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'St. John On Patmos": U-M Acquires Major Painting

'St. John On Patmos": U-M Acquires Major Painting image
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‘St. John On Patmos’:<br><br>U-M Acquires Major Painting<br><br>“St. John on Patmos,” a major painting of the 16th Century, was acquired by the University Museum of Art during the past academic year, it was anounced.<br><br>The painting is by the Flemish artist, Joos van Cleve, probably executed in Antwerp around 1525.<br><br>Prof. Robert Koch of Princeton University has written of the picture: “The painting, I believe, will be of special interest and particular value for a university museum because of its splendid combination of figure with landscape.” According to Museum Director Charles Sawyer, the painting ranks among the important acquisitions by American museums during the year.<br><br>Purchase of this and other works of art of major importance this last year was made possible through the U-M Regents special appropriation for acquisitions.<br><br>Among these, “The Parable of the Unmerciful Debtor” by Jan van Hemessen (Jan Sanders), Flemish, first half of the 16th century, is a dramatic picture with exceptional subject interest which will make it especially useful for teaching purposes in literature and<br><br>art historical studies, Sawyer said.<br><br>“Recent trips to the Far East of Profs. Max Loehr and James Marshall Plumer have inspired a number of important acquisitions in their spheres of interest, and the exceptional opportunities provided by the Persian exhibition this spring resulted in the acquisition of eight fine early bronzes and a group of early ceramics on Prof. Oleg Grabar's recommendation.<br><br>“The interest and initiative of Prof. Marvin Eisenberg has also been responsible for the acquisition of several Renaissance and 19th Century drawings and prints of excellent quality during the year.<br><br>“During a summer trip to Europe Miss Helen B. Hall, curator, selected for acquisition five drawings' and paintings by older and contemporary European artists.<br><br>"In the section on Contemporary Art, paintings by Josef Albers, Gabor Peterdi, and Jimmy Ernst and a sculpture by Seymour Lipton are important additions to the collections in this field,” Sawyer said.<br><br>These recent acquisitions are featured in the initial fall installations of the U-M Museum of Art.