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Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Brave New World Revisited, September 23, 1999

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Brave New World Revisited, September 23, 1999 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Brave New World Revisited, September 23, 1999 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Brave New World Revisited, September 23, 1999 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Brave New World Revisited, September 23, 1999 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Brave New World Revisited, September 23, 1999 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Brave New World Revisited, September 23, 1999 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Brave New World Revisited, September 23, 1999 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Brave New World Revisited, September 23, 1999 image
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Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Premiere Studio I Sept 23-26, 1999 BRAVE m~ORlD R ev:1. s:t t:.ed, R evi sited Written & Directed by Amv Kullenberg Adapted from Aldous Huxley's Brave New and Bravw New Wor~d Revi•ited ~or~d BRAVE m~OR.LD evJ.. s1 t: ed, R evi sited Written and Directed by: Amy Kullenberg Produced by: Amy Kullenberg Makeup and Hair: Karen Rachel Fauman and Cast Set Design and Construction: Rob Sulewski Graph ic Design: John Alan Dornoff Lighting Design: Amy Kullenberg and Chuck Griffin Programs : Tiff Crutchfield Electricians: Chuck Griffin, Glen Massey, Tiff ~rutchfield, Eric Bassey, Scott Helmke Costume Design: Kori Renee Isaac Sound Design : Amy Kullenberg and Robert R. Farra Proper t ies: Victoria A. Berneis, Gary Vecere, Amy Kullenberg, and Cast Special props provided by: Bivouac Office Max Condom Store Running Crew: David Wright, Chris Starkey, Gary Vecere Light Board Operator : Chuck Griffin Sound Board Operator: Amy Kullenberg "Soma" music and lyrics: Amy Kullenberg "What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?" music and lyrics: Frank Zappa Piano Accompaniment : Lyn Coffin Guitar Accompaniment : Paddy A. Ash and Lyn Coffin Note: Brave New World Revisited, Revisited is performed without an intermission. CAST (alphabetically by actor) Paddy A. Ash Student's Grandmother Mustapha Mond Ensemble Robin Barlow Aldous Huxley Lyn Coffin Contemporary Professor of English Epsilon Semi-Moron Student's Mother Hypnopaedic Guru Literary Critic Ensemble Karen Rachel Fauman Contemporary Student James lngagiola Delinquent Contemporary Student Assistant Predestinator Epsilon Semi-Moron John the Savage Ensemble Joshua Thorin Messer Delinquent Contemporary Student Henry Foster Helmholtz Watson Literary Critic Epsilon Semi-Moron Ensemble Lyndsay Michalik Beta Engineer New Employee Literary Critic Ensemble Mary Nesovski Linda, Viviparous Mother of John The Savage Literary Critic Ensemble Wendi Pastor Lenina Crowne New Employee Ensemble Melissa Stewart Fanny Crowne New Employee Ensemble Tom Underwood Bernard Marx Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning George Orwell Ensemble ABOUT THE PREMIERE STUDIO Premiere Studio is Ann Arbor Civic Theatre's new performance series of original works by Michigan playwrights. Selected playwrights have the opportunity to participate in the rehearsal process and see their work come alive on stage. Brave New World Revisited, Revisited is the inaugural play in the Premiere Studio series. BIOS THE CAST Paddy A. Ash Paddy is delighted to be making her debut with MCT. She has appeared in The Cashier (as Adeline) and Frankenstein with the Ypsilanti Players; in Come Back to the Five and Dime Jinuny Dean, Jimmy Dean (as juanita) with PTD Productions, and in Beyond Therapy and Harvey (as Veta Louise Simmons), with Orpheus Productions. Robin Barlow This aging economist is about to retire from U-M's School of Public Health, but he does not intend to retire from MCT. As for Brave New World Revisited, Revisited, Robin attended the same Oxford college as Aldous Huxley, and thus believes that he has an advantage in understanding the Huxley personality. Lyn Coffin Aveteran actress, Lyn last appeared as Parnell in Orpheus Productions' Anatomy of a Murd~r. Lyn directed Larry Shue's The Foreigner at 1515 Broadway. She was also named as Best Supporting Actress by the Ann Arbor Nervs for her work in The Sentimental Father. Lyn will also be appearing as Mrs. Undquist in MCT's next Premiere Studio series offering: 813: American Fiction. Karen Rachel Fauman Karen is delighted to be making her MCT debut. Karen is a senior at University of Michigan, where she is majoring in theatre and premedical studies. Karen will be starting medical school at U-M next fall; alas, her acting career will have to be temporarily put on hold. Karen would like to thank her friends and family for their support. James Ingagiola James has lived in Ann Arbor for ten years. He has been looking for love in all the wrong places and has ended up doing theatre as an outlet for his frustrations. Don't be alarmed; even though he plays a Savage in Revisited, he is (relatively) harmless in real life. james also directs and runs an informal local playreading group which meets on Friday evenings. Joshua Thorin Messer joshua Messer is a recent graduate from EMU, where he learned way too much literary theory. Mr. Messer is a newcomer to the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre; however, he is not an alien, nor does he represent any alien interest of any kind. Really. We promise. Lyndsay Michalik Lyndsay is currently a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University. She has been involved in theatre since middle school, and she is excited to be involved once again with MCT. Offstage, Lyndsay enjoys singing, and playing the flute, guitar, and piano. Mary Nesovski Mary is making her MCT debut with Brave New world Revisited, Revisited. IfMary looks a bit familiar, it's probably because you've seen her aboard the Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train, performing Murder Mysteries. (She was the cheesy one with the annoying