482-8354, for information if you have items which you wish to donate for the sale.

We hope that all who contributed so generously to the front hall redecoration fund are as pleased as are all of us at the Museum. Funds for this project came from many sources; personal contributions, organizations, and contributions in memory of Mrs. Mabel Stadtmiller. Aside from our thanks to all involved, we owe much to Mr. Lynn Holly for his advice, long hours and most especially for his patience. Do stop in to see the results!

LaRea Swarts


At the February General Meeting of the Society the following were elected to the Board of Directors: Mrs. Arthur J Howard (2nd term), Miss Doris Milliman and Mr. Thomas Tobias, Jr.

At the Board meeting following, Dr. William Edmunds was re-elected President and Dr. Elizabeth Warren, Vice-President.

The Board members are: Dr. Edmunds, Dr. Warren, Mr. Carl Scheffler, Mr. T.Tobias, Mr. Alan Stewart (former President), Mr. James Westfall (Treasurer of the Society), Mrs. Howard, Miss Milliman and Mrs. Ward Swarts, Museum Director.

January-February 1974

A most cordial welcome to our new members-

ANDERSON, Wendell G. & Family 1139 W. Huron River Belleville
ANGELOCCI, Angello 963 Sherman
ARDIS, Evart 505 Fiarview
BINDER, David A., Mr & Mrs. 1014 Nash
BIRD, Paul George, Mrs. 1302 Collegewood
BUTLER, Gerald 1930 Roosevelt
CICARELLI, Suzanne 1001 Washtenaw
COX, Joe H., Mr. 1215 Pearl
DIEBOLD, R.J., Mr. & Mrs. 479 Dougls
HOLLOWAY, Amy 1806 Whittier
HARRIS, John 1824 Roosevelt
HARRIS, Victoria 1824 Roosevelt
HARRISON, Albert G. & Family 214 W. Forest Avenue
HEFLEY, Theodore & Family 1005 Grant
JACKSON, Frederick & Family 312 W. Ainsworth
KIRKENDALL, John 1407 W. Cross
LAMMING, Dorothy 775 Washtenaw Apt #6
Chaffing, David, Mr. & Mrs. 2165 Midvale
MAY, George, Mr. & Mrs. 1480 Collegewood
MILLER, Jack C. 206 Middle Drive
MORTIMORE, J.A., Mrs. 420 N. Huron
OBERMEYER, Maxi A., Jr, Mr & Mrs. 1344 Arroyo
POITRAS, Warren E. 2696 Lowell Rd. Ann Arbor
SMITH, Herbert C., Mr. & Mrs. 1318 Collegewood

SPRATT, O.B.,Mrs. 213 Oak Street


Mrs. Fred Dieterle HISTORY OF WASHTENAW COUNTY-1881 STANDARD ATLAS OF WASHTENAW COUNTY 1915 Mr. Martin D. Opem Eighteenth Century U.S. Naval Coat Mr. Ray W. Binns Antique wooden mail box Miss Evangeline Lewis “Sigma Nu” Spoon & pin Miss Gertrude Murray Black fur cape, sewing baskets, Valentines, lace & embroidery pieces, “Almanacs” (1896–1911), high' buttoned shoes, 3 pictures Mr. James Westfall Photographs of G.A.R. encampment Ypsilanti 1911 Mr. Vann Seiber “Bank of Ypsilanti” five dollar note, dated 1839 Reverend Elton Weatherly His hand painted mural of “Old Depot”-given to Museum last summer but until recently in Sesqui centennial Hall. Dr. & Mrs. George May Three pair of long lace curtains for second floor windows. Mr. James Weir Ann Arbor Old lithograph of G.Washington greeting Mary. McKinley's Spanish American wartime cabinet (Photograph). From estate of late Mrs. R. E. Weir Mr. Jerome Lamb Old photograph of Alice Gilbert taken along Huron River. Copy of obit. of C. K. Lamb. “The Advisor” Ann Arbor Inside pictures of Museum taken last summer at time of Sesquicentennial. George Edmunds Illustrated chart showing the development of Colonial candlemaking. Mrs. A. D. Allen Bay City, Michigan Plate racks to be used for display purposes Miss Eileen Harrison Old valentine-phtograph of Marna Osband, Postal card of old Prospect School and many negative of the disasterous “Ypsilanti Press” Fire Mrs. Walter E. Tubbs (from the estate of the late Mrs. F. S. Leach) Two wooden bowls, vegetable chopper and butter mixer which came from the hardware store of H. C. Stoddard, Mrs. Leach's father, in Reed City, Michigan and are at least 110 years old.

SPRATT, O.B.,Mrs. 213 Oak Street


Mrs. Albert Walton (estate of Mable Stadtmiller) Large crockery churn used by Mrs. Stadtmiller's mother-Over 100 years of age. Identification tag-Civil Defense. Mrs Stadtmiller's letter of resignation as City Treasurer-1951. Mrs. John Pappas Advertising card from “H. Hutchins & Co 5 & 10 Store” Ypsilanti from 1923 Miss Donna Baker “Ypsilanti Centennial Clippings” scrapbook June 1923-given to Miss Baker by 1973 Centennial Committee Mrs. Lorenz Kisor Formal suit once belonging to H. P. Glover-Mrs. Kisor's grandfather. Two pocketbooks purchased in Paris in 1923 by Mrs. Kisor-one containing quaint cigarette holder. Beeded purse belonging to Mrs. Kisor's mother-containing her calling cards. Various types of hand-made lace Mrs. James Weir Ann Arbor Gold headed cane given to Mr. Don Louis Davis by his mother, Mrs. Parmenio Davis. Don Louis Davis' maternal Uncle, Delos Showerman was Village President 1852, his father, Dr. Parmenio Davis was Mayor from 1861 to 1870 and he was Mayor 1898–9

Miss Doris Milliman, Museum Director for the last three years, has resigned her position. Much was accomplished at the Museum during her tenure. We know that she will continue her interest for at the February General Meeting of the Society she was elected to the Board of Directors. Mrs. Ward Swarts, already an active worker at the Museum, has taken over as Director.



The Museum Christmas Party was so well attended that we are already making plans for a bigger and better one for 1974.

If you remember the overwhelming success of the Children's Heritage Day last July 3rd, you will be interested to know that Mrs. Albert Barrett and her co-workers have done it again with a Childrens' Valentine Making event on Saturday, February 3rd. We wonder how many of those cherished “originals” will find their way to future museums.

On Saturday and Sunday, January 19–20, Mrs. Jorge Calzado skillfully demonstrated the craft of ceramic painting, using the fascinating Beatrix Potter characters. Mrs. Calzado and her daughter also displayed many of her beautifully painted ceramics.

The Antiques Group of the faculty wives of E.M.U. visited the museum on Thursday, January 29 with Miss Doris Milliman as hostess.

Mrs. Robert L. Isaacson will bring her Cub Scouts to see the Museum exhibits on Thursday, February 8th.