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SITE 15: WALL DISPLAY : South University and Forest Avenues

Sponsored by: Residents of the Anberay–Ray Detter, Alan & John Lawson, Ann & Tom Schriber; Customers of C-Ted’s–Al & Louisa Pieper; Devotees of the Campus Theater–Grace & Stan Shackman; Lovers of Miller’s Ice Cream–Mark Hildebrandt & Children, Fran Wright; Habitual Frequenters of South University–John & Teresa D’Arms, Peter & Rita Heydon, Haskell & Jan Newman

Photos courtesy of H. M. Hildebrandt and the Bentley Historical Library

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Millers Ice CreamMiller’s, looking northeast, 1954 Blaich & Gates groceries, 1895Millers Ice Cream, ca. 1935 C-Ted's Standard Witham’s drugs Panel Information