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An Appeal To Blaine

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Detroit, Mich., May 26.- It has long been the custom oí the Detroit, Belle Isla and Windsor Ferry compaay, which does busiuess between Windsor, Canada, and Detroit, to observe the holidays oí both countries by decorating the boats with flags. Queen Victoria's 72d birthday anniversary was Sunday, and the Canariian government ordered it celebrated yesterday. Yesterday morniug not a flag waved from the poles of either ferryboat, the Hope or the Victoria. Fly the Flag or Be Tied Up. When Canadian Castoras Officer Beers noticed this he ordered the captain of the Hope to get out his bunting. That officer complied wiüingly, but when he ordered the captain of the Victoria to do the same that oificer absolutely refused until ordered by Superintendent Clinton. Beers sent for Clinton and roused the latter'g ire by ordering the flags displayed at once. Clinton flatly told Beers that he would no nothing of the sort, and hot words passed between the men, Beers telling Clinton that he would have the Victoria tiea up uuless the flags waved in the breeze. Clinton Fioally Wilt.d. Clinton wilted at this, and the cross of St. George floated all the rest of the day on botb boats. Beers claimed that he had a right to do as be did, as the boats do an international business and work under a Canadiau charter. Collector George H. Hopkius, of tue port of Detroit, and the Uuited States district attorney deny tbis right. The (uil details of the affair were sent to Secretary Blaine by wire.