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Ashes And Embers

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Detkoit, Mich., May 12.- The Toledo, Aun Arbor and Northeru Michigan rail roatl has been obliged to abandon all at'temptsto run cars north of the Clare county line on account of the forest flres. A freight train and crew had a narrow es cape froin cremation yesterday morniog, The ties in niany places were so badly burned that the rails spread when the train went over theixi. When near Moon's siding one of the cars in the center of the train was derailed aud the train crew were obliged to ab; nd ui the rear part of the train. Before tucy reached Farwell another derailnient occurred, and this time all but three of the train of eighteen cars were Ie ft to thqjr f ate. Three of the train men had badly blistered faces. The Bevel of Destruction. The wind shifteM Sunday night and drove the fire into Newaygo, Mecosta and Ocean couuties. Cook's Station and Barton bave not been heard from, and are supposed to be destroyed. Everything in Lilly, Park City, and Otia has been burned. These villages have a population of 300 each. West Troy, a few miles uorth of Otia, has been environed by ├╝re since early yesterday morning, and is supposed to be in ashei. Swept by Seas of Fire. Where Nivarna and Fremont on the Flint and Pi-re Marquette road once Btood is nothing now but a pile of ashes. The village of Lake has not been heard from siuce its last appeal for help Suuday. Seas of fire are sweeping through the woods near Red Cloud, Newaygo county, while more than two miles away across the state the little hamlet of Taft is in a gulf of Isme, The latest news from Traverse City is to the effect that the entire population is out fighting fire. Millions of logs are burning all over the center of the state and at last reports Osterhont and Fox's $250,000 plant and lumber yard was on fire.