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An Interesting Document from the Archives

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To the Hon. Edmunds, a Judge of the Circuit Court of the Territory of Michigan for the County of Washtenaw, a Court of Record. Humbly petitioning herewith your Honor your Petitioner Benjam J. Woodruff of Ypsilanti in the County of Washtenaw and Territory of Michigan.

That your Petitioner is insolvent and unable to pay his debts.

That the following is an inventory of your Petitioner's property both real and personal, viz: one hundred sixty four acres of land in the State of Ohio being the north east quarter of Section eleven Town line Range eight, 3 bedding, one table, the necessary wearing apparel, one watch, one mantle clock.

That your petioner has a note against Henry Messenter of thirty dollars.

That your Petioner has unsettled accounts with Arden H. Ballard, Edwards & Godden, Nelson Burnam, Oliver Whitmire, Thompson & Mundy from whom or to whom balances may be due to or from your Petioner.

That the following is as near as your Petioner can now remember a list of your Petioner's creditors with the amount due each.

Marcus Seine about $5.00

Jas. T. Allen about $15.00 & $200.00

Samuel Champion about $150.00

Brown & Co. about $60.00

Alexander S. Fraser about $60.00

Austin S. Wing about $40.00

S.W. Osgood about $36.00

Richard Smith about $27.00

Hence your Petioner prays that his estate real and personal may be assigned for the benefit of all his creditors and that he may be discharged for all assets and imprisonment on any civil process and from the liability that by reason of his debts now existing.
B.J. Woodruff

Territory of Michigan)
Washtenaw County ss) I Benjamin J. Woodruff do swear that I am an inhabitant of the County of Washtenaw in the Territory of Michigan where I now actually reside that the inventory of my property and list of my creditors, herewith delivered are in all respects just and true: that I have not any any time in any manner whatever made over or disposed of any part of my estate for the future benefit of myself or family or in order to defraud any of my creditors and that I have in no instance created a debt for a greater sum than I truly owe in intent to aid my discharge under the act for the Relief of Insolvent Debters.
Sworn and subscribed this 22nd day of December A.D. 1834 before me

E. Mundy, Circuit Court Judge

Let notice be given to the creditors of Benjamin J. Woodruff an insolvent debtor for two weeks successive in a newspaper printed at Ann Arbor in the County of Washtenaw called “The Michigan Whig” to the end that such creditors may appear before me at my office in the village of Ann Arbor aforesaid on the first day of January 1835 at 12 o'clock, noon, to show cause any they have why the insolvent should not be discharged according to the Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors.
Dated at Ann Arbor aforesaid the 22nd Day of December A.D. 1834.

E. Mundy, Circuit Court Judge