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Gelman Contributes To New Fabrics

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Gelman contributes to new fabrics

Protective fabrics are being developed that provide total bacteria barrier and “unprecedented levels of comfort” using a combination of established DuPont fabrics and a new membrane developed by Gelman Sciences of Ann Arbor, according to a Gelman announcement. The firm says achieving working environment that is vital in high-tech plants and operating theaters depends on clothing personnel in protective garments that are sufficiently sealed to prevent microcontamination from escaping into the atmosphere. At the same time, its is desirable for garments to be sufficiently “breathable” to be worn comfortably for extended periods. Gelman says the contradictory goals now can be achieved with protective clothing that combines fabrics based on DuPont knowledge and Gelman Science Tuffryn II membrane. The membrane has millions of tiny pores per square inch, which are large enough to let air in, yet small enough to prevent escape of offending particles.