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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Fall 2005

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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Official publication of the Ypsilanti Historical Society, featuring historical articles and reminisces of the people and places in the Ypsilanti area.

In This Issue:

Dedication of the Dr. William P. Edmunds Ypsilanti Room: Dr. “Bill” Edmunds provided decades of leadership to the Ypsilanti Historical Society.
One Hundred Eighty One Years of Methodism in Ypsilanti: Methodism in Ypsilanti dates back to the early 1800s to the ministry of Elias Pattee.
The Willoughby Family: Read about the stories of this family who arrived in Ypsilanti shortly after it was settled.


Lost Ypsilanti Speaks: The first “Lost Ypsilanti Speaks” exhibit was a huge success. This article is about one location covered in the exhibit.
Mary Ann and John Starkweather: The farmhouse and property at 1266 Huron River Drive has been designated as the Starkweather Historic District by the Ypsilanti City Council.
Starkweather Memorial Chapel in Highland Cemetery: This historic structure is in need of restoration and efforts are underway to place it on the National Register of Historic Places.
Wander Washtenaw: The Ypsilanti Historical Museum is back on the Wander Washtenaw Tour scheduled for Saturday, September 24.
Finds — Fletcher White Archives: It is surprising what we find in the Fletcher White Archives. This 1815 New York State lottery ticket has been around for 190 years.

Society Briefs:

From the President's Desk
Antique Roadshow
News from the Fletcher-White Archives
Museum Advisory Board Report

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Ypsilanti Gleanings