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Lord Romilly Suffocated

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London, JUay 35. -A tragioal fire oocnrred here on Saturday night. At midnight on that night Lord Williatn Romilly was in hia drawing room at his London town house, 2 Covington Gardens, S. Wa., when he accidentally upset a parafine latup, causing a blaze which set fire to the apartment. Lord Romilly attempted in vaiu to extinguish the flames, which spread, causing a suffocating smoke. His lordship was overeóme by the smoke and sank senseless to the noor. Two Servants Lose Their Lives. The butler, smelling the smoke, rushed to the drawing-room. There he found Lord Romilly helpless. He at once pulled his lordship out of the room, and arcused by his cries the other servants. An alarm of fire was given, and engines hurried to íuo acBue, ana soou extinguished the Uanaes. The firemen entering the house, foucd two of the servants, Blanche Griffin, the house-raaid, and Emma Lovell, the cook, both senseless. Lord Romilly was removed to St. George's hospital, but all attempts to briug him to life failed. Both the servants named were already dead when carried to the hospital. A Fireman liadly Injured. A fireman named George Byne was seriously iujured while assisting iu the rescue of the inmates. Lord William Romilly was descended froin the great juriscousult, Sir Samuel Romilly. His father lso was an eminent lawyer. He was imself born in 18X5. He leaves a widow, Lady Helen (Denison) Romilly, and a son' by a fornicr wife, Jobn Gaspard Romilly born in 1866.