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Ford Gallery of Ann Arbor Founders

Who are the people who made Ann Arbor the city we all know and love? The Michigan Theater is proud to celebrate those individuals and groups that have helped create the character of our town. From the earliest pioneers to twentieth-century philanthropists, here are the stories of businessmen and women, visionaries and artists, educators and entrepreneurs, doctors, ministers, and mayors. The Ford Gallery of Ann Arbor Founders exhibit has been made possible by a generous gift from Ford Motor Company Fund with the assistance of the University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library.

   1. Print Dedication (pdf)    11. Women Make a Mark on the Community
   2. The Founders of the "Village of Annarbour"    12. Medicine in Ann Arbor
   3. The Early Settlers    13. Leaders of Ann Arbor's Government
   4. The Germans Settle In    14. The People Who Made the Parks
   5. The University Comes to Ann Arbor    15. Educating Ann Arbor
   6. Ann Arbor, Abolition, and the Civil War    16. Ann Arbor Goes to Church
   7. The University Grows    17. The Music Makers
   8. Ann Arbor’s Early Business Leaders    18. Let's Put On A Play
   9. Twentieth-Century Entrepreneurs    19. Movies Come to Ann Arbor
   10. Giving Back to the Community    20. The Michigan Theater

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