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January Service Update

Mon, 01/04/2021 - 3:00pm by richretyi

january service update

Happy New Year from AADL! Heading into the first month of 2021, we have a number of updates to share with you about Library services—new and resuming—along with some exciting projects we have planned!

Library lobbies remain open from noon to 8pm seven days a week for contactless pickup service, with contactless locker pickup also an option at all four AADL branches. We thank you for your patience as we adapt to changing public health conditions, and we look forward to resuming full service as soon as we safely can.

January 2021 Service Updates:

MeLCat Borrowing Resumes January 25
AADL patrons will again be able to request items from other libraries via MeLCat starting Monday, January 25. Thank you for your patience as we work to get caught up on requests for AADL items from AADL patrons before opening the collection to the rest of the state!

Board Games and Puzzles!
We're adding board games and puzzles to the collection! Board games are now requestable from the catalog and should start circulating by mid-January. A few puzzles will hit the catalog in January with more arriving later in the year. Each game and puzzle can be checked out for four weeks and renewed once.

New Art Prints in the Collection Ready for Checkout
We've introduced six new artists into the collection, with multiple pieces you can check out and hang on your walls. These are part of a collection of over 900 art prints to choose from. View our full collection here.

Shelf Service Resumes January 18
Shelf Service returns! Not sure what you're looking for? Request books, movies, music, or any combination of items based on interest, theme, age level, or whatever criteria you choose. Library staff will pull a curated selection of items just for you. You can also contact us and we can suggest titles you might like to request.

Improved Parking Lot Wifi
New Wifi Access Points are now operating in the parking lots at Malletts Creek, Westgate, Traverwood, and Pittsfield branches to make it easier to use our high-speed internet access outside the buildings, 24 hours a day, no login or library card required.

The Winter Game
A special surprise for fans of the Summer Game, or those who love puzzles, puns, and exploring new things—THE WINTER GAME! Starting January 4, look for daily recommendations of things to watch, listen to, read, and do, plus puzzles, riddles, and online scavenger hunts for points towards the Summer Game 2021. Plus badges, glory, and fun for all ages. Everything in the Winter Game can be done from the comfort of your own home. Check it out at

Summer Game Orders
We're working through the last 2,000 Summer Game Shop orders which still need to be filled. Summer Game players with pending orders should expect an email in January or February notifying them that their order is ready to pick up.  No worries; you won't miss your order, and there's currently no deadline to pick them up.

We've made it easier to find past and upcoming events on AADL.TV, including hundreds of storytimes, arts & crafts videos, trivia shows, book discussions, and so much more. Browse and watch through our website here!

30 Days of Clay: Mini Menagerie
Each day for the month of January, we'll demonstrate how to make a small clay animal with just a bit of clay. Each video will show you the different parts of the clay animal broken down into separate pieces, then how all those pieces are combined to make the final creation. See all the cute critters here!

Online Services Continue
All our online services, including eBooks and eAudiobooksDownloadsAADL.TVNew York Times accessBookable Zoom Rooms and more remain available anytime.

Pulp's AADL 2020 Staff Picks
Overwhelmed by all the choices of things to read, listen to, watch, and experience? Want to know what AADL staff got really into in 2020? Check out Pulp's AADL 2020 Staff Picks—from Lovecraft Country to Buck Owens, Run the Jewels to Eloquent Rage—it's 10,000+ words of things that got us all excited in 2020.

AADL's Most Requested Items of 2020
We've compiled a list of the most requested books, movies, music, art prints, and tools of 2020. Check out the full list here.

If you have any questions, please call or text 734-327-4200 or email and we can help. We continue to adapt Library service to changing public health conditions, with the goal of minimizing risk to Library patrons and staff. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we look forward to the eventual resumption of full service.


Hi there, we don't have any involvement with MeL databases or authentication. You should be able to use any eResources listed on . If your location can be verified in Michigan there's no login at all, and if it can't you can enter a Michigan driver's license or State ID number to log in. Just if you're still stuck, and thanks for your patience!

Hello! Thanks for thinking of puzzles and games. Can you consider to buy more puzzles of the range of 300 pieces? There's a big jump between 100 and 500...

Some libraries do offer puzzles and games so AADL isn't the first but many others do not, I'm guessing because it's too much of a headache dealing with lost puzzle and game pieces. I would hate to complete a puzzle only to find that the last 3 pieces were missing. AADL is braver than I am!

Well, we can just about guarantee that that is going to happen at some point! Please let us know if you check out a game or puzzle and it's missing pieces, we'll replace them if we can or replace the puzzle if we can't. Thanks for asking!

I am 79 years old and not very facile with computer log in...I was trying to listen to the LULLABIES on your site and can't seem to get in with my email address...I tried to reset my password...doesn't seem to work????Please help me. My card number is: ...I should be able to access my account with this number to participate in events and listen to music. Thank you.

It's weird how to this day the summer game prize I ordered in Auguast still hasn't arrived, I wonder if it's canceled or something

It's not weird at all, at least not any weirder than the past 10 months. We still have over 1000 Summer Game Shop orders left to fill and we're filling some most weekdays as staffing permits. You'll get a notification when each order is ready for a pickup to be scheduled, no orders have been canceled. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for playing!

Thank you very much. The last 10 months were really tough, but thank you for keeping the service going. Our family have read plenty of books during this time, and it was really an great outlet.

Hi there, thanks for asking! We've been open for returns since June 2020. You can return your items to the outdoor drops at all locations anytime. Let us know if you have any other questions, and thanks for using your library!

I think I read it somewhere but, is printing available now? And could you post the link please. Thanks!

When will DVD/Blu Ray items be available through MelCat?
It says on their site that they won't allow requests unless home libraries make some of their collection available and that AADL hasn't done so yet.
Just curious about the timeline as there are quite a few items not available at AADL that MelCat has but I'm unable to request them.

We're sorry, but we have never loaned Audio/Visual materials to the MeLCat network, and there are no plans to start doing so. In prior incarnations of the service, it led directly to other libraries cutting their AV budgets and using the AADL DVD collection instead, with a major impact on availability of the AADL collection for AADL patrons. If there are titles that are commercially available that you'd like to see in the AADL collection, please just let us know in a and we generally will obtain them if we can!

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