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Local CIO Officers Take Anti-Communist Oath, December 1947

Local CIO Officers Take Anti-Communist Oath, December 1947 image
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Ann Arbor News, December 19, 1947
Swearing that they are not now, and never have been, members of the Communist Party are members of the executive board of UAW-CIO Local 38. Those taking the oath last night at Labor Hall were left to right, Emmett M. Gibb, union chairman at Hoover Ball & Bearing Co.; Elmer Moon, local vice-president, who works at American Broach & Machine Co.; Harley Tuthill, recording secretary, of Cook plant of the Associated Spring Corp; Kenneth Sisson, local president and chairman, American Broach; George Turk, trustee, a Hoover employee; Louis Sherwood, trustee and chairman at Precision Pars; Miles Alber, guide, an employee at American Broach; Tom Applegate, sergeant-at-arms, a Hoover worker; Karl Brust, chairman at Wolverine Products; and Walter Sell, trustee, also an employee at Wolverine Products. Administering the oath (right) is Arthur Wood, financial secretary of the local, and a Cook plant employee. Wood has previously taken the oath, and so is eligible to administer it to others. Affidavits as to non-Communist membership will be filed in Washington.

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