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Additional Draft Numbers Assigned By Local Board

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Russell Japinga, Donald H. Staebler, Phillips J. Baker, Don E. O'Neil, William H. Acree, Thomas H. Acree, Keith M. Decker, James C. Stone, Edward P. Eriksen, Donald D. Herzog, Vincent J. Howard, Curtis W. Redden, Roland L. Zill, Steele Bailery, Dayton D. Salon,

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´╗┐Additional Draft Numbers Assigned By Local Board

Following is a supplementary list of selective service numbers assigned by the Ann Arbor draft board, previous numbers of which have already been published by The Ann Arbor News. This list completes the Ann Arbor total of men assigned numbers for the draft which was made today.

The list follows:
4068, Theodore J. Balgooyen.
4069, John F. Soper.
4070, William G. Gordon.
4071, Albert C. Katzenmeyer,
4072, Walther P. Michael.
4073, Robert L. Laven.
4074, James S. McConahy.
4075, Daniel S. Busch.
4076, Donald A. Spencer.
4077, John E. St. George.
4078, Alvin B. Limpert.
4079, Dean L. Knight.
4080, Leonel L. Loder.
4081, Louis H. Milando.
4082, Robert N. Moon.
4083, Thomas H. Weller, M.D.
4084, Walworth R. Slenger.
4085, Arthur C. Smith.
4086, Clarence H. Stoll.
4087, Harold M. Straube.
4088, Nelson B. Tharp.
4089, John James Townsend.
4090, Jon H. Van Lankhuyzen.
4091, James D. Walter.
4092, Dillon Waters.
4093, John M. Weller.
4094, John M. Sheldon, M.D.
4095, Ralph W. Allen.
4096, Lloyd D. Arons.
4097, John S. Koch.
4098, Ralph N. Risinger.
4099, Sprague H. Gardiner.
4100, Victor A. Goedicke.
4101, Theodore A. Guenther.
4102, Carl E. Hainen.
4103, George B. Huntington, jr.
4104, John Vincent Kenney.
4105, Lawrence G. Battle.
4106, Clarence W. Bierma.
4107, Domenic E. Binda.
4108, James W. Blythman.
4109, John M. Cellars.
4110, Charles W. Cotterman.
4111, Warren B. Crandell.
4112, Don M. Curtis.
4113, George W. Dana.
4114, Robert W. Eddy.
4115, Paul M. Fisher.
4116, Harry K. Flook.
4117, Clinton B. Ford.
4118, Clo E. Frisinger.
4119, John H. Frisinger.
4120, John W. Podesta.
4121, Jack C. McCollum.
4122, Russell Japinga.
4123, Donald H. Staebler.
4124, Philips J. Baker.
4125, Don E. O'Neil.
4126, William H. Acree.
4127, Thomas H. Acree.
4128, Keith M. Decker.
4129, James C. Stone.
4130, Edward P. Eriksen.
4131, Donald D. Herzog.
4132, Vincent J. Howard.
4133, Curtis W. Redden.
4134, Roland L. Zill.
4135, Steele Bailey.
4136, Dayton D. Salon.