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An Admirable Camping Ground

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A more beantiful place and one more admirably adapted by nature tor en campnient purposes than Whitmore LaBe lt would be diíficult to find in Michigan. The tenting ground is near ly Ievel lamd, almost entirely tmrrounded by woods, and the drill ground is a still more leveJ meado v elosc to and casüy accessfble írom all regimenté, and" unexcelled both from a soldler'a and a spectator' potat of view íor cxlijbition or practice raanoeuveriug. Wliitmore lake i.s considerably larger and fully as beautiful a sheet of wats as Eeed's lake. It is less than onehalf a mile away, and offers unrlyaled boating and bathing faciüties. Hpring watCT is almndant and easily obtalned a.Ti'l any oiuir.tity of ice can b? had less thañi half a mile away, and all the other necessaties and eonveniencea of camp Ufe are close at hand. Absolutely the only just cr4tdcism thnt can be made of Governor Wïnans }or ui ging the selection of this location lor the state encampment is that the transpor tation faciüties are slifihtly Inadequati', tliough not so niuch bo :is has been