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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Winter 2009

Ypsilanti Historical Society
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The Thompson Block – Then and Now!: The Thompson Block was originally constructed in 1861 and was originally referred to as the Norris Block in honor of its builder, Mark Norris.
*Ypsilanti Christmas in the 1950s: Peg Porter recalls Christmas in Ypsilanti stores
and homes in the 1950s.
*Austin George: Ypsilanti’s “Normal” Guy: Austin George was a prominent figure in
education in Ypsilanti in both the public schools and Michigan State Normal School.
*The Orange Lantern: The Orange Lantern was a popular neighborhood bar that opened in 1933 and closed in 2000.
*I Say Nauplion, You Say Ναúπλιον: Much like ancient Greece itself, Ypsilanti’s sister city status with Nauplion was established, lost, and later rediscovered.
*Childs Cemetery – A Peaceful Resting Place: Brian Shelby has provided leadership in the rehabilitation of Childs Cemetery in Augusta Township.
*A Man Lives as Long As He is Remembered: The headstone of Private Barlow Simonds, who served in the Civil War, was found and repaired by Brian Shelby.
*Louis Golczynski – The Rest of the Story: A follow-up story related to “Uncle Louis Golczynski.”
*Death at the Depot: James Mann provides details about a terrible accident involving a
train and horse and carriage in 1909 at Cross and River Streets.
*Hugh Davidson Muses about His Relative, Thomas Edison: A local Augusta Township resident discusses his relative, Thomas Edison.
*Pumping Station: Bill Nickels tours the Ford Plant and discovers an early Ypsilanti “Pumping Station.”

Society Briefs:
*From the President’s Desk
*Fletcher White Archives
*Museum Board Report
*Jennings Receives Award
*Gleanings Receives State Award
*New Acquisitions: Deubel Family Objects

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