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The two h:g Vpressure boilers for the mechanical laboratory have arrived. The foundations for a new house are beiug lald at 19 East Ann street. Edward Bycraft's house on North Main street has been repainted In nice style. Andrew Peterson is havin a house erected on his new property on Cherry street. The iron work'of the new recita tion seats for the meclianical laboratory is being done. The Register is now illumined Jiroughout all its departments by the ncandescent electric light. C. T. Parshall will be school inspector in Ann Arbor town, in place of Walter S. Bilbie, resigned. A stone walk is being laid on the east side of the high school property. .t will fill a long-feit want. The revised plans for the amphiheater of the new hospital have been completed by the architect. Jacob F. Schuh is having a barn built on his recently purchased property on South Fifth avenue. The Young Temple Builders of the tf. E. church had a delightful picnic n a grove near the city on Tuesday. A stone sidewalk is being put in front of the property of William Ilerz snel M. Staebler, on West Washington. The fine brick residence formerly occupied by Dr. Lewitt, and which has been so long vacant, is now occupied. A freight train on the Toledo road, ast week, contained thirteen cars aden with goods for our city mershants. Kev. M. Scruggs, pastor of the Second Baptist church, has returned to lis flock, after an extended vacation u the w est. Walter S. Bilbie has been appointed o fill the vacancy on the board of supervisors caused by the death of ïhos. Gr. Burlingame. George Crocker, an engineer on the T. & A. road, has bought a lot on the outh side of Cherry street and is milding thereon. Rev. Mr. Hurd preached very acceptably at the Presbyterian church ast Sunday evening. There was a arge attendance. Union services will be held at the M. E. church next Sunday evening. Sermón by Rev. A. S. Carman, of the First Baptist church. What has become of the petition to the council against the Standard oil tank? Have the citizens changed ,heir minds about it? We cali attention to the change in the running of trains on the Toledo road, as correctly shown in their timeable in another column. John Grau, of Lima, and Mrs. Thesbold Martini, of Ann Arbor, received machines f rom the J. F. Schuh sevving machine club, last week. It is in contemplation to hold a joint picnic of Arbor tent of the Maccabees and Wolverine tent, of Ypsilanti, in ,he early part of next month. Schuh & Muehlig have the contract for heating and plumbing the fine resdence of O. L. Robison. A Bolten ïot water heater will be used. The Toledo railroad has put new planking between its numerous tracks at the crossing on Summit street. Also at the William street crossing. Sidewalks have been built on both sides of the recently widened part of North División street, a portion of those on the east side being of stone. Mathias Lutz, who recently feil from the second story of a barn he was building, and was severely injured, is making good progress toward recovery. The competitive examination of candidates for cadetships at "West Point will be held at the court house in Adrián on Thursday the 27th inst. The distinguished custodian of the stoneyard. Deputy Schott, reports but three compulsory manipulators of the stone-hammer onder his charge at present. This being fly time, and very numerously so, the F. & M. bank folks have been compelled to defend themselves from the pests by putting up screen doors. The Huron river is extremely low at the present time. The long dry spell has diminishcd its volume amazingty This would be a good time to íorm a correct judgment as to its capacity at its lowest to earry off the sewerage of the city. The premises occupied by Fred Reimold as a saloon, on South Main street, is Laving au entirely new front put in. It is the property of William Arnold. On Monuay night .the Ypsilanti common council voted to put in sewers. There were only two votes in the negative. Once more slie steals a march on Ann Arbor. This locality was blessed with refreshing rains last Friday, which may help corn and potatoes some, and will assuredly be of great advantage to the peach orchards. A shipment of tables was recently made by Kuebler and Gruner to Spanish Fork. Utah. In order to make a carload they were repacked at Chicago with other goods. The Continental Guards, of New Orleans, La., are being royally entertained in Detroit thís week, by the Light Infantry. They will remain there until Tuesday. Mrs. Utto, the popular milliner, occupies the premises recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Munyon, on the corner of South Fourth avenue and East Washington street. Mrs. Bradley F. Granger, of 33 West Huron street, is making preparations for the erection of a large house on her hitherto vacant lot, next number east of the Granger mansion. It is suggested that the managers of he farmers' picnic should provide a ufficient pólice forcé to arrest pickpockets and confldence men, and the ike. They will probably do so. Thos. L. Hewitt is building the new plank walk on Spring street, opposite the property once owned by the Bower f amily. Several other of those ordered on that street are being put down. We regret to learn that Chauncey G. Orcutt will probably have to cut down and destroy all his peach trees on account of the "yellows." This is hard; but there seems to be no alternative. The grading is being done for a plank walk on the south side of West Catherine between Ashley and First treets. It has been in n state of nature from time immemorial until now. The low stretch on Spring street lyng east of the okl Bower property has )een nicelv graded up and graveled. Tormerly, after heavy rains, it was always more or less flooded and a sea of mud. The lawn social given