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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Spring 2009

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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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In This Issue...

*The Gilbert Mansion: Michelle Woods fondly remembers growing up in Ypsilanti and hanging around the Gilbert Mansion with her friends.
*Diploma Received Sixty-One Years Late: A single book report prevented David Cummings from graduating with his class in 1942. However, sixty-one years later he received his diploma.
*A Horse Named "Ypsilanti": The YHS Archives received a request for information related to a horse named "Ypsilanti" that won several races in England in the early 1900s.
*Former Neighbors Discovered Hiding Out in Apartments: James Mann describes how architect Ralph Gerganoff turned old homes into apartment buildings on North Washington Street.
*They Called Him "Yip": Frank "Yip" Owen was an Ypsilanti boy who made it big in baseball with the Chicago White Sox in the early 1900s.
*1909: A Look Back in Time: Peg Porter provides some examples of what was going on in Ypsilanti and our nation in 1909.
*Charles McKenny Union: An EMU Icon: Michigan State Normal College was the first state teachers college in the country to have a student union on campus.
*Nothing Less Than a Miracle: In 1934 Ivan Galpin invited the Patrick family to share their large farmhouse at 6820 Plymouth Road. The result was four long and storied marriages.
*Gone but Not Forgotten: Ypsilanti Area Dairies: Our Interns provide a glimpse of the dairies that existed in the Ypsilanti area until the middle 1900s. According to the 1923 Washington Post forty-two different milk dealers supplied Ypsilanti with milk and other diary products.

Society Briefs:

*From the President's Desk
*News from the Fletcher White Archives
*Correction to the Winter Issue

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