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The Webstor Farmers" Club was mot ealled to order until after a bountiful noon repast; then after the tramsaetion of miscellaneous business aud the rendering of some excellent musie by Messrs. Ball, Cushman, Parsons and Seaddin, amd prayer by Eev. Scott WJJliáms a paper was read by Mr. Gibbons, of the Michigan Farmer, on "Money and Banking." The paper was carefully prepared and presented and well received by the audience, who seemed to thoroughly In discusslng the paper, the marmer in which the old soldier was paid off by the government was broached; some lelt that the soldier was shabbily treated, others, especially Mr. Gibbons, that he as an old soldier, was paid all that the government agreed, and even more and inasmuch as he was a part of the government he could nofc well cheat hlmself,. Sme repartee was indulged in, espeeially by Kev. M. H. McMahon and Mr. Gibbons. The latter was asked by the former to explain a single point in his paper, which seemed to require several minutes, after listeming to which with some barrássment, the Rev. MeMahon saiil 'yon see that if 1 can't make mueh of a' speech myself, I aui able to get much out of others." Willi.-iin Sinith, of North Lak, although a wealthy and well developed oíd bachelor, expressed a timidlty al talking' in tlie presence of ladies, and also expressed sorrow that he knew so little, "ilid'n't even know enougli to apend what money he had." Mr. Scaddln's place is a good place to Scaddin's place is a goo dlocntion to make folks fee! ai home. Th" day was fine and quite a nunibi'i of former resideots of Webster were presemt whose Faces have been marked rnra s'nrr mingling Avitli Webster peoplc. I. W. Williams saus a song of olden times wliich brought tears to majiy eyes n ■ u aid oí other teel iiis sweet valid daughter. Maude, played the organ.