by the ladies of the St. Thomas church, last Friday evening, was a very successful affair, and netted them $110. The fireworks display was a good one and pleased everybody. Mrs. Thos. L. Hewitt, who has been Very ill for several weeks, is not improving, and her recovery may be considered doubtful. Her present condition results from the lingering effects of the grippe. The street railway people have done a commendable thing by planking iheir tracks from Detroit street to the depot, enabling passengers to avoid the mud in rainy weather and the dust n dry weather. Up to flve o'clock on Wednesday, August 2ö, the city clerk will receive bids for the repairing of bridge H umber two, the contractor to furnish all necessary material. Specifications are on file in the clerk's office. The Considine gang, in Detroit, are in the toils, being under arrest on suspicion of having been the abductors of Joseph Perrin, some time ago. Their trial will be watched with much interest even at this distance. Streamers bearing the legend, 'Washtenaw County Fair, Ann Arbor, Sept. 29 to Oct. 2," can be read all over our own and the adjacent counties. Tbis will be agreat fair, and will redound to the glory of its managers. Albert Blaess and son, of Lodi, and Lawrence J. Damm, of this city left on the eleven o'clock train, Saturday night, on a combined business and pleasure trip to Chicago and Milwaukee, intending to be absent about a week. The Ann Arbor Savings Bank are now issuing to those desiring them their nickel savings book, and the scheme is taking like wildfire, and promises to be a great benefit to many, by encouraging them to save money by so easy a method. A lady much interested in her cucumber erop informed the reporter that there was a slight white frost last Saturday. As he was uot up early enough that morning to verify her statement, it will have to await other corroboraron if correct. Keep au eye on the fence boards throughout the county and its towns and villages for streamers announcing the great Washtenaw County Fair, which opens on the fair grounds September 29 and closës October 2. This fair will surpass all its predecessors. Thos. Cunningham was drunk on Friday afternoon, and while vainly endeavoring to balance himself opposite one of the windows of Mr. Duffy's store lost nis equilibriuni and fell against a large pane of glass, breaking it badly. An officer took him to jail to sober up. If Chief Harrington doesnt ehoke off tliis continued intense heat, somebody wlll be found to have entirely evaporated in a cloud of perspiration. It destroys appetite, ruffles the serenity of Christian minds, and is productive of a mild species of profanity in many instances. We are sorry for the misfortune that befell the fire department canine, in being run over by one of the teams while exercising the other day; bat a dog of his expenence with tlie department horses ought to feel ashamed to have got caught in such a marnier. Here's hoping he may soon recover. The dog and pony show of Prof. Gentry which was announced to exhibit here last Friday and featurday evenings, did not materialize, on account of the illness of the "professor," and no future date has as yet been fixed upon. The show is highly spoken of by the press, and is probably well worth seeing. There is a rumor abroad that an effort is being made to organize a stock company for the establishment of a corset factory here. It is to be hoped that it is true. Ann Arbor needs manufacturing plants more than any other one thing, and every effort in that direction should receive strong encouragement. Business is lively in the City Mills. To keep up with their orders they are compelled to work night and day, and have been ' doing so for some time. They are using the new wheat almost exclusively, and say it is of uncommonly good grade. A limited quantity of old wheat is still on hand, but will soon be exhausted. Allen Pond, the Chicago architect who has just furnished the plans for the Michigan building :it the World's Fair, is a son of Justice E. B. Pond, of tuis city. While living in Ann Arbor, he planned several houses for both this city and Detroit, remodeling the opera house at the latter place. Since moving to Chicago he has met with excellent success. One of the things which no fellow can find out is why somebody (the T. & A. A. company, for instance) does not complete the sidewalk recently built on the north side of Felch street. It stops abruptly at the boundary of he Waldron property, and between that point and the raihoad track a vawning chasm intervenes which renders the walk useless. This should be attended to at once. It is a pleasure to make note of the neat and clean appearance of the apartments occupied by the fire department. The floors always look as f they had just been mopped over, everything burnishable about the engines, trucks and other paraphernalia shines, and no pains seem spared to keep all the appliances in the best condition for high and prompt efficiency. The Chubb street fruit farm produced about five hundred bushels of berries this season, which were all shipped to Detroit. Mr. Lajoie has also a fine peach orchard, containing five hundred bearing trees, and expects a good erop from them. This Fall he intends to set out a great n.any more trees of the best varieties known to peach growers. He is new at the fruit business, but is making a fine success of it this year. On Monday forenoon, at the Lutheran church in Northfield, occurred the funeral of Miss Julia Kempf, daughter of Mr. George Kempf , a well known and highly respected resident of that township. At the time of her death Miss Kempf was twenty-two years of age and esteemed by all who knew her. The funeral was a very large one, and was attended by John Goetz, sr., Wm. II. McIntyre, and many other prominent citizens of Ann Arbor.