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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Mary Fletcher Memorial Fund through Peter and Foster Fletcher
Oak china cupboard, curved glass.
Used to display the glassware from the Lucille Langworthy Estate.

Dr. Wm. P. Edmunds
Dr. Robert Fisher
Ypsilanti, MI
Olivetti Copia 305-Archives.

Elain Haskell
Farmington, MI
Xerox copy of talk given at the Goodell Family Reunion, detailing pioneer life in the Ypsilanti area.

Richie Balkam
Ann Arbor, MI
“Follett House, 17–25 East Gross St.” xerox copy. History and usage of structure.
2 copies “Local Agreements between Local 782, International Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America and MOTOR WHEEL CORP.
Ypsilanti, MI. March 17, 1977–1980.

Mrs. James Campbell
Ypsilanti, MI
2 photos of the Sweet Home, 113 S. Washington St., Ypsilanti.
2 photos-gentleman and lady. Unidentified.

Ypsilanti Credit Bureau
Ypsilanti, MI
Polk's Ypsilanti City Directories 1978, 1977.
Polk's Plymouth and Northville
Directory 1976, 1974.
Polk's Ann Arbor City Directory

Ethel Sweet
Ypsilanti, MI
Photograph of Class of 1891,
Model School of Ypsilanti.
(located Martz Rd. at Rawsonville, now removed).
Ethel was a member of the Class.

Helen Matthews Nehlsen
Ypsilanti, MI
Concertina. Belonged to
Dewitt Matthews, Mrs. Nehlsen's
grandfather, b. 1840 in Rome,
N. Y. and d. 1909 in Ypsilanti.
Dewitt Matthews was principal
of old Fifth Ward School.

Dr. Paul Hubbell
Ypsilanti, MI
Candle Mold
“Ypsilanti, Our City's Name-sake” by William McAndrews.
“Two Ypsilantis” by Paul Hubbell.
5 programs from the Player's Playhouse, Ypsilanti.
“How Ypsilanti was Named” by Paul Hubbell.
“The Story of Diplomacy and
Popular Aid in the Greek Revolutionary War 1821–1829”
Xerox copy.
“Prince Demetrios Ypsilanti:
An Expository Sketch of his
Career” by Paul Hubbell.
“Judge Augustus Brevoort
Woodward and the Naming of
Ypsilanti, 1825” copy.

Don Newhouse
Ypsilanti, MI
American Legion Post 282
records from 1920 thru 1926.

Mary Anderson
Ypsilanti, MI
“A History of the Towner
Family” by Mary Anderson.

Mr. Peter Fletcher
Ypsilanti, MI
Mackinac Island, It's History
in Pictures by Eugene T. Pettersen, Superintendent, Mackinac
Island State Park Com. Autographed.

Mrs John Barr
Ypsilanti, MI
1 25lb sugar sack, “Jack Frost”
1 10 lb sugar sack.
Lunch pail, “American Thermos
Bottle Co., Norwich, Conn. USA.

Gertrude Murray
Ypsilanti, MI
Photo of rural school near
Williamston, MI 1888. Gertrude's
mother is in photo.
Harmon School near Williamston,
1905. Gertrude is identified.

Mrs. William O. Hanner
St. Petersburg, FLA
200 year old Korean Silk Brocade, 26 × 26. Colors are
a soft salmon with flowers in
blues, greens and pale coral.

Dorothy James Estate
Given to Dorothy James in 1953
by her friend, Frederick Alexander
Originally purchased at Gumps
in San Francisco.
(This Brocade has been carefully
framed by Arthur J. Howard and
now hangs in the front Parlor
of the Museum.)

Doris Milliman
Ypsilanti, MI
“Cannon Family History”, a genealogy. Xerox copy.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Davis
Belleville, MI
Program from “1976 Commander's Ball'. History of the National Guard in Ypsilanti.

Helen Wortley
Ypsilanti, MI
April 12, 1893 photo of Hawkins
House, destroyed in the Cyclone.
April 12, 1893 photo of Opera House and Hawkins House, destroyed in the Cyclone.

William Thompson
Ypsilanti, MI
Snow shoes. In the Thompson Family for over 100 years.

Evadeen Elwell
Ypsilanti, MI
Records and reports of Ypsilanti Crime Commission, formed Dec.