voice.) Wendi Pastor Wendi is delighted to be making her debut with Brave New World Revisited, Revisited. Wendi is currently finishing a Masters in English Uterature at Eastern Michigan University. Offstage, Wendi also writes poetry and screenplays. Melissa Stewart Melissa is happy to be participating in her first show at MCT. Melissa recently moved to Ann Arbor from Kalamazoo with her husband, jack, and her two lovely children, Kenneth, 4, and Mackenzie, 2. Kalamazoo audiences will remember Melissa for her performances in Great Sexpecta t ions, Suzanna, and Julius Caesar at Western Michigan University. Tom Underwood An MCT veteran, Torn has contributd to several local showcases featuring original plays, including: Ann Arbor Festival of Original Plays, New Voices Bijou, and play readings at The Gypsy Cafe and Performance Network. Audiences may remember seeing Torn in Borstal Boy, Moby Dick Rehearsed. Medea, Love Letters and, most recently, as Lenny in Rumors at AACT. Tom would like to say thanks to Roberta for the phone call that led him to this interesting project, and love always to Karen. ARTISnC STAFF AND CREW has performed roles in King Lear and No Man • s Land. Last year, Rob translated and directed The History of the Glorious Resurrection of the Lord, a sixteenth-century Polish Mystery Play. Rob would like to dedicate his work on this project to Anna Valaskova. Amy Kullenberg Gary Vecere Amy is pleased to be inaugurating AACT's Premiere Studio series with this production of Brave New World Revisited, Revisited. Amy has also directed Paula Vogel's The Baltimore Waltz atAACT, Caterwaul atU-M,and Kim • s Spot at Performance Network. Amy will also be directing The Fantasticks for AACT, to be performed March 2-12, 2000. Gary "The Electorying Mojo" Vecere is joining AACT for his first show. However, he promises that it won't be his last. "Feeling as though I was thrown into a moving blender, the patient and kind cast and crew smoothed down the blades and made this a fun and educational experience." Chuck Griffin This is Chuck's 6th season with AACT. As Editor of the Spotligbt and new Ughting Co-Chair, Chuck is frequently seen racing through the Playhouse. When we cornered him long enough for a comment, he replied, "This season is sure starting off with a bang!" Chuck was recently honored at the 1999 Civic Theatre Awards Night for the multitude of work he does repairing and painting and cleaning the facility. Kori Renee Isaac Kori is a senior in Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising at EMU. This summer, she worked as a costume assistant for The unsinkable Molly Brown, Amadeus, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Carousel, and Grease at PCPA Theatrefest in California. Locally, Kori has designed costumes for YPT's Cinderella and Madwoman of Chaillot. Kori also assisted with costumes for Brothers of the Heart for Wild Swan. Upon graduation next spring, Kori intends to pursue an MFA in Costume Design at UCLA. Rob Sulewski Rob recently finished his PhD in Comparative Literature at U-M. An accomplished scenographer, Rob has designed locally for King Lear, Brilliant Traces, No Exit, and The Birthday Party at Performance Network. Rob also acts when his schedule permits, and Torey Berneis Hailing from the wonderful Berneis Family, members of which have graced the AACT stage in the recent past, Torey is working on her??? show as Chief Properties Acquisitions Expert. Torey is also in band and is working backstage for a play which is in simultaneous rehearsal at her high school. Yes, high school. Torey may be the only Properties Acquisition Expert in AACT's history who does not yet possess a driver's license. Even though AACT regulars know how and where to get a driver's license, Torey doesn't need one to do her jolr-she is all business on that telephone! David Wright An AACT veteran, David has stage managed many shows for AACT, and those who have worked with him know what a wonderful and valuable contribution he makes to every show he works on. David is especially pleased to be working on the inauguration of the Premiere Studio series, and gives his best wishes to the cast and crew of Revisited for a wonderful run. Chris Starkey Last seen in AACT's Trip to Bountiful, Chris is well-known for his work on and off stage. Chris can frequently be seen acting in productions at AACT and Riverside Arts, and he has also helped out with props and other running crew assignments in the last two seasons here at AACT. He is a welcome memberofthe Revisited family. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Theatre-making is such a co l laborat i ve sport. This show could not have produced without hel p and support from the fo l lowing people: AACT Staff and Board of Directors Torey Berneis and the entire Berneis Family Tiff Crutchfield Heather and John Dornoff Fantasee Lighting The entire Fauman Family Tim Grimes My own viviparous mother and father, Patricia and Roger Kullenberg Carine Lutz Lynne Rose Chris Starkey Rob Sulewski Becky Taylor Clara Trent David Wright Zehra Berkman, Dave Butette,James Goebel, James lngagiola, Megan Hakes, Annette Martin, Samantha Peer, Eric Schark, Troy Sill, Maggie Smith, Malcolm Tulip, and the many others who have helped with readings and workshops along the way. EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO for keeping me fed and sane . My family for their love and support. JoJacobs for the bottomless purse. BJandbj, my favorite Alphas. Chuck Griffin for pi cking up the fumble . SDJ Eric Bassey, Scott Helmke, David Wright, and Chris Starkey for "so s " RobertR.Farra-- I ' m up to 2,507 repetitions and still duty. counting .. . . PauiGross, wherever you are, for your sense of humor KoriReneelsaac for your patience and your turn-around time. and you r vision Ann Marie, the other embryo in my Bokanovsky group- - thanks for making t he trip And the wonderful cast and crew of Brave New World You Are Terrific! ! ! ! ! Revisited, Revisited -- COMING SOON: I CIVIC For info or to volunteer: (734) 971-AACT COMING SOON: I ' CIVIC For info or to volunteer: (7l4) 971-AACT

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