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Badge Drop #12: THE LAST DROP

by ohheyitselle

Is it ALREADY the end of August???? Is it ALREADY time for the coveted COMPLETIONIST BADGES to be REVEALED and AWARDED??? Can that possibly be??? Here at Summer Game Headquarters, it certainly feels like the time has FLOWN by, but some of you players have been spending the past 3 months…

Looking at piles of LEGOS, 

Recalling TOYS of the past, 

Fostering GARDENS of OLD,

Putting on your RED-colored glasses, 

Taking note of CHICKEN’S wild adventures, 

Becoming one with the CRYPTIDS,

Perusing and pondering ART, 

Completing so many CROSSWORDS and AADLEs 

Exploring UNEXPLORABLE places,

Spotting SEQUELS and joining SUPERGROUPS, 

ALL WHILE traipsing all around the LIBRARY, CITY, and PARKS!!! 

If you caught BADGE FEVER this summer and waited with bated breath every Friday at noon when the badges dropped all so you could devour badges upon badges until there were no more badges left to do… then BAD NEWS! You may ALREADY BE DONE WITH THESE COMPLETIONIST BADGES!!!! Feel free to sit back and relax this go around. Maybe enjoy some iced tea! Or a scone! Or a pat on the back!!! (Note: all pats on backs must be self distributed. Summer Game Headquarters is not responsible for any back patting injuries sustained during this time.) Heck, you may even want to attend the Game Over Gala this Sunday from 3-5pm at the Downtown Library!!! You can find more information about that HERE!!!! 

If you HAVEN’T caught BADGE FEVER… then GOOD NEWS!! You still have time to get codes and earn points before Summer Game 2022 ends on Sunday, August 28th at 11:59pm!!!! While you’re at it, you should ALSO enjoy some iced tea!! Or a scone!!! Or a pat on the back (Note: see above back patting disclaimer)! Because we here at SG Headquarters support a ~Little Treat Lifestyle~ and YOU ALL DESERVE LITTLE TREATS!!!  Heck, you may even want to TREAT YOURSELF by attending the aforementioned Game Over Gala!!! Some may even say the Game Over Gala is OUR NON-EDIBLE TREAT TO YOU!!! 

SPEAKING OF LITTLE TREATS- You’ll have until the end of the day on Monday, September 5th to spend your hard earned points in the Summer Game Shop! PLEASE NOTE: Some shop items may take longer than anticipated to arrive due to supply chain issues, but they WILL arrive this fall!!! 

But that’s enough rambling, HERE ARE THE COMPLETIONIST BADGES!!!!!!!! (Plus one badge for the GAME OVER GALA- did we mention it is ON SUNDAY??) 


Lego LookerToy-tal RecallRed of the ClassCommunity GardenerEggcellent Eye Cryptid CatcherArt CollectorLegendary Traveler Double TakerSupergroupieCrossword CompleterUn-AADLE-dJolly BrancherAnn Arborist That's All Folks


We’ll be back for Summer Game 2023 starting in June 2023!!!! 

AND THAT’S ALL THERE IS TO IT!! What a Summer Game this has been! From the very bottom of our hearts here at SGHQ... THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!!!! 


Little ones
Middle ones
Brittle ones

All of us partake
Because you are so great!


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