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Argus Will Market New Closed-Circuit TV Unit

Argus Will Market New Closed-Circuit TV Unit image
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Argus Will Market New
Closed-Circuit TV Unit

Argus Cameras, a d
Sylvailia ElUL'tl'ic rruuuci:

Inc., plans to market a new
direct-wire television system
with broad educational, in-
dustrial, merchandising train-
ing, military and other uses.

The announcement was made
today by Clinton H. Harris,
Argus president, and J. J.
Riggs, Argus vice-president in
charge of marketing.

The "heart" of the system is
a vidicon camera with a stand-
ard 16mm movie camera lens
on a turret that has positions
for wide-angle and telephoto
L.nsn, \ t'ourth lens position
,,.,.,... 'reme closeups of
minute • i1 posi-
tion is ,., ..,.., .,.,, of the
three lenses which can be re-
moved rapidly from the turret.

Harris and Riggs believe the
$595 price of the vidicor camera
will cause-^b£e.aJ^i»i^fl(riM
the audWtfi^l^whKh^

' '-isted mass adoption of
^sed-circuit TV because other
inufacturers' systems have

•st up to $5,000.

Simple coaxial cable connec-
tions, made with a screwdriver,
link the camera to a TV re-
ceiver. The camera signal may
be received on any unused
channel from 2 to 6, allowing
up to five cameras to be used
on separate channels within a
closed-circuit setup.

(Channels between 2 and 6
which are used by nearby tele-
vision stations may be utilized
for the Argus closed-circuit

TV CAMERA: Argus Cam-
eras is marketing this $595
camera for closed-circuit
television use in audio-visual
and other fields.

system after the antenna is re-
moved, and there will be no
distortion or "snow," it was

The Argus system has ac-
cessories to facilitate multiple
camera hookups and multiple.
monitor or TV set hookups,
plus a line booster for use
iWhen the telecast by coaxial
cable is in excess of 1,000 feet.

Riggs, who cited dozens of
uses of the TV system, includ-
ing the observation of jail in-
mates, said no special lighting
effects are required, making
the system more adaptable to
many uses.

He cited some other features
—lightweight portability, sim-
plicity of operation and main-
tenance and the fact that the
camera can be used with any
standard television receiver.

The closed-circuit system is
being manufactured by Syl-
vania's Home Electronics Divi-
sion of Batavia, N. Y.