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Dunbar Center Congratulated For Years Of Work In Clearing Debts

Dunbar Center Congratulated For Years Of Work In Clearing Debts image
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Dunbar Center Congratulated For Years Of Work In Clearing Debts

Announcement of the Dunbar Center's celebration of the burning of its mortgage at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon brought a number of letters of congratulation from representative people in the community.

Probate Hudge Jay G. Pray wrote "I expect to be present to rejoice with you on this occasion. Now that the mortgage is paid up you will have more funds with which to carry on the fine work that is being done by your association. I feel that you are doing more than any other organization in the prevention of delinquency and crime among the colored people of Ann Arbor."

Prof. J Raleigh Nelson, director emeritus of the International Center, who has been a member of the advisory board of the Dunbar Center for the past 26 years, said, "For a generation the Dunbar Center, in its various settings, had had an important and steadily increasing influence on the friendly relations between the white and colored members of our Ann Arbor community. Indeed, the intelligent appreciation that our interests are one, and that the nurture of sympathetic understanding and good will between us is imperative for our community life is the finest fruitage of these years of sacrificial effort."

Advisors Listed

The advisory board for the Center includes Lewis C. Reimann, chairman; Charles S. Cromwell, secretary; Charles D. Kimpton, treasurer; Prof. J. Raleigh Nelson, Edward, E. Kelley, Mrs. L. C. Karpinski, Miss Lena Wayner, Russell Howard, J. C. Tremmel, Mrs. Nate Stanger, Miss Theolia Cromwell, Alton P. W. Hewitt, Fred E. Benz, Kenneth J. Wayner, and James T. Overby, jr. Miss Wayner is president of the board of directors, Mr. Overby is vice-president, and Miss Cromwell is secretary.

Staff members of the Center are Douglas E. H. Williams, executive secretary, Mrs. Ethel L. Cromwell, assisant, Mrs. Virginia Wilson Ellis, director of musical activities, and Benjamin F. Shobe, boys' worker.