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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Fall 2011

Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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In this issue....

* Keep Smiling Brown: James Mann describes the colorful life of a turn of the century resident.
* The Friendly Feud: “Ypsi and Annie” in 1891 poetry A 19th century poem takes a look at the relationship between two.
* Ypsi History – It’s a Test!: Test your wits with our celebrated wit, Peter Fletcher
* Family Bible Collection: Thinking about the value of a special kind of heirloom.
* The Civil War Blood Vials: We follow the story of the 'first shed' blood of the Civil War as it passes through Ypsilanti and into history.
* The Ypsilantis: Constantine, Alexander, and Demetrius: Further notes on Demetrius Ypsilanti, his family, and the differing accounts of his life.
* Cemeteries Found at EMU: Recently found forgotten graves remind Laura Bien of another time that the University's uncovered some history.
* Ypsilanti History in Photographs: An Update on the Digital Photo Archives Project: By Debi Hoos-Lemke
* Abortion for Wicked Purposes The story of the trial of Dr. William G. Cox, charged with malpractice.
* Ypsilanti Songs! A couple of seldom-sung songs with Ypsilanti as their subject.
* Answers to 'Ypsilanti History -- It's a Test!'
* Peck Street: A Story of Broken Dreams!: A garage tells the tale of a family whose fortune faded in Ypsilanti.
* Brayton Mausoleum was First in the County: A description of the historic structure.

Society Briefs:

* From the President’s Desk...
* Museum Board Report...
* Fletcher-White Archives...

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